Films watched: ''Film/RadarMenFromTheMoon'' Chapters 4 and 5 (serial) and ''Film/RobotMonster''

!!The Segments

[[folder: Segment 1/Invention Exchange ]]

* Joel invents the cummer-bubble-bund. Dr. Forrester invents a flame-based whoopee cushion.


[[folder: Segment 2 ]]

* Joel and the Bots discuss the physics-defying nature of Cody's jet pack.


[[folder: Segment 3 ]]

* While playing at being Ro-Men, Crow orders Tom to kill Joel. Joel responds by smashing breakaway chairs over Tom.


[[folder: Segment 4 ]]

* Joel and the Bots get surreal about surrealism.


[[folder: Segment 5 ]]

* Joel and the Bots present a pageant about the inconsistencies of Ro-Man.

!!This ''[=MST3K=]'' episode contains examples of:
* ActionFigureSpeech: The Ro-Men, looking for all the world like a guy in a gorilla suit wearing a space helmet flailed around wildly while speaking.
* SanitySlippage: The bizarre, rambling eulogies Joel and the Bots compose for Ro-Man after the film even disturb the Mads with just how far gone they really are.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: The Bots attempt to leave the theater when the second ''Radar Men'' installment begins, forcing Joel to retrieve them. Twice.
-->'''Servo:''' This is Buddhist! You create us to suffer!
-->'''Joel:''' I'm {{surrounded by idiots}} of my own design!
* StealthPun
* WhosOnFirst: "Wyatt Ordung" was the film's screenwriter. The Bots take his name as a question, and choose "Wyatt".
* YourHeadAsplode: When Joel tells the Bots about how bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly yet they do anyway, Servo's [[LogicBomb head explodes]], and so does Crow's. [[RuleOfThree It even causes Cambot to malfunction.]]