This is a recap page for episodes of ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'', a Creator/CartoonNetwork original series created by J.G. Quintel (who previously did animation work for ''WesternAnimation/TheMarvelousMisadventuresOfFlapjack'' and ''WesternAnimation/CampLazlo'' during Cartoon Network's [[NetworkDecay network-decayed]] DorkAge) about the MundaneMadeAwesome (and sometimes, downright surreal) adventures of two slacker park workers, an art school graduate bluejay named Mordecai and a high school dropout raccoon named Rigby, who work for a no-nonsense bubblegum machine named Benson, a {{Manchild}} human lollipop named Pops, an immortal yeti named Skips, and a fat, gross, green humanoid named Mitch "Muscle Man" Sorenstein and his spectral friend, High-Five Ghost.

It's BetterThanItSounds and ''almost'' everything [[ItMakesSenseInContext makes sense in context]].

[[folder:Season 1]]
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep01ThePower The Power]]: Park slackers Mordecai and Rigby try to repair a hole in the wall of their house before their boss Benson finds out, and find a magic keyboard that gives its players the power of persuasion.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep02JustSetUpTheChairs Just Set Up the Chairs]]: Mordecai and Rigby are hired to set up chairs for Benson to prove that they can do a job without slacking off, but an old arcade game nearly brings about the end of the world.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep03CaffeinatedConcertTickets Caffeinated Concert Tickets]]: To earn concert ticket money for their favorite band, Fist Pump (who are now on tour after an unspecified stint in both jail and rehab), Mordecai and Rigby work overtime, but when they still can't the money needed for the concert, they call upon a Japanese man and his giant coffee bean for money and caffeine.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep04DeathPunchies Death Punchies]]: Rigby's fighting skills turns deadly after Rigby learns 'Death Kwon Do' in order to beat Mordecai at a video game.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep05FreeCake Free Cake]]: Mordecai and Rigby decide to throw a surprise party for Skips, who is in the middle of a ritual that ensures his immortality.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep06MeatYourMaker Meat Your Maker]]: Mordecai and Rigby are stuck in a meat locker and encounter man-eating talking hot dogs.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep07GrilledCheeseDeluxe Grilled Cheese Deluxe]]: A simple trip to get Benson's grilled cheese sandwich turns into a space expedition when Mordecai and Rigby claim that they are astronauts.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep08TheUnicornsHaveGotToGo The Unicorns Have Got To Go]]: In one of his many attempts to impress Margaret, Mordecai buys Dudetime body spray for men -- and ends up friends with a group of obnoxious unicorns.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep09PrankCallers Prank Callers]]: Mordecai and Rigby's prank calls send them back in time to the 1980s.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep10Don Don]]: Thanks to Pops trying to pay the park's taxes in lollipops, the park is going to be audited, but not if Rigby's brother, Don, comes in and saves them.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep11RigbysBody Rigby's Body]]: Rigby's body rejects his conscience after eating too much junk food.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS01Ep12MordecaiAndTheRigbys Mordecai And The Rigbys]]: Mordecai and Rigby need to learn to play music in time for an open-mic night they signed up for while in a sugar-induced high, and their future selves arrive to teach them.

[[folder:Season 2]]
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep01ElloGovnor Ello Gov'nor]]: Rigby begins freaking out when a British taxi begins haunting him.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep02ItsTime It's Time]]: Mordecai gets jealous of Rigby when Rigby begins flirting with his crush, a red-breasted robin named Margaret.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep03AppreciationDay Appreciation Day]]: After being shortsighted by Benson awarding members of the park, Mordecai and Rigby try to alter the course of history in their favor.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep04Peeps Peeps]]: Fed up with Mordecai and Rigby slacking off, Benson installs cameras on Mordecai and Rigby while they work.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep05Dizzy Dizzy]]: Mordecai and Rigby need to rescue Pops from an alternate dimension minutes before an important ceremony (in which Pops is supposed to give a keynote speech).
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep06MyMom My Mom]]: Under Benson's rules, Mordecai and Rigby are forced to work with Muscle Man, a loud, crude, green, pink-eyed, overweight man who loves making DoubleEntendre-laden jokes about his mom.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep07HighScore High Score]]: Mordecai and Rigby master an arcade game, but must defeat a prior high scorer, Garrett Bobby Ferguson, in an attempt to earn respect.
# [[Recap/RegularSHowS02Ep08RageAgainstTheTV Rage Against the TV]]: After their television set breaks down, Mordecai and Rigby seek new TV to help them win a video game, which summons a virtual enemy from the game.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep09PartyPete Party Pete]]: Mordecai and Rigby throw a party (despite Benson's orders prohibiting this), but when the party is dead on arrival, they use vintage cola from 1984 and a babe magnet party entrepreneur named Party Pete.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep10BrainEraser Brain Eraser]]: In this ''very'' revealing episode (one that surprisingly hasn't been banned from any and all domestic and international airings[[note]]though the Latin American dub does edit out nudity with censor blurs, reframing shots, and use of alternate footage[[/note]]), Mordecai is haunted by images of Pops ''au naturel'' after accidentally catching Pops coming out of the shower, and the only thing that can cure that is a Japanese anime that acts as BrainBleach.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep11BensonBeGone Benson Be Gone]]: ADayInTheLimelight episode for Benson, who gets demoted to park worker by his boss, Susan.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep12ButIHaveAReceipt But I Have A Receipt]]: Mordecai and Rigby try to return a crappy board game, but the manager won't accept it.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep13ThisIsMyJam This Is My Jam]]: A [[EarWorm catchy song]] gets stuck in Rigby's head -- and ends up becoming a living cassette tape bent on driving people insane with its infectious tune.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep14MuscleWoman Muscle Woman]]: Muscle Man goes into a depression (which includes two very [[FanDisservice disgusting scenes of him in the shower, crying]]) when his girlfriend, Starla, dumps him -- and things get worse when Starla has her eyes on Mordecai.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep15TempCheck Temp Check]]: Rigby hires a temp, an otter named Doug, who later tries to take over his life.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep16Jinx Jinx]]: Rigby is jinxed (forced into not talking until someone says his name), and must find a way out of his predicament when things turn sour after he performs a mirror ritual.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep17SeeYouThere See You There]]: Mordecai and Rigby try to get invited to High Five Ghost's costume party -- and end up being turned to ghosts.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep18DoMeASolid Do Me A Solid]]: After Rigby reluctantly agrees to attend a double date with him with Margaret and her friend Eileen (a half-human, half-mole girl), Mordecai owes him an embarrassing favor.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep19GraveSights Grave Sights]]: A scary movie night to save the park turns into a zombie apocalypse.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep20ReallyRealWrestling Really Real Wrestling]]: Mordecai and Rigby want to watch a wrestling match live, but after unintentionally hurting Pops, Benson punishes them by making then look after Pops instead.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep21TheNightOwl The Night Owl]]: A radio station contest for a new car pits Muscle Man, High Five Ghost, Mordecai, and Rigby against each other -- and a stasis in liquid nitrogen sends the four into the very distant future, where they must work together to get back to the past.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep22OverTheTop Over the Top]]: After unintentionally killing Rigby, Skips is faced with an arm wrestle with Death in order to save Rigby.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep23ABunchOfBabyDucks A Bunch Of Baby Ducks]]: Mordecai and Rigby must find someone to take care of four baby ducks living in a park fountain after growing attached to them.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep24MoreSmarter More Smarter]]: After Mordecai makes funny of Rigby for not having a high school diploma, Rigby buys a drink that makes him smarter.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep25FirstDay First Day]]: A DirectorsCut of the unaired pilot, where a simple game of rock-paper-scissors over a discarded chair turns into TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep26GoViral Go Viral]]: The quest to make a viral video sends Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops into a cyberworld where viral video stars get to relive their humiliating stunts over and over.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep27Skunked Skunked]]: Rigby gets sprayed by a were-skunk, and if he doesn't get the stench off him, he will be one too.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS02Ep28KaraokeVideo Karaoke Video]]: The morning after a sugar-induced bender finds Mordecai and Rigby discovering that they made an embarrassing karaoke video (consist of them badmouthing their co-workers) -- and when Benson announces that the park employees are having mandatory karaoke night, the duo must do battle with Carrie O'Key to keep the tape from being shown.

[[folder:Season 3]]
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep01StickHockey Stick Hockey]]: Benson attempts to correct his error of throwing away a stick hockey table found by Mordecai and Rigby by helping the duo recover it. The duo then discovers that Benson had been a stick hockey champion, and that the only way to recover their table is to fight for it in a stick hockey showdown.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep02BetToBeBlonde Bet to Be Blonde]]: After Mordecai loses a bet he made with Rigby, he must dye his hair blond. He ends up joining a cult consisting of blond people, and now Rigby must prevent Mordecai from being brainwashed beyond the point of no return.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep03SkipsStrikes Skips Strikes]]: Skips, alongside Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, and Pops, must bowl Death's team in a showdown on the lanes, or risk sacrificing their souls based a bet enacted by Rigby.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep04TerrorTalesOfThePark Terror Tales of the Park]]: In this ThreeShorts episode, modeled after ''TheSimpsons'' "Treehouse of Horror" Halloween episodes, Pops befriends a murderous doll, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost are haunted by the horrible music of a 1980s death metal band, and Rigby is cursed by a wizard after throwing eggs at his house.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep05CampingCanBeCool Camping Can Be Cool]]: A camping trip goes pearshape for Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen -- and things get worse when they encounter a half-human, half-deer creature.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep06SlamDunk Slam Dunk]]: Mordecai and Rigby must challenge Muscle Man and High Five Ghost to a basketball competition in order to win time to use the computer so Mordecai can assist Margaret in creating a website. They get assistant from a humanoid with a basketball for a head.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep07CoolBikes Cool Bikes]]: Mordecai and Rigby pursue new bikes and apparel, hoping for an increase in their popularity to make Benson admit they are cool, but are put on trial for being too cool to live.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep08HouseRules House Rules]]: Mordecai and Rigby grow weary of Benson's new rules for the park house, and subsequently leave in favor of an anarchistic alternate universe.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep09RapItUp Rap It Up]]: ''Tyler the Creator'' and Childish Gambino (Creator/DonaldGlover) guest star as rappers bent on spinning mad rhymes against Mordecai and Rigby, who must drop some fresh lyrics in order to defend Pops' honor.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep10Cruisin Cruisin']]: Mordecai and Rigby attempt to get girl's phone numbers in order to win a bet with Margaret and Eileen, and end up on a wild car chase with two women on the run from their boyfriends.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep11UnderTheHood Under the Hood]]: A graffiti artist is on the loose in the park, and Mordecai and Rigby are left with cleaning the mess and accidentally blames it on Muscle Man which gets him fired.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep12WeekendAtBensons Weekend at Benson's]]: In this parody of ''Film/WeekendAtBernies'', Mordecai and Rigby accidentally knock Benson out cold, and together they must come up with a plan to ensure he won't fire the two by the time he wakes up. However, they stumble upon a spice-eating competition after Benson impresses his neighbor which makes her ex-boyfriend gets jealous.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep13FortuneCookie Fortune Cookie]]: Rigby tries to improve his luck by swapping cookie fortunes with Benson, sending Benson spiraling down a path of misery after Benson's swapped fortune comes true.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep14ThinkPositive Think Positive]]: Pops punishes Benson for yelling at Mordecai and Rigby too frequently, but soon realizes that he must allow Benson to vent his anger before Benson major meltdown.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep15SkipsVsTechnology Skips vs. Technology]]: Skips -- normally adept at fixing everything -- discovers that he's not good when it comes to computers.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep16ButtDial Butt Dial]]: Mordecai accidentally dials Margaret while singing a love song about her, and he must find a way to erase the embarrassing message he left on her voicemail.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep17Eggscellent Eggscellent]]: Mordecai must eat a giant omelette in order to save Rigby (who did the same thing to get the hat himself, only to realize too late that he has a fatal allergy to eggs).
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep18GutModel Gut Model]]: Muscle Man is chosen to be a model -- for maternity wear, after agents see potential in his chubbiness and when he thinks his co-workers don't appreciate him.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep19VideoGameWizards Video Game Wizards]]: Mordecai and Skips compete in a video-game contest in hopes of winning a new game controller, much to Rigby's dismay that Mordecai would choose Skips over his best friend.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep20BigWinner Big Winner]]: Mordecai and Rigby give Muscle Man a fake lottery ticket to prank him, but the prank goes awry when Muscle Man causes destruction and begins buying everything under the assumption that he's rich and can pay for any and all outstanding purchases and damages.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep21TheBestBurgerInTheWorld The Best Burger in the World]]: Mordecai and Rigby use holographic clones to do their work while they try to get legendary burgers from a famous food truck.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep22Replaced Replaced]]: Mordecai and Rigby fend for their jobs after Benson replaces them with an ostrich and a possum named Chad and Jeremy.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep23TrashBoat Trash Boat]]: Rigby legally changes his name to "Trash Boat", which he later regrets. But a man named "The Urge" comes after Rigby for taking away media attention from him for having a bizarre name.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep24FistsOfJustice Fists of Justice]]: Mordecai and Rigby do Skips' workload for a day as a birthday gift.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep25YesDudeYes Yes Dude Yes]]: Mordecai thinks Margaret is engaged to another bird, so, after a long depression, he starts dating a cloud girl named C.J.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep26BustedCart Busted Cart]]: A road trip with Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson takes a depressing turn, seeking repairs to the cart that's under warranty.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep27DeadAtEight Dead at Eight]]: Death needs a babysitter for his son, Thomas, who recruits Mordecai and Rigby for the job in exchange for Muscle Man's soul.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep28AccessDenied Access Denied]]: Mordecai and Rigby try to get into a club for Margaret's birthday party where they run into the owner of the club named Ladonna.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep29MuscleMentor Muscle Mentor]]: Rigby must prove he can complete a task by taking an embarrassing mentorship program with Muscle Man to avoid the risk of losing his job.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep30TruckerHallOfFame Trucker Hall of Fame]]: ADayInTheLimelight episode for Muscle Man. When he gets news from his brother that his father died in a horrible bear mauling, Muscle Man, Rigby, and Mordecai go on a road trip to spread Muscle Dad's trucker hat ashes.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep31OutOfCommission Out of Commission]]: Mordecai and Rigby help the park's busted cart grant his final wishes before drowning himself in a lake.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep32FancyRestaurant Fancy Restaurant]]: It's a slacker version of ''Theatre/MyFairLady'' when Mordecai and Rigby train Muscle Man into being a proper gentleman to impress Starla and her parents.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep33Diary Diary]]: Chaos ensues when Mordecai and Rigby accidentally destroy Margaret's diary and they get Skips to help fix it.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep34TheBestVHSInTheWorld The Best VHS in the World]]: Mordecai and Rigby must return a video cassette to the video rental store -- and find a troll who worships the video like a golden idol.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep35Prankless Prankless]]: After Muscle Man almost kills Pops with his prank, he retires from pranking, but a rival park run by a living snack vending machine named Gene wages another prank war against Benson's park and the gang needs to get Muscle Man back.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep36DeathBear Death Bear]]: Mordecai and Rigby pose for a dangerous picture in an abandoned zoo to impress Margaret and Eileen.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep37FuzzyDice Fuzzy Dice]]: Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, Muscle Man, and High-Five Ghost go to a Chuck E. Cheese-style arcade/pizzeria in order to win a pair of fuzzy dice for Pops' birthday, but the dice have a treasure that the animatronic band wants before the police can catch them.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep38SugarRush Sugar Rush]]: Mordecai and Rigby buy doughnuts for Benson's upcoming meeting, but the doughnuts they buy are so sugar-coated that they cause time to speed up and slow down when eaten -- which they find out too late when Pops eats them.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS03Ep39BadKiss Bad Kiss]]: Mordecai travels back in time to stop himself from kissing Margaret after realizing that he has bad breath.

[[folder:Season 4]]
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep01Exit9B Exit 9B]]: In this special half-hour episode, an anthropomorphic goat named Thomas comes to the park as an unpaid intern -- amidst an epic battle between the park workers and all of their past enemies.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep02StarterPack Starter Pack]]: Mordecai and Rigby are worried that Muscle Man's pranks on Thomas may be too much for him.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep03TerrorTalesOfTheParkII Terror Tales of the Park II]]: In this second ThreeShorts Halloween episode, Mordecai's uncle comes back from the dead for unfinished business, Mordecai, Margaret, Rigby, and Eileen go on a party bus that ages its passengers, and Mordecai and Rigby hire Jan the Wallpaper Man -- who papers the house in stripes and captures the others in a web.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep04PieContest Pie Contest]]: Little white lies haunt Mordecai and Rigby while they judge a pie-baking contest.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep05150PieceKit 150 Piece Kit]]: Benson wants to prove that he performed an impossible drum solo, but his former bandmates (and a synthetic drum machine) don't want anyone to find out this dirty secret.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep06BaldSpot Bald Spot]]: Muscle Man fears he may be going bald and flexes his man boobs to keep anyone from noticing -- until he becomes a chick magnet and a punching bag for jealous boyfriends.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep07GuysNight Guy's Night]]: To prove he's one of the guys, Pops tries to chug an entire gallon of milk, but every attempt makes him sick.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep08OnePullUp One Pull Up]]: Rigby has to do one pull-up to pass the park's physical and keep his job at the park.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep09TheChristmasSpecial The Christmas Special]]: In this [[AnAssKickingChristmas ass-kicking Christmas episode]], Santa orders Mordecai and Rigby to rid the world of a present that brings out the evil and greed in anyone who looks into the box.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep10TGITuesday TGI Tuesday]]: Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen plan a party for Margaret, who may be transferring from junior college, and must contend with the ghosts of 1980s [=DJs=] who consider the park's ballroom a sacred ground.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep11FireworkRun Firework Run]]: After accidentally setting off the fireworks display needed for a Fourth of July celebration, Muscle Man takes High Five Ghost, Rigby, and Mordecai to Mexico to get illegal fireworks from a famous chili pepper manufacturer.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep12TheLongestWeekend The Longest Weekend]]: Muscle Man tries not to contact his girlfriend, Starla, for an entire weekend to test their relationship.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep13SandwichOfDeath Sandwich of Death:]] Mordecai and Rigby order the Sandwich of Death from the Death Kwon Do's pizza and sub shop, but Benson ends up eating it and is now near death.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep14AceBalthazarLives Ace Balthazar Lives]]: Mordecai and Rigby find out that the crazy guy who lives in the mattress fort near the park may be Ace Balthazar from the band Adrenaline (the same band that appeared in "150-Piece Kit," only the band on the former episode was called "Hair to the Throne"), who presumably died in a bus crash, and try to get him back together with his other bandmates.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep15DoOrDiaper Do Or Diaper]]: Muscle Man bets Mordecai that if he kisses Margret within the week he will wear a diaper, and if he doesn't Moredcai will have to.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep16Quips Quips]]: Skips' joke-cracking cousin Quips comes to visit.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep17Caveman Caveman]]: After Mordecai and Rigby accidentally defrost a caveman, they try to civilize him so he can stay at the park.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep18ThatsMyTelevision That's My Television]]: Mordecai and Rigby help a 1980s sitcom star escape starring in a revival of his famous show to the mountains where he can be at peace away from network heads and obsessed fans.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep19ABunchOfFullGrownGeese A Bunch of Full Grown Geese]]: In this, the 100th episode, Mordecai and Rigby call upon their baby duck friends from "A Bunch of Baby Ducks" to help them fight back against a bunch of full grown geese.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep20FoolMeTwice Fool Me Twice]]: Mordecai, Benson, and Rigby are transported by phone to a sadistic Japanese game show.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep21LunchtimeLimousine Lunchtime Limousine]]: Mordecai and Rigby are ordered to keep Maellard's (Pops' father) limo from getting dirty, but a meatball sub slip-up prompts them to take it to an auto body shop where one of the workers uses the limo in a demolition derby.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep22PickingUpMargaret Picking Up Margaret]]: Mordecai volunteers to drive Margaret to the airport, and gets hounded by many ''The Warriors''-style street thugs.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep23KILITRadio K.I.L.I.T Radio]]: Muscle Man writes a love song for Starla and tries to get the tape played on K.I.L.I.T Radio, only to discover that the radio station is overrun by a supercomputer that was brought in to cut costs on employing human D.J.s.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep24CarterAndBriggs Carter and Briggs]]: Mordecai and Rigby compete for a chance to win a cameo on their favorite cop show.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep25SkipsStress Skips' Stress]]: Skips discovers that a dark being lives in him and will kill him -- his stress.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep26CoolCubed Cool Cubed]]: Thomas the intern is put into a coma after drinking a deadly smoothie from the "Fast and Easy" known for literally freezing someone's brain.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep27TrailerTrashed Trailer Trashed]]: Muscle Man's trailer is declared a health hazard and only Mordecai, Rigby, and the gang can stop the health inspectors from taking it away.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep28MeteorMoves Meteor Moves]]: Mordecai tries to get a kiss from Margaret on the night of a meteor shower.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep29FamilyBBQ Family BBQ]]: Mordecai is invited to Margaret's barbecue and finally meets her father for the first time.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep30TheLastLaserDiscPlayer The Last LaserDisc Player]]: Muscle Man, Mordecai, and Rigby call upon the Obsolete Format Guardians to help them find the last known laserdisc player in the world.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep31CountryClub Country Club]]: The park workers must contend with snooty country club members.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep32BlindTrust Blind Trust]]: Pops forces Benson to undergo a trust building exercise in the woods with Mordercai and Rigby.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep33WorldsBestBoss World's Best Boss]]: The park workers struggle to get a World's Best Boss mug for Benson for his tenth anniversary working at the park.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep34LastMeal Last Meal]]: When Starla forces him to go on a diet, Muscle Man enlists Mordercai and Rigby's help to binge on all his favorite foods before his diet kicks in.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep35SleepFighter Sleep Fighter]]: The park workers try to figure out why Muscle Man keeps pummeling them in his sleep.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep36PartyRePete Party Re-Pete]]: In a sequel to the season 1 episode Party Pete, the park workers must save Benson after he's abducted by an evil party company.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS04Ep37SteakMeAmadeus Steak Me Amadeus]]: Mordecai plans a special dinner to ask Margaret to officially be his girlfriend, only to get caught in the middle of a counterfeit restaurant money scam and for Margaret to drop a bombshell of her own.

[[folder: Season 5]]
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E01LaundryWoes Laundry Woes]]: Mordecai and a reluctant Rigby go on a road trip to return one of Margaret's sweaters after she leaves for college.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E02SilverDude Silver Dude]]: Mordecai and Rigby try their hand at street performing using their songs to get money for a video game.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E03BensonsCar Benson's Car]]: Mordecai and Rigby end up all the way out in the sticks when they accidentally destroy Benson's windshield.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E04EveryMeatBurritos Every Meat Burritos]]: Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost must find a car in order to get burritos from a drive-though.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E05WallBuddy Wall Buddy]]: Mordecai and Rigby must clean their room, but Rigby tries to find a way to avoid doing so since most of the garbage is his.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E06ASkipsInTime A Skips in Time]]: Skips past self, Walks, shows up in the present thanks to a freak balloning accident, and must be returned to his own time before Skips ceases to exist.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E07SurvivalSkills Survival Skills]]: Mordecai and Rigby are charged with bringing tortillas for quesadillas.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E08TerrorTalesOfTheParkIII Terror Tales of the Park III]]: The guys hold a bet for people who can tell the scariest story. These stories are "Killer Bed", where Rigby buys a bed only for it to be a murderer turned into one, "Jacked Up Jack-O-Lantern", where Muscleman, High Five, Mordecai and Rigby smash a pumpkin's wife and pay the price, and "The Previous Owner", where the house is haunted by a poltergeist and Mordecai, Rigby, Muscleman, High Five and Pops stay the night while he's there.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E09Tants Tants]]: Pops gives Mordecai and Rigby the gift of Tants- pants that are part table.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E10BankShot Bank Shot]]: Rigby ends up in a high stakes bet with a guy over a game of Bank Shot at Wing Kingdom
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E11PowerTower Power Tower]]: Muscle Man enters a body building competition so he, Mordecai and Rigby can play ping pong at Power Tower, a gym Muscle Man used to frequent.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E12TheThanksgivingSpecial The Thanksgiving Special]]: Mordecai and Rigby must replace the turkey after they destroy it before their families arrive.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E13TheHeartOfAStuntman The Heart of a Stuntman]]: Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High Fives want to get a stuntman license for a kid's 10th birthday party.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E14NewYearsKiss New Year's Kiss]]: Rigby is told by his future self to stop Mordecai from kissing a new girl he just met at the New Year's party.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E15DodgeThis Dodge This]]: The park staff, under the moniker "Benson's Ballers", compete in a dodgeball tournament, hoping to win despite not having won the competition in 10 years. Meanwhile Mordecai, their star player, runs into CJ and the ensuing awkwardness wrecks his concentration.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E16PortableToilet Portable Toilet]]: Mordecai and Rigby get trapped in a portable toilet heading for a government testing site, while CJ and Eileen try to rescue them.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E17ThePostcard The Postcard]]: With a little help from his friends, Hi Five Ghost tries to reunite with a girl from his past.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E18RigbyInTheSkyWithBurrito Rigby in the Sky With Burrito]]: Before his High School reunion, Rigby decides to accomplish at least one of the things he said he would do.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E19JourneyToTheBotttomOfTheCrashPit Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit]]: Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost give one last crash to the Crash Pit, but lose an important camera in the process.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E20SavingTime Saving Time]]: Mordecai and Rigby have to reset the clocks in the park to Daylight Savings Time, but they intentionally set it wrong.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E21GuitarOfRock Guitar of Rock]]: Benson accidentally destroys a guitar signed by a rock star and with the help of Mordecai and Rigby, must replace it before Mr. Maellard finds out.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E22SkipsStory Skips' Story]] (Parts 1 and 2): Skips tells Mordecai and Rigby the story of how he became immortal.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E23ReturnOfMordecaiAndTheRigbys Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys]]: On the hottest day of the summer, Mordecai, Rigby and the rest of the gang enter a battle of the bands competition so they can win an air conditioner.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E24BadPortrait Bad Portrait]]: When Mordecai and Rigby damage a painting of Benson, Mordecai is forced to repaint it, but comes down with a nasty case of artistic block.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E25Video101 Video 101]]: Eileen recruits Mordecai, Rigby and CJ to make a music video for her filmmaking class.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E26ILikeYouHi I Like You Hi]]: Mordecai is left to ponder over his feelings towards C.J. after he sends her an auto-corrected text message saying that he likes her.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E27PlayDate Play Date]]: Mordecai's plans to spend the day with C.J. are canceled when Death forces him to babysit Thomas the demon child again.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E28ExpertOrLiar Expert or Liar]]: Rigby wants to redeem himself by winning on "Expert or Liar."
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E29CatchingTheWave Catching The Wave]]: Pops tries out surfing so he can get back in touch with nature.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E30GoldWatch Gold Watch]]: Benson goes wing crazy the night before a gold watch ceremony, and has to combat a DirtyCop to get there on time.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E31PaintJob Paint Job]]: Rigby is left alone to paint the house. Naturally, he manages to foul it up.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E32TakeTheCake Take The Cake]]: Benson tries to set up a surprise birthday party for the notoriously hard to surprise Mr. Maellard.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E33SkipsInTheSaddle Skips in the Saddle]]: Skips decides it's time to get back into the dating scene -- and ends up on a dating game show with a T-shirt salesman and a centaur who's into hip-hop.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E34ThomasFightsBack Thomas Fights Back]]: With his job on the line, Thomas (the goat intern, not Death's bratty son) infiltrates Gene the Vending Machine's park and pulls off the biggest heist ever: returning the founder's statue to Benson's park.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E35BachelorPartyZingo Bachelor Party! Zingo!]]: Skips is made best man for Quips bachelor party. But finds the task of getting some wings a difficult obstacle.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E36TentTrouble Tent Trouble]]: Mordecai and Rigby go hunting for 200 bucks to replace C.J.'s deluxe tent and end up in a mud-wrestling match.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS05E37RealDate Real Date]]: Mordecai and C.J. go out on a real, romantic date, but the CEO of the singles website Couple Corral (the website Mordecai went on for dates on "Yes, Dude, Yes") a dating website, keeps interfering.

[[folder:Season 6]]
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E01MaxinAndRelaxin Maxin' and Relaxin']]: Mordecai must put up with his [[AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents amazingly embarrassing mom]] (now voiced by [[Series/MarriedWithChildren Katey]] [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} Sagal]] instead of Creator/JenniferHale) when he invites C.J. over to find a music mix tape he used to play for his past dates (even though Rigby and Mordecai's father[[note]]now voiced by Ed Begley, Jr. instead of Alastair Duncan[[/note]] claim that Mordecai has never had a girl over) -- and confronts his past selves from an embarrassing compilation video his mom made when he was younger.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E02NewBroOnCampus New Bro on Campus]]: After Muscle Man breaks off his friendship with High-Five Ghost over an embarrassing viral video, Muscle Man flashes back to his high school days when he was the big man on campus -- until new kid High Five Ghost comes in and usurps his title.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E03DaddyIssues Daddy Issues]]: C.J. competes in a mini-golf tournament to win a card that permits people to cut in line at their favorite restaurant, but things hit a snag when C.J. must compete against her over-competitive father.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E04TerrorTalesOfTheParkIV Terror Tales of the Park IV]]: While on their way to visit Muscle Man's mother (the same one who has long been the butt of Muscle Man's bad jokes), the gang tells ghost stories[[note]]This episode aired on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 as part of Cartoon Network's "Week of Eeek," in which scary and/or Halloween-based episodes of popular shows air every day between October 25th to the 31st[[/note]]: In "The Hole," Pops is chosen to be sacrificed to a hole that eats people every year. In "Unfinished Business," Mordecai and Rigby die and haunt the park's house and it's up to Benson to permanently fire them so their spirits can rest in peace. In "Scary Movie Night," C.J., Eileen, Mordecai, and Rigby are trapped in a horror movie said to be the scariest movie ever made.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E05TheEndOfMuscleMan The End of Muscle Man]]: Muscle Man announces that he doesn't have long to live and needs help completing his bucket list. The guys think it's a joke at first, until Death comes looking for Muscle Man and a doctor calls Muslce Man about his health.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E05LiftWithYourBack Lift With Your Back]]: Rigby, fed up with being taken for granted by Mordecai, quits and join on with a moving company to prove that he's useful.
# [[Recap/RegularShowSE07EileenFlatScreen Eileen Flat Screen]]: When Eileen wins a flatscreen TV in a dance contest, C.J., Mordecai, and Rigby decide to surprise her by hooking it up -- and run afoul of Eileen's roommate, who doesn't want anyone touching her antique television.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E08TheRealThomas The Real Thomas]]: In this special, non-holiday 30-minute episode (similar to "Exit 9B"), Rigby discovers that Thomas the goat intern is secretly a Russian spy.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E09WhiteElephantGiftExchange The White Elephant Gift Exchange]]: First half of the second ChristmasEpisode: Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, and Benson are sick of Muscle Man screwing them over with prank gifts every year during their White Elephant Gift Exchange party, and come together to get revenge on him.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E10MerryChristmasMordecai Merry Christmas Mordecai]]: Second half of the second ChristmasEpisode. Margaret (last seen at the end of "Eileen Flatscreen") returns to see Mordecai, which complicates things now that he's with C.J. -- and a grave mistake may cost him the love of the girl he really wants.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E11SadSax Sad Sax]]: Following the events of "Merry Christmas, Mordecai," Mordecai tries to make things right for what he did at the Christmas party and a shirtless, street saxophonist may have the solution...but each of his solutions just makes things worse.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E12ParkManagersLunch Park Manager's Lunch]]: Benson is invited to a lunch with rivaling park manager Gene[[note]](the living vending machine seen on such episodes as "Prankless" and "Thomas Fights Back")[[/note]], but his employees worry that it might be a trap.
# [[Recap/RegularShowS06E13MordecaiAndRigbyDownUnder Mordecai and Rigby Down Under]]: Mordecai and Rigby sleep in a crate that gets shipped to Australia and must traverse the Outback to get to the airport.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E14MarriedAndBroke Married and Broke]]: When Muscle Man discovers that his stockbroker is a fraud and he has no money to finance his wedding for Starla, the duo sign up to be contestants on a game show where engaged couples compete to win an all-expenses-paid wedding.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E15ISeeTurtles I See Turtles]]: Eileen, Mordecai, Rigby, and C.J. go to the beach to see the sea turtles hatch and head into the ocean, and stumble upon a shoreside spa where rich people use the turtles to stay young forever.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E16FormatWarsII Format Wars II]]: Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, High-Five Ghost, along with Benson this time, are once again summoned to help the Disc-Masters (previously seen on "The Last Laser Disc Player") stop a new threat in the Format Wars: the DVD and its ally, Internet streaming.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E17HappyBirthdaySongContest Happy Birthday Song Contest]]: Mordecai and Rigby enter a birthday song contest so they can win free cake.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E18BensonsSuit Benson's Suit]]: Benson finds a well-tailored suit (that was made by the government) in the lost and found and begins wearing it to command respect.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E19GamersNeverSayDie Gamers Never Say Die]]: Mordecai and Rigby find an old video game system and cartridge and go on a quest to find a gold video game patch.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E201000thChopperFlightParty 1000th Chopper Flight Party]]: Mordecai is invited to his ex-girlfriend, Margaret's, father's 1000th chopper flight party, but all Mordecai wants to do is take a piece of cake and reserve it for C.J., who flies off the handle again after seeing Mordecai and Margaret in the chopper together.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E21PartyHorse Party Horse]]: Mordecai and Rigby help an equine alien pass history class. Trouble is, he would rather party than study.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E22MenInUniform Men in Uniform]]: When Mr. Maellard announces that he's shutting down the park, the crew must do what they can to keep it open -- and an online purchase they make while wasted on Wing Kingdom chicken wings brings the park some much-needed attention.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E23GarageDoor Garage Door]]: After Pops crashes his car into Mordecai and Rigby's trompe l'oeil painting of the garage interior on the garage door, the trio heads off to a hardware superstore, where their search for a replacement garage door turns into an epic quest.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E24BrilliantCenturyDuckCrisisSpecial Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special]]: In this special, non-holiday 30-minute episode (similar to "Exit 9B" and "The Real Thomas") and homage to all things mecha anime, Benson ordering Mordecai and Rigby to get rid of a cassowary in the park turns into a space battle over merchandising rights when the baby ducks and full-grown geese return to enlist the help of the park workers to defeat a pair of lawyers and their iron-clad contracts.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E25NotGreatDoubleDate Not Great Double Date]]: After the events of "1000th Chopper Flight Party," CJ comes over to forgive Margaret for what happened then (and what happened on "Merry Christmas, Mordecai") and invites her on a double date with her boyfriend. Trouble is, Margaret lied about the weather man being her boyfriend so she could calm CJ down from her rage -- and must keep up the masquerade with the help of the weather man she allegedly likes and Rigby's outlandish story of how they met.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E26DeathKwonDoLivery Death Kwon Do-Livery]]: When the Death Kwon Do sensei's life is threatened, Mordecai and Rigby help save him.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E27LunchBreak Lunch Break]]: Benson orders sandwiches for his park workers, and Mordecai and Rigby take advantage of this by ordering the largest sandwich on the menu -- and the two find themselves in over their heads when Benson forces them to eat the entire hoagie or they'll be fired.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS06E28DumpedAtTheAlter Dumped at the Altar]]: Part one of two. Muscle Man finally marries Starla, but problems arise when Muscle Man can't find a life lesson letter from his dad...and things get worse when Mordecai once again fumbles in admitting his true feelings for CJ.

[[folder:Season 7]]
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07E01DumptownUSA Dumptown, USA]]: Following the events of last season's "Dumped at the Altar," Mordecai runs away to a strange city called Dumptown, USA, populated by men who have given up on life after being dumped -- and Rigby must risk his relationship with Eileen to get his buddy back.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07E02TheParkieAwards The Parkie Awards]]: After Benson is yet again snubbed for a Parkie Award for Manager of the Year in favor of Gene the Vending Machine, the rest of the gang try to make him feel better with a guys' night out... after Rigby steals Gene's award.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07E03TheLunchClub The Lunch Club]]: Mr. Maellard's billionaire brunch gets ruined by a sleeping Rigby on a lawnmower. As punishment, Mr. Maellard locks Rigby and Benson (who gets blamed for not disciplining his employees) in Benson's office and orders one of them to write a letter of resignation before 5:00pm, or both of them will be fired.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07E04LocalNewsLegend Local News Legend]]: Margaret auditions for the chance to host a weekly news segment by doing an undercover investigation piece, but a mysterious, trenchcoated informant a la Deep Throat keeps giving her bogus leads.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07E05TheDomeExperimentSpecial The Dome Experiment Special]]: The park is volunteered by Mr. Maellard for an experiment that'll seal it in a dome. Benson initially is told that the sealing will be the next day but on the day he informs the employers, the dome arrives and traps them inside for a month. While the staff band together to survive, Benson sets out on proving he didn't get the date of the arrival wrong.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07E06BirthdayGift Birthday Gift]]: Rigby tries to get Mordecai the best birthday gift.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07E07CatVideos Cat Videos]]: After getting Benson addicted to cat videos, Mordecai and Rigby must get him to stop watching them.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep09StruckByLighting Struck By Lighting]]: Muscle Man and Fives are hit by lighting and lose the memory of their friendship.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep10And11TerrorTalesOfTheParkV Terror Tales of the Park V]]: Fifth Halloween Special (Billed as two episode then one). Benson rents a fortune telling machine that'll show the user whatever they wish for. Benson, Pop, Fives and Rigby all give it a try and each see how their wishes would pan out.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep12TheReturnOfPartyHorse The Return of Party Horse]]: Mordecai and Rigby help out Party Horse again. This time, Party Horse needs help reuniting with his girlfriend, who doesn't like his excessive partying.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep13SleepCycle Sleep Cycle]]: Mordecai and Rigby compromise their sleep patterns when they stay up to watch a series of cheesy late-night movies.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep14JustFriends Just Friends]]: While Eileen and Rigby go out of town to see Don's (Rigby's brother) black belt ceremony, Mordecai and Margaret[[note]]who have been feeling really uncomfortable about each other ever since the "Mordecai/C.J./Margaret love triangle" arc from last season[[/note]] decide to have a friend's night out, but their unrequited feelings for each other complicates things, and only a psychic teppenyaki chef's griddle can help them figure out if they have a future together.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep15BensonsPig Benson's Pig]]: Benson adopts a pet pig and asks Mordecai and Rigby to care for it -- and the duo discover that Benson's pet pig is a criminal on the run from the law.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep16TheEileenPlan The Eileen Plan]]: Rigby decides to go back to high school to get his diploma and tries to keep it under wraps from Eileen, after Rigby discovers that Eileen wants to date an educated man.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep17HelloChina Hello, China]]: In the continuing arc of Rigby in high school, Rigby signs up for a foreign exchange program in China in order to learn a new language...around the same time that Benson gets a job as an English teacher in a Chinese school.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep18CrazyFakePlan Crazy Fake Plan]]: Rigby wants to surprise Eileen after his latest attempts fall apart.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep19WinThatPrize Win That Prize]]: Pops is chosen to appear on a game show called ''Win That Prize'', and ends up being hired to a local TV station when his ideas and appearances become popular.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep20SnowTubing Snow Tubing]]: Eileen, Rigby, Mordecai and Margaret go on a snow tubing trip, while Eileen tries to conquer her fear of snow tubing.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep21ChiliCookOff Chili Cook-Off]]: Benson wants to get some street cred with the Park Managersí Association and win the big chili cook-off.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep22DonutFactoryHoliday Donut Factory Holiday]]: Once again, Mordecai and Rigby get in trouble with the local video store clerk over an overdue video of a campy cult film.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep23Gymblonski Gymblonski]]: Rigby takes gym class so he can finally get his high school diploma -- and discovers that his teacher is his high school bully.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep24GuysNight2 Guys' Night 2]]: The park workers celebrate Guys' Night again -- this time, to help Thomas (the goat intern who is really a Russian[[note]]or Druznik, if you watched the edited version[[/note]] spy named Nikolai) have a fun time before he continues to go into hiding for treason.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep25GarysSynthesizer Gary's Synthesizer]]: When Mordecai and Rigby mess around with the cables in an old synthesizer, Gary (the Music/DavidBowie-as-Ziggy Stardust-looking guardian who's friends with Skips) disappears, and the guys now have to find a way to bring him back.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep26CaliforniaKing California King]]: In this homage to ''Film/{{Labyrinth}}'' (and second memorial episode to David Bowie) Rigby decides to trade in his trampoline for a California king-sized bed, but when he can't get comfortable in it, he and Mordecai venture through the city dump and contend with the Jareth-esque king of the dump, Ziggy.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep27CubeBros Cube Bros]]: Muscle Man quits his job at the park after being passed up for jobs that require brainpower rather than muscle and gets an office job, where the coworkers (who look like Mordecai, Rigby, and High-Five Ghost if they were human) admire Muscle Man for his brains and body and make him their new hamster to power the company.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep28MaellardsPackage Maellard's Package]]: Mordecai and Rigby try to catch a delivery man with a package for Mr. Maellard.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep29TheButton The Button]]: The park crew are assigned to protect a big red button set up by the dome scientists.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep30FavoriteShirt Favorite Shirt]]: While Muscle Man sleeps, Mordecai and Rigby accidentally shred Muscle Man's favorite [[LimitedWardrobe (and only)]] shirt, so they use the scientists' 3D printer to recreate a new one -- and end up making a clone of Muscle Man.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep31MarvoloTheWizard Marvolo the Wizard]]: The park holds a Renaissance fair, but Pops thinks he's gone back in time.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep32PopsFavoritePlanet Pops' Favorite Planet]]: Pops sets out to see a planet that has been with him since childhood and gives him strange, telekinetic powers.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep33PamIAm Pam I Am]]: Benson falls for one of the dome scientists and the two bond over chicken wings.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep34LameLockdown Lame Lockdown]]: Mordecai and Rigby are put on a 24-hour lockdown inside the house and try to escape so they can see their favorite band in concert.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep35VIPMembersOnly VIP Members Only]]: Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost want to be VIP members at Cheeser's.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07Ep36DeezKeys Deez Keys]]: Mordecai and Rigby go through a chain of deals in order to retrieve Benson's car keys from inside the scientists' lab.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS07E37RigbysGraduationDaySpecial Rigby's Graduation Day Special]]: Rigby finally graduates from high school, but has to come with an inspiring speech. Meanwhile, Mordecai runs away after feeling jealous over Rigby's success and the park crew finally discover the true intentions of the month-long dome experiment.

[[folder: Season 8]]
Also known as ''Regular Show [[RecycledInSpace In Space]]''.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E01OneSpaceDayAtATime One Space Day At A Time]]: Following the events of last season's finale, the park workers (and Eileen) are still panicking over being launched into space (and according to several news reports, other places on Earth have also been domed off and jettisoned into space and Mr. Maellard has been implicated in the conspiracy) and try to find a way to communicate with Earth so they can return home.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E02CoolBroBots Cool Bro Bots]]: The park workers are visited by friendly robots, but Mordecai and Rigby are suspicious about their ulterior motives (especially after receiving a text in the previous episode that says, "Trust no one").
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E03WelcomeToSpace Welcome to Space]]: The park is revealed to be part of a space station that trains park workers to go on adventures in space. While the rest of the gang are interested, Benson however wants no part in it and wishes to go home.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E04SpaceCreds Space Creds]]: After finding out that they're normal money is useless on the space station, Mordecai and Rigby do an odd-job for one of the scientists so they can buy a pair of hover boots.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E05LostAndFound Lost and Found]]: After trying to find a lost wallet, Mordecai accidentally proposes to the princess of the Mantis-people.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E06UglyMoon Ugly Moon]]: Muscle Man is brought back into the pranking game one last time to take down a rival space station, Space Bush.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E07TheDreamWarrior The Dream Warrior]]: A nightmare alien that keeps appearing in Pops's nightmares is wants to know where Pops can be found, so the gang try to help him get rid of it himself.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E08TheBrainOfEvil The Brain of Evil]]: Rigby accidentally releases an evil brain that makes off with their park dome. Forcing Mordecai and he to get it back before it's blown up.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E09FriesNight Fries Night]]: After breaking up with Pam, Benson tries to find solace in eating french fries and has an adventure with the owner of the food truck that serves them.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E10SpaceyMcSpaceTree Spacey McSpaceTree]]: Rigby causes an accident and is put on probation. In order to get off it, he has to prove he can be safe. But the mentor assigned to him drives him crazy with his safety tips.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E11CanYouEarMeNow Can You Ear Me Now?]]: Mordecai and Rigby cause an accident while visiting an planet inhabited by ear people and put on trial for the disruption.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E12StuckInAnElevator Stuck in an Elevator]]: While on the way to see Fist Pump's final concert at the Space Tree station, Mordecai and Rigby's elevator breaks down and they try to find a way out of it.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E13TheSpaceRace The Space Race]]: Rawls enters Mordecai and Rigby as the representives at the annual space race between the stations. But they face competitions against the people they replaced.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E14OperationHearNoEvil Operation Hear No Evil]]: Mordecai and Rigby get into a TV show and try to see the final episode without being spoiled. But Benson wishes spoil it as punishment for not doing their chores.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E15SpaceEscape Space Escape]]: A being dubbed Anti-Pops invades the station looking for Pops, forcing the Park Crew to flee the station.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E16NewBeds New Beds]]: On the run after the events of ''Space Escape'', the park crew stop at a furniture store to get new beds, but find they're being tracked by a bounty hunter.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E17MordebyAndRigbecai Mordeby and Rigbecai]]: While doing inventory, Mordecai and Rigby find a teleporter and play around with it. But soon find themselves with mixed up bodies that they frantically try to reverse before it becomes permanent.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E18AlphaDome Alpha Dome]]: The crew reach the Alpha Dome, the first park sent into space. However when Mordecai, Rigby and Skips investigate, they find the inhabitants believing they're pilgrims.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E19And20TerrorTalesOfTheParkVI Terror Tales of the Park VI]]: Set before ''Space Escape'', the Park Crew are en route to a Halloween Nebula and, as usual, tell scary stories to pass the time.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E21TheIceTape The Ice Tape]]: The crew reach an ice planet and find a VHS tape made of ice with a message for Pops. To play it, they need to find the VHS Player guarded by treacherous terrain.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E22TheKeyToTheUniverse The Key To The Universe]]: An instructor tries to teach Pops to ready him for his confrontation with Anti-Pops, but Pops is hesitant to go through with his training.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E23NoTrainNoGain No Train No Gain]]: Pop's training continues but Mordecai and Rigby, in trying to help him, end up accidentally trapping him in a training montage.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E24And25ChristmasInSpace Christmas in Space]]: Celebrating their first Christmas in space, the crew tell some holiday stories.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E26KillEmWithKindness Kill Em' with Kindness]]: Pops finishes his training. But, not wanting to fight his brother, Anti-Pops, tries to resolve things between them peacefully.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E27MeetTheSeer Meet the Seer]]: The Park Crew head to the Planet Nielsen to see the Seer and learn Pops' destiny. But first, they must get past the being who rules the planet, Online Streaming.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E28CheerUpPops Cheer Up Pops]]: Pops is upset about his upcoming battle with Anti-Pops and the possible destruction of the universe, so the Park Crew help him cheer up by recording their memories.
#[[Recap/RegularShowS08E29ARegularShowEpicFinalBattle A Regular Show Epic Final Battle]]: SeriesFinale. The final battle between Pops and Anti-Pops commences with the Park Crew trying to aid him in saving the universe.


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[[folder: Movie]]
# WesternAnimation/RegularShowTheMovie In this MadeForTVMovie, a chain of events creates a BadFuture where a Timenado threatens to wipe out all of existence. Future Rigby manages to go back into the past and warn his present counterparts, but changing the future turns out to be easier said than done.