Film watched: ''Film/TheDeadlyMantis''

!!The MysteryScienceTheater3000 presentation includes the following tropes:

* AllMenArePerverts: Approaching the office where the protagonists are, the mantis looks through the window.
-->'''Crow:''' It's a peeping mantis.
** "I've got a mantis in my pantis."
* CallBack: Ned the Nanite keeps calling Mike "Relson", a reference to the RunningGag in ''DeathstalkerAndTheWarriorsFromHell''.
* ContinuityNod: The jazzy refueling music from ''Film/TheStarfighters''.
** Apparently, ''[[TheViolentYears Radio Frank]]'' is still in operation many centuries into the future.
* DressCode: In the opening host segment, Servo announces it's "Business Casual Day" on the SOL and berates Mike for his alleged violations of the (non-existent) dress code.
-->"Let's review: No chaps without pants...''Mike''. Number two: No sheer camisoles...''Mike''. Number three: No toeless shoes or sandals or spike heels...Mike."
* IAmAHumanitarian: During a host segment, the SOL runs into a space creature. Bringing it aboard, it takes a liking to Crow and tries to eat him. In the last host segment, Crow reveals that he cooked it and served it as a meal in response.
* InterspeciesRomance: At the end of the episode, Mike and the Bots receive a letter from Peanut (Bobo's assistant). It's revealed he survived Earth's destruction - getting blasted into 2112 Wisconsin and meeting "a nice girl" - a ''Nelson'' woman.
-->'''Crow:''' It's certainly a joyous day for any Nelson woman when she meets the ape of her dreams.
** Not only that, but it's hinted that this pairing paved the way for human-ape relationships becoming commonplace [[StableTimeLoop which eventually created the ape-dominated future.]]
* LetsGetDangerous: Gypsy when she pilots the SOL to outmaneuver Pearl.
* MikeNelsonDestroyerOfWorlds: Mike's reign of terror begins when he inadvertently helps Prof. Bobo and Dr. Peanut detonate a thermonuclear bomb.
** "[[WhatAnIdiot Good one, Nelson!]]"
** To be fair, it's clear that the apes were going to blow themselves up anyway. Mike just hurried things along.
*** Apes that only existed because of Mike's family line having a thing for marrying sentient apes... so doesn't that mean that Mike destroyed earth ''twice'' in one episode?
* NotSoDifferent / WeCanRuleTogether: Parodied.
-->'''Crow:''' ''(as the mantis)'' We're very alike, you and I, General. Join me. No? You care too much, don't you? ''(laughs)''
* NotableOriginalMusic: The country music, which Mike and the bots (bar Crow) listen to, to try and stay awake while Mike is piloting the Satellite.
* "Your ReportsOfMyDeathWereGreatlyExaggerated, crapheads."
* RunningGag: Mike and the Bots pointing out how stately the mantis looks when he's flying.
** The crew actually having the mantis ''praying'' while it attacks.
--->'''Crow:''' ''(as the mantis)'' O Blessed the Lord, of thee I sing - '''''GET IT?!''''' ''(attacks)''
* ShoutOut: The bomb worshipers and the subsequent planetary destruction by said bomb is a clear reference to ''[[PlanetOfTheApes Beneath the Planet of the Apes]]''.
** Peanut getting blasted into the past references the sequel to ''Beneath'', ''[[PlanetOfTheApes Escape From the Planet of the Apes]]''.
** [[Film/TheThingFromAnotherWorld "Keep watching the ground!"]]
* TakeThat: "Hopefully John Madden was on that bus."
** "Maybe the army ''shouldn't'' have recruited [[Music/TheWho Keith Moon]]..."
** "Still, that was sadder than ''TermsOfEndearment''."
** The army scrambles fighter jets to take down the Mantis:
-->'''Army General''': That'll put [the giant mantis] over [[{{Joisey}} Newark]] in a few minutes.\\
'''Servo''': Great! We can solve two problems at once!
[[TheStinger "Oh, she's like a butterfly, gliding across the lily pond!"]]