Mordecai and Rigby set up an outdoor movie night, where they show a zombie movie that comes to life.
* ShoutOut: The entire episode is a homage to horror movies
** ''Zombocalypse'' strongly resembles ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness'' complete with Creator/BruceCampbell lookalike hero, the cover art of ''Zombocalypse'' resembles ''{{VideoGame/Doom}}'', the shot of the zombies reanimating in their graves looks similar to ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead'', and the concept of a movie creating zombies might be a reference to ''Film/{{Demoni}}''.
*** And on the video game side, the ultra-strong zombie at the end is similar to the Tank from ''VideoGame/Left4Dead''.
*** The zombie chick who almost bites the main character before Rigby bumps into the projector might be a nod to the "horror hags" from the original ''[[Film/TheEvilDead1981 Evil Dead]]''.
* ShowWithinAShow: ''Zombocalypse''