Film watched: ''Film/{{Mitchell}}''

->''"My, my, my, my, GOD!!"''
-->-- '''Crow''', reacting to the {{squick}}-y love scene that accompanies the ThematicThemeTune.

On October 23, 1993, the edited-for-television release of ''Mitchell'' was featured as an episode of ''{{Mystery Science Theater 3000}}''. The film was trimmed by several minutes to match [=MST3K=]'s format, with the result that John Saxon's character, killed by Mitchell in a deleted scene, simply disappears from the action, leaving the circumstances of his death a mystery. Joel and the Bots even remark on this lapse: "Wasn't John Saxon in this movie?" Particularly mocked were Mitchell's alcoholism, slovenliness and uncouth behavior.

According to ''Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide'', page 97, actor Joe Don Baker was very angry at the [=MST3K=] treatment of ''Mitchell'', and threatened physical violence on any of the cast or crew should he ever meet them in person. This did not stop them from later featuring (and happily mocking) another of Baker's films, ''FinalJustice'', and hurling even more vicious insults at Baker. Kevin Murphy, who played [=MST3K=]'s robot commentator Tom Servo and was one of the show's head writers, later said that Baker likely meant it in a joking manner.

This episode is notable for being the final regular episode to star series creator Joel Hodgson, as well as the introduction of his replacement [[TheDanza Mike Nelson]] (who had been the head writer since Season 2, and previously appeared on-screen as characters like [[Film/ManosTheHandsOfFate Torgo]]).

'''Editors, please keep this article neutral on the Joel vs. Mike thing. We don't want this turning into a FlameWar.'''
!!The ''MysteryScienceTheater3000'' presentation contains examples of:

* AccidentalMisnaming: TV's Frank inexplicably calls Dr. Forrester "Steve" early on in the episode.
** In character. Frank is supposed to not quite be all there (in the same scene, he finds a box with his old head in it).
* AdaptationInducedPlotHole: The sudden disappearance of John Saxon's character halfway through the movie ("Say, wasn't John Saxon in this movie?"). He was killed off in a scene that was cut from the ''[=MST3k=]'' version.
* BondOneLiner: "So long, ''chum!''"
* BrainBleach: Only the infamous Mitchell/Greta love scene can shock the MST3K crew, and only after they discover something on his nightstand...
--> '''Joel''': ''Baby Oil''?
--> '''All Three''': AAAAHHHHHH!!!
--> ''(Tom Servo proceeds to gag)''
--> '''Crow''': My, ''my, my, MY GOD! '''NO'''!!!!'' ''(Servo and Crow proceed to cry)''
* CatchPhrase: (Said during an action scene) "Mitchell!"
** Also any inaction scenes too...
* CallBack: "He's no [[MasterNinja Claude Akins]], but what a butt!"
** This episode, being Joel's last, is loaded with them. "Watch out for snakes" is used in the first five minutes and Deep 13 is cluttered with old invention exchanges (most noticeably the [[Film/IAccuseMyParents Cake and Shake]] and the [[RingOfTerror life-sized Operation game]]).
* CreatorProvincialism: [[ Hamdingers]] were canned ham patties made by a Wisconsin company during the 1970s and early 80s that apparently were only distributed in the Upper Midwest and Northeast. After being pivotal to Joel's escape, the fact that the vast majority of the audience had never heard of them led to major (and sometimes heated) discussions after the episode first aired.
* DeusExMachina: Literally the name of the escape pod that Joel uses to leave the Satellite of Love.
* DrivenToMadness
-->'''Kid:''' My mother doesn't like you.\\
'''Mitchell:''' I don't like your mother.\\
'''Kid:''' Why not?\\
'''Mitchell:''' Why not?\\
'''Kid:''' No, why not?\\
'''Mitchell:''' No, why not?\\
'''Kid:''' Why are you repeating what I say?\\
'''Mitchell:''' Why are you repeating what I say?\\
'''Kid:''' I'm not!\\
'''Mitchell:''' Well, I'm not.\\
'''Kid:''' You are!\\
'''Mitchell:''' Buzz off!\\
'''Kid:''' What?\\
'''Mitchell:''' What?\\
'''Kid:''' What did you say?\\
'''Mitchell:''' What did you say?\\
'''Kid:''' Did you say something?\\
'''Mitchell:''' Did you say something?\\
'''Servo:''' ''[[foldercontrol]]

* DrivenToSuicide: Crow suggests that Mitchell should turn the gun on himself after killing so many people.
-->'''Crow:''' You know, itís about this time in any killing spree that you really ought to turn the gun on yourself.\\
'''Servo:''' Yes! Do it!
* DudeNotFunny: Joel and the 'bots react badly to Deaney casually using the Mexican racial slur "wetback". To the film's credit, it's to show that Deaney's a racist slime.
* FacePalm: Joel does one during the "Buzz off, kid" scene.
* FreakOut: The 'bots do not take Joel's departure well.
* FunnyAneurysmMoment: In one ''{{MST3K}}'' segment, Joel remarks about professional golf player Frank Urban "Fuzzy" Zoeller: "What a great guy!" A few years later there was a controversy when Fuzzy Zoeller made a racially insensitive joke about Tiger Woods.[[invoked]]
* KuleshovEffect: Used to great effect as Gypsy is shown to read lips on Forrester and Frank[[note]]though she can still clearly hear them[[/note]] and suddenly come to realize the Mads are planning to kill someone.
* JizzedInMyPants
-->'''Mitchell:''' ''(after spilling beer on Greta)'' Sorry, the beer got a little excited.
-->'''Crow:''' ''(as Greta)'' That's okay. We can just cuddle.
* MistakenForMurderer: Sort-of: An actual plot by the Mads to kill ''Mike'' is mistaken by Gypsy to be a plot to kill Joel.
* [[PutOnABus Put in a Pod]]: Farewell, Joel Robinson.
* RunningGag: Confusion at the Loads and Loads of Mafiosi in the film.
** References to Linda Evans' various ex-husbands (Yanni taking the worst of it)
** Mitchell constantly being hungry, drunk, slovenly, confused, or all of the above.
** After determining the unnamed burglar at the beginning looks like Johnny Mathis, Joel and the Bots sing several of his signature songs.
** Merlin Olsen gets a lot of cracks about his famous time as the FTD Florists spokesmen.
** Joe Don Baker's short-lived 70's series "Eischied" gets several cracks, yet his most famous role in "Walking Tall" is strangely barely touched on.
** The show's running gag of bashing low-end appliance company Gold Star makes an appearance.
** Benton is a lousy butler.
** Servo "narrating" the movie's ''many'' wide aerial shots accompanied by uptempo horn music, as though they're scenes from a 3M industrial film.
* ShoutOut: Several.
** Tom Servo misinterprets the confusing title card as saying [[LordOfTheRings "mithril"]] before correcting himself.
** The riffers reference virtually every 1970's cop drama (or thereabouts). ''Mc Q'', ''Series/{{CHiPs}}'', ''DirtyHarry'', the list goes on.
*** [[{{Film/Shaft}} "Who's the puffy guy who's a big blurry sex machine? Mitchell!"]]
** The scene where Gypsy overhears the plot to kill Mike is a parody of the scene from ''TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey'' where HAL reads the astronauts' lips.
** When Gypsy is trying to puzzle out a way to save Joel, she scrawls the letters "P. O. E." on a whiteboard--a reference to ''DrStrangelove''.
** Joel quotes from ''SevenFacesOfDrLao'' in his farewell message plaque to the 'bots.
** "[[TheWizardOfOz Sorry folks, I can't come back, I don't know how it works, goodbye!]]"
** Tom sings a little Pink Floyd at the beginning of the movie.
* SoMuchForStealth: As Mitchell is trying to covertly break into Deaney's house, Joel and the bots gleefully point out all the cars driving by (the producers obviously didn't block the nearby streets for the shoot).
--> Joel (as a driver by): "Hey Mitchell!"
--> Tom (as Mitchell): "Mind your business."
* SpySpeak: As syndicate leaders Cummings and Gallano meet in a park.
-->'''Joel:''' The... spotted cuckoo bird is flying backwards?\\
'''Crow:''' It's a cold day for pontooning.
* StealthPun: Joel's last invention exchange. "It's a ''Daktari'' stool!" "What do you think, sirs?"
-->'''TV's Frank:''' Dak... tari... stool? Whatever.
* StylisticSuck: The launching of the ''Deus ex Machina'', and the "static" that interrupts Joel's final transmission on the hexfield viewscreen.
* TooSoon: Crow suggests raiding Joel's candy cache, but Servo states it's too soon after his departure.
* ViewerFriendlyInterface: Averted - Mike has to laboriously type into a DOS-style command line interface to give Gypsy access to the SOL's escape pod.
-->'''Mike:''' Let's see, uh... C... colon... backslash... c... uh, back... manual.exe. I hate these things.
* WhamEpisode: [[ItWasHisSled Joel leaves]]. Duh. But, what is a bigger shock, this happens ''mid-season''.
* WhamLine: "Say, Mike - what size jumpsuit do you wear?"
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Viewers of the MST cut may be wondering what happened to Deaney. He tried to run Mitchell down, but flipped his dune buggy and got himself 'sploded in a scene that was removed from the ''[=MST3K=]'' version. The opening credits are showing a portion of that scene, incidentally, where Mitchell smashes one mook's head with a rock before boosting his buggy. Deaney's death is mentioned on a radio newscast Mitchell is listening to while staking out Cummings. His disappearance is amusingly lampshaded by Joel during the movie's climax with him randomly commenting, "Wasn't John Saxon in this movie?"
* WhatTheHellHero: The 'bots' reaction to the inscription of the plaque Joel left behind.
-->'''Servo:''' Joel leaves, and his last words are from ''a George Pal movie''?!
* YouCanPanicNow:
-->'''Gypsy:''' You think they'll send us a new guy?
-->'''Servo:''' Oh sure, it's bound to happen. But until that happens... ''[[ PANIC!]] AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!''
-->''"He's such a super dude, the American dream, like the guys on the movie screen."''\\
'''Joel:''' Mitchell!\\
--Joel's last line in the theater


[[TheStinger "You're lying through your teeth!" "Buzz off, huh?!" "Buzz off!" "BUZZ OFF, KID!!!"]]