->''Anything that can go wrong will.''

With Even Piell and Captain Tarkin free from their cells, the rescue operation splits up into two teams to allow for a stealthier escape from the Citadel. Anakin, Ashoka, and Captain Rex guide Captain Tarkin throughout the Citadel's abandoned catacombs, while Obi-Wan and Commander Cody escort Even Piell through the upper levels of the prison. While all this is happening, R2-D2 and his three reprogrammed Battle Droids try to land the ship the Jedi need to escape from the planet, only to lose the ship and end up scrambling through the Citadel.

After a few close encounters with the prison's security force, the entire security team ends up under fire from a Droid battalion that's standing in the way of the last ship off the planet. In a HeroicSacrifice, Trooper Echo of the 501st makes a wild run for the ship and is killed as the Droids destroy it. With no ship left, the rest of the rescue team retreats from the Citadel into the wilds of the planet Lola Sayu.


* AirVentPassageway: Subverted yet again -- not only has Warden Sobeck thought to send at least one probe droid into the vents, they have lethally effective security doors.
* BoomHeadshot: Sobeck executes a clone trooper in Obi-Wan's group this way.
* DeadHatShot: After the shuttle is destroyed, there's a shot of Echo's damaged, smoking helmet lying on the ground.
* GoryDiscretionShot: As Obi-Wan's team climbs up the prison tower, the prison's security systems activate and a blast door closes up the tunnel just as a clone is halfway out of it. Another blast door closes in front of the camera just before, so we only hear the scream.
* IWasNeverHere: The Citadel's warden begs his staff to tell Count Dooku he's not around to respond to communications. He's hoping he'll be able to capture the escapees before having to talk to Dooku about his failures.
* LiarRevealed: Ahsoka is trying to sell that she was assigned to the prison break mission, even though she really just stowed away on their ship. She does a good job passing it off, until she stops at what she thinks is a dead end when really it's a thin wall that the rescue team had plans to destroy with grenades. Since Anakin was protecting the team's flank, Ahsoka had no one to tell her to blow the wall, leaving the team twiddling their thumbs at a dead end until security droids arrived. Anakin is furious, but the situation at hand is too dire for any real discussion of the issue.
* TrojanPrisoner: R2-D2 pretends to be a prisoner of his reprogrammed battle droids in order to get into the Citadel without suspicion.