A new generation of Power Rangers must master the ways of the Samurai through calligraphy and ElementalPowers. Led by their Mentor Ji, the teens train to fight the evil [[BigBad Master Xandred]] and his army of Netherworld monsters.

[[folder:Part 1: Samurai]]
!!Episodes 1 & 2: Origins
When the Nighlok armies of the Netherworld begin to seep through to Earth, the 18th Red Samurai Ranger must recruit 4 new teammates from different walks of life and acclimate them to the ways of the samurai.

!!3: The Team Unites
Mike learns the hard way that he must put aside his social life when his friends are hurt in a Nighlok attack.

!!4: Deal with a Nighlok
Kevin and Mia race to help a young boy before [=DoubleTone=] can convince him to give up his dreams.

!!5: Day Off
Jayden struggles to master the Beetle Disc's power while the rest of the team has to fight a Nighlok immune to physical attacks.

!!6: Sticks and Stones
When Negatron's insults turn into physical damage, it's up to Emily to save the day.

!!7: A Fish Out of Water
The rangers battle handicapped against the toxic Yamiror, while Kevin tries to capture the Swordfish Zord.

!!8: There Go the Brides
Dayu takes action to raise the Sanzu River by kidnapping brides on their wedding days, and the Rangers must find a way to stop her, but are interrupted by the mysterious Decker.

!!9: I've Got a Spell on Blue
When Kevin falls under a Nighlok's control, it's up to Jayden to free his friend...and the Tiger Zord!

!!10: Forest for the Trees
The Rangers find they have the right collection of zords to form the Samurai Battlewing, but when Mike gets his Samuraizer taken away, he has to learn what it means to be the Green Ranger before he can help.

!!11: Test of the Leader
Jayden starts feeling the pressure when Master Xandred starts targeting him after learning of the Shiba family's Sealing Symbol Power.

!!12: Jayden's Challenge
The team takes what time they can to recover from Robtish's attacks, while Jayden goes off on his own to clear his head.

!!13: Unexpected Arrival
A strange traveling fish-monger arrives in the city, while Jayden is further targeted by the mystical Nighlok Vulpes.

!!14: Room for One More
Antonio struggles to be accepted on the team, but finally gets a chance to prove himself when the others need his help fighting the lightning-fast swordsmaster Steeleto.

!!15: The Blue and the Gold
Antonio is frustrated by Kevin still not accepting him as a part of the team, but the two must put aside their differences to stop Octoroo's plot to open a permanent gate to the Sanzu.

!!16: Team Spirit
Antonio finishes reprogramming the Clawzord just in time, after the spirit-stealing Splitface gets to Emily.

!!17: The Tengen Gate
As Master Xandred grows stronger, the Rangers head to the Tengen Gate temple to retrieve an old relic to keep up.

!!18: Boxed In
Antonio begins working on the Black Box as only he can, while Jayden is nursed back to health by Deker and the others head off to face the super-charged Arachnitor.

!!19: Broken Dreams
The Rangers split up to face Rhinosnorus and Dayu in the dream world, while Deker decides it's finally time to make his challenge to Jayden.

!!20: The Ultimate Duel
The time has come: Jayden and Deker begin their match, as the rest of the Rangers step up to take down Rhinosnorus.

[[folder:Part 2: Super Samurai]]
!!21: Super Samurai
Antonio is tasked with completing the Black Box when the mutated Arachnitor finally resurfaces.

!!22: Shell Game
Armadeevil may be too much for the team without Antonio, who's lost his morpher!

!!23: Trading Places
Mike and Emily are on their own when Switchbeast traps the other Rangers' spirits in various inanimate objects.

!!24: Something Fishy
Antonio is paralyzed with fear at the sight of his own weapon after Switchbeast's attack, leaving the other Rangers in danger when Serrator finally makes his debut, and when his Papyrax proves to be too much for the Megazord, Mentor has Antonio break out and reprogram the long-lost Light Zord.

!!25. The Rescue
Antonio and Mentor are captured by Eyescar, and the other Rangers must utilize the new Shark Disc to save them.

!!26. The Bullzord
Serrator sends Crustor to find and capture the legendary Bullzord, but when the youngest of its guardian family, a boy named Cody, attempts to release it with wholly good intentions, things quickly go south for both sides of the fight.

!!27. He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother
Mia's younger brother Terry drops by the Shiba House, looking for a singer for his band's upcoming gig, while Serrator continues with his undisclosed schemes.

!!28. Kevin's Choice
Kevin is benched from battle when his Samuraizer is eaten by Scarf, and he starts regretting leaving his old swim team while the other Rangers fight to get it back. But when Dayu and Deker return and super-charge Skarf, it's up to Kevin to encourage the final formation: the Samurai Gigazord!

!!29. Runaway Spike
Spike looks for work to help Bulk pay the rent, while the Rangers must utilize the Light Zord's illuminative powers to fight Duplicator.

!!30. A Strange Case of the Munchies
Bulk and Spike stumble their way into the Shiba House and mistake it for a dojo, and Emily is the only Ranger able to keep them distracted while the others are on an uncontrollable eating binge thanks to Grinataur.

!!31. A Sticky Situation
Kevin and Mike are [[ChainedHeat stuck together by their wrists]] fighting Epoxar, and have to learn to fight in tandem to destroy him and unstick the city.

!!32. Trust Me
Serrator brings anguish to the island of Monalua, and the Rangers face the dangers of Maldon's new Mooger rifle squad when they arrive, leading Mentor to a race against the clock to get Cody's new Bullzooka weapon to the team.

!!33. The Master Returns
As Deker's taunting starts to get to Jayden, Master Xandred tires of waiting [[OhCrap and makes his way to Earth...]]

!!34. A Crack in the World
Just as the Rangers begin to realize Serrator may have bigger plans, said plans enter their final stage. What exactly is Deker's role in all this?

!!35. Stroke of Fate
When Deker refuses to split the Earth in two, Serrator [[VillainousBreakdown decides to take the Rangers down himself]].

!!36. Fight Fire with Fire
Octoroo supercharges Fiera's power in an attempt to over clock Jayden's, but a wrench is thrown in the gears when it turns out Jayden isn't the real head of the Shiba Family!

!!37. The Great Duel
While Lauren starts to mingle and bond with her new team, Jayden realizes he now has no real path in life, and so seeks out Deker for their ultimate fight.

!!38. Evil Reborn
Deker's curse is finally broken with his defeat, but there's no time for the Rangers to relax before Master Xandred resurfaces.

!!39. The Sealing Symbol
Xandred has returned. Having killed Dayu and absorbed her humanity, he is now immune to the Shiba Sealing Symbol, and Lauren is badly injured. Jayden retakes his role as Red Ranger, and the Sanzu River begins to flood the city as the team prepares to end the Nighlok threat.

!!40: Samurai Forever