Returning to [=DS9=] after a routine mission, Kira and Bashir answer the distress signal of a disabled Kobliad ship.

Turns out it's a prisoner transport ship. And said prisoner himself perished after setting a fire to attempt an escape.

But this isn't good enough for Rao's pursuer, Ty Kajada. She's been pursuing Rao for twenty years, and she wants every test under the sun done to make sure he's dead as a doornail. Bashir obliges.

Turns out her paranoia is well placed. Rao has perfected a [[BatmanBeyondReturnOfTheJoker Joker-esque]] method of cheating death. As revealed when he contacts Quark in a new body. Quark himself is masterminding a theft of valuable deuridium, with a group of mercenaries he has ordered Quark to hire. Ty eavesdrops on Quark and his crew, but gets pushed of a high balcony, winding up in sickbay.

The time of the theft comes, and Rao's new vessel is revealed to be Julian. Transferred to him at the episodes start when he grabbed him by the throat.

After he and his men kill the crew shipping the deuridium, they prepare to make off with it. But new security member Lt. Primmin has stopped their attempt to knock power out and allow them to escape.

After a quick back and forth bantering with Sisko, Jadzia sends a disabling pulse through the tractor beam. Julian beams back aboard, but his act doesn't fool anyone. Sisko quickly stuns him, and wheels him off to sickbay, where the last of Rao's cells are removed and contained.

Ty thanks them for their assistance, and asks if Rao has been transferred into her custody. When confirmed, she vaporizes the containment unit. Ending Rao's existence for good, and taking her leave.

!This episode provides examples of:

* EvilIsHammy: Rao Vantika takes a big bite of ham when he hijacks Bashir.
* FreezeFrameBonus: As Rao releases Quark, you can just catch a glimpse of Bashir's face.
* GrandTheftMe: A criminal takes over Bashir's body.
* JurisdictionFriction: Odo bristles at Starfleet Security officer Primmin's attempt to take over the investigation, and considers resigning. Sisko gives him a RousingSpeech about how no one can do the things Odo can do, that Sisko ''needs'' Odo, and states that in joint operations like this, Odo is actually in charge. This mollifies Odo.
* RedHerring: There is some evidence that causes the crew to initially suspect Rao has taken over Ty.
* WhyDontYouJustShootHim: Ty vaporizes the container holding Rao's essence, to ensure that he can't BodySurf anymore.