Films watched: ''GirlsTown''

The host segments for this episode deal with Dr. Forrester hooking up the Satellite of Love to Deep 13 via the Umbilicus, a plot device that ran until the end of the seventh season.

!! The the MST3K treatment provides examples of:
* [[ActuallyPrettyFunny Actually Pretty Good]]: Even Mike and the 'bots enjoy The Platters singing, and pay the ultimate respect by not riffing hard during their number.
* CloudCuckoolander: Their version of StalkerWithACrush Serafiina.
* FateWorseThanDeath: Scat singing!
* GetALoadOfThatSquare: You can't avoid it, with all the hep slang.
* LyricalDissonance: Mike and the 'Bots adding their own lyrics about Chip's murder to all the 1950s pop/soul/rockabilly songs.
-->Over the bouncy opening number: "Chip is de-ad, Chip is de-ad..."
* NunsAreFunny: Mike and the 'Bots have a ''lot'' of fun with this trope, such as the "conversation" between two elderly nuns about how much money they lost on the game last night. "Troy Aikman can go to blazes."
* RunningGag
** '''GIGANTOR!'''
** Servo breaking out into scat singing when Mel Tormé is on screen.
* ShoutOut:
-->'''Tom Servo:''' [[RepoMan Let's do some crimes!]]

[[TheStinger "You tell that boy to go home! Right now! Or I'll call the police!"]]