Films watched: ''Junior Rodeo Daredevils'' and ''Film/TheKillerShrews''

->''Killer Shrew! Killer Shrew!\\
K-I-double L-E-R-Shrew!\\
He's scary and tough\\
If that ain't enough\\
He's augmented with bath mats and stuff!''

Junior Rodeo Daredevils is a short about the death-defying rodeo stunts done by children after a prank on "Old-timer Billy Slater" went horribly wrong.

This episode was released on DVD along with another "lost" short as an extra: ''Film/AssignmentVenezuela'', the story of an American oil company employee trying to adjust to being sent to work in Venezuela while trying to make everything sound good to his wife and kids back in the States.

!!The [=MST3K=] presentation provides examples of:

* TheAlcoholic: The entire film's cast gets [[{{Flanderization}} flanderized]] into this by the crew's riffing.
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: Joel completely ruins the Mads super-dramatic attempt to "crack this puny planet as though it were a china cup," by asking, "What do you get out of it?" Unable to answer the question, Doctor Forrester shuts the whole thing down.
* GoneHorriblyRight: The Bots engage in some Art Therapy to deal with the boring film by creating a Killer Shrews Board Game. It backfires horribly when they and Joel try to play, and they realize that their game is even ''more'' boring than the movie it's based on (the game pieces are bolted down so they can't move around the board, the instruction cards they draw consist of either "Contemplate Shrew" or "Have Another Drink", etc.).
* NoodleImplements: When instructing Joel on how to make a Killer Shrew brew, Crow mistakenly lists wax lips as one of the ingredients. Tom reminds him that is goes in a completely different drink known as the Vulcan Mind Probe.
* NotableOriginalMusic: see the page quote.
* PropRecycling: Thus begins the epic journey of Crow's sensible brown pants. [[invoked]]
* RunningGag: Rook plays Dixieland Jazz.
** In "Junior Rodeo Daredevils":
--->'''Joel''': And the crowd goes wild!
--->'''Crow and Servo''' (unenthusiastically): Yay.
** [[invoked]]The {{Mondegreen}} due to the accents and muffled dialog. Also see TheUnintelligible.
* ScrewballSerum: "The Killer Shrew", a drink that combined about twelve different types of sugar in a blender (chocolate ice cream, Captain Crunch ''with Crunchberries'', peanut M&Ms, Mrs. Butterworths syrup, circus peanuts, Mr. Pibb, Marshmallow Peeps, Sweet Tarts, vanilla cake frosting, Good'n'Plenty, and "garnished with a wind-up shrew"). Joel had one taste, went into diabetic shock and passed out; Frank, on the other hand, had one sip and went hyperglycemic, singing "Ladies' Night" and attempting to dance with Dr. Forrester.
* ShoutOut: Several, but the "Will Rogers" sketch is chock full of them. Joel's attempt to impersonate cowboy humorist Will Rogers after watching the short ends up devolving into random quotations from Creator/MarkTwain, Casey Stengel, Alexander Woolcott, Macgruff the "Take a Bite out of Crime" Dog, Nikita Khruschev, Garrett Morris, Dion ([[TearJerker "Abraham, Martin and John"]]), UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan's 1984 campaign, and Creator/DrSeuss.
** The "And the crowd goes wild!" joke references one of the running gags from the Tom Slick segments of the ''WesternAnimation/GeorgeOfTheJungle'' show.
** When some horses in the film rear up, Joel asks [[Film/YoungFrankenstein "Did someone say 'Frau Blucher'?"]]
* {{Slurpasaur}}: J&TB frequently lampshade this about the shrews (dogs with weird stuff on them).
* SpinOffBabies: Parodied with Joel's Invention Exchange - Jim Henson's Edgar Winter Babies! It's enough to convince the Mads not to [[EarthShatteringKaboom cleave the Earth in two]].
* TakeThat
-->'''Tom Servo:''' ''[After reading the title card]'' Starring Creator/JoanCollins and Creator/JackieCollins!
* TheUnintelligible: The head scientist and his daughter have very thick accents, which Joel and the bots mock to no end.
--> '''Dr. Marlowe:''' Radford?
--> '''Joel:''' Rapid? Rapture?
--> '''Dr. Marlowe:''' Radford, could you please step over here? I'd like you to meet someone.
--> '''Joel:''' Rapid Bathroom?
--> '''Tom:''' Yes; this is our resident novelist, Rapid Bathroom.
* UnsoundEffect: Tom's "Bristle, bristle", while dressed as a cactus
* WithLyrics: "You're gonna die from shrew bites, you're gonna die from shrew bites..."

->[[TheStinger "Burn 'em out, those things got loose!" "Any unusual experiment can produce unusual results."]]