'''Airdate:''' September 3, 1997

Stan is embarrassed when he discovers his new, macho dog is a homosexual and tries to [[CureYourGays make him heterosexual]], but when Stan's dog runs away, Stan goes after him and nearly blows Jimbo and Ned's chances at beating the point spread of the elementary school football game.

!!"Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" has the following examples:
* AnAesop: Being gay is perfectly natural and anyone who is gay shouldn't be discriminated against or treated differently because of it.
* BookDumb: Jimbo proudly declares himself to be a South Park Elementary alum, since that was as far as most of the town got.
* ButtMonkey: Pip not being allowed to use a helmet while playing football.
* CampGay: Big Gay Al.
* CensoredTitle: On TV Guide, this episode was retitled "Big Al's Big Boat Ride".
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness:
** This time Clyde is voiced by Matt Stone instead of Trey Parker, which is why he sounds like Butters in this episode.
* EveryYearTheyFizzleOut: Subverted. The team loses the game, but they beat the spread.
* MusicalTrigger: Jimbo straps a bomb on the opposing team's mascot, set to go off when the high note of "Loving You" is sung during halftime. Unfortunately, the singer (John Stamos' less talented brother) can't hit the high note and the plan fails. [[spoiler:And then at the end [[BrickJoke he manages to sing it right and the bomb goes off]].]]
* NiceGuy: Big Gay Al, he takes in gay animals and takes care of them and teaches people that being gay is natural.
* OhCrap: Jimbo when he realizes that if his confidence in Stan's ability is wrong, the town will kick his ass since they bet heaps of money on him.
* [[PoliticallyIncorrectHero Politically Incorrect Announcer]]: One of the Announcers for the football game.
* ShapedLikeItself: Cartman calls Sparky a "gay homosexual".
* ShooTheDog: Stan shoos out Sparky because he doesn't want a gay dog.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: Mr. Garrison denying he's gay and claiming he acts that way to pick up chicks.
* TheyKilledKennyAgain: Three ''Middle Park Cowboy'' football players dismember and decapitate Kenny.
* UnnecessaryRoughness: Kenny being decapitated on the gridiron doesn't even draw a flag.