As he get's ready for the day, Spongebob wonders to Gary how Patrick's mornings are. As the episode show, fairly chaotic.
!! Rise And Shine
* BottleEpisode: This episode largely revolves around Patrick getting ready for the day.
* DecoyProtagonist: Spongebob
* ADayInTheLimelight: It's a Patrick episode. Spongebob gets a few lines and sets up the episode but does little else.

Spongebob finds a toy offer inside his box of Kelpo! cereal. When he cashes the box-tops in, he finds the has to wait for his toy in the mail.
!! Waiting
* BottleEpisode: The episode largely revolves around Spongebob's mailbox as he waits for his toy. A few characters come over but only Patrick stays around.
* ManChild: Spongebob when his toy comes in. Spongebob gets very frustrated when the toy he's been waiting for get "broken" and eventually cries when Patrick makes thing worse.

Spongebob finds a gross fungus and accidentally spreads it to the customers in the Krusty Krab.
!! Fungus Among Us
* BubbleBoy: Spongebob is contained in a plastic bubble to prevent the spread of the "ick". When Patrick rips it up with a game of "Pirates" (waiving a sharp pirate hook around), he has the smart idea of making a bubble big enough to contain his friend while letting him go to work.
* BodyHorror: A relatively low-key example, but Spongebob's condition gets worse and worse overtime leading to him swelling to three times his height and spewing puss from large boils.
* ChekhovsGunman: Gary
* SickEpisode: Deals with Spongebob with an "ick" sickness that spreads.
* WhatTheHellTownsPeople: Maybe it wasn't a good idea to attack the sick guy in the bubble, even if he did cause the problem.