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[[folder: Season 1 (2012) ]]

#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E1ManAnt ManAnt!]]''': A half-man/half-ant kidnaps Crash and plans to conquer the world with a giant army of ants! Guest starring Rip Taylor.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E2MysteriousEgg Mysterious Egg!]]''': The Aquabats incubate a giant egg, not realizing the mayhem that will happen when it hatches. It's up to Jimmy the Robot to save the day!
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E3EagleClaw EagleClaw!]]''': [=EagleBones=]' estranged brother plots revenge and returns for an epic guitar showdown. Guest starring Jon Heder and Lou Diamond Phillips.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E4LaundryDay Laundry Day!]]''': A run-in with filthy muck monsters leaves The Aquabats in need of a visit to the laundromat, where they encounter an evil mastermind and her new monstrosity.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E5LadyFingers LadyFingers!]]''': After The Aquabats rescue a group of beachgoers from motorcycle-riding mummies, Ricky falls for a mysterious siren.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E6HauntedBattleTram Haunted BattleTram!]]''': The Aquabats have to banish a ghost from the [=BattleTram=] after the MC Bat Commander steals a burrito from the cemetery.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E7CowboyAndroid Cowboy Android!]]''': After supposedly rescuing miners from a huge mole monster, The Aquabats face a robot gunslinger in a fake Western town. Guest starring Paul Scheer.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E8Uberchaun Überchaun!]]''': While golfing, The Aquabats encounter the mysterious Uberchaun who gives them three challenges they must overcome to avoid being cursed forever. Guest starring Dana Michael Woods.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E9PilgrimBoy Pilgrim Boy!]]''': The Aquabats befriend a shape-shifting Pilgrim Boy while Detroit is under attack by a giant bug. Guest starring Samm Levine and "Weird Al" Yankovic.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E10FloatingEyeOfDeath Floating Eye of Death!]]''': At a truck stop, The Aquabats have a showdown with the Floating Eye of Death and its living dead minions.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E11NightOfTheCactus Night of the Cactus!]]''': When a meteor crashes in the desert unleashing a deadly Cactus Monster, The Aquabats face a very powerful opponent and an unfortunate radioactive mutation.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E12CobraMan CobraMan!]]''': The Aquabats pursue their own attack vehicle when Carl steals the [=BattleTram=] and challenges the MC Bat Commander to a winner-take-all fight for it.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS1E13ShowTime ShowTime!]]''': The Aquabats set out to save the earth from an evil alien invasion but find themselves playing second fiddle to the heroic efforts of [=SuperMagic PowerMan=] and Lanolin Lady. Guest starring "Weird Al" Yankovic.

[[folder: Season 2 ]]

#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS2E1TheReturnOfTheAquabats The Return of The Aquabats!]]''': After drifting through space, the Aquabats return to Earth with a slight case of amnesia and find themselves national heroes for defeating Space Monster M.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSupersShowS2E2SummerCamp Summer Camp!]]''': At their own team themed Summer Camp, the Aquabats are on the lookout for a mysterious creature kidnapping their young fans in the night.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS2E3BadApple Bad Apple!]]''': After dealing with a giant insect problem, the Aquabats track the source of the creature to Jimmy's old home, with his mother and scientist farmer dad.
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS2E4TheThingy The Thingy!]]''': While the Battletram is stuck in the snow, the Aquabats are secretly infiltrated by a shape shifting [[BuffySpeak thingy.]]
#'''[[Recap/TheAquabatsSuperShowS2E5TheAntiBats The [=AntiBats=]!]]''':

[[folder: Season 3 ]]

#'''Christmas With the Aquabats'''
#'''Shark Fighter'''
#'''Kitty Litter'''