This is the ''Recap'' page for ''{{Webcomic/Roommates}}'' and is quite '''spoilerific''' as it collects the arc specific tropes. You might also be interested in the [[{{Characters/Roommates}} character sheets]] for all the LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters.


!!Roommates Proper:

[[folder: Pages 1-7\\
Moving in and PotC Spoilers]]
!Moving in mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ Roommates]], [[ 2 - Nightcap]], [[ 3 - Neighbors]], [[ 4 - Meetings]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth.\\
'''New Characters:''' James, Javert.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Fruit Basket, Jareth causing mischief, Erik hurting Jareth, Lampshading {{Fanservice}}.\\
'''Summary:''' The first OddCouple moves in and the new one is introduced. Also the birth of the '''Dreaded Fruit Basket Gag''.

!Pirates Of The Caribbean Spoilers mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 5 - PotC2 Spoilers]], [[ 6 - River]], [[ 7 - PotC 3 Spoilers]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Drunk Antics, Javert being unsympathetic, UsefulNotes/MediaClassifications.\\
'''Summary:''' The second and third {{Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean}} movie and its effects on James. (Beginning of James' alcohol problem, and his friendship with Jareth. Also the first appearance of the UsefulNotes/MediaClassifications jokes.)

* DrowningMySorrows: [[TheAlcoholic Norrington]] gets OffTheWagon [[spoiler:because of his [[ second movie]].]]
* ImTakingHerHomeWithMe: Played with, as [[ this]] isn't because of CutenessOverload more like TheWoobie effect (except if [[Film/{{Labyrinth}} Jareth]] has some screwed up sense of cute... which is an option). For those who don't want to check out the page: [[spoiler:He took TheDrunkenSailor / OffTheWagon [[Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean James]] home with him and it's the beginning of a beautiful [[AdoptTheDog friendship]]. I kid you not! These two are like brothers... or at least step-brothers... Still tried to kill each other, like true family.]]
* SinkOrSwimMentor: Doesn't want to be but Javert's method of helping involves [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal something suspiciously similar]]... and also intending to literally throw James into a river. (It would work wonders againt the smell at least.)

[[folder: Pages 8-15\\
100 Years War and Gags]]
!100 Years War mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 8 - 100 Years War]], [[ 9 - Silly Boys]], [[ 10 - Croissant]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''New Characters:''' Christine, Sarah.\\
'''Running Gags:''' National Animosities, Girls being sane/scary, ThisMeansWar.\\
'''Summary:''' Well, the main cast reenacts the 100 years of war in small and silly. The girls are introduced. The ''Boys are silly'' / ''Girls are scary'' {{Catch Phrase}}s are born.

* ArmorPiercingQuestion: What are you fighting about?
* CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkeys: When you have a fight between Erik and Javert (French) and Commander Norrington and Jareth (British and... Um... "British"), this insult is obviously going to be used. Sometimes it's even used under the most ''[[SeriousBusiness ridiculous]]'' of circumstances- like in [[ this]] mini arc. See also SillyReasonForWar.
* SillyReasonForWar: This arc ([[DownplayedTrope lasted 2 pages and involved the main cast]]) was caused by a disagreement over the name of a pastry product and was made worse by CulturalPosturing. See also CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkeys in main.
* ThisMeansWar: In a [[DownPlayedTrope not too serious manner]]: [[ Jareth to Erik]]

!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Fruit Basket.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Fruit Basket, Erik hurting Jareth, Vanity (Jareth's), Jareth causing mischief, Lampshading {{Fanservice}}.\\
'''Summary:''' Well, these are standalone gags. But we get some new characters ans situational comedy.

'''[[ 11 - Redemption]]'''

* RedemptionEqualsDeath: James, in a lampshade-tastic [[ conversation]] about the trope itself.

'''[[ 12 - Movie Night]]'''

* TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: Mentioned as Jareth's cause of defeat [[ when the boys watch Labyrinth together]].
-->'''Javert''': You were monologued to death?

'''[[ 13 - Flush]]'''

* BaitAndSwitch: It was a really horrifying experience... [[spoiler:noticing that someone is thiner than him.]]
* FlushingToiletScreamingShower: Jareth pulled this prank on Erik. An inevitable death threat and a wounded ego followed.
* ModestyTowel: Erik.

'''[[ 14 - Celestial...]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' Crowley, Aziraphale.

'''[[ 15 - Tall]]'''

* ActorAllusion: [[invoked]][[spoiler:This is why Jareth is the shortest.]]

[[folder: Pages 16-22\\
Gavroche and One X to rule]]
!Gavroche mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 16 - Gavroche]], [[ 17 - Hospital]], [[ 18 - Put It Back]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Aziraphale, Crowley, Fruit Basket.\\
'''New Characters:''' Gavroche, The Artful Dodger.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Fruit Basket, Javert's stress level, Lampshading {{Fanservice}}.\\
'''Summary:''' A crimewave reached the building causing severe deja vu and more.

* UnexplainedRecovery: "Apparently, he got better." to quote Gavroche ([[ here]] about Javert, he was at the hospital last page).

!One X to rule them all arc
'''Pages''' [[ 19 - Sweet]], [[ 20 - Infestation]], [[ 21 - Bad Signs]], [[ 22 - Girls Rock]], [[ 22b - Epilogue]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Sarah, Christine.\\
'''New Characters:''' Frodo, Ringwraiths.\\
'''Running Gags:''' CutenessProximity, Girls being scary.\\
'''Summary:''' Frodo and his pursuers found the 'verse. Time to show badass... or not.

* BacktoBackBadasses: James and Javert vs. the Ringwraiths.
* CutenessOverload: Every male character got KO-d by [[TheLordOfTheRings Frodo]]'s illegal amount of cute... the girls seemed immune, though.
* HopeSpot: Erik&jareth's attempted "BigDamnHeroes" move against the Ringwraiths, [[spoiler:just before winning Jareth runs out of magic and transforms into an owl]].
* TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: The MONOLOGUE appearently [[ works]] on [[TheLordOfTheRings Ringwraiths]].

[[folder: Pages 23-30\\
Karaoke, a gag and Copies]]
!Karaoke arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 23 - Felicitations]], [[ 24 - Bloom]], [[ 25 - Nightmare]], [[ 26 - Karaoke Pt 1]], [[ 27 - Karaoke Pt 2]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Crowley.\\
'''New Characters:''' Legolas.\\
'''Running Gags:''' ActorAllusion, Drunk antics, Jareth causing mischief.\\
'''Summary:''' Legolas moves in and to ''celebrate'' this the characters decide to drink way to much and put the karaoke machine on random... HilarityEnsues.

* ActorAllusion: The in-universe [[ reason]] why Norrington can't stand Legolas.
* ComicalOverreacting: Their dread, when Legolas brought wine as welcoming gift (helped that [[TheAlcoholic James]] answered the door) with added SlowNo for effect.
* MySignificanceSenseIsTingling: Christine ([[ComicalOverreacting outright quoting]] Franchise/StarWars) when Erik sings "I feel so pretty".
* NotProven: Jareth lampshades this on the second karaoke page.
* RebusBubble: [[Creator/OrlandoBloom Legolas]] = [[Creator/OrlandoBloom Will Turner]] ([[ Here.]])
* SlowNo: Invoked and [[MundaneMadeAwesome Parodied]] [[ here]].
* SneezeCut: Sarah when Jareth sings "[[Music/BritneySpears Hit me baby one more time]]" ([[WordOfSaintPaul Word of Pika]] that they have a PsychicLink).

!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.

'''[[ 28 - Boring]]'''

* DropInCharacter: Lampshaded. Why don't you go home? I know, you have an apartment.
* [[spoiler:InTheDoldrums: James' and Javert's [[DownplayedTrope apartment]] seems to be concentrated boredom in a closed space (they literally have more paperwork than furniture) and it's the fault of the residents.]]

!Copies mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ Roommates: Pre-Halloween]], [[ 29 - Copies]], [[ 30 - Copy Machine]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''New Characters:''' Leonidas, Steve, Dracula, Nicola Tesla, André Marek, Michael Colefield, Pearse Harman, Georges Seurat.\\
'''Running Gags:''' ActorAllusion, Jareth causing mischief [[spoiler:or his ''copy'' at least]].\\
'''Summary:''' Attack of the dopelgangers. Or at least characters played by Creator/PhilipQuast, Music/DavidBowie, Creator/JackDavenport and Creator/GerardButler.

* ActorAllusion: [[invoked]]The entire arc.

[[folder:Pages 31-42\\
Kids, gags and the Wash]]
!Kids arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 31 - Poof]], [[ 32 - Shorter]], [[ 33 - Wardrobe]], [[ 34 - Quick Fix]], [[ 35 - Babysitting]], [[ 36 - Grand Day Out]], [[ 37 - Swipe]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik (Kid!Erik), Jareth, James (Kid!James), Javert (Kid!Javert), Christine.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Jareth causing mischief, Girls being scary, Erik hurting Jareth.\\
'''Summary:''' Standard hazards of living with a FairFolk is the random magic... which gives us a small glimpse what kind of children the cast members were.

* ContinuityNod: They debate if the glowing orb explodes like the ones in the ''One X ... arc''.
* FountainOfYouth: CrystalBall of youth. And the magic only lasts for thirteen hours.
* PetTheDog: Jareth in [[ this]][[note]]Yes, that is, in fact, Erik[[/note]] comic.
* SchmuckBait: It kicks off the arc against all of [[ProperlyParanoid Erik]]'s [[DontTouchItYouIdiot efforts]]. "[[WhatDoesThisButtonDo What does this]] [[PowerGlows glowing]] [[CrystalBall orb]] [[WhatDoesThisButtonDo do?]]"

!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''Running Gags:''' James awkwardly meeting his ex, Javert's BizarreTasteInFood, Legolas being freaked out by Todd, Erik's glitterphobia, Uninvited poofing.\\
'''Summary:''' Two new characters are introduced.

'''[[ Roommates 38 - Todd]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' Todd

* SecurityCling: Legolas did the leaping into another person's[[note]](James', even if he is also terrified of him)[[/note]] arms variety. [[spoiler: When he first met Sweeney.]]

'''[[ Roommates 39 - Awkward]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' Elizabeth

'''[[ Roommates 40 - Glittered]]'''

!The Wash mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 41 - Shirts]], [[ 42 - Pink]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert (Kid!Javert), Christine.\\
'''Running Gags:''' [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]], Erik's reactions to women, Lampshading {{Fanservice}}.\\
'''Summary:''' Well, Jareth does the wash. Also Erik's [[NoseBleed reaction]] to female underwear is established.

[[folder:Pages 43-56\\
The First Vacation]]
!First Vacation arc (2008 Summer arc)
Also known by the name go its parts ''{{Road Trip|Plot}} arc'' (Pages 43-45), ''[[OffToSeeTheWizard Oz]] arc'' (Pages 46-50), and ''{{Beach|Episode}} arc'' (Pages 51-56).\\
'''Pages:''' [[ 43 - Automobile]], [[ 44 - Roadtripping]], [[ 45 - Barometer]]; [[ 46 - Armed]], [[ 47 - Dorothy?]], [[ 48 - Wizard]], [[ 49 - Tithe]], [[ 50 - Boundaries]]; [[ 51 - Beach]], [[ 52 - Bathing Suit]], [[ 53 - More Awkward]], [[ 54 - Up and Down]], [[ 55 - POV]], [[ 56 - 7 of 9]], [[ Photo Souvenir - Beach Trip]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Christine, Sarah, Elizabeth, Aziraphale, Crowley, Todd.\\
'''New Characters:''' The Wizard, the Muchkins, the Gatekeeper of the Emerald City, Mrs. Lovett\\
'''Running Gags:''' InstantCosplaySurprise, Jareth causing mischief, James awkwardly meeting his ex, Erik's reactions to women, AxCrazy killers [[CommonalityConnection getting along]].\\
'''Summary:''' Jareth organizes a vacation (and blackmails the main cast into participating). It ends up having a short cut through Oz.

* [[BacktoBackBadasses Back to Back]] ''[[BacktoBackBadasses to Back]]'' [[BacktoBackBadasses Badasses]]: when [[spoiler: they find themselves in Oz]].
* BeachEpisode: The last third.
* LoomingSilhouetteOfRage: A textbook [[ example]].
* MagiBabble: At the end of the ''[[OffToSeeTheWizard Oz arc]]'' part Jareth pulls a "[[LightNovel/{{Slayers}} Little Jareth's Magic Lecture]]" stunt to explain some rules of his magic (boiled down to "I can't teleport between magic and non-magic places without someone saying the [[WordsCanBreakMyBones right words]], sorry."[[note]]Which is only partially true at best, as he ''can'' teleport / has a portal / or something in that effect between the Labyrinth and the Building. This implies that the [[{{WMG/Roommates}} WMG]] about his mystical domain being bigger than his MagicalLand might be true. Or that he might did some serious {{Rules Lawyer}}ing somewhere.[[/note]]) just to prove that he didn't subject the cast to the whole thing [[ItAmusedMe for his own amusement]].
* NoodleIncident: Erik's TeleportationSickness.
* NotInKansasAnymore: Jareth said it after they apparently took the WrongTurnAtAlbuquerque and he sung almost every song from ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'', the others were not amused. For playing with bonus points he managed to do this ''before'' the random tornado hit.
* OffToSeeTheWizard: After the RoadTripPlot part ends.
-->'''Jareth''': Well, come along, Dorothy. We're OffToSeeTheWizard and all that jazz.
* PersonalRaincloud: James [[ here]].
* RoadTripPlot: Seems to be this [[SubvertedTrope initially]] [[spoiler: then after 3 pages the Tornado of fate hits and they are OffToSeeTheWizard]].
* SinglePaletteTown: The Emerald City as [[CaptainObvious observed]] by James.

[[folder:Pages 57-70\\
Blind Date and University Life]]
!Blind Date arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 57- Personals]], [[ 58 - Blind Date Pt1]], [[ 59 - Blind Date Pt 2]], [[ 60 - Rebound]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''New Characters:''' Elphaba, Kira, random Lady of the Night, Cain and Glitch, Captain Jack Harkness, Éponine.\\
'''Running Gags:''' ActorAllusion, [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]], Javert is unsympathetic, Javert's stress level, James being CovertPervert, Eponine [[TheGlomp pouncing]] her boyfriend.\\
'''Summary:''' The repeated meeting with Elizabeth takes a toll on poor James and Jareth (and Erik) thinks that the only non-sympathetic character (Javert) needs a girlfriend, boyfriend. It ends with [[spoiler:James hooking up with Éponine for the great annoyance of Javert]].

* DrowningMySorrows: [[TheAlcoholic Norrington]] gets OffTheWagon [[spoiler:because of the meeting with his [[ failed relationship]].]]
* BlindDate: Obviously. The others figured Javert needs a girlfriend... or boyfriend (Jareth is an [[EthicalSlut equal opportunity kinda guy]]).
* YouNeedToGetLaid: [[CovertPervert James']] solution.

!University Life arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 61 - Lundi]], [[ 62 - Stampede]], [[ 63 - Auditing]], [[ 64 - Allure]], [[ 65 - Daily Grind]], [[ 66 - Unemployed]], [[ 67 - Staff Lounge]], [[ 68 - Rule Number 1]], [[ 69 - Attention]], [[ 70 - Moral Compass]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''New Characters:''' Stacy, Prof. Jones, Gandalf, Pippin, Audrey2.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Javert's stress level, Uninvited poofing, James' [[UnknownRival unknown rivalry]], Girls being scary, Eponine [[TheGlomp pouncing]] her boyfriend.\\
'''Summary:''' This arc answers the question what the main cast does for a living. 3/4th of them work at the [[ExtranormalInstitute St. Jude University]]. Most of the actual story focuses on James and his ''rivalry'' with Dr. Jones and his (futile) attempts to keep his students from skipping class.

* DespairEventHorizon: You know a character (here James) reached it if he declares that Jareth is his only hope and seriously takes ''his'' [[AdviceBackfire advice]]. Lampshaded by Jareth himself.
* DrillSergeantNasty: Javert's advised teaching method seems to be much like this. ... There is a reason why he [[DrillSergeantNasty doesn't]] [[SinkOrSwimMentor teach]].
* HarshWordImpact: Not so harsh word impact. Even absolute trust and good faith can hit you [[ hard]].
* LateForSchool: 3 out of 4 main cast members, and they are the ''teachers''. Apparently the alarm clock died, but Jareth swears it wasn't him.
* NecktieLeash: [[spoiler: Eponine]] to James [[ here]].
* EducationThroughPyrotechnics: Gandalf's suggestion.
* PaintedOnPants: Jareth's best advice to James on how to catch [[FemaleGaze attention]], it [[AdviceBackfire has]] [[CensorBox unexpected]] [[TheGlomp results]].
* RuleNumberOne: Erik's is "''Always'' make an [[BigEntrance entrance]]!" [[ apparently]].
* SuperWindowJump: Erik's BigEntrance plan for James' question about how to get attention involved this.

'''Pages:''' [[ Roommates: Mystery Pg 1]], [[ 2]], [[ 3]], [[ 4]], [[ 5]], [[ 6]], [[ 7]], [[ 8]], [[ 9]], [[ 10]], [[ 11]], [[ 12]], [[ 13]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Sarah, Christine, Aziraphale, Crowley, Todd.\\
'''New Characters:''' Sir Dydimus, DEATH, Avenue Q performer + Kate Monster.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Being dead in canon.\\
'''Summary:''' The residents of the building hold a big Halloween party, then murder!

* [[spoiler:TheDogWasTheMastermind: Javert ultimately failed his investigation because wasn't GenreSavvy enough to considering the {{Muppet}} as a possible suspect. Everybody who saw {{Film/Labyrinth}} should know better.]]
* EveryoneIsASuspect: Well, it ''is'' a "murder" mystery.
* FairPlayWhodunnit: More or less, the only advantage the detective [[spoiler:Javert]] has over the reader is that he sees things in color.
* ForHalloweenIAmGoingAsMyself: [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Death ]]
* [[spoiler:FakingTheDead: Jareth, as he would be the victim.]]
* HalloweenEpisode: Well the 2008 one.
* HiddenInPlainSight: [[spoiler: Jareth disguised himself as Film/MirrorMask for almost the entire evening to keep the culprit from realizing that he wasn't actually dead.]]
* HolyHalo: [[FallenAngel Crowley]] tries to invoke his trope with his costume to prove he couldn't be the culprit [[ here]].
* MasqueradeBall: Halloween party. With almost exclusively ShoutOut costumes.
* TheSummation: [[spoiler:Javert]] delivers one at the end. If he is playing Sherlock Holmes he will damn well do it ''right''.
* ShutUpKiss: Sarah to Jareth [[ here]].

[[folder:Pages 71-88\\
Gags, This Means War and a New Hire]]
!Standalone Gags
'''Chararcers:''' Jareth.

'''[[ 71 - Seasons]]'''

!This Means War arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 72 - Jellicle]]; [[ 81 - Casus Belli]], [[ 82 - Strike One]], [[ 83 - Strike Two]], [[ 84 - You're Out]], [[ 85 - Gifted]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Sarah.\\
'''New Characters:''' Misto.\\
'''Running Gags:''' ThisMeansWar, Jareth causing mischief [[spoiler:and failing against Misto]], CutenessProximity, Girls being scary/sane.\\
'''Summary:''' Sarah finds cute kitty, then makes the others petsit it... Jareth is not amused.

* CutenessOverload: Nobody (except Javert and Jareth) can resist [[{{Cats}} Misto]].
* EtTuBrute: Jareth's reaction to everybody [[CutenessProximity falling for Misto's charm]], he even says it to James literally.
* ImTakingHerHomeWithMe: A perfectly straight example happened on #72, where [[Film/{{Labyrinth}} Sarah]] found [[{{Cats}} Misto]] [[spoiler:... later she gave him away.]]
* ThisMeansWar: In a [[DownPlayedTrope not too serious manner]]: [[ Jareth to Misto]].

!New Hire arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 73 - Signs]], [[ 74 - New Hire]], [[ 75 - Icy Cold]], [[ 76 - Authority]], [[ 77 - Answer]], [[ 78 - Confrontation 1]], [[ 79 - Confrontation 2]], [[ Omake - Yaoi Slash]], [[ 80 - Coping]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''New Characters:''' M. Andre and Firmin, Jean Valjean.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Lampshading {{Fanservice}}, Javert's stress level, Being dead in canon.\\
'''Summary:''' The old superintendents of the building decide to retire (as this is not the Phantomless job of their dreams), the new one forces Javert to face his past.

* {{Anti|Hero}}-{{Heroic BSOD}}:Javert suffers a textbook one (maybe even bordering AngstComa) when he notices that [[spoiler: Valjean moved to the building]].
* BavarianFireDrill: Erik used this tactic (and his voice imitation ability) on Javert in his HeroicBSOD to test that he still responds to the voice of authority.
* BrainBleach: Erik's reaction to seeing [[spoiler:Javert and Valjean kissing.]][[note]]It should be noted that this even only happened in the Omake... So far.[[/note]]
-->'''Erik''': "...can't unsee..." *whimper*
* BreatherEpisode: Inverted. It's a highly dramatic arc set between the setup and actual story of a comedy one (ThisMeansWar)
* FlashbackNightmare: Javert has some about his suicide.
* ModestyTowel: James [[ here]].

!Standalone Gags
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Sarah.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Lampshading {{Fanservice}}, Erik hurting Jareth (not physically this time), Girls being scary, [[TangledFamilyTree The Magic Family Tree]].\\

'''[[ 86 - Lollypop]]'''
* AprilFoolsDay: April 1th special.

'''[[ 87 - Cheryl]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' Cheryl.

'''[[ 88 - Relativity]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' Schmendrick, Lír.

* ChangelingTale: According to the characters Jareth "babysat" Lír once.
* TangledFamilyTree: Jareth's got its first lampshade.

[[folder:Pages 89-113\\
The Repo! cast, Killed for Canon meeting and gags]]
!Enter the Repo! cast arc
(also known as ''Erik gets a new girlfriend'')\\
'''Pages:''' [[ 89 - Archetypes]], [[ 90 - Nuff Said]], [[ 91 - Crush]], [[ 92 - Just Say No]], [[ 93 Mechanical Issues]], [[ 94 - Help Button]], [[ 95 - Wait, What?]], [[ 96 - Blind]], [[ 97 - Duet]], [[ 98 - Duel]], [[ 99 - Denouement]], [[ 100 - Heal]]; [[ 107 - Topple]], [[ 108 - Cavalry]], [[ 109 - Cliffhanger]], [[ 110 - Revealing]], [[ 111 - Meanwhile...]], [[ 112 - Beneficiary]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''New Characters:''' Nathan, Shilo, Grave-robber, Mag.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Javert being unsympathetic, UsefulNotes/MediaClassifications, ActorAllusion, [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]], Erik's rections to women, AxCrazy killers [[CommonalityConnection getting along]], People fainting and Javert carrying them.\\
'''Summary:''' Nathan and Shilo move in, get some visitors from their original story. Also Erik falls in love and in great trouble.

* BaitAndSwitch: [[spoiler:Where did that blood came from? Did he kill someone?]]
* BlindAndTheBeast: Subverted. [[spoiler: Erik]] starts dating Blind Mag after they get stuck in the elevator for a bit. She's touched his face and knows what's there, but points out that her story has worse in it.
* CommonalityConnection: Todd and Nathan. AxCrazy? Check. KnifeNut? Check. Medical Background? Check. Family issues? Check. PERFECT!
* DrugsAreBad: #92 Just Say No!
* DuetBonding: Erik and Mag through singing [[ here]].
* EasilyOverheardConversation: Erik the girl's about Mag. Christine Erik's and Jareth's about Mag again.
* EmbarrassingOldPhoto: Todd and Nathan have baby pictures of their daughters.
* FillerStrip: ''#111 Meanwhile...'' Azi [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall leans on the fourth wall]].
* FriendsWithBenefits: [[spoiler: Erik and Mag]] end up with such an agreement. A subversion because he doesn't even know the expression. Cue: FacePalm in 3... 2... 1... [[ *SMACK*]]
* LockedInARoom: Erik and Mag stuck in the elevator.
* TheMissusAndTheEx: Erik's [[ here]] [[ here]]. Went slightly melancholic.
* MoodWhiplash: The reveal about Erik's bloody clothes and fainting [[spoiler:({{Nosebleed}})]].
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Seemed to be subverted when James even lampshaded the OOC -ness of Jareth [[ here]] but nothing seemed to change. [[spoiler:See the ''[[{{Fridge/Roommates}} Fridge Logic]]'' entry for details as it's a DoubleSubversion with ChekhovsGun qualities.]]
** Also generally if Jareth loses his cool, carefree and generally silly attitude or drops an [[PrecisionFStrike F-bomb]], or Crowley or Azira or even the Erlkönig look concerned, those are pretty sure signs that [[OhCrap shit is getting real]].
* TemptingFate: Two times. Shilo we can understand, but Erik should known better.
--> [[ Page 89 - Archetypes]] - '''Shilo''': "Still, it's not like we're going to find any psycho killers or wicked manipulators in [[UnsafeHaven this place]]..." Next panel [[MurderIsTheBestSolution Erik]] and [[ManipulativeBastard Jareth]]
--> [[ Page 96 - Blind]] - '''Erik''': (Talking about [[spoiler: his relationship with Mag]]) "I doubt Christine will even notice." Guess who stands just around the corner.

!Killed for Canon meeting arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 101 - Peer Pressure]], [[ 102 - Boy Player]], [[ 103 - Moderator]], [[ 104 - Life Support]], [[ 105 - Congratulation]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''New Characters:''' Angel, Captain America, Death, Boromir, Spike, Dustfinger, Snape, Mr. Teatime, Mercutio, Hoban "Wash" Washburne.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Javert being unsympathetic, [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]], Erik's rections to "women", Being dead in canon.\\
'''Summary:''' Jareth shows his manipulative side by using peer pressure to make Erik visit the support group meeting. Which might or might not do any good.

* BreatherEpisode: It is (even if the humor is a bit {{black|Comedy}}). Easing up the drama about Erik's new relationship in the ''Enter the Repo! cast arc''.
* HopeSpot: A small and silly one for Erik after he survived the support group meeting and before he got home... unfortunately Jareth isn't good at being nice even when he wants to.
* TropaholicsAnonymous: Well, The "Killed for Canon" meeting.
* WaxingLyrical: All text on [[ this]] is a lyric from Theatre/{{RENT}}.

!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''' James; Jareth, Erik, Misto.

'''[[ 106 - Third Tier]]'''\\
'''New Character:''' Sherlock Holmes.

* SupernaturalAngst: James contemplates the TheoryOfNarrativeCausality and his own luck, to conclude that he doesn't have a chance.

'''[[ 113 - Too Easy]]'''

* EveryoneHasStandards: Even tricksters, this [[VisualPun joke setup]] is way too easy.

[[folder: Pages 114-129\\
The Second Vacation, gags and Morgan's visit]]
!Second Vacation arc (2010 Summer arc)
'''Pages''' [[ 114 - Prelude]], [[ 115 - Uh-Oh]], [[ 116 - Party Hats]], [[ 117 - Butterfly]], [[ 118 - Landlocked]], [[ 119 - Battle Plan]], [[ 120 - Drift]], [[ 121 - Eagle Eye]], [[ 122 - Call Center]], [[ 123 - Godot]], [[ 124 - Homeward]], [[ 125 - ForeSHADOW]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Legolas, Elizabeth, Christine, Sarah, Sherlock Holmes, Mrs.Lovett, Todd, Crowley, Aziraphale.\\
'''New Characters:''' Dr. Watson, The CelestialBureaucracy, [[spoiler:Erlkönig, Jadis]].\\
'''Running Gags:''' Jareth causing mischief, Javert's stress level, James awkwardly meeting his ex, Uninvited poofing, [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]], InstantCosplaySurprise, Being dead in canon.\\
'''Summary:''' Jareth organizes the second vacation against everybody's wishes... and he learned from the last and commits very new mistakes (This arc sets up the [[spoiler:Dark!Jareth arc]] by foreshadowing Jareth's family and the whole thing possibly backfiring).

* BacktoBackBadasses: The imagery is invoked [[ here]], though Crowley and Az are dealing with a flood of information rather than physical opponents.
* BeachEpisode: Mixed with RoadTripPlot.
* HolographicTerminal: HeavenAndHell have this type of [[SchizoTech tech]], Crowley's terminal even seems to operate by AugmentedReality.
* KudzuPlot
* {{Nice Job Breaking It|Hero}}, HeroWithAnFInGood: Jareth organized a dream vacation for his friends [[spoiler:and with this he unwittingly created the BigBad of the ''Dark!Jareth arc'']].
* RoadTripPlot: This arc plays this trope pretty straight it's a tubing trip down the river [[spoiler: [[VanishingVillage that was established not to be there before or after]] and [[AlienGeometries flows down at the edge of the map]]]].
* VanishingVillage: Vanishing River. It was established that the biggest body of water around the building is a duck pond... then [[SpaceMaster Jareth]] organized the tubing trip.

!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Jareth causing mischief, Drunk Antics.

'''[[ 126 - Rule 34]]'''
* EmbarrassingOldPhoto: Jareth has embarrassing photos of everybody (and even of events that never(?) happened).
* RulesOfTheInternet: Jareth misuses RuleThirtyFour. It's clearly RuleSixtyThree! Or is it? Oh! And he has [[Memes/OtherInternet pics]]!

'''[[ 127 - Humidity]]'''

!Morgan's visit mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 128 - Switch Hit]], [[ 129 - Mashup]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''New Characters:''' Morgan.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Girls being scary, Javert's stress level, [[TangledFamilyTree The Magic Family Tree]].\\
'''Summary:''' Morgan comes to visit her son, the TangledFamilyTree gets some more lampshades. We also see what can happen to {{Composite Character}}s over time.

* RealityWarpingIsNotAToy: Poor Morgan too many writers, authors and other assorted storytellers messed with her, the result [[ isn't]] [[ pretty]].
* RebusBubble: 1+1 = ><> (The magic family tree confused poor Erik a lot).
* VisitByDivorcedDad: Visit by MissingMom.

[[folder:Pages 130-140\\
Kid!Jareth, a gag and the Erlkönig]]
!Kid!Jareth arc (2010 Halloween arc)
Also known as ''Small {{Time Travel}}ler arc''\\
'''Pages:''' [[ 130 - Falling]], [[ 131 - Flying]], [[ 132 - Faerie Tale]], [[ 133 - Forsaken]]\\
'''Characters:''' Jareth (Kid!Jareth), Sarah.\\
'''New Characters:''' Jadis, Jareth's sister [[spoiler:or the Erlking's daughter, Erlkönig]].\\
'''Running Gags:''' [[TangledFamilyTree The Magic Family Tree]].\\
'''Summary:''' Sarah meets a very lonely magical child (from the past), is kind to him and he gives her his word. (We get a setup for ''{{Film/Labyrinth}}''.)

* AlliterativeTitle: More like Alliterative Subtitles actually. Falling, Flying, Faery Tale, Forsaken.
* CallForward: A lot of it. Like his Promise (see in Kid!Jareth's tropes) or the WaxingLyrical example later.
* HalloweenEpisode: The 2010 one.
* MonsterSobStory: [[spoiler:Jareths]].
* TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: In this [[{{TearJerker/Roommates}} heartbreaking]] arc revealed that [[spoiler: Jareth's father got banished by his mother]] with the [[ very SAME monologue]] that later defeated him in ''{{Film/Labyrinth}}''.
* WaxingLyrical: [[spoiler:Kid!Jareth]] [[ here]]. "Daddy?! Daddy, get me out of here!" "Sister, sister, please!" a bit later "It's only forever... It's not long at all..." (Music/DavidBowie - [[Film/{{Labyrinth}} Underground]]). It's also a CallForward.

!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Erik's glitterphobia.

'''[[ 134 - Shiny]]'''

* {{Anti|Hero}}-{{Heroic BSOD}}: Erik after seeing [[spoiler: Film/{{Labyrinth}}]] in HD.
* SecurityCling: Erik after he got out of his glitter caused ''HeroicBSOD''.

!Erlkönig arc (2010 Christmas arc)
'''Pages:''' [[ 135 - Loom]], [[ 136 - Lurk]], [[ 137 - Lee]], [[ 138 - Loss]], [[ 139 - Lethe]], [[ 140 - Legacy]]\\
'''Characters:''' Jareth, Sarah, Javert, James, Erik, Christine, Schmendrick.\\
'''New Characters:''' Toby, the Erlking's daughter, Erlkönig.\\
'''Running Gags:''' [[TangledFamilyTree The Magic Family Tree]].\\
'''Summary:''' Some classical FairFolk stop by and almost steal Toby (again) also try to deliver some [[VaguenessIsComing warning]].

* AlliterativeTitle: More like Alliterative Subtitles actually. Loom, Lurk, Lee, Loss, Lethe, Legacy.
* ChangelingTale: The ''Erlkönig arc''. Subverted. But poor [[spoiler: [[Film/{{Labyrinth}} Toby]]]] is a fae magnet. And this is probably the LEAST endearing way you can reintroduce yourself to your son's story. Way to go [[Literature/{{TheErlKing}} Erlkönig]]!
* CurbStompBattle: [[ Jareth vs. Erlkönig]]
* DealWithTheDevil: [[spoiler:The Erlkönig offered power to Jareth, just the {{Wingdinglish}} made it a bit hard to spot, but was turned down.]]
* HopeSpot: Jareth&Javert's VillainousRescue attempt, seemed like they saved the child just before [[spoiler:the Erlkönig [[CurbStompBattle kicks their asses]]]].
* KudzuPlot: [[spoler:''They'' save the kid... but how and why it happened remained a mystery.]]
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: [[spoiler: Jareth casts it on Toby and Javert to protect them.]] Fails on [[spoiler: Javert]], but at least manages to spare the kid some BadDreams. With this act he effectively declared [[spoiler: his father]] in-universe NightmareFuel:
-->'''Jareth''': [[ You would prefer to let him have nightmares and jump at shadows for the rest of his life?]]
* NotWhatItLooksLike: Between [[spoiler: Jareth and Sarah]]. She made a RelativeError about his sister.
* PassiveAggressiveKombat: The Erlkönig does this, even if the runes make it hard to decypher.
* PrecisionFStrike: It devolves into SymbolSwearing but it's pretty sure that Jareth goes at least "[[OhCrap Oh Shit...]]" [[ here]].[[note]]Appropriate reaction on learning that the little brother of his LoveInterest will probably run into one of his [[ChangelingTale child stealing]] relatives.[[/note]]
* VillainousRescue: Jareth tries [[spoiler: and [[SubvertedTrope fails]]]] this when [[spoiler:Toby runs into the Erlkonig. But he still leaves so this is a DoubleSubversion]].
* VisitByDivorcedDad: This story can be seen as this. He drops by regularly since though (for his son's great dismay).

[[folder:Pages 141-154\\
Limbo fever, the M Word, gags and British Boyfriends]]
!Limbo Fever arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 141 - Rome]], [[ 142 - Conversations]], [[ 143 - Neater]]\\
'''Characters:''' Jareth, Sarah.\\
'''New Characters:''' Mr. Saito, Cobb and his children.\\
'''Running Gags:''' ActorAllusion, [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]].\\
'''Summary:''' Sarah has sleeping problem because of ''{{Film/Inception}}''... Jareth solves it. ''It'' becomes their landlord.

* AllJustADream: As an {{Film/Inception}} crossover not that much of a surprise. Also has some interesting consequences.
* DreamLand: [[Film/{{Inception}} Limbo]].
* {{Nice Job Breaking It|Hero}}, HeroWithAnFInGood: Jareth fixed Sarah's sleeping problem and it became their landlord (ItMakesSenseInContext).

!M word arc - Part 1
This arc connects and frames the ''Dark!Jareth arc''.\\
'''Pages:''' [[ 144 - Letter]], [[ 145 - The M Word]], [[ 146 - Failure]], [[ 147 - Irrefutable]], [[ 148 - OC]], [[ 149 - Favor]]\\
'''Characters:''' Jareth, Erik, James, Javert.\\
'''New Characters:''' Hedwig.\\
'''Running Gags:''' [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]], Being dead in canon, People fainting and Javert carrying them.\\
'''Summary:''' The cast got letters, James from his mother and she wants to come to visit.

* {{Anti|Hero}}-{{Heroic BSOD}}: Later James when he learns that his [[spoiler:mother]] is coming to visit.
* ComicalOverreacting: Their shock and pity, when they found out that James' mother is an OriginalCharacter.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Used by Javert on HeroicBSOD James [[ here]].
* TimeyWimeyBall: Lampshaded [[ here]]. [[TrustMeImAnX Trust Jareth]] (however hard it is), he is a TimeMaster, you don't want to risk this.
* TWordEuphemism: Roommates 145 - The M Word[[note]](Mother)[[/note]]

!Standalone pages
'''Characters:''' Jareth, Erik.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Lampshading {{Fanservice}}, Uninvited poofing, [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]].\\

'''[[ 150 - Story]]'''

* {{Fanservice}}: Well, ShirtlessScene with bondagey imagery. The fangirls {{squee}}.
* SupernaturalAngst: The whole page is actually Jareht [[ContemplateOurNavels contemplating the futility]] of fighting his [[TheoryOfNarrativeCausality story]].

'''[[ 151 - Renovations]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' Ariadne.

'''[[ 152 - Wizard]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' Dresden, Bob.

!British Boyfriends are Better mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 153 - Vegas]], [[ 154 - BBaB]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, James, Javert, Legolas.\\
'''New Characters:''' Satine, Christian, The Green Fairy.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Drunk Antics, Javert's stress level, James being CovertPervert.\\
'''Summary:''' New tenants, way too much absinthe and Javert is not amused.

* ForeignCultureFetish: [[spoiler: Satine, Eponine and (if they can make her) Sarah]] have "anglophile meetings" where they discuss that "[[ British Boyfriends Are Better]]".
* WhatDidIDoLastNight: [[ This page]] has James in a drag waked by the Green Fairy wondering what he did and if he is in UsefulNotes/LasVegas. As for why... the British Boyfriends Are Better club got him.

[[folder:Pages: 155-185\\
Dark!Jareth and M word conclusion]]
!Dark!Jareth arc (2011 Summer arc)
'''Pages:''' [[ 155 - Inopportunte]], [[ 156 - Breaking]], [[ 157 - Doppelganger]], [[ 158 - Trinity]], [[ 159 - Overture]], [[ 160 - Caught]], [[ 161 - Yes Mother]], [[ 162 - Stuck]], [[ 163 - Yoink]], [[ 164 - S.R.P.]], [[ 165 - Rise]], [[ 166 - Fall]], [[ 167 - Inexplicable]], [[ 168 - The F Word]], [[ 167b SLASH INTERLUDE]], [[ 169 - Face to Face]], [[ 170 - Listen]], [[ 171 - Magic Words]], [[ 172 - Villainy]], [[ 173 - Catching Up]], [[ 174 - Generous]], [[ 175 - Sundered]], [[ 176 - Demands]], [[ 177 - No]], [[ 178 - Strive]], [[ 179 - SMACK]], [[ 180 - Status Quo]], [[ 181 - Tomorrow]], [[ 182 - Vows]], [[ 183 - Parent Trap]]\\
'''Characters:''' Jareth (Dark!Jareth), Erik, James, Javert, Sarah, Christine, Aziraphale, Crowley, Erlkönig.\\
'''New Characters:''' Mrs. Norrington, Socks.\\
'''Running Gags:''' National Animosities, Girls being sane/scary.\\
'''Summary:''' Jareth's mirror breaks, his dark side takes over and tries to rerail the stories of the cast. Also James mother finally arrives... and gets along with [[spoiler:Jareth's dad]] way to much.

* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Jareth and Sarah sitting on the edge of the rooftop and Jareth [[{{Geas}} promising in double lined letters]] that he will never let the fall hurt her. [[spoiler:His dark side pushed her down from that very spot some pages before this.]] The guy is good at being sweet ''and'' creepy.
* CallBack: [[spoiler: Dark!]]Jareth to his own idealistic speech on page 100 [[ here]]. [[spoiler:And how he was wrong.]]
* CharacterRerailment: [[InvokedTrope Invoked.]] [[spoiler:Jareth reverted back to his original [[TheFairFolk Goblin King]] characterization]] and was hellbent on undoing all the CharacterDevelopment the others had gone through as well.
* CueTheSun: At the end of the arc James used the rising sun to deliver his RousingSpeech about {{Hope|SpringsEternal}}, the importance of [[EasilyForgiven Forgiveness]] and [[HeelFaceTurn Redemption]] always being a possibility (and this from the guy whose story was RedemptionEqualsDeath) to Jareth.
* DiscriminateAndSwitch: After she and Sarah find [[HoYay Valjean resting an unconscious Javert's head in his lap]], Norrington's mother comments that the two of them seemed "so... you know... the f-word..." She means "[[CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkey French]]," of course.
* EasilyForgiven: Played with at the end of the arc two people forgave easily, two didn't ([[spoiler:Javert]] still holds the grudge in ''Such Stuff...'' a year later).
* ElephantInTheLivingRoom: In the ''Dark!Jareth arc'' the fairly obvious fact of [[spoiler:Jareth]] acting weirdly and his eyes suddenly turning {{monochromatic|Eyes}} ''did'' get questioned by the other cast members but he ignored the topic so efficiently that even the readers forgot it was.
* FakingAmnesia: Averted but referenced [[ here]].
-->'''Sarah''' (to Jareth fresh out of his dark mode): Not going to try and claim amnesia by possession?
-->'''Jareth''': ...No.
* FakingTheDead: Jareth tries to do this [[DeathIsDramatic dramatically]] [[spoiler:It doesn't fool Sarah. [[ "Spoilsport!"]]]]
* ForceFeeding: [[spoiler: Dark!Jareth's CharacterRerailment]] spell comes in the form of a fruit that [[GenreSavvy nobody would eat willingly]]. Oh well. This doesn't stop him.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Sarah smacks [[spoiler: Jareth out of his Dark! mode]] [[ here]].
* IAlwaysWantedToSayThat: [[ Here.]]
-->'''[[Film/{{Labyrinth}} Jareth]]''': How I've longed to say this... [[spoiler: [[ArcWords You have no POWER over me.]]]]
* IKissYourHand: Mr. King Mrs. Norrington's [[ here]]. What can we say, they're both old-fashioned sort of.
* IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight: Used (and referenced!) in [[ this]] strip, while [[spoiler:Valjean]] tries to reason with [[spoiler:a [[BrainwashedAndCrazy brainwashed]] and [[CharacterDevelopment de-character developed]] Javert]].
* IWarnedYou: The Erlkönig appeared to note that "I tried." at the beginning. He really tried to warn [[spoiler:Jareth]] in ''the Erlkönig arc'' but the kid refused to listen (and it went over everybody else's head because of the [[{{wingdinglish}} runes]] and his usual {{cryptic|Conversation}}ness).
* KickTheMoralityPet: [[spoiler: Dark!Jareth]] goes after Jamie and [[MoralityChain Sarah]]. Not that it's a good idea. See VillainousBreakdown.
* LetsFightLikeGentlemen: Dark!Jareth to James [[ here]]. James is too savvy or insecure to think of himself as WorthyOpponent though so it's a subversion.
* LoveConfession: Jareth[[spoiler: 's two sides]] [[ here]].
* MoodWhiplash: This notoriously dark arc ends with the ParentWithNewParamour trope.
* NarniaTime: The time in the Building is just [[MindScrew weird]] in this arc. [[DownplayedTrope At least]] there was a "[[YearInsideHourOutside Hour Inside, Half an Hour Outside]]" joke when Sarah met Mrs. Norrington and it was nighttime at the rooftop when it clearly wasn't even afternoon on the lower levels or outside. And time got back to normal with the next morning.
* ParentTrapPlot: Averted. You would think that a page with the subtitle "[[ Parent Trap]]" would be this... no it's not, it's the ParentWithNewParamour example later.
* ParentWithNewParamour: What can be more awkward than seeing your parent flirt/go out? If (s)he flirts/goes out with your friends parent! [[spoiler: As James and Jareth can attest. This is the page the arc ends on.]]
* RooftopConfrontation: Planned by Dark!Jareth... it didn't go too well.
* TemptingFate:
--> [[ Page 162 - Stuck]] - '''James''': "[[LetsSplitUpGang I'll be right back.]]"
* ThenLetMeBeEvil: After [[spoiler: Dark!Jareth]]'s last attempt to make the heroine see his side of the story fails. To be fair talking in BlueAndOrangeMorality [[PoorCommunicationKills didn't help his cause]][[note]](like suggesting that Sarah's wish to be the [[TheHero heroine]] makes it her fault that a villain is needed)[[/note]]. See also: LoveConfession
* ThisIsWrongOnSoManyLevels: Sarah's version: "[[ There's more wrong with that than I can even start to explain...]]". (She also has SympathyForTheDevil, so Jareth is EasilyForgiven... by her)
* TWordEuphemism: Roommates 168 - The F Word[[note]](French)[[/note]]
* VillainousBreakdown: [[spoiler: Dark!Jareth]] suffers one when he begins to realize that he might have got what "he" (read: [[TheoryOfNarrativeCausality the story]]) [[TheFatalist wanted]] but that wasn't what he [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone needed]]. Namely [[TheBadGuyWins destroy the heroes]] ([[SubvertedTrope or so it seemed]]), but those heroes happened to be his MuggleBestFriend and his LoveInterest.
* VillainOverForDinner: James's initial reaction to his mother seeing [[spoiler: der Erlkönig (after he realized who he is)]]. Later {{Subverted|Trope}} because the CoolOldLady is hard to fool... she willingly [[InterspeciesRomance romances]] (and [[TheGadfly trolls]]) [[TheFairFolk "Cthulhu"]].
* WhamEpisode: [[spoiler: It gave some pretty potent ParanoiaFuel and personal {{drama}} to the until that point mostly harmless [[TheTrickster trickster]]. Also cemented that YouCantFightFate or the TheoryOfNarrativeCausality.]]
* YoureInsane: Used by Javert against [[spoiler: [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Dark!Jareth]] and his MotiveRant on why he's been [[InvokedTrope forcing]] CharacterRerailment on the others]]:
-->'''Javert''':[[spoiler: "Generous?! ''We are tragedies'', you ass! There is nothing generous in making us repeat the same mistakes that cost us everything the first time!"]]

!M word arc - Part 2
'''Pages:''' [[ 184 - Challenge]], [[ 185 - Accepted]]\\
'''Characters:''' James, Mrs. Norrington.\\
'''Running Gags:''' National Animosities, Girls being sane/scary, Being dead in canon.\\
'''Summary:''' James comes finally clean and has a talk with his mother. Turns out most of it wasn't needed.

* PunBasedTitle: Meme based but you get the idea: (pages 184-185) Challenge-Accepted.

[[folder:Pages 186-207\\
!Zombies arc (2011 Halloween arc)
'''Pages:''' [[ 186 - Options]], [[ 187 - Reflexes]], [[ 188 - Checked]], [[ 189 - Phone Box]], [[ Roommates 190 - Arrivals]], [[ 191 - Passing Thru]], [[ 192 - AoE]], [[ 193 - Sacrifice]], [[ 194 - Americana]], [[ 195 - Depth]], [[ 196 - Power Play]], [[ 197 - Threat]], [[ 198 - Time Out]], [[ 199 - Hero]], [[ 200 - Participation]], [[ 201 - Doom]], [[ 202 - CHAINSAW]], [[ 203 - Later]], [[ 204 - Sonic]], [[ 205 - Force]], [[ 206 - Return]], [[ 207 - Immutable]]\\
'''Characters:''' James, Jareth, Javert, Erik, Valjean, Aziraphale, Crowley, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Dresden, Bob, Todd, Nathan, Mr. Saito, Cobb and his children, Satine, Christian, Sarah, Christine, Legolas.\\
'''New Characters:''' Dr. House, The Tenth Doctor, Ash, Tallahasse, Zombies.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Javert being unsympathetic, UsefulNotes/MediaClassifications, National Animosities, Uninvited poofing, [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]], AxCrazy killers [[CommonalityConnection getting along]], Being dead in canon.\\
'''Summary:''' The residents and new additions team up to avert a zombie apocalypse... not that it's easy.

* BacktoBackBadasses: [[ Zombies!]]
* CasualDangerDialog: [[ James and House]] in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
* CreepyPhysical: As James can tell you "The Still Dead Check"[[note]](Normally it involves checking the patient's pulse and asking "Are you still dead in canon?")[[/note]] can turn into a quite an embarrassing experience if you get [[DrJerk House]]. Not that the other option (the [[NotThatKindOfDoctor Tenth Doctor]]) sounded much better.
* CurbStompBattle: [[ Cast vs. Zombies]] [[spoiler: After they stopped fighting each other at least.]]
* DontTryThisAtHome: [[ Here]] in the artist comment about gun safety or the lack of thereof. Also [[ here]] about some fighting moves involving a chainsaw.
* EuropeansAreKinky: At least Tallahassee thinks so. [[ Here]].
* EverythingsDeaderWithZombies: This arc, which to date seems like was just thrown in (more probably it's there to [[KudzuPlot add more plot threads]]).
* HalloweenEpisode: The 2011 one.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[ James]]. [[spoiler: Good thing he is already (canonically) dead.]]
* ImStandingRightHere: Well sitting, but you get the idea. [[ James here]].
* KudzuPlot: The invasion was stopped but nothing else was resolved.
* MexicanStandoff: "[[ So, why are we all lined up?]]"
* MundaneUtility: The stupidest use of a Sonic Screwdriver ever.
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: "The Doctors' (and Norrington's) Wacky Adventures through BBC" (Seems like the TARDIS for [[ActorAllusion some reason]] brought them to all the shows Creator/HughLaurie was in.)
** Also the cast's big fight with the zombies.
* OrphanedPunchline: First panel of [[ this]] page.
--> '''Legolas''': And I said being blond has nothing to do with it!
* PlotArmor: [[ James has it!]]
* PrecisionFStrike: Crowley's way to tell people that they should hurry ("Get the F- in!") [[ here]].
* PunBasedTitle: (pages 187-188) Reflexes-Checked.
* SnicketWarningLabel: The [[ penultimate strip]] of it notes that those who want it to have an unequivocally happy ending should "cue credits here." The [[ ending]] is a [[MoodWhiplash rapid switch]] from humorous to [[{{TearJerker/Roommates}} heartbreaking]]. (Warning for Film/{{Zombieland}} spoilers!)
* SpeedEchoes: Legolas can climb trees [[ FAST]]!
* WeAreStrugglingTogether: The team-up with the zombie hunters is everything but smooth.
* ZombieApocalypse: Looks like one...

[[folder:Pages 208-221\\
Gags and Magic cold]]
!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''' Erik, Javert, Jareth; Éponine, Mrs. Norrington.\\
'''Running Gags:''' National Animosities, Girls being sane/scary, Javert's stress level, ActorAllusion, Being dead in canon.

'''[[ 208 - La Seine]]'''

'''[[ 209 - Younger]]'''

* ActorAllusion: Why Erik gets [[ younger]] and younger in-universe.

'''[[ 210 - The Candle Talk]]'''

* IfYouEverDoAnythingToHurtHer: Female-to-female example, delivered by [[MamaBear Mrs. Norrington]] to [[spoiler: Eponine]]. Ends with a really awesome warning:
--> '''Mrs. Norrington''': ...And if you break his heart, [[BurnTheWitch Joan of Arc will look like a child's birthday candle compared to what I do to you]]. Understand?

'''[[ 212 - Lieutenants]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' Groves, Gilette, Jack Sparrow.

* {{Pirate}}: James was a pirate for a short time. His past came to visit, see the random chibi Jack Sparrow in the last panel?

!Jareth's Cold arc
Pages [[ 211 - Bundled]]; [[ 213 - Sneeze]], [[ 214 - Swap]], [[ 215 - Snarl]], [[ 216 - Shoot Me]], [[ 217 - Sit]], [[ 218 - Self Insert]], [[ 219 - Short Sighted]]
'''Characters:''' James, Jareth, Javert, Erik, Todd, Sarah, Legolas, Misto.\\
'''New Characters:''' [[AuthorAvatar AsheRhyder]].\\
'''Running Gags:''' Erik hurting Jareth, Javert being unsympathetic, Girls being sane/scary, Jareth causing mischief, Legolas being freaked out by Todd, Erik's glitterphobia.\\
'''Summary:''' Jareth goes to visit his mother and comes back with a magical cold.

* AttractiveBentGender: As Sarah called Jareth out about it:
-->'''Sarah''': [[ Right. Do you want to try explaining why they're all built like super-models, on top of being girls?...]]
* CatchYourDeathOfCold: Jareth tried very hard to avert this trope (even if from his reaction he was never sick in his life) when he went to visit his mother for the Holidays. Warm clothing and everything. Unfortunately his mother is AnIcePerson and an EvilMatriarch so he ended up with a [[MalfunctionMalady magical cold]] that also had PowerIncontinence as a symptom.
* CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon: According to her son Jadis threatens him with "I'll bury you in snow until May" if he doesn't visit her for Christmas, being AnIcePerson she is probably [[NotHyperbole literal]].
* IfIDoNotReturn: Jareth [[ in #211]], when he goes to visit his mother.
* InconvenientSummons: Ashe('s AuthorAvatar) got summoned while eating a ([[WordOfGod Word of Ashe]]: Turkey and Swiss) sandwich. [[AmbiguousGender (S)he]] and the whole fandom will insist that this little adventure happened too.
* NotWhatItLooksLike: [[spoiler: Jareth and Sarah]] again. [[spoiler:James]] [[GenderBender got turned into a woman]] [[PowerIncontinence accidentally]]... and a [[AttractiveBentGender disturbingly pretty one]] to boot.
* PowerIncontinence: So when Jareth has a [[CatchYourDeathOfCold cold]] [[UnpredictableResults interesting things]] can happen. Like:
** [[spoiler: FreakyFridayFlip]]
** [[spoiler: LittleBitBeastly]]
** [[spoiler: GenderBender]]
** [[spoiler: AuthorAvatar]] - [[AscendedFanon Because the readers demanded it]] and with this the last bricks of the FourthWall are also [[NoFourthWall gone]]. [[ Here]].
** [[spoiler: MistakenIdentity]] - Not a direct result of all the magic running wild but [[spoiler: Sweeney mistakes female!Legolas for his daughter. HilarityEnsues.]]
* SickEpisode: Yep. And who knew that Jareth makes a ridiculously cute IllBoy... and that [[CatchYourDeathOfCold colds]] can be this [[PowerIncontinence dangerous]].

!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''' Talahassee, Toby, Sarah, Christine, James; Mrs. Norrington, Erlkönig.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Girls being sane/scary, [[TangledFamilyTree The Magic Family Tree]].

'''[[ 220 - Hunch]]'''

'''[[ 221 - Advice]]'''\\
'''New Character:''' The Queen of the Night.

* NotSoDifferent: The Erlkönig and the Queen of the Night. "Pot calling the kettle black" joke about the [[PassiveAggressiveKombat mutual]] [[EvilGloating gloating]] included.
* YourMom: And you would think [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld ancient]] and powerful supernatural beings are classier than this, but no. The Erlkönig used the version about ''daughters'' against the Queen Of The Night as part of their PassiveAggressiveCombat, we can't even blame the guy, as the other basically accused him in flowery language of, well, [[MistakenForPedophile liking little boys]][[note]]Which is FridgeBrilliance, as this is one of the modern {{Alternate Character Interpretation}}s making this insult seem to go against all such criticism.[[/note]].


[[folder:Pages 222-263; Such Stuff... 1-42\\
Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on]]
!Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on (2012 Summer arc)
'''Pages:''' [[ Extra Such Stuff Countdown 3...]], [[ 2...]],[[ 1...]], [[ Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On - 0 - Cover]], [[ 1]], [[ 2]], [[ 3]], [[ 4]], [[ 5]], [[ 6]], [[ 7]], [[ 8]], [[ 9]], [[ 10]], [[ 11]], [[ 12]], [[ 13]], [[ 14]], [[ 15]], [[ 16]], [[ 17]], [[ 18]], [[ 19]], [[ 20]], [[ 21]], [[ 22]], [[ 23]], [[ 24]], [[ 25]], [[ 26]], [[ 27]], [[ 28]], [[ 29]], [[ 30]], [[ 31]], [[ 32]], [[ 33]], [[ 34]], [[ 35]], [[ 36]], [[ 37]], [[ 38]], [[ 39]], [[ 40]], [[ 41]], [[ 42]], [[ Extra Cuddlepile]]\\
'''Characters:''' James (Shadow!James), Jareth (Mortal!Jareth), Javert (Shadow!Javert), Erik (Shadow!Erik), Sarah (Shadow!Sarah), Jadis, Erlkönig, Mr. Saito (Shadow!Saito).\\
'''New Characters:''' "Odile" [[spoiler:Fake!Sarah]], Shadow Beasts.\\
'''Running Gags:''' People fainting and Javert carrying them, [[TangledFamilyTree The Magic Family Tree]].\\
'''Summary:''' The Erlkönig decided to give his son the gift of mortality. For their misfortune his ex-wife had some things to say about this too. Expect MindScrew.

* [[spoiler:AllJustADream]]: But one shared by (at least) part of the cast and one with [[YourMindMakesItReal conse]][[YourSoulIsMine quences]].
* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: The end for [[TrueCompanions the main cast and Sarah]] especially because they are "WithFriendsLikeThese" otherwise.
* BigDamnHeroes: Or {{Anti Hero}}es. The main [[spoiler: Shadow!]]cast [[ here]]. Perfectly in line with Jareth's PreAsskickingOneliner.
* TheBigDamnKiss: [[spoiler:Motral!]]Jareth and [[spoiler:Fake!]]Sarah. Because of the spoiler it's a subversion though.
* BloodMagic: The Erlkönig used his own blood to seal [[spoiler: his son's magic.]]
* BookEnds: Begins and ends with the Erlkönig. [[spoiler: At the beginning he arrives in an awesome dramatic manner, at the end he checks on his son and the cast one more time (and probably leaves). The imagery also mirrors Film/{{Labyrinth}} a lot.]]
* BreakThemByTalking: [[spoiler: "Odile"]] attempted this with Jareth using the "You're trapped, alone. I have power over you. Why don't we make the best of it?" reasoning in ''Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On''. [[SubvertedTrope Doesn't work]] though.
* CallBack: Jadis to the ''[[WhamEpisode Dark!Jareth arc]]'' wondering what [[spoiler:Dark!Jareth]] will do without a rooftop.
* CallingTheOldManOut: Jareth managed to do this to both of his parents.
* CasualDangerDialog: "Odile" a lot.
* CooldownHug: James attempts to use this on [[spoiler: Dark!Jareth]] (See also: TakingTheBullet).
* CurbStompBattle: [[ Sarah vs. "Odile"]]
* DealWithTheDevil: The Erklönig offers one to [[spoiler: Jareth]], just to find that he [[SubvertedTrope isn't]] in the [[BewareTheSillyOnes mood for games]]. Also a bit of an inversion as he offered a [[YourSoulIsMine soul he already claimed]] for [[YouOweMe favors]]. [[ Here]].
* DivorceAssetsConflict: [[spoiler:The whole arc turned out to be this.]]
* DreamWithinADream: [[spoiler: Mortal!]]Jareth's (mostly) BadDreams are all these.
* FairytaleMotifs: This arc is full of them. As general classical archetypes [[spoiler: (Jareth in [[KnightInShiningArmor shining armor]] facing a Saito [[DragonsUpTheYinYang dragon]])]] and specifically ''Theatre/SwanLake'' allusions [[spoiler: (Like a Fake Sarah going with the "Odile" alias)]].
* GambitPileup: [[spoiler: Jadis and the Erlkönig play a round]] of mutual XanatosSpeedChess over the head of their clueless son in. [[SurpriseCheckmate He won]]. [[CallingTheOldManOut Sort of]].
* IgnoredEnemy: [[spoiler: "Odile" [[ here]] before James plays the OnlySaneMan.]]
* IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight: Used by Shadow!Erik on Mortal!Jareth with some mixed results.
* IronicEcho: Jareth repeats his father's advice about fighting for the ending he wants when he refuses his [[DealWithTheDevil deal]].
* KickTheMoralityPet: [[spoiler: Dark!Jareth]] goes after [[MoralityChain Sarah]] and manages to kill [[spoiler:[[MoralityPet James]]]]. Not that it's a good idea. See BerserkButton in Jareth's tropes.
* LetsDance: [[spoiler: "Odile"]] to Jareth to encourage him to enter the fight. "Come on, oh King of Goblins! Join the dance!"
* LiteraryAllusionTitle: ''Theatre/TheTempest''
* LotusEaterMachine: [[spoiler: The Erlkönig]] created a DreamLand like this for his son (and who knows who else, maybe the whole cast).
* MetafictionalDevice: The vine border is a lot more than just a flourish indicating "dreams". (Check the [[{{NightmareFuel/Roommates}} Nightmare Fuel]] page).
* MonsterSobStory: [[spoiler:Jareth's again]].
* NecktieLeash: Scarf leash but [[ it]] fits. [[spoiler: And the Erik/Jareth [[HoYay shippers]] rejoiced.]]
* NonchalantDodge: [[spoiler: "Odile" does the third type while fighting three opponents and she even [[CasualDangerDialog combines it]] with EvilGloating. Later subverted when her opponents outright tell her that they did not intend to defeat her.]]
* PostModernMagik: In the days of old you communicated with powerful entities through elaborate rituals, nowadays you can have their [[{{Funny/Roommates}} phone number]]... labeled completely mundane.
* PreAssKickingOneLiner: [[spoiler: Sarah]] to [[spoiler: "Odile"]]: "[[ Hi. I'm here to tell you about the dangers of identity theft]]." *''[[FryingPanOfDoom CLANG]]''*
* RevisedEnding: [[DiscussedTrope Discussed]]. [[spoiler: The Erlkönig tells his son [[ in this]] [[TalkingInYourDreams dream sequence]] (amongst other things) that stories can have several different endings (using Theatre/SwanLake as an example).]]
* RoaringRampageOfRescue: Jareth went on one at the end of the arc to rescue James.
* TakingTheBullet: James' HeroicSacrifice in ''[[ in]]'', [[spoiler: he protects Sarah... and Jareth from himself.]]
* ThisMeansWar: As a warning but perfectly straight: [[ Jareth to his mother]].
* TrueCompanions: The Erlkönig thinks this is what Jareth won.
* WellThisIsNotThatTrope: On the last page Jareth describes his family by listing what it isn't like.
--> '''Jareth''': "Do you know how some families [[DysfunctionalFamily fight and shout and curse each other]], but at the end of the day they're still [[ThickerThanWater your family and you're with them to the end of the world because you love them and they love you]]? ... My [[BigScrewedUpFamily family]] isn't like that."
* WeWantOurJerkBack: [[spoiler:Shadow!]]Erik's (and probably the other's) sentiments towards [[spoiler:Mortal!]]Jareth after the appearance of [[spoiler:Fake!]]Sarah. Justified by [[spoiler:Jareth falling for this trap would have disastrous consequences and his good side was not at all up to the task.]]
* YourSoulIsMine / IHaveYourWife: The Erlkönig took [[spoiler: James']] soul [[ here]] and put it into a [[CrystalPrison crystal]] while his body is in coma or dying to extort favors from Jareth.

[[folder: Pages 264-279\\
Gags and Greet the neighbors / Azi's phone]]
!Standalone gags
'''Running Gags:''' Lampshading {{Fanservice}}, Drunk Antics, Javert's BizarreTasteInFood, James being CovertPervert, Being dead in canon, Science Bros.

* FillerStrips: The ''Questions'' Pages.
* FourthWallMailSlot: All the ''Questions'' Pages.

'''[[ 264 - Questions 1 and 2]]'''

'''[[ 265 - Questions 3 and 4]]'''

'''[[ 266 - Questions 5 and 6]]'''

* ContinuityNod: James to the Movie Night and Erik to the Killed For Canon Meeting.

'''[[ 267 - Question 7]]'''

!Greet the new neigbors arc / Azi's phone arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 268 - Muffin]], [[ 269 - Beep]], [[ 270 - Detective]], [[ 271 - Mobile]], [[ 272 - Toothless]], [[ 273 - I.T.]], [[ 274 - Doctor]], [[ 275 - Game]], [[ Roommates 276 - Priorities (SPOILERS)]][[ 277 - BOOM]], [[ 278 - Roommates]]\\
'''Characters:''' James, Jareth, Javert, Erik, Aziraphale, Crowley Death, Support group, Saito.\\
'''New Characters:''' Darcy, Holmes, Jhon, Hiccup, Toothless, Tony Stark, Scotty, Jake Jensen, Lucius Fox, Loki, Thor, Hawkeye, Nyan-cat, Dr. Lecter, Phil Coulson.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Fruit Basket well Muffin Basket, Javert being unsympathetic, ActorAllusion, Being dead in canon.\\
'''Summary:''' While James and Javert greet the new neighbors with Muffin Basket and visit the support group, Erik messes with Azi's lost mobile with the help of his internet buddies, there is also StuffBlowingUp.

* AccidentalMisnaming: For [[ActorAllusion some reason]] Tony Stark just can't get Jake Jensen's name right.
* BrainBleach: Jareth and Loki [[ here]]. They played Comicbook/TheSandman style BattleOfWits game ... seems like [[ Nyan cat]] beats ComicBook/TheMightyThor.
-->'''Jareth''': "Look, it was your idea to play The Game, so it's hardly my fault we need BrainBleach!"
* CallBack: James to the ''Kids arc'' (EvilIsPetty and revenge is petty too), also later Jareth to the ''Copies arc'' (they still have the copy machine and it won't be wise to let Stark close to it).
* CrashIntoHello: Azira and Darcy met this way. They both had both hands full of books and not looking.
* FakingTheDead: Jensen is in hiding after his movie.
* ForScience: [[GadgeteerGenius Erik]]'s reaction (mixed with "WhatDoesThisButtonDo") when he got his hands on [[spoiler: Aziraphale's]] mobile. Also the reaction of his {{Internet}} buddies, most prominently Tony Stark's... even after blowing up Erik and Jareth's apartment ([[ Here]]).
* HeartSymbol: In-universe according to Jensen some code segments of the software on [[spoiler: Azira's cellphone]] are formated into hearts.
* HeroicBSOD: Azira a perfectly heroic one, on noticing that his work-phone is missing. Jareth is also close but not too heroic, after Erik and Tony blow up their apartments... as someone is in trouble and for the first time he is perfectly innocent!
* HolographicTerminal: Tony Stark's computer has transparent, floating, multi-touch screens.
* HolyHalo: James is soooooo pure and innocent in his [[LoopholeAbuse efforts]] to avert the dreaded [[RunningGag Fruit Basket]] that he got an {{Anti Gravity|Clothing}} ring halo [[ here]].
* IllTakeThatAsACompliment: When James forced his Roommate to greet the new neighbors with a gift basket... again.
-->'''Javert''': "...we've all been operating under the horrible misconception that you reformed. I shall set the record strait: [[FelonyMisdemeanor You are evil incarnate]]."
-->'''[[TheGadfly James]]''': "I shall take that as a compliment."
* ImpliedDeathThreat: Lucius Fox to Tony Stark [[ here]]. In more depth he implies that Tony shouldn't forget who screens [[spoiler: [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Bruce]]]]'s technology so he doesn't have to [[WithFriendsLikeThese try it out on his teammates]].
* LoopholeAbuse: James invented the fruit muffin basket to get around the dreaded fruit basket "curse". See also: OverusedRunningGag
* NoOneShouldSurviveThat: Even lampshaded by the rest of the cast when [[spoiler:Erik and Tony Stark]] blew up the apartments and survive comically unharmed (the reason in unknown, maybe luck, maybe {{heaven}} doesn't kill accidentally but it isn't above causing property damage).
* OverusedRunningGag: Javert thinks that the "Greeting New Neighbors With Fruit Basket" one (and any permutation of it) became one of these and should be abandoned (not that he ever liked it). [[TheGadfly James]] on the other hand does his darnedest to succeed in [[TheDarkArts Gag Necromancy]]. See also: LoopholeAbuse
* PatronSaint: Javert tells James to "Go St. George on" the dragon [[ here]].
* PrecisionFStrike: Crowley when he realizes that something important is missing [[ here]] "Oh. (CensorBox)".
* ReadingsAreOffTheScale: Tony Stark about the power levels of [[spoiler:Azira's mobile]], twice. The second time the ReadingsBlewUpTheScale.
* TemptingFate:
--> [[ Page 273 - I.T.]] - '''Tony Stark''': "Besides, [[WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong what's the worst that could happen?]]"
* TwoLinesNoWaiting: It's alternating between: Plot A - James and Javert greet the new tenants. and Plot B - Erik unwittingly messes with the {{Balance Between|GoodAndEvil}} HeavenAndHell.
* VideoPhone: Erik apparently keeps in touch with his internet friends through voice/video chat ([[WordOfGod Word of Ashe]] that he tends to [[SubvertedTrope shut off the camera]] though). He called them because of his interesting new find (Az's phone).
* WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings: Hiccup remarks this, when he notices what his pet's playing does to the residents (at least a really bad first impression).

!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''': Erik, Jareth, James, Javert, Erlkönig\\
'''Running Gags:''' ActorAllusion.

'''[[ 279 - Guest]]'''\\
'''New Character:''' 15ImaginaryRabbit15.
* MythologyGag: The thing about Legolas patroling the grounds comes right out off ''GND''.
* StealthHiBye: Lord King horrifies the cast with this, but subverts later when he [[spoiler:appears to greet the guest]].
* WrongTurnAtAlbuquerque: How the random fangirl happens on the building.

[[folder: Pages 280-304\\
Wild Hunt, Visuals and gags]]
!Wild Hunt arc (2012 Halloween / Christmas arc)
'''Pages:''' [[ 280 - Invitation]], [[ 281 - Exchange]], [[ 282 - Payoff]], [[ 283 - Riders]], [[ 284 - Quarry]], [[ 285 - Shadowhunt]], [[ 286 - Chase]], [[ 287 - Consume]], [[ 288 - Drown]], [[ 289 - Crumble]], [[ 290 - Crush]], [[ 291 - Skeptic]], [[ 292 - Wish]], [[ 293 - Winner]], [[ 294 - Gift]], [[ 295 - Unplanned]]\\
'''Characters:''' James, Jareth, Javert, Erik, Elkönig, Sarah, Dresden, Shadow Beasts.\\
'''New Characters:''' Odin, King Arthur, The Shadow Child [[spoiler:aka Disbelief]].\\
'''Running Gags:''' Jareth causing mischief, Javert's stress level, Uninvited poofing, [[TangledFamilyTree The Magic Family Tree]].\\
'''Summary:''' The Erlkönig names Jareth as the host of TheWildHunt, that he first refuses, but after some bargaining accepts... and because this is Jareth the whole thing backfires spectacularly. Also Javert meets his long lost uncle again and conquers a power all fictional beings fear.

* AffectionateGestureToTheHead: Javert to The Shadow Child and Jareth.
* AppealToTradition: [[spoiler: The Erlkönig]]'s answer to Erik's lampshadetastic WallOfText [[LetMeGetThisStraight question]], about TheWildHunt example later, is "It is tradition." [[ here]].
* CommonalityConnection: Arthur and Jamie seem to get along well through TokenGoodTeammate / OnlySaneMan sympathy.
* DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu: Or in this case "Did We Just Go [[TheWildHunt Hunting]] With a {{Trickster}} [[JerkassGods God]], a FairFolk [[{{Psychopomp}} Death Avatar]] and a [[KingArthur Legendary King]]?"
* EnemyWithout / ShadowArchetype: Jareth's choice of prey for TheWildHunt, and he [[CastingAShadow meant]] the [[LivingShadow shadow]] part {{literal|Metaphor}}ly.
* FearIsTheAppropriateResponse: {{Downplayed|Trope}} and PlayedForLaughs, as they are too powerful to just run but:
-->'''King Arthur''': Is it alright for me to have a bad feeling about this?
-->'''Erlkönig''': I would be more concerned if you did not.
* HalloweenEpisode: The 2012 one.
* LetMeGetThisStraight: Erik summing up the beginning of the arc. See AppealToTradition for the (non-)answer he receives.
-->'''Erik''': Excuse me, is there some kind of mystical significance to why a [[Literature/TheErlking Scandinavian/Germanic death avatar]] has just appeared in the living room and bargained favors with my [[Film/{{Labyrinth}} 1980's children's fantasy film]] villain of a flatmate? Because as far as I know, TheWildHunt never involved goblins, and I really don't think I'll like where this is going.
* MakeAWish: The winner of TheWildHunt got one wish from one of the traditional participants [[spoiler:(and he was GenreSavvy enough to choose the TokenGoodTeammate not TheTrickster God or TheFairFolk)]]. According to Arthur in the old days it was a bag of gold but [[RealityEnsues exchange rates became too much of a hustle]] when they got international.
* MindRape: The Shadow Child's "[[ImNotAfraidOfYou attacks]]" are this and push the target right through the DespairEventHorizon headfirst into HeroicBSOD or AngstComa.
* PassiveAggressiveKombat: The Erlkönig's explanation about [[TheWildHunt the hunt]]. See PolitenessJudo for his save.
* PolitenessJudo:
** Jareth said please to make the other cast members attend the hunt.
** And there is this direct example that begins as a [[HamToHamCombat pretty standard]] [[PassiveAggressiveKombat argument]] between [[spoiler: Jareth]] and the Erlkönig. but when it [[RageBreakingPoint escalated]]:
-->'''Erlkönig''': Listen to me.
-->[[spoiler: '''Jareth''']]: Get out of my domain!
-->'''Erlkönig''': Hear me out.
-->[[spoiler: '''Jareth''']]: LEAVE!
-->'''Erlkönig''': Please.
-->[[spoiler: '''Jareth''']]: ...5 minutes.
* RealityEnsues: In this comic of all things. So it seems like the [[YouOweMe favor]] and [[MakeAWish wish]] based "economy" of the magical people is at least partially justified by the fact that messing with mortal economy (like giving away large quantities of gold) is even [[ more bothersome]]. Exchange rates, inflation and whatnot.
* SillyRabbitCynicismIsForLosers: Delivered by [[InspectorJavert Javert]] of all people, accompanied by an AffectionateGestureToTheHead.
-->'''The Shadow Child''': I don't believe.
-->'''Javert''': [[TheCynic Neither do I.]] ''*[[BeatPanel Next Page]]*'' But sometimes I [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor wish]] I did.
* {{Squick}}: The forming of The Shadow Child in-universe was "[[DeadpanSnarker disturbing]]" according to Javert. The readers missed the motion and probably the more graphic parts so we have to [[TakeOurWordForIt take his word for it]] but from what we could see he was probably justified.
* TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: For a perfectly straight example see The Shadow Child and the earlier SillyRabbitCynicismIsForLosers.
* TheWildHunt: Jareth got invited / named as host for it [[spoiler: by The Erlkönig]] he didn't accept without a [[YouOweMe cost]]. And he described it as his father's "magical men's club running rampant in the common area", which gives us a glimpse of their power level.
* YoureInsane: The Erlkönig pretty deadpanly (but in [[TranquilFury barely contained rage]]) asking his son if what he did is ''wise''.

!Standalone page
'''Characters:''' Jareth.

'''[[ 296 - Theory of Relativity]]'''

* FillerStrips: It is. But gives important world information.
* BizarreAlienReproduction: According to this the procreation and family forming ways and habits of the Magical Community are based more on concepts, than "biology".

!Visuals mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 297 - Visualization]], [[ 298 - Short]]; [[ 300 - Reversion]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Javert, Jareth, James, Valjean.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Javert's stress level, ActorAllusion.\\
'''Summary:''' The newest ''Literature/{{Les Miserables|2012}}'' adaptation hits its cast with TheNthDoctor.

* AffectionateGestureToTheHead: Jareth after Javert got a new actor and so visuals including a new haircut.
* MundaneUtility: Valjean TheNthDoctor to reach the top shelf.
* TheNthDoctor: Javert's and Valjean suffered this [[ here]]. [[spoiler:According to [[ this]] they are also able to [[VoluntaryShapeshifting switch between their canonical versions at will]].]]

!Standalone gags
'''Characters:''' Aziraphale, Crowley; James, Jareth, Javert, Valjean, Erik, "Odile", The Erlking's Daughter, Sarah, Christine.\\
'''Running Gags:''' ActorAllusion, Girls being sane/scary.\\

'''[[ 299 - Metatron]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' Metatron.

'''[[ 301 - Devious Gingers]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' The cast of Devious Gingers.

* MythologyGag: "[[Creator/DavidTennant Dave]], who's [[Series/DoctorWho still not ginger]], but we love him anyway."
* ShowWithinAShow: Devious Gingers.

'''[[ 302 - Demi]]'''

* RelationshipUpgrade: Now canon for Javert and Valjean.

'''[[ 303 - Question 8]]'''

* FillerStrips
* FourthWallMailSlot

'''[[ 304 - Bechdel]]'''

* YouCanSeeMe: "Odile" says this almost word for word.


[[folder:Pages 305-312\\
Whose minions? and gags]]
!Whose minions? arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 305 - Manners]], [[ 306 - Ducklings]], [[ 307 - Missed]], [[ 308 - Lost Word]]\\
'''Characters:''' Sarah, James, Jareth, Socks.\\
'''New Characters:'''Slump, Pengy and other Goblins.\\
'''Summary:''' Fae being posessive... mostly Jareth takes kind of hard that his minions listen to his friends.

* MachiavelliWasWrong: Jareth's rule, however misguidedly well-meaning it is, mostly based on birthright, power and fear... but his minions also follow his friends, who basically just [[PolitenessJudo ask nicely and say please]].
* PolitenessJudo: James shows that it also works on goblins.

!Standalone gags
'''Characters''': Javert, Sherlock, James, Eponine, Jareth, Erik, Elkönig.

'''[[ 309 - Astronomy]]'''

* AnalogyBackfire: Did you know that a Falling star was never an actual Star? [[spoiler:Which was a metaphor used in most of Javert's canonical songs.]]
* AprilFoolsDay: 2013 April 1th. James shows he is still TheGadfly.
* CommonalityConnection: Javert and Sherlock over their shared hatred astronomy.
* TropesForDummies: "[[TheWikiRule Wiki]]'s Astronomy for Beginners"

'''[[ 310 - 29]]'''

* [[spoiler: {{Foreshadowing}}: Read the poem after the setup of ''Kings War'' and tell us it isn't.]]
* GrandRomanticGesture: James courting by quoting the 29th sonnet by Shakespeare.
* [[spoiler: MeaningfulBackgroundEvent: The first time the "Scribble Person" was spotted.]]

'''[[ 311 - Signature]]'''

* NinjaProp / BreakingTheFourthWall: James fixes the dialog icons. By climbing up one panel and drawing it in the speechbubble.

'''[[ 312 - Fear]]'''\\
'''New Characters:''' The Sender Man, Sadako, Pitch.

* DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu / ChessWithDeath: They invite James to play poker with them. We don't see if he refused or won.
* MidnightSnack: Technically 2 AM snack but James was out in the kitchen raiding the fridge.


[[folder:Pages 313-328\\
Spring Break, Love Never...]]
!Spring Break arc (2013 Spring arc)
Also known as the ''Third Vacation arc''.\\
'''Pages:''' [[ 313 - Planning Stages]], [[ 314 - A Taste of Things To Come]], [[ 315 - Lemon]], [[ 316 - Snapshots]], [[ 317 - Gird]], [[ 318 - Masquerade]], [[ 319 - Damocles]].\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Tony, Javert, James, Jareth, Valjean.\\
'''New Characters:''' Arthur Shapey, Douglas Richardson, Carolyn Knapp-Shapey, Martin Crieff so the people of MJN Air, "The Scribble Person".\\
'''Running Gags:''' Girls being sane/scary, Jareth causing mischief (or [[SubvertedTrope not causing]] in this case), ActorAllusion.\\
'''Summary:''' Thanks to Tony's advice and the wonders of modern marketing Erik buys tickets to Italy.

* AdviceBackfire: All this happened thanks to Tony's advice.
* CoolShades: Jareth got a pair for the occasion.
** Some readers pointed out that it makes him look like [[{{Manga/Trigun}} Vash]] at times.
* CostumePorn: Their MasqueradeBall costumes definitely qualify.
-->'''[[ Imaginary-Shadow]]:''' ...any particular inspirations for the costumes??
-->'''[[WordOfGod AsheRhyder]]:''' Combination of this blog: [[ [link] ]][[note]]So the Carnival in Venice[[/note]]
---->and a bit too much VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII.
* EstablishingTeamShot: The last panel of ''Grid'' for their costumed badassitude. Accompanied by Erik's one liner: '''"Let's rock this town."'''
* GoodTimesMontage: ''Snapshots''. They in-universe look through their [[PhotoMontage travel photographs]] taken till that point.
* ImpossiblyTackyClothes: Also in ''Grid''. Jareth gets called out on his VillainousFashionSense by James. Waaaaaay too many SpikesOfVillainy and ShouldersOfDoom. [[ImplausibleDeniability He *poofs* it away and feigns ignorance in the next panel]].
* InvisibleToNormals: ??? in ''Masquerade''. Only Jareth sees him/her (didn't go near to Javert).
* LipstickAndLoadMontage: ''Gird''. {{Masquerade Ball}}s are serious business for at least half of the cast.
* MasqueradeBall: Yes. They go to one in Italy.
* MySignificanceSenseIsTingling: Jareth on ''A Taste of Things To Come'' "I feel like we are set up for a joke..."
* TemptingFate:
** On ''A Taste of Things To Come'' Erik tempted it, Javert lampshaded it, Jareth's [[MySignificanceSenseIsTingling significance sense tingled]], James resigned to it, and Javert lampshaded it again.
** On ''Damocles'' Erik and Jareth tempted it everybody reacted with dread (even them after they noticed what they said).
** To date it's {{Subverted|Trope}}, though, but everybody [[GenreSavvy including the characters]] can see the {{brick|Joke}} shaped shadow on the horizon.

!Love Never...
'''Pages:''' [[ 320 - Burn]], [[ 321 - All-Win]], [[ 322 -Good Intentions]], [[ 323 - Scapegoat]], [[ 324 - Apologize]], [[ 325 - For Jack Frost]], [[ 326 - Quis Custodiet]], [[ 327 - Ipsos Custodes]], [[ 328 - Temet Nosce]]\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Javert, James, Jareth, Sarah, Christine, The Erlking's Daughter, Tracy.\\
'''New Characters:''' Jack Frost, the Sandman\\
'''Running Gags:''' Erik hurting Jareth, Jareth causing mischief (as he still isn't), Girls being sane/scary, [[StopHelpingMe Jareth tries to help]]\\
'''Summary:''' The Drama department announces this years [[SchoolPlay musical production]]. It's [[spoiler:Theatre/LoveNeverDies]].

* DeathGlare: Erik to Jareth when he dares to ask what the problem is.
* ExactWords:
-->'''Erik''': ... ''I'' have no intention of disrupting their little... show.[[note]]So he makes ''Tracy'' spy on them.[[/note]]
* InsultBackfire: What could that young boy know about loneliness? [[spoiler:[[ReallySevenhundredYearsOld A whole]] [[{{Invisibility}} lot]].]]
* LiteraryAllusionTitle / AltumVidetur / PunBasedTitle: #326-#327 -> Quis Custodiet-Ipsos Custodes(?) -> Who guards the guardians(?). Guess which [[WesternAnimation/RiseOfTheGuardians movie]]'s characters debut in this arc!
* PianoDrop: Snarked about. Wasting a good piano is not Erik's style.
* SchoolPlay: The main conflict.
* WTHCastingAgency: In Universe! They casted the personification of fun, who also looks like a teenager [[spoiler:Jack Frost]] to play the brooding anti-hero/villain, who finds his ten years old son [[spoiler:Erik]].
* XanatosGambit: ''Christine,'' of all people, pulls one by [[spoiler: deciding to avoid the whole ''Love Never Dies'' mess altogether. Either it will blow over without her having to deal with it, or Erik will do what he does best and wreak terrible vengeance on the drama department. "Either way, I have to win."]]


[[folder:Der Erlkönig]]
Also known as the ''Father's Day special''.\\
'''Pages:''' [[ Der Erlkonig 1]], [[ Der Erlkönig 2]], [[ Der Erlkönig 3]]\\
'''Characters:''' [[CaptainObvious The Erlkönig]], The Erlking's daughter.\\
'''New Characters:''' A Father with his son, Goethe.\\
'''Summary:''' This comic's take on ''Literature/TheErlKing''.

* BloodFromTheMouth: The [[spoiler: littel boy]] in his death scene.
* BloodierAndGorier: Not with much but manages to have ''two'' bloody tropes when the original had none.
* ChaseScene: A really intense one.
* ChangelingTale: Subverted. The fae doesn't seem to want to hurt the boy in this version, [[spoiler:but he still dies thanks to them.]]
* CompressedAdaptation: It leaves out parts of the poem. More specifically the poem goes [[RuleOfThree three]] rounds with the child being not believed, which this adaptation compresses to one by taking parts from all three.
* DownerEnding: [[spoiler:The child dies.]] Also one of the {{bloodier|AndGorier}} renditions.
* {{Metafiction}}: Well, the original blurred the boundaries of reality and fantasy by MaybeMagicMaybeMundane, here the story is clearly magical, but...[[spoiler:In the middle, at the "[[WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove Ich liebe dich]]" part, the King seems to [[OhCrap realize that something is very wrong]], but still completes the story till the DownerEnding, while juxtaposed by Goethe writing the ballad.]] Which leads to very interesting FridgeLogic questions as it almost, but not quite, implies NoticingTheFourthWall.
-->'''[[ The biggest question from a longer comment by Dantemew]]''': But now I wonder, [[BasedOnATrueStory did this truly happen to]] the Erlkoenig and [[LiteraryAgentHypothesis Goethe heard about it]] (and wrote it down)? Or [[TheoryOfNarrativeCausality did this happen to]] the Erlkoenkig [[AuthorPowers because Goethe wrote it]]?
* InvisibleToAdults: The father doesn't see the fairy creatures at all.
* SparedByAdaptation: Averted. Most adaptations of the Erl-king that ditch the original's MaybeMagicMaybeMundane approach to focus on the mystical tend to downplay the DownerEnding (like [[ChangelingTale the child is stolen either in body or his soul]] but lives on), this one plays it painfully (and [[RuleOfThree bloodily]]) straight.
* TheseHandsHaveKilled: The Erlkönig in his last panel [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone stares in disbelief at the blood on his hands]]


[[folder:Pages 329-435; Kings War 1-107\\
Kings War]]
!Kings War arc
Also known as '''THE BIG EVENT of 2013'''. No kidding. [[ It got]] [[ two trailers]]! And then a health related [[SeriesHiatus hiatus]] struck. But as things stand this will be also the big event of 2014 (pagecount: 107 plus extras).\\
'''Pages:''' [[ Roommates - Kings War - 1]], [[ 2]], [[ 3]], [[ 4]], [[ 5]], [[ 6]], [[ 7]], [[ 8]], [[ 9]], [[ 10]], [[ 11]], [[ 12]], [[ 13]], [[ 14]], [[ 15]], [[ 16]], [[ 17]], [[ 18]], [[ 19]], [[ 20]], [[ 21]], [[ 22]], [[ 23]], [[ 24]], [[ 25]], [[ 26]], [[ 27]], [[ 28]], [[ 29]], [[ 30]], [[ 31]], [[ 32]], [[ 33]], [[ 34]], [[ 35]], [[ 36]], [[ 37]], [[ 38]], [[ 39]], [[ 40]], [[ 41]], [[ 42]], [[ 43]], [[ 44]], [[ 45]], [[ 46]], [[ 47]], [[ 48]], [[ 49]], [[ 50]], [[ 51]], [[ 52]], [[ 53]], [[ 54]], [[ 55]], [[ 56]], [[ 57]], [[ 58]]. [[ 59]], [[ 60]], [[ 61]], [[ 62]], [[ 63]], [[ 64]], [[ 65]], [[ 66]], [[ 67]], [[ 68]], [[ 69]], [[ 70]], [[ 71]], [[ 72]], [[ 73]], [[ 74]], [[ 75]], [[ 76]], [[ 77]], [[ 78]], [[ 79]], [[ 80]], [[ 81]], [[ 82]], [[ 83]], [[ 84]], [[ 85]], [[ 86]], [[ 87]], [[ 88]], [[ 89]], [[ 90]], [[ 91]], [[ 92]], [[ 93]], [[ 94]], [[ 95]], [[ 96]], [[ 97]], [[ 98]], [[ 99]], [[ 100]], [[ 101]], [[ 102]], [[ 103]], [[ 104]], [[ 105]], [[ 106]], [[ 107 - END]].\\
'''Characters:''' Schmendrick, Jareth, Erlkönig, "The Scribble Person" [[spoiler:aka Story]], Sarah, Toby, Legolas, James, Javert, Erik, Eponine, Death (of the Endless), Morgan, Odin, Jadis, Mrs. Norrington, The Wizard, The Shadow Beasts, The Shadow Child [[spoiler: aka Disbelief]], Socks, Goblins and other assorted denizens of the Labyrinth.\\
'''New Characters:''' The Goblin King, Thranduil, Despair, Desire, Dream, Delirium, Destiny, Anansi, Glinda, Sun Wukong, Isis, Baba Yaga, Prospero and Ariel, Oberon and Titania, ''The'' Wolves, The Ozian army, Ozma, The Sea.\\
'''Running Gags:''' Girls being sane/scary, ThisMeansWar, Jareth causing mischief, Javert's stress level, Uninvited poofing, InstantCosplaySurprise, Eponine [[TheGlomp pouncing]] her boyfriend, [[TangledFamilyTree The Magic Family Tree]], Being dead in canon.\\
'''Summary:''' An ''accident'' involving a magic sword and an easily startled six year old has dire consequences.

* AdaptationDecay: Discussed and also lampshaded that this can very easily turn into the meta equivalent of RealityWarpingIsNotAToy here by the Shadow Child. And poor Glinda has an [[{{Chickification}} exceptionally bad luck with adaptations]].
* AfterActionHealingDrama: Over Jareth's accident. Did we mention that he is a ridiculously cute IllBoy? And that he was the closest thing to TheMedic around?
* AlmostKiss: [[spoiler:Sarah]] and the Goblin Regent. They both got very embarassed. Was it a joke or {{Foreshadowing}}? Only time will tell.
* AmazonBrigade: [[spoiler:Glinda]]'s offensive force.
* AppealToConsequences:
-->'''Jareth''': "...that we ''rush'' the selection of a regent for a magical land ... After all, the regent will be in all ways as the King... However temporarily."
* AppealToFlattery:
-->'''Jareth''': "Surely someone as venerable and wise as the great Glinda, the Good is not advocating that..."
* ArcWords: '''Good'''. In connection also Hero, Villain and King. (Possibly also Story and Blood.)
* BadFuture: What the two see in the HeldGaze. [[spoiler:Both would turn out KnightTemplar conquerors with blood on their hands if one of them kills the other.]]
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Literally what you can read in the scribbles when [[spoiler:Socks]] makes his pact
* BittersweetEnding: They won the war... it came with a great price.
* BurialAtSea: The Champion gets an awesome one. [[spoiler:Subverted as it's revealed that the kid is [[OnlyMostlyDead only canonically dead]]... still can't stay in the comic but better than being dead.]]
* TheBigDamnKiss: Erik/Mag on page 22.
* CanonWelding: The History of the Goblin Monarchy page basically forges direct connection between ''Literature/TheHobbit'', ''Norse / Germanic folklore'' (and by extension ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'') and ''{{Film/Labyrinth}}''.
** Later the Wolf's explanation between ''Literature/TheHobbit'' and ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia''.
* ChangelingTale: Erik's theory about [[spoiler:Sock]]'s sudden change of appearence is that the kid must be a changeling and broke the spell that made him a [[spoiler:goblin]] by willpower. [[spoiler:This is partially correct at best.]]
* CostumePorn: The whole arc is full with very elaborate and cool outfits.
* CouldHaveAvoidedThisPlot: [[spoiler:The [[TheOmniscientCouncilOfVagueness Conclave]]]] could stop this conflict any time, but it didn't because the rules permit the questioning their judgment (if you can prove them wrong), and also to see if the ''UnexpectedSuccessor'' is really up to the task.
* CrypticConversation: Jareth warning James to not listen to the story can be read at least as a warning against [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity the corrupting influence of Power]], ''and'' a call to ScrewDestiny, ''or'' maybe it was more [[ExactWords literal]].
* DealWithTheDevil: [[spoiler:Socks]] makes a pact with [[spoiler:Story]] for a story and a chance to [[JumpedAtTheCall be a hero]] and help the Goblin Regent... Thing is calling the guy not trustworthy is like saying water is slightly wet.
** [[spoiler:Disbelief]] also offers his help to Javert. Let's just say this spanned a new entry on {{NightmareFuel.Roommates}}
* DeathGlare: Glinda in the last panel of page 14.
* DefeatMeansRespect: Well, as much as beating the scary relative makes him support your [[ShipperOnDeck ship]]. [[BelligerentSexualTension A ship you aren't even sure you want]]. [[spoiler:Way to go Sarah.]]
** Slightly more obvious in the Hungarian translation as this is the point where he switches from formal to informal speech when addressing the girl.
* DirectionlessDriver: The boys trying to navigate the Labyrinth. Erik even made a map... [[MobileMaze not that it helped]].
* DopeSlap: Anansi to Sun Wukong.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The exchange that leads up to the ItMayHelpYouOnYourQuest trope example sounds suspiciously like something right before TheTalk.
* DramaticIrony: Going to war with an ''evil'', ''greedy'' and ''glory seeking'' villain, who unbeknown to you tries to save even your army from the death and destruction this choice of yours would cause. Nice work [[spoiler:Glinda]].
* EvilIsEasy: Many characters [[SecretTestOfCharacter face temptation]] of this kind.
** Jareth: [[spoiler:Make Sarah regent and thanks to the power of the FisherKingdom bind her to it, making her yours aginst her will and wishes.]] [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy He didn't do it]].
** James: [[spoiler:Use the power of Leviathan to destroy Glinda's army, and with this [[VileVillainSaccharineShow corrupt and break children's dreams and wishes]]. Also [[HeWhoFightsMonsters becoming the very thing they accused him to be]].]] [[ChronicHeroSyndrome He didn't do it either]].
** Javert: [[spoiler:Take Disbelief's offer and MindRape the attackers into submission... with similar results to James' bad option.]] [[ThePowerOfTrust He trusted his friend enough to not do it]].
** Erik: [[spoiler:Take the Wizards offer to bring peace and restore your face. This is [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial definetelly not betraying your friends, they will never ask for that of course]].]] [[DoubleAgent He played them to the Regent's advantage]].
* FisherKing: The kings of the magical people are conneted to their lands and [[FisherKingdom people]] this way according to the InfoDump. How much the Goblins a form TerminallyDependentSociety is open though, as it's imlied that the ''existence'' of a king is more important than his actual ''person''.
* ForYourOwnGood: Glinda's excuse to why she [[spoiler:[[KnightTemplar went to war]]]] without even talking about it with Ozma. She reacted: "[[CallingTheOldManOut No. It was your decision. I hope you can live with it.]]"
* AFriendInNeed: Erik and Javert volunteer helping out [[spoiler:James]] because:
-->'''Javert''': We've done more foolish things in the name of friendship.
* FullContactMagic: The short magic battle between [[spoiler:James]] and Glinda.
* GeographicFlexibility: New ''[[FisherKing ruler]]'' and someone attacking? Sea from nowhere!
* GhibliHills: Lord King has an ''uncomplicated'' DreamLand like this.
* GodzillaThreshold: The Goblin Regent hits this after the death of [[spoiler:Socks]] and promptly does a SummonBiggerFish move. [[SubvertedTrope Then he enters full on]] HeroicBSOD.
* GoodVersusGood: Centered around the SlidingScaleOfUnavoidableVersusUnforgivable it's the Goblin Regent (who believes in [[HeelFaceTurn redemption]], [[RousseauWasRight the good in people]], and that [[SmallStepsHero every person's life matters]]) versus [[spoiler: Glinda]] (who is a KnightTemplar, and deeply believes in TheNeedsofTheMany). Oddly despite standing here on the unforgivable side the Regent comes from the greyer and more cynical story... he even lampshades that this is the very reason ''why'' he understands the gravity of the situation better, and doesn't want to taint another tale with the blood on his hands.
* GreatBigBookOfEverything: Well, everything magical that is. Fruit of Erik's relentless efforts to [[SufficientlyAnalyzedMagic analyze the shit out of magic]]. He also made an [[OmniscientDatabase ebook version]].
* GreatOffscreenWar: As most of the actual war is shown from Socks point of view it comes off as this. We get an occasional montage but nothing concrete enough to put together more than [[spoiler:Glinda]] was winning.
* HeldGaze: Pages 95-97 where Glinda and [[spoiler:Goblin Regent]] engage in a supernatural version, while we get a narration about the "story behind the sea-glass stare". Continued in NotSoDifferent.
* HeroicBSOD: The goblin regent after the thing about the NobodyCanDie trope example sinks in.
* IKnowYouKnowIKnow: Anansi very much. Even in "he knows that we know..." variation.
* InfoDump: The 1th and 2nd page about magical kings and the history of the Goblin Monarchy.
* ItMayHelpYouOnYourQuest: Mrs Norrington hands a nail to Eponine with such words. [[spoiler:Then she quickly lampshades that it's '''ColdIron'''.]]
* KrakenAndLeviathan: The Leviathan. You literally don't have many options for a bigger fish. Here it actually looks like a giant sea snake/dragon.
* TheLancer: Discussed by [[spoiler:Story]] as the reason why Jareth's regent can't be TheHero. It's literally written on his/her face while talking about it.
* LastChanceToQuit: The [[spoiler:Goblin Regent]] gives one for the opposing commander, because [[GoodVersusGood Good needs to give Good a chance]], doing otherwise would be unforgivable for him.
* MagicDance: Magic tango to summon a storm. Yes. Being goblin ruler comes with dancing around.
* NobodyCanDie: So painfully subverted. For the shock and horror of both the Ozian soldiers, the Goblin Regent and the readers. [[spoiler:Thanks Story!]]
* NonLethalWarfare: The Goblin Regent explicitly aimed for not killing anybody. Not even members of the attacking RedShirtArmy. For [[spoiler:Erik]]'s great dismay. Probably related to his own [[MauveShirt experiences]] with [[WarIsHell war and fighting]]. Until he hit the GodzillaThreshold
* NotSoDifferent: What [[spoiler:Glinda]] realizes at the end of the HeldGaze... that the story [[spoiler:about the possible future in her eyes is the same as the Goblin Regent's]].
* PainfulTransformation: [[spoiler:Socks']] transformation judging by his screem being audible at least in the whole castle if not the whole Labyrinth.
* PassingTheTorch: Apparently the title of the Goblin King, and the whole magical kingdom with it got to Jareth this way.
-->He (the previous king) passed the crown to his son as soon as the boy (Jareth) was at age,"
--->'''[[ Commenter]]''': Passing on the crown [[spoiler:Erlkönig]] style was probably around the lines of mailing the kid (Jareth) the crown, with a Birthday card and no explanation.
--->'''Ashe''': And thus Jareth remains especially suspicious of packages appearing on the table with his name on them.
* PassThePopcorn: Anansi when Jareth begins the Conclave.
* PietaPlagiarism: The Goblin Regent with [[spoiler:Socks]]' body in his arms on page 75.
* PutOnABus: [[spoiler:Socks]] bordering on KilledOffForReal. He is [[OnlyMostlyDead only canonically dead]] but has to move to a different place because this comic is his canon.
* RoyalBlood: Referenced as one way blood can exalt a King.
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: [[spoiler:Story]] encourages this behavior in his new chosen. Because as (s)he put it:
-->"Who became a hero by 'just following orders'?"
* SmoochOfVictory: [[spoiler: Éponine and James]].
* SomeonesTouchingMyButt: James didn't say it, but from his face he wanted to, and the someone was Anansi. And the {{Yaoi Fangirl}}s {{squee}}d.
* StraightForTheCommander: After deciding to not use their Godzilla, our heroes go for this solution.
* StatingTheSimpleSolution: Javert asks if he has to do this after Leviathan is summoned. The Goblin Regent says no, and points out an obvious problem with the [[EvilIsEasy simple]] solution.
* SuccessionCrisis: Jareth aims to subvert this, or at least to not delay it after his death when he'll have no say in the person of his successor, so he makes his father call together a [[OfferedTheCrown Conclave]]. Turns out the Underground is a pretty sought after property, as the attending nobility range from Anansi to freaking Odin. Also [[DoubleSubversion fails]] as some "loser" questions his judgement.
* ThisMeansWar: After a failed attempt at diplomacy
-->'''Goblin Regent [[spoiler:James]]''': [[AltumVidetur Ultima Ratio Regum]].
* TransformationIsAFreeAction: The series normally plays this straight (because the chatacters have [[MediumAwareness Stage]] [[TheoryOfNarrativeCausality etiquette]]) but Mrs. N subverts it by ''goosing'' [[spoiler:Lord King]] in the middle of it.
* TransformationSequence: [[spoiler:James]] got two. One after he received the Goblin Regent title, and one when he found his HeroicResolve.
* UnexpectedSuccessor: Anansi expected one of these badlly enough to ask the main cast about, well, the ''{{Dark Horse|Victory}}'' as he put it.
** For the record: Most expected Sarah (''despite'' not really having a right by blood), Sun Wukong expects some LongLostRelative to turn up, Anansi expects the unexpected.
** It also turned out to be [[spoiler:[[TokenGoodTeammate James]]]].
* VerbalJudo: Sarah vs. Erlkönig over Toby. [[spoiler:Sarah won.]]
** Also James tried this on [[spoiler:Glinda]] and it [[SubvertedTrope didn't]] [[BlackAndWhiteInsanity work]].
** Mrs. N defuses a fight between Sarah and Lord King with this.
* VictoryThroughIntimidation: The [[spoiler:Goblin Regent]] won through the shared NotSoDifferent realization and [[StraightForTheCommander having the enemy commander at swordpoint]]. Glinda took her LastChanceToQuit.
* WalkAndTalk: The Scribble Person and Socks for some exposition [[spoiler:and a DealWithTheDevil]].
* WeaponOfXSlaying: Orcrist the Goblin Cleaver is especially effective against [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin goblins]]. It made "slaying" (or at leas seriously wounding) the {{Nigh Invulnerab|Ility}}e Jareth a literal child's play. [[spoiler:Even Toby could do it.]]
* WindowsOfTheSoul: Many times. There is even a panel when someone gets text in their eyes. But the biggest example is the HeldGaze example earlier.
* YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre: The Champion to the Regent on the last pages. A bit more [[DamnedByFaintPraise heartbreaking than warming]] as his [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative only point of reference]] was his [[ParentalAbandonment birth]] [[AbusiveParents father]].
* YouCalledMeXItMustBeSerious: When the HeroicBSOD Goblin Regent calls Erik the Phantom.
* YouKillItYouBoughtIt: Well, ''the other'' way blood can exalt a King.

[[folder: Pages 436-452\\
Standalone pages, Devious Gingers, The Morning After, Magic Lessons Mini-arc]]
'''Characters:''' James, Jareth, Erik, Sarah.\\

'''[[ 436 - Lost]]'''
* MementoMacGuffin: Socks' hat becomes this here.
* SilenceIsGolden: James brings the bad news to Jareth without a word.

!Devious Gingers mini-arc
'''Pages:''' [[ 437 TV Therapy]], [[ 438 - Devious Gingers Pt1]], [[ 439 - Devious Gingers Pt2]], [[ 440 - Devious Gingers Pt3]], [[ 441 - Devious Gingers Pt4]], [[ 442 - Devious Gingers Pt5]], [[ 443 - Tuck]]\\
'''Characters:''' James, Erik, Dave, Cathy, Tommy, Benny, [=AsheRhyder=], Judi Dench, Javert, Story.\\
'''Summary:''' After the last arc's drama, James curls up to watch TV.

* AddictionDisplacement: James watches Devious Gingers instead of DrowningHisSorrows.
* CornerOfWoe: Benny at the end. Why? See MemeticMutation.
* FanConvention: Where the Gingers ([[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and Dave]]) go.
* FriendshipMoment: TheStinger for the miniarc where the main cast tucks in James, who has fallen asleep watching the show. Then [[MoodWhiplash Story shows up]] all [[ItMakesSenseInContext curly fonted]].
* {{Cosplay}}: Cathy (Black Widow), Dave (Hawkeye), Art (Spartacus) etc.
* EasilyOverheardConversation: "Did someone mention convention?"
* MemeticMutation: In-universe for the show. Benny's "TheKnightsWhoSaySquee" reacion over Dame Creator/JudiDench goes memetic. Tommy has all the Website/YouTube links, and the video, and the reactions from Website/{{Tumblr}}.
* OpenSaysMe: Kat kicks the door in after [[EasilyOverheardConversation Benny mentions]] ''[[FanConvention Convention]]''.
* PerformanceAnxiety: Benny's big problem until Tommy's motivational speech.
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent / BreatherEpisode / NestedStory: Scenes from James favorite show as he is recovering.
* ThisIsAWorkOfFiction: from TheRant of every ''Devious Gingers'' page: "Any resemblance to actual living persons is for the purpose of gentle, loving parody."

'''[[ 444 - Crash]]'''
* {{Sleepwalking}}: James manages to sleep {{Shape Shift|ing}}, sleep fly... and sleep crash into a tree/window.

'''[[ 445 - Tea]]'''
* SpotOfTea: Sarah's solution for a distraught James showing up.

!The Morning After
'''Pages''': [[ 446 - Reception]], [[ 447 - Complicated]], [[ 448 - Better]]\\
'''Characters''': Eponine, Erik, Sarah, James\\
'''Running Gags''': Girls being scary/sane\\
'''Summary''': Eponine talks to James about the fallout of the events of the "Kings Arc."
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: When James' eyes start doing this on the last panel of [[ 448 - Better]], that is not a good sign.
* NotWhatItLooksLike: James disappears all night and returns in the morning from Sarah's apartment. Eponine {{Lampshades}} that it.
* OpenMouthInsertFoot: James... really needs to work on his words.
* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: Erik knows when to run.

!Magic Lessons Mini-arc
'''Pages''' [[ 449 - Teach Me]], [[ 450 Chandelier]], [[ 451 Magic Oops]], [[ 452 Dealer]]\\
'''Characters''': Erik, Jareth, Dresden, Schmendrick, Gandalf\\
'''Running Gags'': Javert's stress level\\
'''Summary''': Erik decides that, considering the sort of situations they find themselves in on a regular basis, he should learn more about magic and possibly how to use it.
* GenderBender: Javert... again.
* KillItWithFire: Neither Dresden nor Erik should work with fire...
** Erik has also been permanently banned from fireworks.
* RuleOfThree: Erik picks out three magic teachers.
* WeirdnessMagnet: All of Erik's magical blunders target Javert


[[folder: Pages 453-461\\
Silver Streets]]

!Silver Streets
'''Pages''':[[ 453 Silver Streets 1]], [[ 454 - Therapy]], [[ 455 - Silver Streets 2]], [[ 456 - Dinner]], [[ 457 - Silver Streets 3]], [[ 458 - Safe]], [[ 459 - Ironed]], [[ 460 Wake]], [[ 461 Denunciation]]\\
'''Characters''': Eponine, James, Jareth, Sarah, Story, Erik, Javert\\
'''Running Gags''': Girls being scary\\
'''Summary''': James pulls a "Goblin King" and creates a beautiful dream world for Eponine. Meanwhile, Jareth is still healing and Sarah is taking care of him.
* AllJustADream: One that James creates
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: "Are you trying to be the Goblin King because you think Jareth could have saved Socks?"
* BroughtDownToNormal: Jareth is stuck powerless since James has his magic.
* CatapultNightmare: Eponine awakens by bolting upright and in tears.
* SleepCute: Sarah dozes off on Jareth's shoulder.
* TheMirrorShowsYourTrueSelf: Eponine sees Story's presence in a reflection.
* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: Javert and Erik know when to run.
* TwoLinesNoWaiting: Plot A is about James and Eponine in the DreamWorld. Plot B is about Sarah and Jareth while he is still healing.


[[folder: Pages 462-484\\
Baby Snatching, Story's Return]]

!Baby Snatching
'''Pages''': [[ 462 Metaphor]], [[ 463 Oh Brother]], [[ 464 Goblin King]], [[ 465 Return]], [[ To Sender]]\\
'''Characters''': James, Erik, [[Film/{{Inception}} James Cobb, Phillipa, Dom]]\\
'''Summary''': Still in "Goblin King" mode, James starts picking up more of Jareth's bad habits.
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Phillipa [[Film/{{Labyrinth}} wishes away]] her brother... while James is the "Goblin King"
* BookcasePassage: Erik uses them.
* ParentalObliviousness: Dom doesn't even notice his son's disappearance
* {{Sleepwalking}}: Or sleep-kidnapping
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Phillipa is completely unconcerned that someone came through a secret passage in her home to return her little brother.

!Story's Return
'''Pages''': [[ 467 Drawing Lines]], [[ 468 Shut Down]], [[ 469 Attrition]], [[ 470 Click]], [[ 471 On a Lonely String]], [[ 472 ffff]], [[ 473 Cram Session]], [[ 474 Suit Up]], [[ 475 Call Out]], [[ 476 Stakes]], [[ 477 Declaration]], [[ 478 Throw The Book]], [[ 479 Dirty Pool]], [[ 480 Claim]], [[ 481 Return of the King]], [[ 482 Tipping the Board]], [[ 483 Forgotten]], [[ 484 Isolani]]\\
'''Characters''': Eponine, James, Javert, Valjean, Erik, Story, Jareth, Erlkönig, Sarah\\
'''New Characters''': [[spoiler:Music]]\\
'''Running Gag''': ActorAllusion\\
'''Summary''': Story isn't quite ready to give up using James yet.
* ActorAllusion: Jareth dresses similarly to the Music/DavidBowie music video "Underground"
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove: "You. I choose ''you''."
* AnthropomorphicPersonification: In addition to Story, [[spoiler:Erik brings out Music]].
* AwesomeMomentOfCrowning: Jareth reclaiming his title of "Goblin King."
* BadassBoast: Erik gets an awesome one.
--> "Wouldn't I? I, who [[AxCrazy murders at my displeasure]]? I, who [[FallingChandelierOfDoom brought down the chandelier]]? I, who would have [[DisproportionateRetribution blown up the Opera House]] [[IfICantHaveYou at a simple "no"]]? Do you think me so reformed by my complacency and comfort? ''Do you think I'' ''[[NotAfraidToDie fear the coda]]''?"
* BeatThemAtTheirOwnGame: Eponine manages to use story conventions to defeat Story.
* CrucifiedHeroShot: Story strings up James like a puppet
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: [[spoiler:What Story does when he decides to RageQuit. He wipes out the memory (if not more) of the events of the Kings War Arc. James ends up crying for a reason he can't explain even though he's forgotten about Socks' death.]]
* LeaveMeAlone: James asks his friends to leave him alone while he's feeling miserable... and Story tried to take advantage of it
* OpenSaysMe: Suggested, but ultimately {{Averted}}. Erik [[HairpinLockpick picks the lock]].
* RageQuit: What Story ends up doing when they win.
* {{Retcon}}: [[spoiler:Story is able to use this as a source of LaserGuidedAmnesia on the whole cast]].
* ThrowTheBookAtThem: Eponine throws a book at Story when she out-maneuvers him.
* TimePassesMontage: James stays in his room for almost a week before his friends grow tired of it.
* VerbThis: One of Story's writings ends up saying "[[spoiler:Retcon This]]."
* VisualPun: Erik's "inkling." [[spoiler: It's a winged humanoid made of staves, notes, and other words, an ''Angel of Music''.]]


[[folder:Pages 485-506\\
School Daze]]

!School Daze
'''Pages''': [[ 485 Start of Term]], [[ 486 Mistaken Identities]], [[ 487 [=ART=],]] [[ 488 Health]], [[ 489 Turning Radius]], [[ 490 New Media]], [[ 491 Driver's Ed]], [[ 492 Rumble and Reunion]], [[ 493 Responsible]], [[ 494 That Place]], [[ 495 MLS]], [[ 496 Aunt]], [[ 497 Family Feud]], [[ 498 Art Major]], [[ 499 Time]], [[ 500 The Scottish Play]], [[ 501 Gee Officer Javert]], [[ 502 Social Justice]], [[ 503 Director]], [[ 504 Scholarship]], [[ 505 Good]], [[ 506 Don't Hug]]\\
'''Characters''': Erik, James, Javert, Jareth, Sarah, Christine, Jack Frost, Erlkönig's Daughter (Aisling), Tracy Turnblad, Indiana Jones, [[Series/DoctorWho Ten]], Tony Stark, Gandalf, Aziraphale, Mrs. Norrington, Erlkönig, [[Film/MarvelCinematicUniverse Darcy]], Valjean \\
'''New Characters''':[[Series/SleepyHollow Ichabod Crane, Abby Mills]], [[Film/TheFall Roy Walker]], [[Disney/BigHero6 Baymax, Hiro, Tadashi]], [[VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition Dorian Pavus]], [[Film/MadMaxFuryRoad Imperator Furiosa]], [[PodCast/WelcomeToNightVale Carlos]], [[Film/PacificRim Stacker Pentecost]], [[Literature/{{Discworld}} The Librarian]], [[Series/TheLibrarians2014 Flynn Carsen, Eve Baird, Jake Stone, Ezekiel Jones, Cassandra Cillian]], Film/ThePagemaster, [[Film/TheMummyTrilogy Evelyn Carnahan O’Connell]], [[Film/TheMusicMan Marian Paroo]], [[Comic/{{Batman}} Barbara Gordon]], [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger Steve Rogers]], [[Film/TheForbiddenKingdom Lu Yan, the Silent Monk]], [[Film/{{Inception}} Eames]], [[Series/{{Leverage}} Alec Hardison]], [[Theatre/WestSideStory the Jets and the Sharks]], Enjolras, [[Creator/DCComics Amanda Waller]]\\
'''Running Gags''': Dead in Canon, Science Bros, Javert's Stress Level\\
'''Summary''': The school season starts once again and the campus is flooded with new faces.
* BerserkButton: Threatening to invoke TheScottishPlay in a room full of theatre wonks (one of whom is certifiably AxCrazy)? Dammit, Eames...
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Amanda Waller's solution to the troublemaking Jets and Sharks running around campus? [[spoiler:Giving them a scholarship and enrolling all of them in classes.]]
* DrivesLikeCrazy: The natural result of [[Film/MadMaxFuryRoad Imperator Furiosa]] as the drive instructor.
* EveryoneIsRelated: Turns out that [[spoiler: Ichabod and James are cousins]].
* FunWithHomophones: The Lee building is for art students while the Li building is the gym.
* TheGadfly: Darcy sends the new art student to the [[EverybodyWasKungFuFighting Li building]] [[FunWithHomophones instead of the]] [[{{Artists}} Lee building]]. Of course, since the art student in questions was [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger Steve Rogers]]...
** Eames also seems to qualify when he teases the group with TheScottishTrope
* HumongousMecha: The science students and Tony build one.
* KillItWithFire: Jareth's reaction in [[ this scene]].
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: A lot of cameos in this arc.
* MagiBabble: Jareth and Dorian end up discussing the manipulation of time.
* MistakenIdentity: [[Series/SleepyHollow Ichabod Crane]] is mistaken for James apparently at least three times.
* MrFanservice: Sarah and Christine are very appreciative of Roy's arms.
* MusicalEpisode: ''[[ 501 Gee Officer Javert]]'', starring [[Theatre/WestSideStory the Jets and the Sharks]].
* OhCrap: Jareth's reaction upon realizing that video game characters had arrived on campus.
* TheScottishTrope: Discussed.
* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: Erik decides he'd rather deal with a twisted ankle than [[Disney/BigHero6 Baymax]].
* ThousandYardStare: Javert ends up with this expression when Enjolras shows up on campus.
* WhamLine: "Aunt Aileen?"
* XDaysSince: "Cataclysm Free for 0.5 days"


[[folder: Pages 507-519\\
Lab Accidents]]

! Lab Accidents
'''Pages''': [[ 507 Install]], [[ 508 Power On]], [[ 509 Update]], [[ 510 New Hardware Detected]], [[ 511 Run]], [[ 512 Log In]], [[ 513 Load]], [[ 514 404]], [[ 515 Worm]], [[ 516 Databend]], [[ 517 BSoD]], [[ 518 Reboot]], [[ 519 Reset]]\\
'''Characters''': Erik, Hiro Hamada, Tadashi Hamada, [[VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition Dorian Pavus]], Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Film/{{Thor}}, Javert, Jareth, James, [[Film/BigHero6 Baymax]]\\
'''New Characters''': [[Film/IronMan Dum-E]], [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} GLaDOS]]\\
'''Running Gags''': Science Bros\\
'''Summary''': Finally deciding to drag Tesla's invention out of the basement, Erik tries to store it on campus. This does not turn out to be a good idea.
* BigDamnHero: [[spoiler:Baymax]] bursting through a wall and fixing things.
* ContinuityNod: Tesla's invention from very early in the comic makes a return.
* DivingSave: Erik pulls this off to save Tony.
* DynamicEntry: Erik comes crashing through the ceiling to face [=GLaDOS=]
** And then Iron Man burst through the door.
** [[RuleOfThree And after that]], [[spoiler:Baymax showed up]] by bursting through a wall.
* EvilIsPetty: [=GLaDOS=]
--> "I bet you think you're clever, but I can tell you I have stopped better scientists than you. They were also better looking. But that's not hard."
* {{Foil}}: [=GLaDOS=] and Baymax. Both are ArtificialIntelligence entities, but one is aggressive and spiteful towards humanity while the other is protective and kind.
* LightningCanDoAnything: Thor's lightning has some interesting effects on Tesla's invention.
* PapaWolf: Don't mess with Tony's bots. He won't like it.
* PsychoticSmirk: Erik gives one when he decides to take on [=GLaDOS=].
--> "No, no, she's not wrong...''not about me''."
* SymbolSwearing: ''Musical'' symbols, in Erik's case.
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: [=GlaDOS=], upon realizing that [[spoiler: Roboticized Tony and full-AxCrazy-mode Erik]] both unleashed at the same time isn't a good idea.
--> "Probability of convergance: 90.7%. Probability of (self) winning: .008%. Estimated incidental damage: incalcuable. Conclusion: [[{{Understatement}} Bad plan]]. Well. [[PrecisionFStrike Shit]].
* {{Understatement}}: Javert's comment when coming upon a half-destroyed and [=GLaDOS=]-infested building? "Well, this is a bad sign."
* UnwillingRoboticisation : [[spoiler:Tony]]
* WeHaveTheKeys: Javert reminds James of this when the latter grabs some dynamite to get into the lab building. (Later, when they get a little closer to the situation, James still thinks he has the right idea.)
* XDaysSince: "Cataclysm Free for 7 days (New Record)." Gets changed to zero when Thor's lightning hits campus, and then breaks down entirely as things escalate.


[[folder: Pages 520-\\
Standalone Pages, Spa Day]]

!Standalone Pages

'''Characters''':[[Series/TheLibrarians2014 Eve Baird, Jake Stone, Ezekiel Jones, Cassandra Cillian]], Loki, Story, Aziraphael, Crowley

[[ 520 Query]]
* EEqualsMCEscher: Cassandra's formula about the rules of narrative.
* NoticingTheFourthWall: Cassandra actually presses herself against it.

[[ 521 Prose Edda]]
* ColdBloodedTorture: Straight from Norse mythology... Poor Loki.

[[ 522 Communications Error]]
* MemeticMutation: "Netflix and chill"

!Spa Day
'''Pages''': [[ 523 Snowman]], [[ 524 Arrangements]], [[ 525 Shipper]], [[ 526 Collision]], [[ 527 Destination]], [[ 528 Sauna]], [[ 529 Scry]], [[ 530 Vicissitude]], [[ 531 Sloth and Envy]], [[ 532 Plot]], [[ 533 Photographs]], [[ 534 Fireworks]]\\
'''Characters''': Aisling, Jareth, Erik, Sarah, Christine, Eponine, Darcy, James, Javert, Indiana Jones, River Song, [[Series/SleepyHollow Ichabod Crane]]\\
'''New Characters''': Yuki-Onna, Stephen Maturin, [[Anime/SpiritedAway Chihiro, Haku, Soot Sprites]]\\
'''RunningGags''': ActorAllusion\\
'''Summary''': Aisling decides to interfere in the lives of her brother and his friends by arranging a spa trip.
* TheGlomp: Aisling does this to Jareth
* InternalReveal: Sarah learns that Aisling is Jareth's older sister.
* NotAMorningPerson: Jareth
* SceneryPorn: [[Anime/SpiritedAway The Bathhouse]]
* SevenDeadlySins: Referenced by the title of the page [[ Sloth and Envy]].
* ShipperOnDeck: Aisling
* ShirtlessScene: Jareth, James, Javert, and Erik in the sauna


!!Stuff not counted in the main series:
[[folder:The Proto-strips:]]
'''New Characters:''' Erik, Jareth.\\
'''Story:''' Standalone gags about the two characters sitting in a bar. The last mentions moving together.

* InnBetweenTheWorlds: Well, [[WunzaPlot Jareth and Erik sitting in a bar]]...

'''[[ What Does He Have...?]]'''

'''[[ Old]]'''
* ActorAllusion: Why Erik gets [[ younger]]. Still in-universe. Lamshaded by the characters.

'''[[ A Cute Comic]]'''

'''[[ Wrong Movie]]'''
* BrownNote: {{Creator/Dario Argento}}'s [[InNameOnly adaptation]] of ThePhantomOfTheOpera. Administrivia/YouHaveBeenWarned. Also look at the comment section and count all the [[SchmuckBait baited schmucks]].

'''[[ V-Day]]'''
* BreadEggsMilkSquick / BreadEggsBreadedEggs: "...drugs, girls, girls on drugs, [[UnsettlingGenderReveal girls you thought were girls while you were on drugs but who turned out not to be]]..."
* DrowningMySorrows: Valentine's Day is hard on a pair of romantic villains...

'''[[ What Is This Feeling...]]'''
* WaxingLyrical: A slight rewrite of ''What is this feeling... (Loathing)'' from {{Theatre/Wicked}}.
** There is a fan video that sets the comic to the song [[ here]].


[[folder: Covers & Standalone Extras]]

'''[[ Roommates: Erik and Jareth (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth.\\
Published between the ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean Spoilers'' and ''100 Years War mini-arc''.

'''[[ Halloween 07 Roommates Special]]'''
* HalloweenCosplay: 2007. Jareth&Erik as James&Javert.
* MetafictionalDevice: According to [[ this]] {{Censor Box}}es are actual things the characters can interact with.

'''[[ Roommates - Christmas Special]]'''
* GuiltByAssociationGag: Poor [[TokenGoodTeammate James]] as a FunnyBackgroundEvent.
* MyNewGiftIsLame: Unfortunately, all of them got the very same lame thing. SantaClaus must have something against them. Subverted with Javert, who is quite happy to receive a hefty lump of coal in the middle of winter, considering today's rising energy costs.

'''[[ Roommates: Javert and James (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Javert, James.\\
Published in the middle of the ''karaoke arc''.

'''[[ Roommates - Happy Anniversary]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Javert, James, Jareth, Erik, Aziraphale, Crowley, Sarah, Christine, Legolas, Todd.

'''[[[ Roommates: Crowley and Azira (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Aziraphale, Crowley.\\
Published around the end of the ''First Vacation arc''.

'''[[ Roommates: Legolas and Sweeney (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Legolas and Sweeney.\\
Published in the middle of the ''New Hire arc''.

'''[[ Halloween 2009]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\
Published before the 3rd Sketch - Clean-Up.

* HalloweenCosplay: 2009. The main cast as classic monsters.

'''[[ Roommates: Death and Misto (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' DEATH, Misto.\\
Published at the end of the ''Killed for Canon Meeting arc''.

'''[[ Roommates: Rule Britannia (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Jareth, James.\\
Published at the end of the ''Second Vacation arc''.

'''[[ Roommates - Mist and Madness (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Erlkönig, The Erlking's daughter.\\
Published in the middle of the ''Dark!Jareth arc''.

'''[[ Roommates: Femme Fatale (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Christine, Sarah.\\
Published in the middle of the ''Zombies arc''.

'''[[ Commodore Catastrophe Card]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' James.\\
Published afer the ''Zombies arc''. Club card for the ''Oh, No! James!'' club, or in other words the fanclub of the resident {{woobie}}.

'''[[ Holiday Special 2011 - Mistletoe Mischief]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' James, Éponine, Javert, Valjean, Aziraphale, Crowley, Erik, Mag, Mr. King, Mrs. Norrington, Jareth, Sarah.\\
Published in the middle of the ''Jareth's cold arc''.

* UnderTheMistletoe: It also demonstrates that [[TheGadfly Mrs.N.]] interprets kissing [[LecherousLicking rather loosely]]. Being CovertPervert runs in the family.

'''[[ While The World Spins On]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Talahassee, Toby.
Extra for #220 Hunch.

'''[[ Roommates: Twilight Waltz (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Mr. King, Mrs. Norrington.\\
Published after ''Such Stuff...''.

* TheShadowKnows: Mr. Kings glamour isn't perfect.

'''[[ Roommates - Keep Watching (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Jareth, Javert, James, Erik.\\
'''New Characters:''' [[spoiler:Slender Man]]\\
Published in the middle of the ''Greet the neighbors arc''.

* JumpScare: [[spoiler:Keep Watching. It's animated.]]

'''[[ Long Live The King (Cover)]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Mr. King.\\
Published in the middle of the ''Wild Hunt arc''.

'''[[ Halloween 2013]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Jareth, Javert, James, Erik.

* HalloweenCosplay: 2013. The main cast as SlasherMovie villains.

'''[[ Snow Day]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Jareth, Javert, James, Erik, Éponine, Legolas, Captain America.

* {{Corpsing}}: What Jareth seems to do... well, besides [[PowerFloats floating]].
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: Legolas and Captain America shield surfing.
* HomemadeSweaterFromHell: Well, they are actually not that terrible... but Javert still refuses to wear his. Not that it helps and seems to be his lesser problem any minute now.

'''[[ Roommates: Conceptualize]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Story, Music, Disbelief, ???, ???\\
Published in the middle of ''School Daze''
* AnthropomorphicPersonification: All of them.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Two of the characters haven't shown up in the comic yet.

[[folder: Roommates Sketches]]
'''[[ R-Sketch 1 - Random]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Aziraphael, Crowley.

'''[[ Roommates S2 - Pie]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Legolas, Todd.

'''[[ Roommates S3 - Clean-Up]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.

'''[[ Roommates S4 - Butcher Job]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' James, Javert.

* BrownBagMask: Javert after a shaving accident [[ here]]. Not only Jareth is guilty in the sin of vanity.

'''[[ Roommates S5 - Llama]]'''\\
'''Characters:''' Erik, Jareth, James, Javert.\\

* EverythingsBetterWithLlamas: Llama Special. This joke goes to Website/DeviantArt as llama badges are a must since the joke began its life as AprilFools in 2010.