[[folder:Season 1]]
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E1TheTube The Tube]]": Mike has Og creates a giant-screen TV to watch ''Action Guy'', but it only picks up static. Nevertheless, everyone becomes glued to the set.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E2RollerMadness Roller Madness]]": Og creates rollerskates and Mike and the others have fun with them, but Lu thinks she's too good for them.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E3SultansOfSwat Sultans of Swat]]": Mike introduces everyone to baseball, but their inept way of playing drives her over the edge.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E4TeaForThree Tea For Three]]": The island's treasured teacup goes missing and Mike is on the case.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E5LosingLancelot Losing Lancelot]]": Lancelot ricks his life to get away from Lu and the kids try rescue him from shark-infested waters.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E6BuzzCut Buzz Cut]]": Og creates a helicopter, which Lu takes for a destructive joyride.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E7ElephantWalk Elephant Walk]]": Lu wants to ride an elephant and gets a ride she'll never forget, while Mike and Og create an elephant wash.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E8PalmPet Palm Pet]]": Feeling lonely on an island with only six people, Mike makes a friend out of a tiny palm tree.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E9YoHoWho Yo Ho Who?]]": The kids head for "The Barnacle" and come face to face with pirates.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E10ABoysGame A Boy's Game]]": Og creates a portable gaming device and becomes addicted to playing it, ignoring everyone even when a monsoon strikes.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E11WholeLottaShakin Whole Lotta Shakin']]": The volcano is about to erupt, but nobody but Mike seems to care.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E12TheMotherOfAllMarathons The Mother of All Marathons]]": The island holds it's first marathon, but Lu ignores basic training and decides to cheta instead.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E13HotCouture Hot Couture]]": Sick of wearing the same old outfit, Mike organizes a fashion show and everyone else chooses a different kind of style. Only one rule -- no grass skirts!
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E14OppositesAttack Opposites Attack]]": Og goes mad from a never-ending stream of chores and builds robots that attack everyone.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E15ScopinItOut Scopin' It Out]]": Queeks find Lancelot with his "psychic powers", but Mike is suspicious.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E16TheGoodShipBad The Good Ship Bad]]": The kids explore an old shipwreck in search of treasure and encounter an angry octopus.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E17HighRise High Rise]]": Mike gets the islanders to build an apartment building so they be closer, but Lu has other plans.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E18TheGreatSnipeHunt The Great Snipe Hunt]]": It's Og's birthday, but it's bearly anything goes his way, especially when Alfred drags him into hunting with him.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E19Jujubombs Jujubombs]]": Mike and Og create a candy that Lu becomes addicted to.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E20TurtleStew Turtle Stew]]": The kids fly in a hot air balloon and encounter the pirates once again.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E21ABicycleBuiltForMe A Bicycle Built for Me]]": Og creates a bicycle for Mike, but everyone wants to ride it.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E22CrowdedHouse Crowded House]]": Mike and Og attract a cruise ship to come to the island, but the tourist invasion gets on everyone's nerves.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E23NobodysNose Nobody's Nose]]": When Mike refuses to be "the nose" for the First Day of Spring festival, she gets cursed.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E24ScubaDoobieDoo Scooba Doobie Doo]]": Lu tries to prevent the mailman (an "invader") from coming to island.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E25HighCamp High Camp]]": The kids camp out so Og can catch a rare butterfly and Lu's plan to scare Mike backfires on her big time.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS1E26SneezePlease Sneeze Please]]": Mike catches a cold and Lu gets an idea to get her off the island for good.

[[folder:Season 2]]
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E1ALearningExperience A Learning Experience]]": Mike attends school and meets the Cuzzlewitz kids for the first time.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E2WeThePeople We the People]]": Mike runs against Wendel in the race for governor of the island.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E3Money Money]]": Mike introduces formal currency to the island, while Lu plans to have her picture printed on the bills.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E4RepeatAfterMe Repeat After Me]]": Mike makes pals with Wendel's parrot Skipper, who gets her into trouble.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E5ThanksButNoThanks Thanks But No Thanks]]": Mike invites the pirates to attend the island's "All Foodstuff's Eve" dinner.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E6HotDog Hot Dog]]": Mike had Og create hot dogs for everyone, but everyone's sloppiness takes its toll on his sanity.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E7ThatSinkingFeeling That Sinking Feeling]]": Wendel warns everyone that the island is sinking, but Mike doesn't believe it.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E8FoundersDay Founder's Day]]": The islanders put on a musical play honoring the island's founding and Lu tries to injure Mike so she can get her part in the show.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E9GiantSteps Giant Steps]]": Mike and Lancelot collect objects to keep an invading giant away, but is it all true?
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E10NightOfTheLivingAncestors Night of the Living Ancestors]]": Queeks raises the dead to scare Mike off the island, but she befriends the ancestors instead and they become burdens to the others.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E11ForTheLoveOfMike For the Love of Mike]]": Haggis and Baggis fall madly in love with Mike and all her plans to do away with them seem to backfire.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E12Sparks Sparks]]": Og invents the lightbulb and everyone parties for days on end.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E13BraveSirLancelot Brave Sir Lancelot]]": Lu fires Lancelot and he runs away to the jungle, where he becomes a god to a tribe of land turtles.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E14TheBigGame The Big Game]]": Mike trains an elephant for an upcoming game of croquet.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E15FlusteringFootwearFlotsam Flustering Footwear Flotsam]]": Mike introduces everyone to shoes, but they end up driving her and Queeks crazy.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E16FathersAndPies Fathers and Pies]]": After a freak accident on Og's workshop, Margery and Alfred think Og's been turned into a pie.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E17QueeksQueeksWhosGotTheQueeks Queeks, Queeks, Who's Got the Queeks?]]": Mike must save Queeks from the Cuzzlewitz clan.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E18AlfredLordOfTheJungle Alfred, Lord of the Jungle]]": A documentary filmmaker arrives on the island and casts Alfred in a new film.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E19TheKingOfCurtains The King of Curtains]]": A message in a bottle says that a king is coming to the island, but a salesman arrives instead, but everyone thinks he's the king.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E20MargeryTheDuck Margery the Duck]]": Og accidentally hypnotizes Margery.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E21AFreudianSplit A Freudian Split]]": Pig and Goat argue over what's more important, peanut butter or jelly.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E22FitnessFever Fitness Fever]]": Wendel wants to lose weight and Mike becomes his trainer.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E23TheHunterAndTheHunted The Hunter and the Hunted]]": The wombat's prank on Alfred sends him into a depression.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E24ToServeLu To Serve Lu]]": Lu makes Mike her slave after she loses a rigged bet.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E25TheThreeAmigas The Three Amigas]]": Lu gets jealous of Mike and Hermione's newfound friendship.
# "[[Recap/MikeLuAndOgS2E26SleepingUgly Sleeping Ugly]]": Queeks accidentally awakens the world's ugliest woman.