Mordecai and Rigby are assigned to watch over the grill, but when they burn up Benson's special-order hot dogs, the duo are forced to go into the walk-in freezer and get some back-up dogs -- all of which are alive and plotting to get revenge on being eaten.
!!Tropes included:
* NeverMyFault: Rigby pins the blame over the anthropomorphic hot dogs on Benson by the end of the episode.
** KarmaHoudini: And he gets away with it.
* PrecisionFStrike: Considering this is on a kid's channel, this one gets by surprisingly:
-->'''Mordecai:''' No! You pissed me off!*
** EditedForSyndication and {{Bowdlerization}}: Sadly, newer versions of the episode (and some English-speaking overseas cuts [UK and Australia]) redubbed "pissed me off" to "ticked me off." Also edited in some countries (barring the U.S. version) are the references to Mordecai being dead in the freezer.