Film watched: ''Film/TeenageCaveman'' with shorts ''Aquatic Wizards'' and ''Film/CatchingTrouble''

!!Tropes for the ''Teenage Caveman'' part of this episode include:
* ContinuityNod: Part of the movie's StockFootage (specifically: the part with two, ahem, ''prehistoric creatures'' wrestling one another) is the same as that in ''[[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S01E07RobotMonster Robot Monster]]'', a first season episode. Servo takes a moment to {{Lampshade|Hanging}} this:
-->'''Servo:''' Haven't we seen this? I know we've seen this before.
* RunningGag: Joel and the 'bots keep singing the Bunny Hop as the cavemen go hopping through the jungle.

!!The [=MST3K=] treatment of Catching Trouble provides examples of:
* TheBully: Ross is kinda one, but Crow carries it a little further.
-->'''Crow:''' Throw him (bear cub) down a few times, Ross! What're you scared of him? C'mon, beat him up!
* CelebrityResemblance: Crow thinks the Seminole looks like Creator/EmoPhillips and does a killer impersonation of said comedian.
* HaveAGayOldTime: A couple of times, the narrator refers to Ross as "my boyfriend".
-->'''Joel''': Look, he likes you as a friend but he's not your boyfriend, okay?
* MamaBear: Sadly doesn't appear, but boy do the 'bots ''really'' want to see her enter the fray.
** [[FridgeHorror Which probably means Ross shot her offscreen.]]
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: In the "Catching Ross" host segment, Joel puts a rubber snake into the same bag as the Ross figure.
-->'''Joel (as Ross):''' No, not the snake! He hates me! We went to camp together!
* RootingForTheEmpire[[invoked]]: The guys root for the wild cat and bear cubs when they try to escape.
** They root for the snakes to bite Ross, too.
* ShoutOut: To ''Film/ApocalypseNow''.
-->'''Narrator:''' Well, this is a different assignment, and a true depiction of actually filling an order [Ross] recently received.
-->'''Joel:''' Kill Colonel Kurtz!
* TakeThat: This short is followed with a host segment entitled "Catching Ross", wherein Joel brutally torments an action figure modeled after Ross while Tom mocks it. Fans complained when the short was put on a collection ''without'' "Catching Ross" included.
** The ''Catching Ross'' skit is a supreme example of both CrowningMomentOfFunny AND CrowningMomentOfAwesome!
** The bots are also eager to whip the piss out of the narrator of the "Aquatic Wizards" short when he refers to a Hispanic waterskier as a "Mexican jumping bean."
--> '''Crow:''' "This time, the white fascist narrator will make a racial slur!"
--> '''Tom:''' "Hah, but what do I know? I'm only a fat hick announcer, mowing down pretzels and pinwheel cookies, and trying to come to grips with the tattered ends of a once promising life gone horribly wrong, God, God, why, why?!"
* UnfortunateImplications[[invoked]]: Behind the jokes, there is a sense of great contempt towards the people who made the short in contrast to the show's usual ribbing, though this wouldn't be the only time (''Film/InvasionOfTheNeptuneMen'').
* VoteEarlyVoteOften:
-->'''Narrator:''' Don't you know you're wanted in UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}}?
-->'''Tom Servo:''' For voting twice?