[[caption-width-right:350:You know, being from another planet I didn't have a lot to do with this film.]]

Film Watched: ''[[Film/TimeWalker Time Walker]]'' aka ''Being From Another Planet''.

The first [=MST=] film to feature actor Ben Murphy, who would later appear in a later episode, ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S08E14RidingWithDeath Riding with Death]]''.

!!The Segments:

[[folder: Prologue ]]

* Crow and Servo play twenty questions to Joel, trying to guess with movie taglines.


[[folder: Segment 1 ]]

* The Mads jump on the saccharine figure bandwagon by introducing their line of "Tragic Moments" figures, bringing sadness and death to Grandma. Joel's contribution are Jack Palance Impersonation kits, perfect for attention grabbing and scaring friends.


[[folder: Segment 2 ]]

* Dressed as mummies, Crow and Servo's riffing turn to making fun of Bill Mumy, whom Joel defends.


[[folder: Segment 3 ]]

* Crow shows a blindfolded Joel the haunted boiler room experience.


[[folder: Segment 4 ]]

* Joel cues up his Rainy Day Fun Sketch for Crow and Servo, bored from today's film. The fun doesn't last for long and the clowns become angry.


[[folder: Segment 5 ]]

* As pitchmen for the "TV's Frank Shopping Network", Joel and the Bots sell the "V-Shaped Diamond Encrusted Mummy Thing" in exchange for their freedom. Frank seems to like it, but Dr. Forrester makes him push the button.

!!This episode has examples of:
* CallBack:
** To ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S03E03PodPeople Pod People]]''
--->'''Crow''': Trumpy, you can do magic things!
*** The "Trumpy does stupid things" music plays when Joel tries to cheer Crow and Servo from the film.
* DramaticNecklaceRemoval: When the mummy rips the necklace off the girl's neck, Joel comments that it must have had a pretty flimsy clasp.
* DudeNotFunny: The bots' reaction to Joel identifying a skeleton in the opening tomb scene as Pete Duel (Joel immediately apologized). Duel co-starred with Ben Murphy on ''Series/AliasSmithAndJones'' and committed suicide during that show's production.
* HeroicBSOD: Servo declares this the absolute '''''worst''''' film they'd ever seen. Joel and Crow challenge him by naming nearly every single film they'd seen up to this point. Servo eventually admits ''Film/TheCastleOfFuManchu'' was just as bad.
** Although this was before they saw ''Film/ManosTheHandsOfFate'' or ''Film/MonsterAGoGo''.
** RealitySubtext: [[invoked]] Mike Nelson had the habit of stating ''every'' movie they'd just worked on riffing was the worst they'd ever done.
* MoralEventHorizon: [[invoked]] Joel and the Bots think that the Mads' Tragic Moments figurines were the breaking point.
* OddNameOut: When challenging Tom if the previous movies they watched are worse than ''Being from Another Planet'', Joel suggests ''[[Film/TheManchurianCandidate The Manchingo Coniglium]]'', to which Tom responds, "Huh?"
* RunningGag:
** Crow and Servo getting distressed from the film's green filter.
** The memorandum of ''Series/TheNBCMysteryMovie'' jokes return from ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S04E04TeenagersFromOuterSpace Teenagers from Outer Space]]''. In the same vein, the gag of Joel making [[DonutMessWithACop cop/donut jokes]] and the bots objecting to it would come back with a vengeance in ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S04E09TheIndestructibleMan The Indestructible Man]]''.
** "The fungus..." "is among us."
** [[http://www.mst3kinfo.com/ward_e/List405.html The Ludlum Library]]
** From several episodes, "[[Creator/JimHenson Jim Henson's]] ''[[ShapedLikeItself Baby]] [[WesternAnimation/MuppetBabies Babies]]''"
* SpoilerTitle: The new title of the movie chosen by distributor Film Ventures International gives away a major plot twist.
* TheyKilledKennyAgain: TV's Frank gets impaled through the skull with the Thighmaster.
* WorstWhateverEver: Tom declares this to be the worst film they've seen so far. Joel and Crow go through a LongList of films they've seen before Tom finally agrees that ''Film/TheCastleOfFuManchu'' was just as bad.
* JustForFun/XMeetsY:[[invoked]] "It's ''Series/SwampThing'' meets ''Series/TheHoneymooners''!"
-->'''Joel:''' ''(as Jackie Gleason)'' "Oh, you're not bringing your evil here!"

->'''Serrano:''' ''[[TheStinger (holds his hand and screams in pain.)]]''