Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer tries to find their car in the parking garage of a shopping mall in New Jersey. Complicating matters is that George must meet his parents by 6:15 to take them out to celebrate their anniversary, Elaine is afraid that her newly bought goldfish will die before they get home and Jerry badly needs to use the bathroom.

* BottleEpisode
* {{Corpsing}}: Jason Alexander can been seen trying his hardest not to laugh at the end of the episode when the car doesn't start.
* CreatorCameo: Writer Larry Charles makes a cameo as one of the persons that Elaine ask for a ride from.
* HurricaneOfExcuses: Jerry gives several excuses for why he peed in the parking garage, including that he has uromysitisis and that he actually poured out a bottle of water.
* NeverLiveItDown: According to Jerry, his mother still warns him to hold onto his jacket when he takes rides (even on planes) because he once lost a jacket on a bus when he was 14.
* ParkingGarage