->"[[PapaWolf I]] ''[[PapaWolf will]]'' [[PapaWolf make Maggie safe]]. [[AlwaysSaveTheGirl If the world burns because of that, then so be it. Me and the kid will roast some marshmallows]]."
-->'''Harry Dresden'''

Harry picks up the phone, and [[VampireRefugee Susan Rodriguez]] says, [[WhamLine "They've taken our daughter."]]

Well then. As it turns out, Harry's a father. Susan never told him, because [[ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies Harry has some people who might use that against him]]. She has a point - [[DestructiveSavior being around Harry is dangerous]]. But then again, so is being in the [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Red Court]]-controlled South America. And now, the Red Court has taken Harry and Susan's daughter for unclear reasons. And now [[PapaWolf Harry's gonna get her back]].

Martin and Susan are back in town, and the first place to check for information is a local Red Court outpost... which turns out to be Harry's office building. The Reds bought it a while ago [[{{Irony}} and Harry's been paying rent to them the whole time]]. But while Martin and Susan are inside, the Red Court attacks the building. They don't notice Harry, as he's under a veil, and he sneaks up behind them to subtly dispatch them...

->"Fuck subtle."

Harry attacks the vamps [[KillItWithFire rather unsubtly]], mostly killing them, but one [[RunOrDie runs away]]. Martin and Susan return and tell Harry that the building is packed with explosives - they have to go NOW. Adding complications is the muggle law enforcement, forcing the trio to leave out the back door into an alley, and the building promptly explodes.

[[HolyShitQuotient And we're just 30 pages in, folks]]!