->Written by J.G. Quintel, Mike Roth, & Kent Osborne

After watching videos of the Master Prank Caller, Mordecai and Rigby decided to make prank calls. They successfully did it to the likes of Skips, Pops, and even Benson. Next, they're going to prank call the Master Prank Caller, but before they could do so, Benson shows up really pissed off for their prank call on him that he destroys the phone. They got cellphones from Pops so that they could prank call the Master Prank Caller.
!!This episode provides examples of:
* ActorAllusion: Mordecai and Rigby travel back to 1982, the year J.G. Quintel, creator of the show and voice of Mordecai, was born.
* BerserkButton: Benson and the Master Prank Caller really don't like getting prank calls.
* BigNo: The Master Prank Caller gets two. First when he realized he's been pranked and the second when Rigby is about to press his power button.
* CassandraTruth: When Mordecai calls Benson for help, he thinks it's a prank call.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: When the Master Prank Caller is defeated, he joins Mordecai and Rigby in making prank calls.
* TheDogBitesBack: Mordecai and Rigby get back at Benson by teleporting his chair to the 70s.
* EditedForSyndication: Newer versions of this episode edit the scene of the Master Pranker in the bathtub to digitally remove the sight of a condom wrapper on the floor. [[KeepCirculatingTheTapes Good luck trying to find the original cut]].
* EightiesHair: The Master Prank Caller give these to Mordecai and Rigby.
* OhCrap: Two times; Rigby when Mordecai has plans on prank calling the Master Prank Caller, and Mordecai when Benson thinks his request for help is a prank call.
* MythologyGag: Younger Pops has his voice from the original sketch, "The Navie Man from Lolliland", which was a much lower and softer voice than the one he generally uses.
* RealityWarper: The Master Prank Caller can send anything through time, summon anything he wants like clothes or a limo, and can teleport.
* StableTimeLoop: The gang accidentally hit Pops in the 80s. This is how he becomes the scatter brain to be in the present.
* TinFoilHat: Mordecai and Rigby wear them while using Pops' phone, after he warns them that old cell phones could cause tumors.
* TheUnreveal: We never find out what year they currently live in when they travel through a long hallway full of doors leading to certain years, last door before they went thier, the last was said "2004". They enter the door that saids "Present Day", Put few seasons later in "Real Thomas", That give an huge hint that the show is set after late 1990's when thier President is Bill Clinton and not current president Barack Obama with his wife an also Hilitary Clinton talking political meeting with their Russian president who look like last Soviet later Mikhail Gorbachev about thier land is missing.
** That huge hint that Show maybe is take place that present day is mostly seemly stuck in early 1990's with some parts from 2000's and early 2010's as Soivet Union is unbreakable, some videos game consoles are still have ether 3 and 4 genterations consoles, Put Iphone are still existed except they model after Iphone 1-3 genterations.
* XCalledTheyWantTheirYBack: "The [decade] called. They want their [object] back". When it's used, it sends the object back to that decade.
* YourMom