Film watched: ''Film/{{Hercules}}''

!!The ''Mystery Science Theater 3000'' presentation contains examples of:
* CallBack: [[Film/TheDayTheEarthFroze "Where is the Sampo?"]]
* {{Constellations}}: The subject of constellations-as-a-motif is the main discussion during the first host segment. The episode deconstructs the whole constellations-as-a-motif when Crow complains he doesn't see the figures of ancient legend in the night sky. Servo attempts to update the constellations to reflect "modern sensibilities," creating elaborate constructs such as "The Ham Sandwich," "The New Christy Minstrels," and, out of a mere eleven stars, "Picasso's ''Guernica''." Frustrated, Crow comes back with a "modern" constellation of his own, consisting of two stars:
--> '''Crow:''' ''(sarcastic)'' It's a pencil. The eraser's almost gone.
* KarmaHoudini: Despite J&tB's good karma, the Mads send 'em another "Hercules" motion picture, even though they said "Hercules & the Captive Women" [[ILied would be the last.]] [[PunchClockVillain But they are just doing their job.]]
* LaserGuidedKarma:
--> '''Cause:''' TV's Frank takes a vicious hit in the temple by Dr. Forrester's invention, the cellular desk.
--> '''Effect:''' Frank wears the cellular desk & [[GroinAttack strikes Dr. F in the crotch.]]
** The next three are represented by "Instant Karma," Joel's invention.
--> '''Cause:''' Servo sent his whole allowance to Sally Struthers outta sympathy.
--> '''Effect:''' He gets strawberry licorice.

--> '''Cause:''' Crow cleaned up Tom Servo's room knowing his arms don't work.
--> '''Effect:''' Crow receives a Snickers bar.

--> '''Cause:''' Tom stretched out Crow's danskin & pitted it out.
--> '''Effect:''' Servo's aunt will bring him to a [[Music/MichaelBolton Michael Bolton]] concert.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Parodied when Servo, during the closing credits, spins an elaborate account of Hercules and Iole's Not So Glamorous Ever After.

->[[TheStinger "He's something out of a bad dream!"]]