Arguably Creator/JohnKricfalusi 's MagnumOpus and one of the most influential animated cartoons of all time, Ren and Stimpy originally ran from 1991 until 1995, for a total of 5 seasons. John K. was fired, mostly for [[ScheduleSlip Schedule Slips]] and fights with censors, in September 1992. A new animation studio called Games Animations, with ex-Kricfalusi associate Bob Camp as creative director, would take over production for the rest of the original run.

In 2003, Kricfalusi was put back in charge of Ren and Stimpy, and created a new version for SpikeTV entitled "Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon". Controversial among fans of the original show, this newer version would only last 6 episodes, with half of those actually airing on television.


[[folder: Pilot Episode ]]

# [[Recap/RenandStimpy1x00BigHouseBlues "Big House Blues"]] [[note]]First aired on television in September 1991, paired with Season 1 episode "The Littlest Giant". Also paired up with Season 2 episodes "Ren's Tootache (replacing banned "Man's Best Friend") and "In The Army"[[/note]]


[[folder: Season 1 ]]

# [[Recap/RenandStimpy1x01StimpysBigDayTheBigShot "Stimpy's Big Day & The Big Shot"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy1x02RobinHoekNurseStimpy "Robin Hoek & Nurse Stimpy"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy1x03SpaceMadnessTheBoyWhoCriedRat "Space Madness & The Boy Who Cried Rat"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy1x04FireDogsTheLittlestGiant "Fire Dogs & The Littest Giant"]] [[note]]The Littlest Giant first aired with Big House Blues.[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy1x05MaroonedUntamedWorld "Marooned & Untamed World"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy1x06BlackHoleStimpysInvention "Black Hole & Stimpy's Invention"]]


[[folder: Season 2 ]]

# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x01InTheArmyPowderedToastman "In The Army & Powdered Toastman"]] [[note]] pairing for first broadcast. In The Army usually paired with "Big House Blues" for reruns, PTM paired with "Dog Show"[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x02RensToothacheMansBestFriend "Ren's Toothache & Man's Best Friend"]] [[note]] MBF banned until 2003. Ren's Toothache first aired with "Big House Blues", airs with "Rubber Nipple Salesmen" in reruns[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x03OutWestRubberNippleSalesmen "Out West & Rubber Nipple Salesmen"]] [[note]] pairing for first broadcast. Out West usually paired with "Fake Dad" for reruns, RNS paired with "Ren's Toothache"[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x04SvenHoek "Sven Hoek"]] [[note]] First episode completed by Games after Spumco's firing.[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x05HauntedHouseMadDogHoek "Haunted House & Mad Dog Hoek"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x06BigBabyScamDogShow "Big Baby Scam & Dog Show"]] [[note]] pairing for first broadcast. Big Baby Scam paired with "Monkey See, Monkey Don't" for reruns, Dog Show paired with "Powdered Toastman"[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x07SonofStimpy "Son of Stimpy"]] [[note]]ChristmasEpisode. First aired on MTV January 1993, first aired on Nickelodeon November 1993[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x08MonkeySeeMonkeyDontFakeDad "Monkey See, Monkey Don't & Fake Dad"]] [[note]] Intended pairing. MSMD paired with "Powdered Toastman" for first broadcast, then with "Big Baby Scam" for reruns. Fake Dad paired with "Out West". MSMD is the first time Creator/BillyWest voices Ren.[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x09TheGreatOutdoorsTheCatThatLaidtheGoldenHairball "The Great Outdoors & The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x10StimpysFanClub "Stimpy's Fan Club"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x11AVisitToAnthony "A Visit To Anthony"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy2x12RoyalCanadianKiltedYaksmen "Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen"]]


[[folder: Season 3 ]]

# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x01ToSalveandSalveNotAYardTooFar "To Salve and Salve Not & A Yard Too Far"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x02CircusMidgetsNoPantsToday "Circus Midgets & No Pants Today"]] [[note]] Circus Midgets is the first episode to have not been written at Spumco[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x03RensPecsAnAbeDivided "Ren's Pecs & An Abe Divided"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x04StimpysCartoonShow "Stimpy's Cartoon Show"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x05JiminyLummoxBassMasters "Jiminy Lummox & Bass Masters"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x06RensRetirement "Ren's Retirement"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x07JerryTheBellybuttonElfRoadApples "Jerry The Bellybutton Elf & Road Apples"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x08HardTimesForHaggis "Hard Times For Haggis"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x09EatMyCookiesRensBitterHalf "Eat My Cookies & Ren's Bitter Half"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy3x10LairofTheLummox "Lair of the Lummox"]]


[[folder: Season 4 ]]

# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x01HermitRen "Hermit Ren"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x02HouseofNextTuesdayAFriendInYourFace "House of Next Tuesday & A Friend In Your Face"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x03BlazingEntrailsLumberJerks "Blazing Entrails & Lumber Jerks"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x04PrehistoricStimpyFarmHands "Prehistoric Stimpy & Farm Hands"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x05MagicalGoldenSingingCheesesAHardDaysLuck "Magical Golden Singing Cheeses & A Hard Day's Luck"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x06ILoveChickenPowderedToastmanVsWaffleWoman "I Love Chicken & Powdered Toastman Vs. Waffle Woman"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x07ItsADogsLifeEggYokeo "It's A Dog's Life & Egg Yokeo"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x08DoubleHeaderTheScotsmanInSpace "Double Header & The Scotsman In Space"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x09PixieKingAlohaHoek "Pixie King & Aloha Hoek"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x10InsomniacRenMyShinyFriend "Insomniac Ren & My Shiny Friend"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x11CheeseRushDaysWeinerBarnons "Cheese Rush Days & Weiner Barons"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x12GalootWranglersRenNeedsHelp "Galoot Wranglers & Ren Needs Help"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy4x13SuperstitiousStimpyTravelogue "Superstitious Stimpy & Travelogue"]]


[[folder: Season 5 ]]

# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x01OlBlueNoseStupidSidekickUnion "Ol' Blue Nose & Stupid Sidekick Union"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x02SpaceDoggedFeudForSale "Space Dogged & Feud For Sale"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x03HairoftheCatCityHicks "Hair of the Cat & City Hicks"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x04StimpysPetRensBrain "Stimpy's Pet & Ren's Brain"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x05BellHopsDogTags "Bell Hops & Dog Tags"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x06IWasATeenageStimpyWhosStupidNow "I Was A Teenage Stimpy & Who's Stupid Now?"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x07SchoolMatesDinnerParty "School Mates & Dinner Party"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x08PenPalsBigFlakes "Pen Pals & Big Flakes"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x09TerminalStimpyReverendJack "Terminal Stimpy & Reverend Jack"]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x10SammyandMeTheLastTemptation "Sammy and Me & The Last Temptation"]] [[note]]Banned by Nickelodeon. First aired on MTV in October 1996.[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpy5x11AScooterForYaksmas "A ScooterForYaksmas"]]


[[folder: Adult Party Cartoon ]]

# [[Recap/RenandStimpyAPC1x01OnwardandUpward "Onward and Upward"]]: Ren and Stimpy are back, and living in the mouth of a homeless drunk. When Ren can't take the living conditions anymore, he and Stimpy move into a spittoon at a bar, where they feast on bodily excretions and finally confirm fan speculation about their sexuality.
# [[Recap/RenandStimpyAPC1x02RenSeeksHelp "Ren Seeks Help"]]: After a horrible fight with Stimpy, Ren goes to a psychiatrist (Mr. Horse) and flashes back to his childhood, where his sociopathic tendencies flourished.
# [[Recap/RenandStimpyAPC1x03FireDog2 "Fire Dogs 2"]]: Following the events of ''Fire Dogs'' from the original series (and based on John Kricfalusi's actual encounters with fellow controversial cartoonist Creator/RalphBakshi), Ren and Stimpy spend time with the head fireman from the first cartoon, which turns into a nightmare.
# [[Recap/RenandStimpyAPC1x04NakedBeachFrenzy "Naked Beach Frenzy"]]: In this scandalously revealing episode, Ren and Stimpy spend a day at the beach, where Ren enjoys the view of hot, scantily-clad women. [[note]] Not aired in US.[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpyAPC1x05StimpysPregnant "Stimpy's Pregnant"]]: Stimpy once again mistakes something from his bowels as pregnancy (cf. "Son of Stimpy"), only here, it's more disgusting than heartwarming. [[note]] Not aired in US.[[/note]]
# [[Recap/RenandStimpyAPC1x06Altruists "Altruists"]]: In a loose parody of several ''Three Stooges'' shorts (the original ones with Moe, Larry, and Curly), Ren and Stimpy build a house for a beautiful woman and her son who have been left homeless. [[note]] Not aired in US.[[/note]]