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''The Magical Voyage of Sinbad''
Among other things, the [=MST3k=] crew lampshaded the fact that the allegedly Middle Eastern (in the English dub) characters all looked suspiciously European:

-->'''Servo:''' You know, guys, this doesn't seem like Persia, and that's probably not even Sinbad!\\
'''Joel:''' Does anyone see anything even ''remotely'' Arabian? ...I never knew Arabia was so Russian!\\
'''Crow:''' Well, maybe this was a Finnish movie called ''The Magic Voyage Of Torval''!

(In the [[RunningGag various host segments]], everyone takes a turn being the one to point out "He's ''not'' Sinbad!", [[TheCassandra only to be ignored by everyone else]].)

!!The [=MST3k=] treatment provides examples of:

* AwardSnub: Invoked: "Best performance by a red, gumball-machine-looking robot in a funny situation". And the award goes to... Crow.
-->'''Servo:''' ''(outraged)'' I'm telling you what this is! This is [[Music/PublicEnemy fear of a short, red planet!]]
* BadBadActing: Trace does an awesome impression of an award presenter awkwardly reading jokes from a teleprompter in the opening sketch.
* CallBack: Film/MrBNatural practice. You probably don't want to know.
** [[Film/{{Tormented}} Tom Stewart killed me!]]
* IfYouDieICallYourStuff: "If you're gonna die out there in the cold void of space, can I have that Toblerone you've been hiding under your bed?"
* MyFriendsAndZoidberg
* NightmareFuel: InUniverse, the [[HandPuppet Channel Cat]] to Tom and Crow.
** The laughing horse is this for everybody.
* TheQuest: Crow, inspired by the film, goes off on one of these. He doesn't get very far.
* RunningGag: Every time Neptune slams his trident into the ground, Joel and the bots act as if he stabbed himself in the foot.
* StagingAnIntervention: TheBigGuy proves his strength by wrestling a bear. The SOL crew's dialogue turns it into the bear staging an intervention for [[Series/TheLifeAndTimesOfGrizzlyAdams Dan Haggerty]].
* ThemedStockBoardGame: Joel's invention this time is the "Creator/RatPack Chess Set", with a talking Creator/FrankSinatra figurine and Mitch Miller as the opposing kings, and several house rules...
-->'''Crow:''' Well, Creator/DeanMartin can only stagger sideways across the board. Creator/SammyDavisJr can move in a variety of different ways, because he's ''so'' versatile; hey, let's face it, the man was the consummate entertainer.\\
'''Joel:''' What about, uh, Joey Bishop?\\
'''Servo:''' He moves however Frank says, baby!
* UncannyValley:[[invoked]] Averted by the HandPuppet Channel Cat. Even when Joel takes it off, Gypsy and the 'bots think it's sleeping (or dead).
-->'''Joel:''' ''(providing the voice for Channel Cat)'' Hello, [=CrooOOOOOooOOOooow!=]
-->'''Crow:''' ''(terrified)'' It knows my name!
* WhyAreYouLookingAtMeLikeThat: Invoked. When it's decided the only way to appease Neptune is if one of the crew sacrifices himself:
-->'''Servo:''' (as Sinbad) "Why's everyone looking at me?"

->[[TheStinger "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"]]