->'''Spartacus''': This night hearts lift in joyous reunion with those thought lost to us. Fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and lovers. Hold them close, for the shadow of Rome is upon us. We shall seek our destiny together, whatever the cost. Yet let us not pass from memory those left absent from our arms. Those who sacrificed their lives so that all may live free.

We open with a small group of Roman soldiers who are attacked by a few of the rebels, including Spartacus and Gannicus. They recognize that the armor's insignia is not the same as that of Marcus Crassus, and upon returning to camp, are informed by Laeta that it is that of Pompey, apparently recently returned from another military engagement. Before they can discuss this any further, they are informed by Nasir that there is a rider coming into camp. It is Naevia, arriving back from the battle of the previous episode and [[AlasPoorYorick cradling Crixus' head]]. She recounts the previous episode's battle and lets Nasir know that Agron has fallen as well. The rebels then [[DressingAsTheEnemy pose as Pompey's soldiers]] and "invite" Crassus to discuss terms at a neutral site, intending to capture him in their trap. They get his son instead, which works for Naevia, as he's the one who killed Crixus. Spartacus then arranges for GladiatorGames to be held in order to avenge the dead with Roman blood while giving them a taste of what it's like to be a gladiatorial slave. Meanwhile, Pompey's real envoy comes to Crassus's camp and he realizes he's been had. [[SuicideMission He sends Caesar]] to bargain with the rebels for his son's life. As his son is already in the arena fighting Naevia, Spartacus leaves it up to her to decide whether to accept terms -- 500 rebel prisoners in exchange for Tiberius. She does, but Kore has taken to heart their earlier chat about "balancing the scales" [[spoiler: and kills him anyway. In exchange, [[TakeMeInstead she offers to go back to Crassus]] so that the deal will still be honoured.]] The prisoners return, [[spoiler: including Agron, who was able to survive crucifixion,]] and the rebels return to the arena where Naevia lights Crixus' funeral pyre VikingFuneral style, and all give DueToTheDead.

Tropes appearing in this episode:
* AlasPoorYorick: Naevia's behaviour towards Crixus' head
* AssholeVictim: [[spoiler: No one except his father is sad about Tiberius' death, which is what happens when you're a multi-time perpetrator of RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil]]
* CondemnedContestant: All of the captured Romans [[spoiler: except, in the end, Tiberius.]]
* TheDeadHaveNames: The names of many of the dead from throughout the series are shouted out by various members of the crowd at the end: Crixus, Sura, Mira, Varro, Duro, Nemetes, Diotomus, Oenomaus, and many others.
* ADeathInTheLimelight: [[spoiler: Tiberius]] in a KickTheSonOfABitch kind of way.
* DoWithHimAsYouWill: The reason Spartacus brings the captured Romans back to camp.
* DressingAsTheEnemy: Done both to allow for vengeance and to prevent a fight against two Roman armies at once.
* DueToTheDead: Both at the GladiatorGames mentioned below, and later in more solemn fashion.
* {{Forgotten Fallen Friend}}s: As awesome and emotional this episode is, the absence of Lucius Caelius, Aurelia, Melitta, Diona, Pietros, Ulpius, Attius and the ''inclusion'' of the traitor Nemetes in the names honored in Crixus' funeral is very controversial.
* GladiatorGames: An [[InvertedTrope inversion]] of their usual manner, as this time it is Romans being used for sport and entertainment by (former)slaves
* HeelFaceTurn: Laeta completes hers with this exchange:
--> '''Spartacus''': It is difficult for you, to see one of your people fall?\\
'''Laeta''': They no longer stand as such. I have been cast from the republic with little thought towards loss or suffering. I may flinch from gory sight, but know that I revel in its meaning.
* HeartbrokenBadass: Both Naevia and Nasir [[spoiler: until he finds out Agron is actually still alive.]]
* MeaningfulFuneral: For Crixus.
* NoOneCouldSurviveThat: Agron surviving his crucifixion.
* PrisonerExchange: Crassus offers the return of 500 rebel prisoners for Tiberius.
* ReportsOfMyDeathWereGreatlyExaggerated: [[spoiler: Agron comes back with the other prisoners after being thought dead by Nasir and everyone else.]]