Phineas and Ferb help their grandfather relive his glory days as a daredevil.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doofensmirtz tries to get revenge on a childhood bully.
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: The bully Doof wants to get revenge on is called Big Black Boots Boris the Bully.
* CoolBike: Grandpa Reg's Holy Mackerel
* EmpathicEnvironment: It turns out that all of The Flying Fishmonger's attempts to jump McGregor's Gorge were rained out because his theme song was too dreary.
* {{Irony}}: The bully kicks sand on Doofenshmirtz's face at several places but not at the beach.
* SeparatedByACommonLanguage: Ferb has to 'translate' for Grandpa sometimes, although even he gets stumped at the end.
* StylisticSuck: The Flying Fishmonger's theme song.