Films watched: ''Film/UnderseaKingdom'' and ''Film/AttackOfTheGiantLeeches''

!!This episode contains examples of:

* ActorAllusion: Intentional or not, when Ray "Crash" Corrigan starts swinging on ropes the guys accompany it with ape noises. Corrigan was most famous as an Ape-suit performer.
* HormoneAddledTeenager[=/=]EmoTeen: Joel's invention turns Servo into one.
* MustHaveCaffeine: Tom Servo even has coffee inside his gumball-head.
* RealDreamsAreWeirder: One sketch has the characters describing their dreams, which are all realistically nonsensical.
* YouWontFeelAThing:
-->'''Dr. Forrester''': Now this leech [snip] when applied to the neck or head area, will suck any desire to smoke out of Frank.
-->'''Frank''': [loudly protests]
-->'''Dr. Forrester''': But this won't hurt a bit.
** The leech, of course, turns into a BrickJoke at the end. Frank didn't do so well.