[[caption-width-right:350:The Creator/SeanPenn story!]]

->''"So basically, according to themselves, the Air Force is a bunch of leather-faced, not-so-bright, heavy-drinking, dull-witted'' speed freaks ''who poop in their pants and can't make it with women. Right? Am I right?"''
-->-- '''Tom Servo'''

Film watched: ''Film/TheStarfighters''

!!The Segments:

[[folder: Prologue ]]

* Crow is trying to connect to the web, but keeps getting the same error. He then freaks out.


[[folder: Segment 1 ]]

* Crow still can't connect to the web, or to tech support. The Mads try to show their invention to Mike and the Bots, but they show off "Cowboy Mike's Ricochet (BANG) Barbecue Sauce", it's mighty bold!


[[folder: Segment 2 ]]

* Just as Crow and Servo reenact the refueling scenes from the movie, tech support finally connects. Crow tries to answer, but he's disconnected prematurely.


[[folder: Segment 3 ]]

* Servo and Crow, as generals, debrief Mike by debriefing him.


[[folder: Segment 4 ]]

* The United Servo Academy Men's Chorus, conducted by Vice Brigadier Thomas "Bullhead" Servo perform the United Servo Academy Men's Chorus Hymn.


[[folder: Segment 5 ]]

* Crow finally connects to the internet as Mike reads a letter from a group of people who put an effigy of Servo as their Christmas tree topper. The Mads are still neurally connected, while Frank thinks some nasty thoughts.

!!The [=MST3K=] presentation provides examples of:
* ActorAllusion:[[invoked]] A few scattered references to Robert Dornan and his post-acting life -- at the time, Bob was a very conservative member of the House of Representatives and a '96 Presidential hopeful, and had become best known for often making scandalous, inflammatory comments in public life (including outing a fellow Republican).
-->'''Servo:''' ''(Seeing Dornan's credit)'' What, couldn't they get Rush Limbaugh?
* BawdySong: The United Servo Academy Mens' Chorus begin an impromptu round of ''Mademoiselle from Armentières''. For those who don't know the song, it's the tale of a French innkeeper's daughter and two German soldiers.
* BigNo: Crow, when tech support hangs up on him.
* BrokenAesop:
-->'''Servo:''' So basically, according to themselves, the Air Force is a bunch of leather-faced, not-so-bright, heavy-drinking dull-witted'' speed freaks ''who poop in their pants and can't make it with women. Right? Am I right?
* ContinuityNod: This film provided continuity nods for other [=MSTied movies=], like humming the jazzy music whenever a plane is seen flying, mentions of the "poopie suit," and the use of the word "refueling" as a synonym for any long, dull scene.
** The United Servo Academy Mens' Chorus is apparently made up of the same Servo-clones introduced in ''Film/TheHumanDuplicators''.
** [[Film/TheBeatniks "Shut up, Iris!"]]
** [[Film/{{Eegah}} "Watch out for snakes!"]]
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: In the theater they gleefully exploit the sexual connotations of the refueling process for all their riffing potential. In a later host segment Crow and Servo re-enact the refueling scene in a rather disturbing fashion. Servo even gives a small "Whoa!" with an odd mixture of surprise and embarrassed pleasure. It gets a minor CallBack when Servo, looking at a picture of himself as the star atop a Christmas tree, remarks, "I bet that's a weird feeling."
* EverythingIsOnline... except Crow.
* [[FailedAttemptAtDrama Failed Attempt At Humor]]:
-->'''Mike:''' Ah, yes. [[SarcasmMode This is much-needed comic relief from all the gripping drama.]]
-->'''Crow:''' I wanna [[GroinAttack kick this movie in the groin]], and snag on it, and give it a [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment power sit-up]]!
* ForInconveniencePressOne: Running gag as Crow tries to get his brand-new computer working. By FinaglesLaw, he finally reaches an operator while he's busy with his beak stuck up Tom's hoverskirt (see DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything, above).
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Besides all the intercourse jokes during the refueling scenes, there's a moment when two of the characters are kissing in a convertible; Crow takes it a step further by making squeaking noises when they're off-camera.
* HilariousInHindsight[[invoked]]: The crew had used the term "poopie" for years, so it was a delightful coincidence ''Starfighters'' employed it as well.
* LargeHam: Mike and the 'bots pull out all the stops while advertising COWBOY MIKE'S OWN ORIGINAL [[color:red:RED HOT]] RIC-O-CHET (BANG!) BBQ SAUCE!! '''IT'S BOLD!!!'''
-->'''Mike:''' C'mon, steak, you want some?!
** Dr. Forrester is disappointed that....it's not all that bold.
* LieBackAndThinkOfEngland: One of the "refueling" riffs.
-->'''Mike:''' "Just {{lie back and think of England}}'s airspace."
* MesACrowd: The United Servo Academy Men's Chorus.
* MistakenForDying: During the "making out in the convertible" scene, one of the two female characters sits there without moving and with her eyes facing downward. Mike riffs: "My God; she's ''dead''!"
* NotableOriginalMusic: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ree220FiOEg United Servo Academy Mens' Chorus]] singing the United Servo Academy Mens' Chorus Hymn with WordSaladLyrics that has lyrics taken from other songs.
* {{Padding}}[[invoked]]
-->'''Mike:''' I think there's more ''nothing'' in this film than any we've ever seen.
* RageQuit: Crow's ''Boogers'' partner logs off mid-game, implying this.
* RunningGag: The ongoing DoubleEntendre concerning the numerous "refueling" sequences. At one point they even joke about the fact that they've done every joke they can think of about them. (And then Crow comes up with a new riff anyway.)
** Riffs about how ugly many of the faces are.
-->'''Mike:''' Is your face odd, misshapen? Join the Air Force!
** Once, the "poopie suit" gets mentioned, Mike and Bots run with the gag. Bonus points for the theme song: "Flying high in the blue, free to do, number two, poop-oop-ee-doo!"
*** Bonus points for the fact that [=MST3K=] had been using "Poopie!" as an UnusualEuphemism before the film was riffed.
** "That was a ''great'' scene," after anything but.
** Crow trying to reach tech support.
* SophisticatedAsHell: When rescuing a pilot who screwed up and had to eject over the desert:
-->'''Mike:''' Yes, we have a visual ID on Numbnuts...
-->'''Crow:''' At ease, Lieutenant Loser!
* SoundtrackDissonance: "...bringing you hot munitions and cool jazz."
** Also leading to a CrowningMomentOfFunny as the pilots practice bombing the absolute shit out of the desert while muzak plays:
--->'''Crow:''' We're gonna bomb 'em back to the Jazz Age!
* TechnologyMarchesOn: [[invoked]] Rather inevitable with Crow boasting about his 90mhz Pentium PC, with 32 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM, Soundblaster 16 sound card with a 28.8k baud modem.
** And having to assign COM ports. MS-DOS sucked.
-->'''Tom:''' "Looking for [=UART@Fx1050=]", what does that mean?
-->'''Crow:''' I don't know! I must have configured my COM ports incorrectly!
** Also a nice reminder of the days when we hadn't quite settled on what the Internet should be called given the massive array of protocols back then (HTTP not being as big as it is now) and a lot of people latched onto the clumsy term "information superhighway" coined by UsefulNotes/AlGore. It's buzzwordy!
** And when Crow finally does get online, his running commentary is said to indicate that he has logged onto Prodigy (the self-contained online service, not the ISP it later converted to).
** However, Crow being invited to a game of ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZhea4vhqEg Boogers]]'' (a four-player ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ataxx Ataxx]]'' clone) implied he was also on the [=ImagiNation=] Network, also a self-contained online service and not "the Internet", per se.
* ThatPoorCat:
-->'''Mike:''' Don't laugh - they've got a ''kitten'' in that bomb. ''(he then mewls like a trapped cat)''
* ToiletHumor: After the poopie suit gets mentioned, the 'bots go on a long string of scatological humor.
-->'''Servo:'''Don't crap in your hand,
-->crap in your poopie suit!
-->You'll feel relief,
-->filling your briefs!

->''[[TheStinger (Betty elbows Gene in the stomach)]]''