The following is a list of episode titles and summary to the series ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'', Creator/ComedyCentral's longest-running animated series (has been on since 1997) about a quartet of foul-mouthed, ten-year-old boys from a pissant, white-bread mountain town in Colorado called South Park.

From Season 18 onwards, the show follows a continuous storyline throughout each season.

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[[folder:Season 1 (1997-98)]]
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E1CartmanGetsAnAnalProbe Cartman Gets an Anal Probe]]”: Alien visitors are coming to town after Cartman tells Stan and Kyle about his dream of being abducted and a string of cow mutilations are being investigated by Officer Barbrady.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E2WeightGain4000 Weight Gain 4000]]”: Everyone is excited when Kathie Lee Gifford comes to town, while Mr. Garrison plans to assassinate her because of a childhood grudge. Meanwhile, Cartman gets (even more) obese from consuming a body-building supplement.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E3Volcano Volcano]]”: The boys go on a hunting trip with Stan’s uncle Jimbo and his friend Ned, who used to fight with him in the Vietnam War.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E4BigGayAlsBigGayBoatRide Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride]]”: Stan gets a new dog named Sparky who turns out to be a homosexual. When Stan tries to man his dog up, Sparky runs away and heads to Big Gay Al’s gay animal sanctuary.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E5AnElephantMakesLoveToAPig An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig]]”: The boys go to Dr. Mephisto to help them breed Kyle’s new elephant with a pot-bellied pig, while Stan has to put up with his abusive sister, Shelley, who just got headgear braces at the dentist.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E6Death Death]]”: Sheila (Kyle's mom, though, in this episode, she is referred to as "Carol") leads the town’s parents into a protest against ''The Terrence & Phillip Show'' over its gross content. Meanwhile, Stan tries to ask for advice on whether or not it's okay to kill someone who wants to die when his 101-year-old grandfather keeps pestering him to help him commit suicide.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E7Pinkeye Pinkeye]]”: In the first Halloween episode, Kenny gets crushed by the MIR space station and comes back to life as a zombie (thanks to a morgue accident involving Worcestershire sauce), causing a ZombieApocalypse, which the town thinks is a pinkeye epidemic. Meanwhile, Cartman gets in trouble for wearing a [[UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler Hitler]] costume to school and Stan breaks up with Wendy after she goes to school dressed as Chewbacca rather than Raggedy Anne.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E8StarvinMarvin Starvin' Marvin]]”: The boys send money to an African charity to get a sports watch, but they instead get an Ethiopian orphan which they name “Starvin' Marvin”, while Cartman gets sent to Ethiopia. Meanwhile, mutant turkeys attack South Park and Chef rallies everyone to fight back.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E9MrHankeyTheChristmasPoo Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo]]”: Lonely that he’s the only Jew in town, Kyle starts seeing a talking piece of feces that apparently only he can see, which leads him to get committed to a mental hospital. Meanwhile, Sheila's protesting over the Christmas play not catering to Jews leads to a wave of PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad as anything considered offensive around the holiday season is banned.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E10Damien Damien]]”: Satan's son, Damien, enrolls in South Park Elementary to set up a boxing match between Jesus and the Devil. Meanwhile, Cartman prepares for his birthday.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E11TomsRhinoplasty Tom’s Rhinoplasty]]”: While Mr. Garrison takes time off to get a nose job, a hot, female substitute threatens to break up Wendy and Stan.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E12MechaStreisand Mecha-Streisand]]”: Cartman unearths a strange artifact and gives to Kyle -- which turns out to be a treasure Barbra Streisand needs to become Mecha Streisand.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS1E13CartmansMomIsADirtySlut Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut]]”: Cartman wonders who his father is, which becomes very difficult as his mother has slept with practically every man in town. Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny tape Cartman's tea party playing and submits it to ''[[Series/AmericasFunniestHomeVideos America's Stupidest Home Videos]]''.

[[folder:Season 2 (1998-99)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E1TerranceAndPhilipInNotWithoutMyAnus Terrance and Phillip in: 'Not Without My Anus]]'": In this April Fools' Day episode that pre-empted the conclusion to the "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" two-parter," Terrance and Phillip travel to Iran to rescue Terrance's daughter, Sally, who is being held prisoner by Iranian cops.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E2CartmansMomIsStillADirtySlut Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut]]": Just as Mephesto is about to reveal the identity of Eric Cartman's father, the genetic engineer is shot by a mysterious gunman and goes on the run. Cartman attempts to resume his quest to find his real father before it is never revealed.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E3Chickenlover Chickenlover]]": A series of heinous crimes involving chickens being raped leads to a startling revelation -- Officer Barbrady is illiterate. With Barbrady quitting the police force so he can go back to school to learn how to read, Cartman takes over as the town's police force.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E4IkesWeeWee Ike's Wee Wee]]": Mr. Mackey, the school counselor, is fired after a marijuana joint goes missing during a class lecture on the dangers of illegal drugs. Meanwhile, Ike tries to save his brother from being circumcised -- and finds out that Ike is adopted from Canada.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E5ConjoinedFetusLady Conjoined Fetus Lady]]": With Pip as their star player, the South Park dodge ball team is off to the championships. Back in town, the local citizens declare a "Conjoined Twin Myslexia Awareness Week" in a misguided attempt to help the school nurse deal with a strange medical disorder.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E6TheMexicanStaringFrogOfSouthernSriLanka The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka]]": The boys get back at Jimbo and Ned for telling a false story about being in the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, a producer tries to re-invent ''Jesus and Pals'' to save it from low ratings.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E7CityOnTheEdgeOfForever City on the Edge of Forever]]": In this clip show episode, Ms. Crabtree becomes a famous stand-up comedian while the South Park kids reminisce on all their adventures while stuck on a bus on the edge of a cliff.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E8SummerSucks Summer Sucks]]": The town bans fireworks after a North Park kid gets injured and must come up with an alternative for their Fourth of July celebration. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison loses Mr. Hat to Brett Favre and Cartman struggles with swimming lessons in a pool full of urinating first graders.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E9ChefsChocolateSaltyBalls Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls]]": A film festival from Los Angeles comes to South Park and corrupts it with their lack of culture. Meanwhile, Kyle tries to save Mr. Hankey from dying and Chef tries to cash in on the festival by selling his suggestively named treats, "Chocolate Salty Balls."
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E10Chickenpox Chickenpox]]": The boys' mothers force their children to hang out with Kenny so they can get chickenpox. Meanwhile, Kyle's mom tries to patch up the long-broken relationship between her husband and Kenny's dad.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E11RogerEbertShouldLayOffTheFattyFoods Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods]]": The town is brainwashed by the curator of a planetarium. Meanwhile, Cartman auditions for a new Cheesy Poofs commercial.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E12Clubhouses Clubhouses]]": The boys create a clubhouse so they can get girls to play "Truth or Dare". Meanwhile, Stan's parents divorce.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E13CowDays Cow Days]]": An interracial couple wins a vacation to South Park on a game show. Meanwhile, Kyle uses Cartman for a bullriding contest and the South Park cows worship a statue.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E14ChefAid Chef Aid]]": When Chef is sued for pointing out that Alanis Morissette's new song is actually a song he wrote years ago, the boys hire Chef's famous musician friends to raise money. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison suspects Mr. Hat of several attempts on Mr. Twig's life.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E15Spookyfish Spookyfish]]": Beings from a parallel universe come to South Park, such as a nice version of Eric Cartman and a killer goldfish.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E16MerryChristmasCharlieManson Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson!]]": Stan runs away to visit Cartman's relatives in Nebraska. Meanwhile, Cartman's uncle and UsefulNotes/CharlesManson break out of prison, where they kidnap the kids and Manson learns the true meaning of Christmas.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E17Gnomes Gnomes]]": The boys are forced to write a current events paper to save Mr. Garrison's job. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny are grouped together with Tweek, a jittery child, who suggests that the presentation be on the "Underpants Gnomes", tiny men who sneak into his house and steal his underwear. Meanwhile, a local cafe, ran by Tweek's parents', is being threatened by a big-time corporate coffee shop.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS2E18PrehistoricIceMan Prehistoric Ice Man]]": Stan and Kyle discover a man who has been trapped in the ice since 1996, but break up when they decide on different names for him. Meanwhile, the "ice man" tries to reconnect with his wife and kids.

[[folder:Season 3 (1999-00)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E1RainforestSchmainforest Rainforest Schmainforest]]": Creator/JenniferAniston guest stars as Miss Stevens, a choir teacher who must contend with new members, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny (who are put in the club as punishment for disrupting class) during a trip to Costa Rica.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E2SpontaneousCombustion Spontaneous Combustion]]": Randy must solve the problem when citizens start spontaneously combusting. Meanwhile, Cartman plays Jesus in a "Stations of the Cross" play and ends up stuck on the cross, and Kyle tries to find a "nerection" for his dad.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E3Succubus Succubus]]": When Chef gets engaged to a strange woman, the boys are convinced that Chef's fiancee is a demon bent on sucking the life out of men. Meanwhile, Cartman is being bullied by his eye doctor.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E4Jakovasaurus Jakovasaurus]]": The town saves a species from extinction, but finds that they are an extremely annoying race that only Cartman can stand.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E5TweekVsCraig Tweek vs. Craig]]": The boys push two boys to fight each other. Meanwhile, Kenny gets put in Home Ec. to keep from dying in Shop class, and Mr. Adler (the shop teacher) copes with the loss of his wife, who drowned in a plane crash.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E6SexualHarassmentPanda Sexual Harassment Panda]]": A man in a panda costume is hired to teach the kids about sexual harassment, leading Cartman to sue Stan (and all the kids to sue the school) over claims of being harassed, and end up bankrupting the school.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E7CatOrgy Cat Orgy]]": In part one of this trilogy episode, Cartman's mom goes to a meteor shower party, and leaves her son with Stan's violent sister, Shelley. Meanwhile, Cartman's cat, Mr. Kitty, is in heat and goes searching for sex with other cats.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E8TwoGuysNakedInAHotTub Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub]]": Part two of three. At the meteor shower party mentioned in the previous episode, Stan is stuck in a basement with a group of nerdy kids from school who become important to him when the ATF stakes out the party, thinking that the attendees will commit suicide when the meteor comes. Meanwhile, Randy feels uncomfortable after he and Gerald watch each other masturbate in a hot tub.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E9Jewbilee Jewbilee]]": Conclusion. On the night of the aforementioned meteor shower, Kyle, Kenny, and Ike go to a Jewish scout camp where Moses appears.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E10KornsGroovyPirateGhostMystery Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery]]": Nu metal band Korn guest stars in this episode where they are blamed for making Halloween immoral and the boys use Kyle's grandmother's corpse to scare the fifth graders.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E11Chinpokomon Chinpokomon]]": The boys become fascinated with the latest fad from Japan, which turns out to be an insidious plot to have American children brainwashed into overthrowing the U.S. government.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E12HookedOnMonkeyFonics Hooked on Monkey Fonics]]": A homeschooled boy decides to go to public school after winning the town spelling bee, much to his overprotective parent's fear. Meanwhile, Kyle falls for the boy's sister.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E13StarvinMarvinInSpace Starvin Marvin in Space]]": The boys must save Starvin' Marvin from the government and a Christian group who cares more about converting people from third-world countries than giving them food, medical care, and shelter.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E14TheRedBadgeOfGayness The Red Badge of Gayness]]": During a Civil War reenactment, Cartman (as General Lee) leads the Confederate army to attack the Union soldiers across America.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E15MrHankeysChristmasClassics Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics]]": Mr. Hankey hosts a Christmas MusicalEpisode, featuring South Park characters singing twisted renditions of classic Christmas songs and a memorial piece to deceased voice actress Creator/MaryKayBergman.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E16AreYouThereGodItsMeJesus Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus]]": Cartman and Kenny mistake a colon infection for their menstrual cycles, prompting Kyle to lie about "getting his period" and Stan to ingest hormone pills so he will not feel left out. Meanwhile, Jesus plans a New Years' party and is worried God will not be there.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS3E17WorldWideRecorderConcert World Wide Recorder Concert]]": The boys travel to Arkansas to perform at a recorder concert. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison confronts his father about not being sexually molested as a child.

[[folder:TheMovie (1999)]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut'': The children of South Park are badly influenced by the film ''Terrence & Phillip: Asses of Fire'' and Sheila leads the parents into a crusade against Canada, which leads to a full-scale global war. Meanwhile, Kenny dies imitating a stunt from the movie and winds up in Hell, where he discovers Satan and his boyfriend Saddam Hussein plan to invade Earth. Notable for being a Franchise/DisneyAnimatedCanon-inspired AnimatedMusical.

[[folder:Season 4 (2000-01)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E1TheToothFairysTats2000 The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000]]": The boys plan to get rich off a scheme involving the tooth fairy, which attracts the attention of an unusual crime boss. Meanwhile, Kyle ponders his existence after his parents tell him the truth about the tooth fairy.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E2CartmansSillyHateCrime2000 Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000]]": After hitting Token in the head with a rock, Cartman gets arrested after FBI agents claim that he committed a hate crime, since the victim was African-American.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E3Timmy2000 Timmy 2000]]": All the kids in South Park are mistakenly diagnosed with attention deficit disorder after the new, mentally handicapped student Timmy is misdiagnosed himself. Meanwhile, Timmy joins Skyler's rock band, and Phil Collins plots to separate them.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E4Quintuplets2000 Quintuplets 2000]]": Stan's family take in a grandmother and her quintuplet granddaughters from Romania who are on the run from the American and Romanian government. Meanwhile, Kenny practices opera singing and he eventually becomes famous in Eastern Europe.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E5CartmanJoinsNAMBLA Cartman Joins NAMBLA]]": Cartman's search for mature friends lands him as the poster child for NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association, which, shockingly, is a RealLife organization). Meanwhile, Kenny's parents plan to have another baby, and Kenny does what he can to sabotage it.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E6CherokeeHairTampons Cherokee Hair Tampons]]": Kyle comes down with diabetes-related kidney failure, and the only way to save him is with a kidney transplant, but Kyle's mom (and everyone else in town) opts for holistic medicine from a shop run by a woman named Miss Information and her "Native American" assistants (voiced by stoner comedian duo Cheech and Chong). Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison becomes a romance novelist after getting fired for incompetence and [[{{CallBack}} getting arrested for soliciting sex from a minor]].
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E7ChefGoesNanners Chef Goes Nanners]]": Chef protests against the racist imagery on the South Park flag, though the kids don't see what's wrong with it. Meanwhile, Wendy freaks out when she begins to have a crush on Cartman.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E8SomethingYouCanDoWithYourFinger Something You Can Do With Your Finger]]": Cartman ropes in Stan, Kyle, a cross-dressed Wendy, and Kenny into creating Finger Bang, a boy band in the quest to get $10 million, but Randy forbids Stan to join.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E9DoTheHandicappedGoToHell Do The Handicapped Go to Hell?]]": Part one of two. The boys question whether the handicapped (Timmy) or Jews (Ike and Kyle) go to Heaven, while Saddam Hussein returns to Hell, leading to an awkward reunion with Satan.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E10Probably Probably]]": Conclusion. Cartman and the boys start their own church against the wishes of their parents. Meanwhile, Satan must choose between two of his lovers.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E11FourthGrade 4th Grade]]": The boys enter fourth grade, and build a time machine to go back to the third grade. Meanwhile, the fourth grade teacher Ms. Choksondik (notorious for her sagging breasts and lazy eye) seeks help in controlling the students from Mr. Garrison, who is now a hermit who won't come to terms with his homosexuality.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E12TrapperKeeper Trapper Keeper]]": A man from the future wants Cartman's new Trapper Keeper. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison's kindergarten class holds an election for class president with confusing results in the voting.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E13HelenKellerTheMusical Helen Keller: The Musical]]": Timmy attempts to find a live turkey for the Thanksgiving play.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E14Pip Pip]]": Creator/MalcolmMcDowell narrates a ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''-style retelling of the Charles Dickens' classic, ''Literature/GreatExpectations'', starring British exchange student, Pip Pirrup.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E15FatCamp Fat Camp]]": Cartman is sent to a weight loss camp. Meanwhile, Kenny becomes famous for doing disgusting and shocking things for money, ''a la'' Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E16TheWackyMolestationAdventure The Wacky Molestation Adventure]]": After Kyle is barred from going to a Raging Pussies concert, Cartman tells him that he can easily get rid of his parents by calling the cops on them, claiming that his parents sexually molested him and his brother. When word spreads of this new way to rid the town of adults, the kids are left to fend for themselves, leading to chaos that only an out-of-town couple on their way to a job interview can stop.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS4E17AVeryCrappyChristmas A Very Crappy Christmas]]": Kyle is upset when Mr. Hankey is too busy with his family to spread holiday cheer, so he and the other boys create a Christmas cartoon based on Parker and Stone's "The Spirit of Christmas."

[[folder:Season 5 (2001)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E1ItHitsTheFan It Hits the Fan]]": The boundaries of appropriate language on TV gets mowed down in this episode, where the town freely begins using the word "shit" (and Mr. Garrison freely uses the word "fag" when he realizes he can say it now that he's an open homosexual) which causes people to die from the plague, and a band of strange knights appear to stop people from saying, "shit."
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E2CrippleFight Cripple Fight]]": Timmy tries to get rid of a new crippled kid named Jimmy, while Big Gay Al is fired from being a Boy Scout troop leader out of fear that he'll sexually molest the boys.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E3SuperBestFriends Super Best Friends]]": A cult that worships David Blaine comes to South Park, but soon has brainwashed the boys, except for Stan, leading him to get the "Super Best Friends" (a group of religious figures who team up to save the world) into saving the world and into trying to destroy Blaine.[[note]]In the wake of the backlash from the "200"/"201" two-parter, this episode has been pulled due to an uncensored depiction of Mohammed. The season five DVD set and torrent downloading are really the only places that still have this episode, as Netflix and Hulu streaming, TV syndication, and even the show's own website doesn't have the episode anymore[[/note]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E4ScottTenormanMustDie Scott Tenorman Must Die]]": A WhamEpisode where Cartman gets revenge on an older boy named Scott Tenorman after he sells Cartman his pubic hair and keeps tricking him out of his allowance.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E5TerranceAndPhillipBehindTheBlow Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow]]": The boys try to reunite Terrance and Phillip, who are feuding against each other and have broken up (Terrence is still doing his act while Phillip has moved on to Shakespearean acting), so they can perform at an Earth Day assembly.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E6Cartmanland Cartmanland]]": Cartman inherits $1,000,000 from his dead grandmother and buys out North Park Funland as his own personal playground. Meanwhile, Kyle develops a terrible hemorrhoid and begins to lose his faith in God.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E7ProperCondomUse Proper Condom Use]]": The school is forced to teach sex education to the students at a younger age after the boys are found beating off dogs, leading to a gender war because of incompetent teaching methods.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E8Towelie Towelie]]": In order to get their video game console back, the boys must bring an animated, drug smoking towel to the government from the feud between paramilitaries and extraterrestrials.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E9OsamaBinLadenHasFartyPants Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants]]": The boys go to Afghanistan to return a goat given as a gift, where Stan and Kyle fight with Afghan kids over America's reputation and Cartman fights Osama bin Laden in the style of 1940s World War Two propaganda cartoons during the aftermath of the attacks and the Afghanistan-American war.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E10HowToEatWithYourButt How to Eat With Your Butt]]": Cartman "blows a funny fuse" when his prank of putting Kenny's butt on a milk carton prompts a family with butts for faces to come to South Park in search of their long lost son. Meanwhile, Butters gets grounded for his supposedly bad school photo.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E11TheEntity The Entity]]": Kyle's cousin, a stereotypical nebbishy Jewish boy also named Kyle, comes to stay with him. Meanwhile, Mr Garrison invents a new means of transportation to combat against airline budget cuts, ridiculous safety measures, and security incompetence following the 9/11 attacks.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E12HereComesTheNeighborhood Here Comes the Neighborhood]]": Rich, black families move into the predominantly white South Park, prompting the locals to be prejudiced against them for being wealthy.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E13KennyDies Kenny Dies]]": Kenny's RunningGag gets PlayedForDrama as he's put in the hospital for a muscular disorder that may kill him. Meanwhile, Cartman uses stem cells to clone his favorite restaurant.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS5E14ButtersVeryOwnEpisode Butters' Very Own Episode]]": A DayInTheLimelight episode centered on Butters Stotch, a cheery, little boy whose mom tries to kill him after Butters discovers that his father goes to gay bathhouses.

[[folder:Season 6 (2002)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E1JaredHasAides Jared Has Aides]]": Weight loss advocate and Subway spokesman Jared Fogle incurs the wrath of the town after he announces that he lost weight because he has aides (misinterpreted as AIDS). Meanwhile, the boys use Butters as their spokesman for a local Chinese restaurant.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E2Asspen Asspen]]": Stan is dragged into a skiing competition with a plot straight out of a teen rom-com from the 1980s, while their parents are imprisoned at a timeshare seminar, and forced at gunpoint to buy some.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E3FreakStrike Freak Strike]]": The boys disguise Butters as a victim of a birth defect so they can win a prize on ''The Maury Povich Show'', but when the freaks go on strike and the show's topic goes from "People with Birth Defects" to "Help Control My Wild Teenage Daughter," Cartman poses as a wild teen girl.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E4FunWithVeal Fun With Veal]]": The boys try to save baby cows after a trip to a slaughterhouse opens their eyes on what veal really is.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E5TheNewTerranceAndPhillipMovieTrailer The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer]]": The boys have to sit through a boring TV show starring Russell Crowe to see a trailer for the new ''Terrance and Phillip'' movie, but risk missing it when Shelley sends the boys out to buy tampons and the boys try to find another TV to watch the trailer.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E6ProfessorChaos Professor Chaos]]": The boys try to find a replacement for Butters, who becomes a supervillain after being kicked out of the group.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E7SimpsonsAlreadyDidIt Simpsons Already Did It]]": Picking up where "Professor Chaos" left off, Butters goes insane after realizing all of his plots to destroy the world have been done before on FOX's long-running animated sitcom, ''TheSimpsons''. Meanwhile, Cartman creates a miniature society of sea people in his aquarium (which, coincidentally, ''was'' the plot of a "Treehouse of Horror" story from ''The Simpsons'')
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E8RedHotCatholicLove Red Hot Catholic Love]]": Due to the wave of claims that children have been sexually molested by religious figures (Catholic priests, especially), Priest Maxi (the local priest from the only church the town has) tries to bring about reform, the South Park parents convert to atheism, and Cartman wins a bet with Kyle that he can defecate from his mouth, which becomes the new way of eating.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E9FreeHat Free Hat]]": The boys form a club to try to stop Steven Spielberg and George Lucas from releasing edited versions of their classic films, offering a free hat to those who join, but the townspeople mistake it as a call to free a child murderer named Hat [=McCullough=] from prison.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E10BebesBoobsDestroySociety Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society]]": The boys in class start acting weird when Bebe begins to develop breasts, while Wendy Testaburger gets implants so the boys will notice her.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E11ChildAbductionIsNotFunny Child Abduction Is Not Funny]]": The parents hire Tuong Lu Kim to build a wall around the city to protect the children from kidnappers, but end up letting their kids go after learning that parents are more likely to abduct their own children than total strangers.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E12ALadderToHeaven A Ladder to Heaven]]": The boys build a ladder to heaven to retrieve a coupon needed for a candy store shopping spree, which leads to reports that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction in Heaven. Meanwhile, Cartman mistakes Kenny's ashes for chocolate milk mix and becomes possessed by his spirit.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E13TheReturnOfTheFellowshipOfTheRingToTheTwoTowers The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers]]": A parody of the ''Lord of the Rings'' film trilogy, in which the boys return a video that they believe has evil powers, when, in actuality, it's a porno.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E14TheDeathCampOfTolerance The Death Camp of Tolerance]]": Mr. Garrison tries to get fired for discrimination by performing inappropriate acts in class with his new teaching assistant Mr. Slave so he can file a lawsuit against the school, but the school administration instead sends the students to a "tolerance camp" to learn how to deal with people of different walks of life.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E15TheBiggestDoucheInTheUniverse The Biggest Douche in the Universe]]"[[note]]usually retitled "The Biggest..." on cable and paper TV guides due to censorship[[/note]]: Chef’s parents try to exorcise Kenny’s spirit from Cartman. Meanwhile, Stan calls out ''Crossing Over'' host and alleged spiritual medium John Edward for providing false hope to people whose loved ones have died.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E16MyFutureSelfNMe My Future Self 'n Me]]": Stan meets a man who claims to be Stan in the future after a life of abusing drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, Cartman starts a "revenge business".
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS6E17RedSleighDown Red Sleigh Down]]": In this parody of Black Hawk Down, Cartman tries to bring Christmas to the downtrodden in Iraq to get on Santa’s "nice" list.

[[folder:Season 7 (2003-04)]]
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E1Cancelled Cancelled]]” (or "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe Redux"): After experiencing deja vu, the boys discover that life on Earth is really an alien reality TV show on the verge of being canceled.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E2KrazyKripples Krazy Kripples]]”: Timmy and Jimmy start a club for cripples, which draws attention from the Crips and the gang wants the two crippled children to join if they kill The Bloods. Meanwhile, Christopher Reeve comes to town to promote stem cell research for the handicapped.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E3ToiletPaper Toilet Paper]]”: The boys cover their teacher's house in toilet paper after getting detention for molding a penis out of clay, but Kyle starts feeling guilty about it and Officer Barbrady summons help from a Hannibal Lector-esque boy named Josh Meyers ([[NamesTheSame not to be confused with Seth Meyers' real-life brother and former cast member of]] ''Series/{{MADtv}}'' and ''Series/That70sShow'').
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E4ImALittleBitCountry I'm a Little Bit Country]]”: In the 100th episode (though "Cancelled" is actually the 100th in production code order and was originally planned to be it), the boys get caught in the middle of a bloody battle between pro-Iraq War and anti-Iraq War advocates, while Cartman travels back in time to the Colonial era for a history report by killing himself.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E5FatButtAndPancakeHead Fat Butt and Pancake Head]]”: Cartman create a hand-puppet version of Jennifer Lopez for a Latino appreciation school presentation, which becomes a major celebrity, causes Ben Affleck to fall for the hand puppet, and incurs the wrath of the real J-Lo.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E6LilCrimeStoppers Lil' Crime Stoppers]]”: The boys' game of "Police Detectives" turns real when Sergeant Yates hires them to bust a drug deal.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E7RedMansGreed Red Man's Greed]]”: Native Americans take over South Park and plan to tear it down to build a super-highway to their new casino.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E8SouthParkIsGay South Park is Gay!]]”: The men and boys of town become metrosexual, while Kyle, Mr. Slave, and Mr. Garrison try to stop the wave of metrosexuality when Kyle is treated like an outcast, and Mr. Garrison believes the metrosexual fad is cheapening the pride of real homosexuals who don't follow the camp stereotype.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E9ChristianRockHard Christian Rock Hard]]”: Cartman, Token, and Butters form a Christian music band while Stan, Kyle, and Kenny get busted for illegally downloading music and join other bands in protesting over people downloading their music for free.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E10GreyDawn Grey Dawn]]”: The elderly have their driver's licenses taken away, against which the AARP retaliates.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E11CasaBonita Casa Bonita]]”: When Kyle refuses to invite Cartman to his birthday party and invites Butters instead, Cartman tricks Butters into thinking the world is coming to an end and leaves him at the city dump.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E12AllAboutMormons All About Mormons]]”: Stan befriends a Mormon boy and his family.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E13ButtOut Butt Out]]”: The boys get in trouble for smoking cigarettes after being forced to go to an anti-smoking assembly, but the ensuing outrage has Kyle trying to stay out of it as the scenario of the town being outraged over something minor has [[ItsBeenDone all been done before]].
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E14Raisins Raisins]]”: Stan becomes a Goth after Wendy Testaburger breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Butters falls for Lexus, a waitress at a Hooters-esque restaurant called "Raisins," who only flirts with him as part of her job.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS7E15ItsChristmasInCanada It's Christmas in Canada]]”: In this ''Wizard of Oz'' parody, Kyle and the boys fly to Canada during Christmas time to see the Canadian Prime Minister after Ike's biological parents take him back to Canada.

[[folder:Season 8 (2004)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E1GoodTimesWithWeapons Good Times With Weapons]]": The boys buy Japanese weapons at a fair and imagine themselves as action anime characters, but when Kenny hits Butters (as Professor Chaos) with a throwing star, they must rush to get Butters medical attention without getting caught.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E2UpTheDownSteroid Up the Down Steroid]]": Jimmy uses steroids to cheat in the Special Olympics and Cartman disguises himself as a child with a developmental disability in order to enter.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E3ThePassionOfTheJew The Passion of the Jew]]": Kyle finally sees Mel Gibson's ''The Passion of the Christ'' and realizes Cartman's anti-Semitic claims may be true. Stan and Kenny also see the movie and hate it for using violence to guilt people into becoming Christians, prompting them to head to Malibu to retrieve their ticket money from Mel Gibson himself.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E4YouGotFdInTheA You Got F'd in the A]]" (often retitled "You Got Served" or "You Got..." for censorship reasons): In this parody of street-dancing movies, Stan recruits a Raisins girl, a Goth, and a Dance Dance Revolution master to compete against a group of breakdancers from Orange County. Butters is discovered to be a good dancer, but he has flashbacks of causing death and mayhem at a tap dancing contest.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E5AWESOMO AWESOM-O]]": Butters befriends a robot (actually Cartman in disguise) he receives in the mail and takes him to Hollywood, where movie execs want him for film ideas, and the government wants him for national security.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E6TheJeffersons The Jeffersons]]": A new neighbor who bears a striking resemblance to Music/MichaelJackson moves into town with his sheltered son, sparking fears that he is an unfit parent, and the police scheme to frame him for sexual crimes he didn't commit.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E7Goobacks Goobacks]]": A race of AmbiguouslyBrown, androgynous people from the year 3045 travel back to South Park to take the townspeople's jobs.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E8DoucheAndTurd Douche and Turd]]": Stan is forced to vote in an election for the school's new mascot after the old one is protested against by PETA.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E9SomethingWallMartThisWayComes Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes]]": When a new superstore comes to South Park, the townsfolk are torn between their love of the store's low, low prices, and their anti-corporate hatred of the retail giant which has turned the center of South Park into an abandoned ghost town.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E10PreSchool Pre-School]]": Trent Boyett, a notorious bully from their preschool years, is being released from juvenile hall after a five year sentence after being framed for burning the preschool teacher and turning her into a vegetable.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E11QuestForRatings Quest for Ratings]]": The boys' school news show is in competition against a rival television program created by Craig.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E12StupidSpoiledWhoreVideoPlayset Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset]]": Wendy feels left out when all the fourth grade girls start emulating the slutty antics of Paris Hilton, who tries to buy Butters from his parents.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E13CartmansIncredibleGift Cartman's Incredible Gift]]": Cartman thinks that he has gained paranormal powers after getting in an accident, and abuses them to become a psychic detective for hire.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS8E14WoodlandCritterChristmas Woodland Critter Christmas]]": In the series's final Christmas episode for 10 seasons, Stan helps seemingly innocent woodland creatures prepare for the birth of their Lord and Savior, the Anti-Christ.

[[folder:Season 9 (2005)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E1MrGarrisonsFancyNewVagina Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina]]": Mr. Garrison gets a sex change operation, but when he realizes that a sex change doesn't give Mr. Garrison the ability to have periods and children, he tracks down the doctor to change him back. Meanwhile, Kyle goes to a plastic surgeon to turn himself black so he can be a star basketball player.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E2DieHippieDie Die, Hippie, Die]]": Cartman's worst nightmare comes true - South Park is overrun by hippies, and he is the only person who can save the town.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E3Wing Wing]]": Token becomes a singer while the boys try to run a talent agency and represent the City Wok owner's wife.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E4BestFriendsForever Best Friends Forever]]": In this Emmy Award-winning episode, Kenny is left in a persistent vegetative state, beginning a war between Cartman, who wants him to die so he can inherit his Sony PSP, Heaven, who needs his spirit to fight a war against Hell, and those who feel he should be kept alive.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E5TheLosingEdge The Losing Edge]]": The boys try to lose their baseball games on purpose so they can avoid having to play all summer, while Randy fights back against another rowdy sports dad.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E6TheDeathOfEricCartman The Death of Eric Cartman]]": After Cartman eats the skin off all the pieces of KFC chicken bought for dinner, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and the rest of the kids decide to ignore Cartman, prompting Cartman to think he died.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E7ErectionDay Erection Day]]": Jimmy starts getting erections and worries about performing in the school talent show, so he sets out to get rid of his erections by having sex with a woman.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E8TwoDaysBeforeTheDayAfterTomorrow Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow]]": Cartman and Stan crash a boat into the world's largest beaver dam above the town of Beaverton, causing a state of emergency and people blaming global warming for the flood.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E9Marjorine Marjorine]]": Butters fakes his own death so he can pose as a girl named Marjorine and steal a paper fortune-teller.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E10FollowThatEgg Follow That Egg]]": After learning Mr. Slave will marry Big Gay Al, Mrs. Garrison vows to stop same-sex marriage and uses the kids in her class as an example of why homosexual couples would make poor parents.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E11GingerKids Ginger Kids]]": Stan and Kyle turn Cartman redheaded and pale after Cartman does a report on how dangerous redheaded children are, but the prank goes too far when Cartman leads the "gingers" to fight for their rights by any means necessary.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E12TrappedInTheCloset Trapped in the Closet]]": In this controversial episode (moreso than usual due to the backlash), Stan is dubbed the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard by a local group of Scientologists, causing a chain of bizarre events, such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta locking themselves in Stan's closet and R&B singer R. Kelly turning the whole affair into an urban opera.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E13FreeWillzyx Free Willzyx]]": Two aquarium workers trick the boys into thinking that a killer whale can talk, prompting the boys to liberate the animal and send him into space.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS9E14BloodyMary Bloody Mary]]": Randy's drinking problem is mistaken for a disease when he admits himself into Alcoholics Anonymous following an arrest for drunk driving. Meanwhile, a priest in a neighboring town discovers that his Virgin Mary statue is bleeding from its anus and declares it a miracle.

[[folder:Season 10 (2006)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E1TheReturnOfChef The Return of Chef]]": The boys suspect that their best friend, Chef, has been brainwashed after a long, unexplained vacation.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E2SmugAlert Smug Alert]]": Stan persuades everyone in town to buy hybrid cars, not realizing the new cars cause a different kind of dangerous emission.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E3CartoonWarsPartOne Cartoon Wars, Part One]]": The town is in panic when the FOX animated sitcom ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' angers the Muslim world by attempting to air an image of Mohammed. Meanwhile, Kyle and Cartman fight over whether or not ''Family Guy'' should stay on the air, as Kyle likes it, but Cartman hates how interchangeable and "random" the jokes are.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E4CartoonWarsPartTwo Cartoon Wars, Part Two]]": Cartman meets with the president of FOX to cancel ''Family Guy'' and discovers the secret behind its success. Meanwhile, the people of South Park bury their heads in sand pits to avoid watching the latest controversial episode of ''Family Guy''.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E5AMillionLittleFibers A Million Little Fibers]]": In a parody of James Frey's ''A Million Little Pieces'' controversy, Towelie disguises himself as a man and publishes his dubiously written memoirs. Meanwhile, Oprah's vagina and anus try to escape from the media mogul, who has been neglecting them.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E6ManBearPig ManBearPig]]": Al Gore gets the boys trapped in Cave of the Winds while trying to kill the purported "Manbearpig".
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E7Tsst Tsst]]": Cartman's mom calls upon a dog trainer (Cesar Millan) to keep her son from misbehaving after several TV nannies go insane from Cartman's manipulative ways.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E8MakeLoveNotWarcraft Make Love, Not Warcraft]]": The boys dedicate their lives to defeating a mad gamer and saving the ''WorldOfWarcraft''.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E9TheMysteryOfTheUrinalDeuce The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce]]": Stan and Kyle "discover" the true culprits behind the September 11th attacks while Mr. Mackey is determined to find out who defecated in the boys' room urinal at South Park Elementary.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E10MissTeacherBangsABoy Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy]]": Cartman is appointed the school's hall monitor, and becomes an elementary school version of ''Dog, the Bounty Hunter''. Meanwhile, an attractive kindergarten teacher has an affair with Kyle's brother Ike, but when Kyle finds out, nobody helps him, as they don't care if a hot, female teacher (instead of an unattractive female teacher or even a male teacher) has an affair with a student.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E11HellOnEarth2006 Hell on Earth 2006]]": Satan throws a Halloween party, which turns into an episode of MTV's ''My Super Sweet 16''. Meanwhile, the boys summon rapper Biggie Smalls through a Bloody Mary-type mirror ritual.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E12GoGodGo Go God Go]]": Mrs. Garrison objects to teaching evolution in science class, and Richard Dawkins is sent to help her. Meanwhile, Cartman buries himself in snow in an attempt to freeze himself until the day the Wii console is released.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E13GoGodGoXII Go God Go XII]]": Cartman, frozen in the snow for over 500 years, awakens in the future, only to be caught up in a war between atheists.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS10E14StanleysCup Stanley's Cup]]": A cartoonish movie announcer harasses Stan, who, in order to pay off the ticket to his impounded bicycle, has to coach a Mighty Ducks- style pee-wee ice hockey team to victory.

[[folder:Season 11 (2007)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E1WithApologiesToJesseJackson With Apologies to Jesse Jackson]]": Stan's dad gets in trouble for saying the word "[[NWordPrivileges niggers]]" on an episode of ''Wheel of Fortune''. Meanwhile, Cartman angers a dwarf who comes to give a talk about tolerance at the school.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E2CartmanSucks Cartman Sucks]]": Butters is sent to a religious camp for sexually confused children after his father catches him in a compromising position with Cartman. Meanwhile, Cartman accuses Kyle of stealing his risque photo of himself and Butters and decides to humiliate himself before Kyle can do it.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E3LiceCapades Lice Capades]]": An infestation of head lice plagues South Park Elementary, and Cartman finds a way to detect who has lice so they can make fun of the unfortunate kid. Meanwhile, the lice in Clyde's head try to escape when most of their kind are killed by lice shampoo.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E4TheSnuke The Snuke]]": Hillary Clinton is in town for a big campaign rally, and discovers that her vagina has been rigged with a bomb. Meanwhile, Cartman suspects a new Muslim kid at school might be responsible for the bomb planted.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E5FantasticEasterSpecial Fantastic Easter Special]]": Determined to get the real story behind why eggs are decorated for Easter, Stan falls in with an eccentric society that guards a legendary secret.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E6DYikes D-Yikes]]": Mrs. Garrison falls for a woman at a lesbian bar and fights Persians to keep the bar from being renovated. Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny hire illegal Mexican immigrants to do their homework for them.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E7NightOfTheLivingHomeless Night of the Living Homeless]]": Masses of homeless people invade South Park.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E8LePetitTourette Le Petit Tourette]]": Cartman pretends to have Tourette syndrome so he can say whatever he wants without being punished (even though not all Tourette Syndrome sufferers blurt out profane language), but faking the condition begins to wear on his mental filter.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E9MoreCrap More Crap]]": Randy becomes South Park's hometown hero when the guys down at the local bar see the size of his most recent crap.[[note]]Features [[Series/SaturdayNightLive Bill Hader]] as the voice of a redneck[[/note]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkImaginationland Imaginationland]]": Terrorists attack Imaginationland, in an attempt to take over peoples' imagination. Meanwhile, Cartman makes a bet with Kyle that if leprechauns are real, Kyle will suck Cartman's balls. Cartman wins, and Kyle is stuck in a dilemma.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkImaginationland Imaginationland, Episode II]]": Stan and Kyle are being held in the Pentagon until they tell the government how they got into Imaginationland. Meanwhile, Cartman goes to great lengths to get Kyle to suck his balls after the leprechaun bet.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkImaginationland Imaginationland, Episode III]]": Inside Imaginationland, Stan and Butters engage in the battle of their lives as they fight the army of evil imaginary forces alongside what's left of the good imaginary people led by [[Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia Aslan]]. Kyle tries to save Stan and Butters from Imaginationland, and Cartman once again goes to great lengths to get Kyle to suck his balls.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E13GuitarQueerO Guitar Queer-O]]": Stan and Kyle are both hooked on ''VideoGame/GuitarHero'', which drives a wedge in their friendship.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS11E14TheList The List]]": The girls in the fourth grade class make a secret list that rates every boy's looks from cutest to ugliest. The fourth grade boys discover this and steal the list. They are, however, unprepared to deal with the results.

[[folder:Season 12 (2008)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E1TonsilTrouble Tonsil Trouble]]": Cartman contracts HIV thanks to a botched tonsillectomy, but when he finds out that people no longer care about AIDS, he looks for a cure.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E2BritneysNewLook Britney's New Look]]": The boys try to get a photo of pop-singing trainwreck Britney Spears to cash in on the news reporting her latest social faux pas, but when Britney survives a suicide attempt that leaves her with most of her head missing, the boys soon discover the real reason why everyone wants Britney Spears to screw up and try to save her from further exploitation.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E3MajorBoobage Major Boobage]]": In this homage to the 1981 film ''WesternAnimation/HeavyMetal'', the boys worry when Kenny becomes addicted to sniffing cat urine to get high. Meanwhile, Cartman takes in all of South Park's cats after a ban is called on all of them and Kyle's dad relapses into being addicted to sniffing cat urine.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E4CanadaOnStrike Canada On Strike]]": The head of the World Canadian Bureau ([[TakeThat nicknamed the "WGA"]]) leads the country into a strike over new media residuals. Meanwhile, the South Park boys try to turn Butters into the latest viral video star, in order to make money for Canada.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E5EekAPenis Eek, A Penis!]]": While Mrs. Garrison goes on sabbatical to reverse her sex change and become Mr. Garrison, Cartman becomes a strict teacher whose unorthodox methods are needed in an inner city school.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E6OverLogging Over Logging]]": In this homage to Creator/JohnSteinbeck's ''Film/TheGrapesOfWrath'', the Marsh family heads west after the Internet connection goes down nationwide.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E7SuperFunTime Super Fun Time]]": While the kids are on an educational field trip to a living museum, Cartman forces Butters to sneak away from the class to go to the amusement center, located next door. While they are away, the living museum's cast and the rest of the class are taken hostage by criminals.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E8TheChinaProblem The China Probrem]]": Cartman and Butters invade a P.F. Chang's after Cartman thinks China will overtake America after watching the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony. Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are traumatized ([[RefugeInAudacity in a manner befitting someone who has been raped or sexually molested]]) after seeing the latest ''Indiana Jones'' movie.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E9BreastCancerShowEver Breast Cancer Show Ever]]": Wendy is fed up with Cartman's jokes when he makes fun of her report on breast cancer, and challenges him to a fight.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E10Pandemic Pandemic]]": The boys ask for Craig's financial support to form a pan flute band of their own, while the government tries to decide how to handle the "pandemic" of Peruvian pan-flute music.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E11Pandemic2TheStartling Pandemic 2: The Startling]]": The boys are lost in the Andes Mountains where they discover the startling secret behind the attack of the giant guinea pigs. Meanwhile, Randy bravely documents the destruction while trying to save his family.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E12AboutLastNight About Last Night]]": Following the 2008 US presidential election, Barack Obama catches everyone off guard when he arrives at the White House prematurely. Meanwhile, the Barack Obama supporters of South Park celebrate Obama's victory while the John McCain supporters fear the end of the world and take shelter.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS12E13ElementarySchoolMusical Elementary School Musical]]": The boys realize they are the only kids at school who are not hit by the new ''Film/HighSchoolMusical'' fad, making everyone in school break out in song.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E14TheUngroundable The Ungroundable]]": A vampire fad is spreading at South Park Elementary, thanks to the popularity of the ''Twilight'' books and movies. Butters believes that the students interested in this culture are actual vampires and becomes tempted to join them. Meanwhile, the Goth kids are finding their style is becoming mistaken with the new fad and set out to stop it.

[[folder:Season 13 (2009)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E1TheRing The Ring]]": Kenny begins dating a fifth grade girl named Tammy, who allegedly gave a boy a blowjob in the back of a T.G.I.Fridays, but all dreams of getting head from Tammy are shattered when she goes to a Jonas Brothers concert and forces Kenny to wear a purity ring.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E2TheCoon The Coon]]": Cartman poses as a superhero vigilante, "The Coon", who grows increasingly jealous of the popularity and success of a rival superhero, "Mysterion".
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E3Margaritaville Margaritaville]]": As the global recession hits South Park, Randy poses as a prophet and preaches that people should limit their spending to only "bare essentials" to propitiate the economy's anger. Kyle disagrees and tries to convince the people that if they want the economy to be strong, they must have faith in it. Meanwhile Stan, trying to return his father's expensive and unnecessary drink mixer, learns about the incompetence of the federal government.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E4EatPrayQueef Eat, Pray, Queef]]": The boys are angered when their favorite television show, ''Terrance and Phillip'', is preempted by a new program, ''The Queef Sisters'', which is very similar but relies on queef jokes instead of fart jokes.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E5Fishsticks Fishsticks]]": Jimmy comes up with a joke that becomes a national sensation, and Cartman takes all of the credit.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E6PinewoodDerby Pinewood Derby]]": Randy steals a superconducting magnet and slips it into the back of Stan's pinewood derby car to ensure his son will win the annual state derby.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E7Fatbeard Fatbeard]]": Mistaking the recent upsurge of piracy in Somalia for a return of the classic era of swashbuckling pirates, Cartman convinces his classmates to run away to Somalia for a responsibility-free life in a warm tropical paradise.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E8DeadCelebrities Dead Celebrities]]": Ike is haunted by the spirits of celebrities who have died between 2008 and 2009, [[Music/MichaelJackson one of which]] possesses Ike.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E9ButtersBottomBitch Butters' Bottom Bitch]]" (or "Butters' Bottom..." on cable guides): Butters' first kiss turns into a prostitution ring, with Butters as a pimp who actually treats his prostitutes right. Meanwhile, Sergeant Yates goes undercover as a female prostitute named "Yolanda" to arrest solicitors, but the role soon goes to his head and he ends up marrying his pimp.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E10WTF W.T.F]]": After seeing a live ''WWE Raw'' event, the boys at South Park Elementary join the school's wrestling team, but quit when they realize it is very different from professional wrestling and create their own wrestling show with all the storylines and shocking fights of a ''WWE Raw'' event.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E11WhaleWhores Whale Whores]]" (retitled "Whales" on cable guides): Stan takes on the cause of saving dolphins and whales from Japanese whalers.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E12TheFWord The F Word]]": Cartman confronts a group of obnoxious Harley-Davidson motorcyclists who are disrupting everyone in South Park, describing them as insecure losers who ride loud motorcycles to draw attention to themselves and referring to them as "faggots," which catches the ire of the homosexual community, who think it's a burn against them.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E13DancesWithSmurfs Dances With Smurfs]]": Cartman is chosen to read the South Park Elementary morning announcements, which he uses as a platform to criticize Wendy Testaburger and her role as class president.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS13E14Pee Pee]]": A day at the water park turns into a disaster, as Cartman believes that the rise in minorities is part of TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt as predicted by the Mayan long-count calendar (which ends on the 13th Baktun, which is roughly around the year 2012), and the imbalance in the water-to-urine ratio in the park's pools causes yellow tsunamis to flood the park.

[[folder:Season 14 (2010)]]
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E1SexualHealing Sexual Healing]]": Thanks to Tiger Woods' adultery scandal (which has made his golfing video games worth playing), the Center for Disease Control has branded sex addiction as a real disease, and when Kenny dies of autoerotic asphxyiation, Kyle and Butters are forced to go to therapy, along with male celebrities who had sex scandals of their own (such as former U.S. President UsefulNotes/BillClinton, actor Creator/CharlieSheen, late-night talk show host Creator/DavidLetterman, actor Creator/MichaelDouglas, basketball players Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, former New York governor Elliot Spitzer, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, actor Creator/DavidDuchovny, actor/musician Creator/BillyBobThornton, and Tiger Woods himself).
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E2TheTaleOfScrotieMcBoogerballs The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs]]": Mad that the novel ''TheCatcherInTheRye'' isn't worthy of being called a "banned book," the boys pen their own vulgar tale, and make Butters the author to keep from getting blamed for it...only to have it make Butters a star author.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E3MedicinalFriedChicken Medicinal Fried Chicken]]": New state laws prohibiting fast food restaurants in low-income neighborhoods result in the closure of all KFC eateries in Colorado, much to the dismay of Cartman, who is addicted to the food and joins a fried chicken cartel to get his fix. Meanwhile, Randy gives himself testicular cancer to get a doctor's referral after finding out that the shut-down KFC restaurants have been turned into medicinal marijuana dispensaries.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E4YouHave0Friends You Have 0 Friends]]": Kyle makes friends with the wrong kid on Facebook and is in danger of losing all his friends. Meanwhile, Stan is pressured into being friends with everyone in South Park to his frustration, but deleting his Facebook account won't be that easy.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E5TwoHundred 200]]": In the 200th episode, Tom Cruise and 199 other celebrities file a class action lawsuit on the town for ridiculing them over the years.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E6TwoHundredOne 201]]": Things get tense as the Ginger Kids and Tom Cruise want immunity to ridicule from the Muslim prophet Muhammad (who, for [[ExecutiveMeddling religious reasons]], is barred from being visually depicted), while everyone wants to know who ''really'' is Cartman's father.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E7CrippledSummer Crippled Summer]]": The boys hold an intervention for Towelie while Timmy and Jimmy attend a summer camp for cripples in a parody of the ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' cartoons.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E8PoorAndStupid Poor and Stupid]]": Cartman makes his dreams of being a NASCAR racer come true, by becoming poor and stupid.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E9ItsAJerseyThing It's a Jersey Thing]]": The loud, stereotypically Italian, guido/''JerseyShore''-style way of New Jersey life begins to spread to Colorado, and Kyle learns a disturbing truth about his origins.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E10Insheeption Insheeption]]": Stan journeys into Mr. Mackey's mind to find the reasons behind their hoarding problems.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E11Coon2Hindsight Coon 2: Hindsight]]": The Coon, Mysterion and other new kid heroes try to save people, but are upstaged by a new hero on the block, Captain Hindsight.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E12MysterionRises Mysterion Rises]]": Mysterion and the others try to save drillers at the Gulf from the dark lord Cthulu, while the Coon is out for revenge on Mysterion for kicking him out of the group.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E13CoonVsCoonAndFriends Coon vs. Coon and Friends]]”: Mysterion and the rest of the team try to stop the Coon from wreaking havoc throughout the land with Cthulhu by his side.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS14E14CremeFraiche Creme Fraiche]]”: Randy becomes obsessed with the Food Network and starts his own cooking show, while Sharon exercises with a Shake Weight.

[[folder:Season 15 (2011)]]
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E1HumancentiPad HumancentiPad]]”: Kyle agrees to his iTunes Terms and Conditions without reading it and ends up being part of Apple's newest experiment. Meanwhile when Liane won't give him a new iPad, Cartman humiliates her with false public slander.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E2Funnybot Funnybot]]”: When Jimmy says that Germany is the least funniest country at the school's comedy awards, the country retaliates by creating a robot comedian that becomes a major celebrity and puts all the other comedians out of the job.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E3RoyalPudding Royal Pudding]]”: The fiancee of the Prince of Canada is kidnapped and it's Ike to the rescue. Meanwhile, Kyle has to replace Ike in the kindergarten school play about dental hygiene.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E4TMI T.M.I.]]”: After Cartman protests against (what he thinks is) the school publicizing the male students' penis sizes, he is sent to anger management classes.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E5CrackBabyAthleticAssociation Crack Baby Athletic Association]]”: Kyle tries to help crack babies in need and finds that Cartman, Clyde and Craig have stared a basketball league for them. He has a battle over his conscience when Cartman asks him to join the management.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E6CitySushi City Sushi]]”: Butter is misdiagnosed with multiple personality disorder, while Mr. Kim takes on a sushi restaurant that opens next door to City Wok.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E7YoureGettingOld You're Getting Old]]”: When Stan turns ten years old, he starts getting cynical and (literally) starts seeing everything as "shit", which alienates him from his friends.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E8AssBurgers Ass Burgers]]”: Picking up where "You're Getting Old" left off, Stan tries to find out what's wrong with him, and meets a group of social outcasts who believe their self-diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome gives them strange powers.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E9TheLastOfTheMeheecans The Last of the Meheecans]]”: What starts as an innocent game escalates into Cartman joining the border patrol to stop Mexicans from crossing the border.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E10BassToMouth Bass to Mouth]]”: A gossip site is revealing all the secrets about the school's students, while the school board tries to reason with Cartman about his actions driving students to suicide.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E11BroadwayBroDown Broadway Bro Down]]”: Randy becomes a big fan of Broadway when he discovers some sexual subtext and decides to while his own play, while Shelley makes a new friend.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E12OnePercent 1%]]”: Cartman is blamed for causing the school to lose a nation fitness test and he becomes paranoid when it appears the students are out for vengeance.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E13AHistoryChannelThanksgiving A History Channel Thanksgiving]]”: After watching a History Channel special, the boys believe that aliens were at the first Thanksgiving dinner.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS15E14ThePoorKid The Poor Kid]]”: When Kenny's parents are arrested, the [=McCormick=] kids are put in the care of fundamentalist agnostic foster parents. Cartman is upset because with Kenny gone, he's the poorest kid in school.

[[folder:Season 16 (2012)]]
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E1ReverseCowgirl Reverse Cowgirl]]”: After Clyde's mom dies on the toilet because he left the seat up, the Toilet Safety Administration (TSA) is called upon to monitor everyone on the toilet. Meanwhile, Stan convinces Clyde to sue the long-dead inventor of the toilet.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E2CashForGold Cash for Gold]]”: Stan discovers a horrible secret about home-shopping networks that cater to the elderly and stupid, while Cartman starts his own cash-for-gold scam.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E3FaithHilling Faith Hilling]]”: The boys take part in performing Internet memes, but after a disastrous stunt at the Republican National Convention, Stan and Kenny want to bail out.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E4Jewpacabra Jewpacabra]]”: The town's big Easter egg hunt is in jeopardy when rumors of a dangerous beast lurking in the woods start circulating, but Kyle doesn't believe it.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E5Butterballs Butterballs]]”: Stan creates an anti-bullying video, while Butters is bullied by an unlikely tormentor: his grandmother.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E6IShouldNeverHaveGoneZiplining I Should Never Have Gone Ziplining]]”: The boys go to the Colorado Mountains to go ziplining, and find themselves fighting for survival when they discover that ziplining causes literal death from boredom.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E7CartmanFindsLove Cartman Finds Love]]”: Cartman sets up Token with a new black girl because they are two of the same race, but when she says she likes Kyle, Cartman plays matchmaker to make her and Token into (what he thinks is) a perfect couple.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E8Sarcastaball Sarcastaball]]”: Randy's sarcastic comments about making football LighterAndSofter mutates into America's newest pastime, where he becomes the coach of South Park's team.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E9RaisingTheBar Raising the Bar]]”: When fat people begin celebrating their morbidly obese lifestyles (including Cartman) and the show ''Series/HereComesHoneyBooBoo'' becomes popular, Creator/JamesCameron goes on a quest to raise the bar of human decency.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E10Insecutiry Insecurity]]”: While Gerald and Sheila engage in role-playing sex, Ike walks in on them and thinks his mother is cheating on his father with a UPS delivery man, causing widespread panic among the town's men. Meanwhile, Cartman gets a security system.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E11GoingNative Going Native]]”: After Butters becomes extremely aggressive, his parents send him to his birthplace of Hawaii to undergo a rite of passage while Kenny tags along.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E12ANightmareOnFaceTime A Nightmare on Face Time]]”: Randy buys an old Blockbuster store in hopes of reviving the video rental industry. While Randy goes insane from the lack of customers, Stan uses his iPad to go trick-or-treating with his friends.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E13AScauseForApplause A Scause for Applause]]”: The Lance Armstrong doping scandal is parodied in the form of everyone losing their faith in Jesus after Jesus is suspected to have used human-growth hormones while performing His miracles.
# “[[Recap/SouthParkS16E14ObamaWins Obama Wins!]]”: Cartman has stolen votes from the 2012 Presidential Election for a sinister purpose and Kyle tries to get the secret out.

[[folder:Season 17 (2013)]]
# "[[Recap/SouthParkS17E1LetGoLetGov Let Go, Let Gov]]": Cartman is sick of the NSA spying on him and infiltrates the headquarters, where he doesn't like what he sees on his own profile. Meanwhile, Butters turns to the government as a god and spreads the good word after using the DMV as a house of worship.
# "[[Recap/SouthParkS17E2InformativeMurderPorn Informative Murder Porn]]": To keep the parents from potentially murdering each other, the children of South Park block Investigative Discovery from their cable boxes and the adults play ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' as a substitute.
# "[[Recap/SouthParkS17E3WorldWarZimmerman World War Zimmerman]]": In this loose parody of ''World War Z'', Cartman brands Token a threat to all humanity after learning that George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the shooting death of Treyvon Martin.
# "[[Recap/SouthParkS17E4GothKids3DawnOfThePosers Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers]]": When Henrietta is sent to a camp for trouble children and comes back an emo, the other Goth kids feel threatened and ask their rivals the Vamp kids for help.
# "[[Recap/SouthParkS17E5TamingStrange Taming Strange]]": Kyle is worried about Ike when he hits puberty -- and things get worse when Ike violates Foofa from ''Series/YoGabbaGabba'' and prompts her to rethink the way she entertains audiences. Meanwhile, Mr. Mackey installs a computer program in the school designed to streamline the way kids can get lunch and make appointments with the school nurse and the counselor, but, like the Obamacare website, the program is fraught with technical problems that nearly destroy the school.
# "[[Recap/SouthParkS17E6GingerCow Ginger Cow]]": Cartman's latest prank (painting a cow to look ginger) prompts Muslims, Jews, and Christians to come together in peace and harmony, as a red heifer is considered a sign of the end of days in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.
# "[[Recap/SouthParkS17E7BlackFriday Black Friday]]": The biggest shopping day of the year (the Friday after Thanksgiving) in America gets a satirical spanking from Creator/TreyParkerAndMattStone in this episode in which the boys prepare to battle the crowds so they can be the first to get a new gaming system while Randy takes a job as mall security.
# "[[Recap/SouthParkS17E8ASongOfAssAndFire A Song of Ass and Fire]]": Carrying on from the events of "Black Friday", Randy assumes leadership of mall security while the two UsefulNotes/ConsoleWars camps prepare for an epic battle to being first in the door.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS17E9TittiesAndDragons Titties and Dragons]]": The epic conclusion to the "Black Friday" trilogy, in which the boys finally do battle at the mall, but not before the impatient shoppers do the same.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS17E10TheHobbit The Hobbit]]": Wendy's latest soapbox issue about young girls and body image pressure causes her to get in trouble with everyone at school, while Clyde winds up with a new girlfriend and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West return again to get mocked.

[[folder:Season 18 (2014)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E1GoFundYourself Go Fund Yourself]]": Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder takes offense when the boys start a Kickstarter company with that name now that it’s no longer under copyright (and has come under fire for being racist).
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E2GlutenFreeEbola Gluten Free Ebola]]": Mr. Mackey is on a gluten-free diet, and gets on everyone’s nerves over how great it is.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E3TheCissy The Cissy]]": Gender identity in the Internet age gets satirized in this episode where Cartman declares that he identifies as a female so he can use the girls' bathroom, but things go wrong when Wendy dresses as a boy so she can get Cartman's private bathroom. Meanwhile, Randy reveals a bizarre secret to Stan.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E4Handicar Handicar]]": Timmy starts his own car rental service for the disabled, but the business nets him a lot of enemies (namely Nathan and Mimsy from "Crippled Summer").
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E5TheMagicBush The Magic Bush]]": Butters' dad has a drone, and Butters and Cartman decide to fly it around town, which causes a panic over privacy invasion.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E6FreemiumIsntFree Freemium Isn't Free]]": The new Terrance and Phillip mobile game causes Stan to get addicted to apps and Terrence and Phillip to worry about the money they're earning from it.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E7GroundedVindaloop Grounded Vindaloop]]": Cartman tricks Butters into thinking he's trapped in an Oculus Rift simulation, but then things get weird.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E8CockMagic Cock Magic]]": Through Kenny's prowess in ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'', the boys find themselves going through an underground ring at City Wok.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E9Rehash #REHASH]]": In this TakeThat against trending topics and "Let's Play" series (and the sequel episode to "The Cissy," "Freemium Isn't Free," and "Taming Strange"), Kyle worries that Ike doesn't want to play with him anymore while Randy's manager forces Randy to go up as Lorde again to pay off the debts that Stan had created from freemium payments. During these events, Cartman, inspired by the success of YouTube celebrity LetsPlay/PewDiePie, starts a new career as [=CartmanBrah=]. [=PewDiePie=] guest stars in this episode as himself.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS18E10HappyHolograms #HappyHolograms]]": Continuing from the previous episode, Kyle creates a hashtag to get modern people (who care more about trending and Let's Play) to use the living room again, capturing the interest of TV producers who want to use it for a holiday spectacular. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a ruse for the publicity of [=CartmanBrah=] and Randy's manager. Once again [=PewDiePie=] makes a guest appearance.

[[folder:Season 19 (2015)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E1StunningAndBrave Stunning and Brave]]": PC Principal takes over South Park Elementary, and calls out Kyle for not thinking Caitlyn Jenner is brave.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E2WhereMyCountryGone Where My Country Gone?]]": Mr. Garrison is completely fed up with the increase in illegal immigrants from Canada, and decides to do something about it.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E3TheCityPartOfTown The City Part of Town]]": South Park is gentrifying. Unfortunately, the only area that qualifies is the part of town where Kenny and his family live.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E4YoureNotYelping You're Not Yelping]]": Yelp reviewers get out of control when their demands prove too much to handle.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E5SafeSpace Safe Space]]": Cartman, among others, want Butters to filter out Internet comments to avoid fat-shaming. Meanwhile, Randy is tired of the charity-shaming at Whole Foods.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E6TweekXCraig Tweek x Craig]]": After some students create yaoi art featuring Tweek and Craig, everybody in town thinks they're a gay couple.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E7NaughtyNinjas Naughty Ninjas]]": Officer Barbrady is kicked off the force for accidentally shooting a student, and due to the police being unable to remove the homeless from [=SoDoSoPa=] out of fear of brutality against minorities, the kids dress up as ninjas, but are mistaken for ISIS.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E8SponsoredContent Sponsored Content]]": Jimmy's integrity as editor of the school newspaper conflicts with PC Principal's ideology.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E9TruthAndAdvertising Truth And Advertising]]": In which we learn more of the men who've taken Jimmy and Leslie, and Randy Marsh discovers the big downside to shopping at Whole Foods.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS19E10PCPrincipalFinalJustice PC Principal Final Justice]]": The citizens of South Park feel safer when armed. Meanwhile, Kyle’s distrust of Stan has broken their friendship and thrown Kyle into a dangerous alliance.

[[folder:Season 20 (2016)]]
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS20E1MemberBerries Member Berries]]": The national anthem gets a reboot, Cartman tries to ease tensions at South Park Elementary, and Mr. Garrison tries to lose the presidential election.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS20E2SkankHunt Skank Hunt]]": An online troll threatens to have global implications as Cartman professes his innocence.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS20E3TheDamned The Damned]]": Eric Cartman has mysteriously disappeared from Twitter and the police are investigating it.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS20E4WienersOut Wieners Out]]": Kyle tries to bring the boys and girls together, but Butters takes a different, more confrontational approach. Meanwhile, Gerald is getting paranoid about being outed for his trolling.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS20E5DoucheAndADanish Douche and a Danish]]": Mr. Garrison torpedoes his own presidential campaign. Gerald and the other trolls strike a blow on Denmark and Cartman and Heidi try to resolve the gender war.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS20E6FortCollins Fort Collins]]": Trolltrace is about to become available, and its consequences become a reality to Cartman and a town called Fort Collins.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS20E7OhJeez Oh, Jeez]]": PC Principal tries one more time to make peace between the boys and the girls. Meanwhile, Gerald comes face-to-face with the Troll Hunter.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS20E8MembersOnly Members Only]]": Gerald tries anything to escape the Troll Hunter’s revenge. Meanwhile, Cartman and Heidi make their way to [=SpaceX=] to try to get on the first rocket leaving for Mars.
#"[[Recap/SouthParkS20E9NotFunny Not Funny]]": Cartman is certain that Heidi can solve the problem of getting them to Mars because she's really funny. Meanwhile, Gerald tries to save himself by reasoning with the Troll Hunter while Mr. Garrison explores his new found military power.
#"[[Recap/SouthparkS20E10TheEndOfSerializationAsWeKnowIt The End of Serialization As We Know It]]": As TROLLTRACE goes live, Sheila logs on to see Gerald’s on-line activity. At SpaceX, Cartman tries to convince the scientists that going to Mars is a bad idea. And defying their mom, Kyle and Ike get all the kids together to try to save the world from certain destruction..