After Harry dies in ''Changes'', he returns as a ghost, and explores the world of specters to discover who killed him.

* BrokenAce: ''Molly''. With Harry gone, she's the wizard in town, and she's got the most talent in the city... but she's not quite right in the head. Having to become frightening and vicious to take up Harry's mantle was pretty hard on her. [[spoiler: And having to help him arrange his death didn't help any.]]
* TheDreaded: Harry ''was'' this, before he died. Now that he's gone, Molly has to pick up the job. Unfortunately, the only way for her to create that reputation was to become terrifying to ''everyone''.
* TheReveal: [[spoiler: Harry set up his own death with Kincaid to make sure that he wouldn't fall under Mab's sway. He used Molly to erase his memories of the ordeal.]]