An old theater, built with an ancient Egyptian theme, used to house a mummy exhibit. Thus ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' decide that getting their own mummy is what they are doing today. Unfortunately for Candace, she gets chased by a runaway giant gumball machine while trying to stop her brothers, and starts a chain of events where she gets mistaken for a mummy.

Meanwhile, Perry must thwart Dr. Doofenshmirz from flooding the world's oceans 2%, thus flooding shorelines just enough to turn his home into beachfront property, instead of being a block from the beach.
* AirVentEscape: Subverted. Candace fits in it fine, but quickly falls out back into the same problem.
* BoobyTrap: Phineas thinks the runaway gumball machine, and then a flood, are these.
* CoincidentalAccidentalDisguise: Candace ends up wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy, and can only moan incoherently thanks to having a mouthful of old bubblegum.
* GoodTimesMontage: An ImagineSpot (complete with song) about how much fun P & F are going to have with a mummy.
* LiteralMinded: The explorer in the movie says "Well, beat me with a chicken" as an idiom, and the mummy grabs a rubber chicken and whacks away.
* SeparatedByACommonLanguage: Upon hearing Phineas calling for a "mummy", Lawrence thinks Phineas means his mother instead of a mummy from Ancient Egypt.