Film watched: ''[[Film/TheBloodWatersOfDrZ ZaAt]]'' aka ''The Blood Waters of Dr Z''

!!Tropes present in the MysteryScienceTheater3000 presentation include:

* BerserkButton: "If you ever sing Jerry Reed again I will crush you into a fine powder."
* ContinuityNod: [[TheHorrorOfPartyBeach "I think I'll head over to Party Beach and see how the horror is doing."]]
** [[TheGirlInGoldBoots "I had a pretty MIIIIIIIIND!!"]]
* FanDisservice: Tom and Crow have Prof. Bobo and Brain Guy[[note]]who sports ''purple nipples''[[/note]] perform a scene from ''GlengarryGlenRoss'' in the nude[[note]]though Bobo has so much fur it's impossible to tell if he's nude[[/note]] to prove their point that nudity makes any movie scene better. Mike then points out to the robots that they probably should've specified ''female'' nudity.
** And then the 'Bots suggest Mike seeing Pearl nude.
* MissingEpisode: For a while at least. After the episode premiered in 1999, there was a dispute from the filmmakers over whether or not BBI had properly obtained the proper rights. Sci-Fi pulled the episode from the rerun pool and stayed gone for the next few years. Eventually, the rights issue was resolved--allowing for a repeat airing in 2002 and another in 2003. Years later, the episode was released on DVD.
* NauseaFuel: The opening with Crow chewing tobacco may be the most disgusting host segment of the entire series.
* TakeOverTheWorld: One host segment has Crow parody Leopold's opening narration, but focusing on shoes instead of fish (as Mike is trying to polish his shoes). He also wedged himself into the bulkhead.
-->'''Crow:''' [[TheyCalledMeMad They think I'm insane. They're the ones who are insane!]] Soon, there will be shoes the size they've never seen before, who... who... like human flesh! And then at just the right moment... ATTACK!\\
'''Mike:''' Crow, come on down from there.\\
'''Crow:''' Sargassum!
* YankTheDogsChain: As Martha walks into the ocean at the end of the movie, the 'bots look forward to seeing a "wet, clingy dress." And then the camera pulls back.
-->'''Crow:''' No, movie, don't!

[[TheStinger "Sargassum: The weed of deceit."]]