The [[LongRunner long running]] series ''[[{{Series/Mash}} M*A*S*H]]'' amassed 251 episodes in its eleven-year run, from 1972 to 1983[[note]]The first episode, "Pilot", aired on September 17, 1972 (filmed in December, 1971), and the finale aired February 28, 1983[[/note]].

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[[folder:Season 1]]
# [[Recap/MashS1E1Pilot "Pilot"]]: Captains Pierce and [=McIntyre=] must raise $2000 to send their houseboy to college.
# [[Recap/MashS1E2ToMarketToMarket "To Market, to Market"]]: The 4077 is in desperate need of supplies, so "Hawkeye" Pierce, and "Trapper" [=McIntyre=] must obtain it by shady means.
# [[Recap/MashS1E3RequiemForALightweight "Requiem for a Lightweight"]]: To keep a nurse at the hospital, Trapper must champion a boxing match for the camp.
# [[Recap/MashS1E4ChiefSurgeonWho "Chief Surgeon Who?"]]: The camp's chief surgeon is decided.
# [[Recap/MashS1E5TheMoose "The Moose"]]: Hawkeye and Trapper try to free a camp's sergeant's Korean servant, or 'moose'.
# [[Recap/MashS1E6YankeeDoodleDoctor "Yankee Doodle Doctor"]]: A film is made on the camp.
# [[Recap/MashS1E7BananasCrackersAndNuts "Bananas, Crackers and Nuts"]]: Hawkeye, in need of R&R, pretends to be insane to get leave.
# [[Recap/MashS1E8Cowboy "Cowboy"]]: A chopper pilot needs to go home to save his marriage.
# [[Recap/MashS1E9HenryPleaseComeHome "Henry Please Come Home"]]: Henry is reassigned to Tokyo.
# [[Recap/MashS1E10IHateAMystery "I Hate a Mystery"]]: Someone is stealing from the camp, and it's up to Hawkeye to figure out who...
# [[Recap/MashS1E11GermWarfare "Germ Warfare"]]: A wounded North Korean needs a transfusion, but the only person in the entire camp with the same blood type is Burns...
# [[Recap/MashS1E12DearDad "Dear Dad"]]: Hawkeye writes a letter home, Christmas comes to the 4077, and Klinger almost kills himself over a bandana.
# [[Recap/MashS1E13Edwina "Edwina"]]: A new nurse arrives, but can't find any romance in the camp, so the other nurses hold off until she does.
# [[Recap/MashS1E14LoveStory "Love Story"]]: Radar receives a "Dear John" letter from his fiancée, and finds love with a new nurse. Unfortunately, Hotlips and Burns conspire to break up their romance.
# [[Recap/MashS1E15Tuttle "Tuttle"]]: Hawkeye and Trapper make up a fake identity to make donations to a nearby orphanage.
# [[Recap/MashS1E16TheRingbanger "The Ringbanger"]]: A zealous colonel with more casualties than ground taken shows up, so Hawk and Trap convince him he needs some rest.
# [[Recap/MashS1E17SometimesYouHearTheBullet "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet"]]: Hawkeye's friend turns up, resulting in the first WhamEpisode of the series, and what many consider the beginning of the show's CerebusSyndrome.
# [[Recap/MashS1E18DearDadAgain "Dear Dad...Again"]]: Hawkeye writes another letter to his father, Radar takes a final exam for a correspondence school, and Frank [[INeedAFreakingDrink wants a martini]].
# [[Recap/MashS1E19TheLongjohnFlap "The Longjohn Flap"]]: A cold spell hits the camp, and a pair of longjohns becomes a big commodity.
# [[Recap/MashS1E20TheArmyNavyGame "The Army-Navy Game"]]: A bomb lands in the compound, and right in the middle of a football game between Army and Navy personnel!
# [[Recap/MashS1E21StickyWicket "Sticky Wicket"]]: One of Hawkeye's patients takes a turn for the worse, and Burns help save the patient.
# [[Recap/MashS1E22MajorFredCDobbs "Major Fred C. Dobbs"]]: Frank becomes convinced to seek a transfer, so Hawkeye and Trapper must trick him and Major Houlihan into staying.
# [[Recap/MashS1E23Ceasefire "Ceasefire"]]: A ceasefire is declared, but will it last?
# [[Recap/MashS1E24Showtime "Showtime"]]: A USO troupe visits the camp, whilst Henry's wife gives birth at home.

[[folder:Season 2]]
# [[Recap/MashS2E1DividedWeStand "Divided We Stand"]]: General Clayton sends a psychiatrist to evaluate the unit with the implication that the unit will be broken up if the evaluation goes poorly.
# [[Recap/MashS2E25OClockCharlie "5 O'Clock Charlie"]]: A North Korean bomber with terrible aim attacks a nearby ammo dump. Frank requests an anti-aircraft gun.
# [[Recap/MashS2E3RadarsReport "Radar's Report"]]: Radar reports the happenings at the 4077 while the doctors deal with a Chinese patient and the Majors try to get Klinger out.
# [[Recap/MashS2E4ForTheGoodOfTheOutfit "For The Good Of The Outfit]]: Hawkeye and Trapper want the Army to take responsibility for bombing a defenseless North Korean village.
# [[Recap/MashS2E5DrPierceAndMrHyde "Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde"]]: Hawkeye, suffering from sleep deprivation, writes a letter to President Truman and sends a latrine to North Korea.
# [[Recap/MashS2E6Kim "Kim"]]: Hawkeye and Trapper want to adopt an orphaned Korean boy.
# [[Recap/MashS2E7LIPLocalIndigenousPersonnel "L.I.P (Local Indigenous Personnel)"]] An American soldier wants to marry a Korean woman.
# [[Recap/MashS2E8TheTrialOfHenryBlake "The Trial of Henry Blake"]] Majors Burns and Houlihan put Henry on trial for incompetence.
# [[Recap/MashS2E9DearDadThree "Dear Dad...Three"]]: Another letter home to Dad, dealing with a racist, and Henry's home movies.
# [[Recap/MashS2E10TheSniper "The Sniper"]]: A sniper takes potshots at the M*A*S*H and everyone takes cover while waiting for help to arrive.
# [[Recap/MashS2E11CarryOnHawkeye "Carry On, Hawkeye"]]: Hawkeye and Houlihan are the only doctors available during a flu epidemic.
# [[Recap/MashS2E12TheIncubator "The Incubator"]]: The Army won't let the 4077th have an incubator for medical testing.
# [[Recap/MashS2E13DealMeOut "Deal Me Out"]]: A big poker game is held in The Swamp, with numerous interruptions.
# [[Recap/MashS2E14HotLipsAndEmptyArms "Hot Lips and Empty Arms"]]: Margaret, frustrated she missed out on a rich husband and the lack of discipline with the rest of the M*A*S*H, requests a transfer.
# [[Recap/MashS2E15OfficersOnly "Officers Only"]]: An Officer's Club opens up, but the enlisted men feel left out.
# [[Recap/MashS2E16HenryInLove "Henry In Love"]]: Henry, a married man, falls in love with a new woman, but there's more to it than it looks.
# [[Recap/MashS2E17ForWantOfABoot "For Want of a Boot"]]: Hawkeye goes through a ChainOfDeals to get replacement boots, but it starts to fall apart.
# [[Recap/MashS2E18OperationNoselift "Operation Noselift"]]: A soldier wants the surgeons to give him a nosejob, but they aren't allowed to do it.
# [[Recap/MashS2E19TheChosenPeople "The Chosen People"]]: Radar is pinned as the father of a Korean woman's baby when her family moves onto the 4077's land.
# [[Recap/MashS2E20AsYouWere "As You Were"]]: Frank needs surgery for a hernia, but doesn't want wisecracking Hawkeye and Trapper operating. Later, the 4077 is shelled by friendly artillery during surgery.
# [[Recap/MashS2E21Crisis "Crisis"]]: The 4077's supplies have been cut off, forcing Col. Blake to take drastic measures.
# [[Recap/MashS2E22George "George"]]: Frank discovers a wounded soldier is gay, and wants to dishonorably discharge him.
# [[Recap/MashS2E23MailCall "Mail Call"]]: A large supply of mail arrives, including stock reports for Frank, book balancing for Henry, a pen pal Radar has been lying to, and more.
# [[Recap/MashS2E24ASmatteringOfIntelligence "A Smattering of Intelligence"]]: Col. Flagg comes to the 4077 upon getting word that Communists have infiltrated the unit.


[[folder:Season 3]]
# [[Recap/MashS3E1TheGeneralFlippedAtDawn "The General Flipped at Dawn"]][[note]]Harry Morgan guest stars as General Steele. He would later return as series regular Colonel Potter.[[/note]]: General Steele visits, and it becomes clear he's insane.
# [[Recap/MashS3E2RainbowBridge "Rainbow Bridge"]]: The doctors go into enemy territory to retrieve wounded POWs from the Chinese.
# [[Recap/MashS3E3OfficerOfTheDay "Officer of the Day"]]: Frank makes Hawkeye Officer of the Day while he deals with several people named Kim Luck and Colonel Flagg looking for an espionage agent.
# [[Recap/MashS3E4IronGutsKelly "Iron Guts Kelly"]]: A general dies of a heart attack while visiting, but the press tries to make him look better by saying he died in combat.
# [[Recap/MashS3E5OR "O.R."]]: Hawkeye performs a risky heart operation, Trapper donates blood, and supplies run low during an influx of wounded.
# [[Recap/MashS3E6Springtime "Springtime"]] Love is in the air, even in war-torn Korea.
# [[Recap/MashS3E7CheckUp "Check-Up"]]: Trapper winds up with a ulcer and a ticket home.
# [[Recap/MashS3E8LifeWithFather "Life With Father"]]: Father Mulcahy has been asked to perform a Jewish bris, Hawkeye and Trapper enter a contest, and Henry has problems with his wife.
# [[Recap/MashS3E9AlcoholicsUnanimous "Alcoholics Unanimous"]]: While Henry's away, Frank bans alcohol.
# [[Recap/MashS3E10TheresNothingLikeANurse "There's Nothing Like a Nurse"]]: All the nurses are shipped further away from the front lines for their safety.
# [[Recap/MashS3E11AdamsRibs "Adam's Ribs"]]: Hawkeye tries to spice up the terrible menu by ordering ribs directly from a restaurant in Chicago.
# [[Recap/MashS3E12AFullRichDay "A Full Rich Day"]]: In a "Dear Dad" episode, Hawkeye and Radar deal with a wounded but bloodthirsty Turk, while a dead Dutch soldier goes missing.
# [[Recap/MashS3E13MadDogsAndServicemen "Mad Dogs and Servicemen"]]: The search is on for a dog that bit Radar that might be rabid.
# [[Recap/MashS3E14PrivateCharlesLamb "Private Charles Lamb"]]: The Greeks donate a lamb to the 4077, which Radar tries to set free.
# [[Recap/MashS3E15Bombed "Bombed"]]: The 4077 is being American troops.
# [[Recap/MashS3E16BulletinBoard "Bulletin Board"]]: Margaret wants to borrow $240 from Frank, Henry gives a lecture about sex, and the camp watches ''TheLittlestRebel''.
# [[Recap/MashS3E17TheConsultant "The Consultant"]]: While in Tokyo, Hawkeye and Trapper convince a veteran doctor to help them on the front lines, and he offers to do an artery transplant.
# [[Recap/MashS3E18HouseArrest "House Arrest"]]: Hawkeye is imprisoned in The Swamp after hitting Frank, but everyone sympathizes with him.
# [[Recap/MashS3E19AidStation "Aid Station"]]: Hawkeye, Houlihan, and Klinger are sent to an aid station on the front lines.
# [[Recap/MashS3E20LoveAndMarriage "Love and Marriage"]]: Hawkeye and Trapper try to get a Korean medic a pass to see his family, and deal with a money-making scheme.
# [[Recap/MashS3E21BigMac "Big Mac"]]: The M*A*S*H prepares for a visit from General MacArthur.
# [[Recap/MashS3E22Payday "Payday"]]: Hawkeye donates the leftover money from payday to charity, then the Army comes after him.
# [[Recap/MashS3E23WhiteGold "White Gold"]]: Thieves steal penicillin from storage, but there's a conspiracy behind it.
# [[Recap/MashS3E24AbyssiniaHenry "Abyssinia, Henry"]]: Henry has earned enough points to be discharged, and is going home.

[[folder:Season 4]]
# [[Recap/MashS4E1WelcomeToKorea "Welcome to Korea"]]: Hawkeye rushes to say goodbye to Trapper while also bringing in Captain BJ Hunnicut.
# [[Recap/MashS4E2ChainOfCommand "Chain of Command"]]: After Henry Blake's death, Major Burns (and Houlihan) take over until Colonel Potter arrives.
# [[Recap/MashS4E3ItHappenedOneNight "It Happened One Night"]]: The doctors work in the middle of the night while the 4077 is shelled by American troops.
# [[Recap/MashS4E4TheLateCaptainPierce "The Late Captain Pierce"]]: In a bureaucratic accident, Hawkeye has been declared dead.
# [[Recap/MashS4E5HeyDoc "Hey, Doc"]]: The 4077 deal with an ingrown toenail in exchange for scotch, a stolen microscope, and a sniper.
# [[Recap/MashS4E6TheBus "The Bus"]]: On the way back to the M*A*S*H, Hawkeye, Radar, Frank, and Potter get lost, and then the bus breaks down.
# [[Recap/MashS4E7DearMildred "Dear Mildred"]]: While Colonel Potter writes home, Radar, Hawkeye, and BJ take care of a horse.
# [[Recap/MashS4E8TheKids "The Kids"]]: The M*A*S*H has to take care of a bunch of displaced kids.
# [[Recap/MashS4E9QuoVadisCaptainChandler "Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?"]]: An officer believe he's the reincarnation of Jesus.
# [[Recap/MashS4E10DearPeggy "Dear Peggy"]]: BJ writes home after having to take over for Frank on a surgery, Father Mulcahy has trouble with a superior chaplain, and Hawkeye attempts a world record.
# [[Recap/MashS4E11OfMooseAndMen "Of Moose and Men"]]: Hawkeye deals with an irate colonel, a sergeant deals with his wife's affair by getting a Korean girlfriend, and Frank becomes paranoid.
# [[Recap/MashS4E12SoldierOfTheMonth "Soldier of the Month"]]: Potter has a contest for Soldier of the Month while the doctors deal with hemorrhagic fever and mice.
# [[Recap/MashS4E13TheGun "The Gun"]]: Frank wants to get his hands on a visiting colonel's gun.
# [[Recap/MashS4E14MailCallAgain "Mail Call...Again"]]: Potter becomes a grandfather and Frank's wife wants a divorce.
# [[Recap/MashS4E15ThePriceOfTomatoJuice "The Price of Tomato Juice"]]: Radar tries to be nice to Colonel Potter by getting him some tomato juice.
# [[Recap/MashS4E16DearMa "Dear Ma"]]: Radar writes home, telling of a foot inspection, and Colonel Potter getting shot.
# [[Recap/MashS4E17DerTag "Der Tag"]]: Potter gets Hawkeye and BJ to be nice to Frank, which gets him drunk and accidentally sent to the front lines.
# [[Recap/MashS4E18Hawkeye "Hawkeye"]]: Hawkeye gets into an accident and while staying in a Korean family's home, concludes he has a concussion and tries to keep himself awake.
# [[Recap/MashS4E19Some38thParallel "Some 38th Parallel"]]: Frank wants to sell off the camp's garbage, and Hawkeye buys it to give to a reckless colonel.
# [[Recap/MashS4E20TheNovocaineMutiny "The Novocaine Mutiny"]]: Frank becomes acting CO, goes mad with power, and ultimately charged Hawkeye with mutiny.
# [[Recap/MashS4E21SmilinJack "Smilin' Jack"]]: A helicopter pilot wants to break the record for most-delivered wounded is grounded due to diabetes.
# [[Recap/MashS4E22TheMoreISeeYou "The More I See You"]]: An old girlfriend of Hawkeye's shows up.
# [[Recap/MashS4E23Deluge "Deluge"]]: The doctors deal with a huge amount of wounded, interspersed with newsreels.
# [[Recap/MashS4E24TheInterview "The Interview"]]: A black-and-white newsreel of the 4077th M*A*S*H with interviews of the staff.

[[folder:Season 5]]
# [[Recap/MashS5E1BugOut "Bug Out"]][[note]]To "bug out" means to quickly evacuate during a dangerous situation.[[/note]]: A false rumor goes around that the 4077 is bugging out. Then they actually have to bug out.
# [[Recap/MashS5E2MargaretsEngagement "Margaret's Engagement"]]: Margaret goes on leave and comes back engaged. Frank isn't happy.
# [[Recap/MashS5E3OutOfSightOutOfMind "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"]]: Hawkeye is blinded in an accident, and fears he may be blind forever.
# [[Recap/MashS5E4LtRadarOReilly "Lt. Radar O'Reilly"]]: After Hawkeye wins a bet, Radar is made officer, but he may not be fit for the role.
# [[Recap/MashS5E5TheNurses "The Nurses"]]: Disciplinarian Houlihan spars with the nurses, while Nurse Parker's husband pops in for a surprise visit.
# [[Recap/MashS5E6TheAbductionOfMargaretHoulihan "The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan"]]: Margaret has gone missing, and Colonel Flagg shows up to investigate.
# [[Recap/MashS5E7DearSigmund "Dear Sigmund"]]: Dr. Freedman visits, investigates a prankster and witnesses an ambulance accident.
# [[Recap/MashS5E8MulcahysWar "Mulcahy's War"]]: Father Mulcahy joins Radar on a trip to an aid station, and has to help with emergency surgery on the way back.
# [[Recap/MashS5E9TheKoreanSurgeon "The Korean Surgeon"]]: A wounded but friendly North Korean surgeon turns up in the OR, but tries to hide his identity to help out in the OR.
# [[Recap/MashS5E10HawkeyeGetYourGun "Hawkeye Get Your Gun"]]: Hawkeye and Potter help with a Korean hospital near the front, and are attacked on the way back.
# [[Recap/MashS5E11TheColonelsHorse "The Colonel's Horse"]]: Colonel Potter's horse gets sick while he's away, while Major Houlihan has problems of her own.
# [[Recap/MashS5E12Exorcism "Exorcism"]]: Bad luck spread throughout the camp, and and a Korean ritual might be the cure.
# [[Recap/MashS5E13HawksNightmare "Hawk's Nightmare"]]: Hawkeye gets nightmares and starts sleepwalking. Dr. Freedman investigates.
# [[Recap/MashS5E14TheMostUnforgettableCharacters "The Most Unforgettable Characters"]]: Radar enters a creative writing course and fills his life with PurpleProse, while Frank tries to celebrate his birthday.
# [[Recap/MashS5E1538Across "38 Across"]]: Hawkeye calls for help from a Navy surgeon...for a crossword puzzle.
# [[Recap/MashS5E15PingPong "Ping Pong"]]: Hawkeye helps out a Korean ping pong player and his girlfriend, while Potter meets an old friend who's willing to risk lives for a promotion.
# [[Recap/MashS5E16EndRun "End Run"]]: A football player with an amputated leg loses the will to live.
# [[Recap/MashS5E17HankyPanky "Hanky Panky"]]: BJ winds up cheating on his wife when he gives sympathy to a nurse, and debates whether or not to tell Peg.
# [[Recap/MashS5E18Hepatitis "Hepatitis"]]: An outbreak of hepatitis hits the camp, starting with Father Mulcahy while Hawkeye deals with back pain.
# [[Recap/MashS5E19TheGeneralsPractitioner "The General's Practitioner"]]: A general is so impressed by Hawkeye's work he wants to have Hawkeye as his private doctor.
# [[Recap/MashS5E20MovieTonight "Movie Tonight"]]: Colonel Potter brings in "My Darling Clementine", but interruptions ensue, though this doesn't stop the M*A*S*H from having fun.
# [[Recap/MashS5E21Souvenirs "Souvenirs"]]: A Korean man is selling dangerous war souvenirs.
# [[Recap/MashS5E22PostOp "Post Op"]]: The doctors share stories with the patients.
# [[Recap/MashS5E23MargaretsMarriage "Margaret's Marriage"]]: Margaret and Donald Penobscott get married, and everyone else gets drunk partying.


[[folder:Season 6]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E1FadeOutFadeIn "Fade Out, Fade In"]]: With Frank gone, Major Charles Emerson Winchester III is called in, even though he wants to practice in Tokyo, far from the front lines.
# [[Recap/MashS6E2FallenIdol "Fallen Idol"]]: Radar gets wounded, but finds Hawkeye isn't the hero he thinks he is.
# [[Recap/MashS6E3LastLaught "Last Laugh"]]: BJ is put on charges after a prank with an old friend goes too far with a general while Margaret begs to go to Tokyo.
# [[Recap/MashS6E4WarOfNerves "War of Nerves"]]: Dr. Freedman comes in wounded while everyone starts bickering due to stress.
# [[Recap/MashS6E5TheWinchesterTapes "The Winchester Tapes"]]: Hawkeye wants a pass to Seoul, Potter paints Charles's face, and BJ fattens Charles up.
# [[Recap/MashS6E6TheLightThatFailed "The Light That Failed"]]: A blackout causes Charles to give a patient the wrong medicine.
# [[Recap/MashS6E7InLoveAndWar "In Love and War"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E8ChangeDay "Change Day"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E9Images "Images"]]: Margaret wants an emotional nurse transferred, while Radar wants a tattoo.
# [[Recap/MashS6E10TheMashOlympics "The M*A*S*H Olympics"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E11TheGrimReaper "The Grim Reaper"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E12ComradesInArmsPt1 "Comrades In Arms Pt. 1"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E13ComradesInArmsPt2 "Comrades In Arms Pt. 2"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E14TheMerchantOfKorea "The Merchant of Korea"]]:
# [[Recap/MashS6E15TheSmellOfMusic "The Smell of Music"]]: Hawkeye and BJ vow to stop showering until Charles stops playing his French horn.
# [[Recap/MashS6E16Patient4077 "Patient 4077"]]: Hawkeye looks for a custom-built clamp, while Klinger accidentally throws away Margaret's wedding ring.
# [[Recap/MashS6E17TeaAndEmpathy "Tea and Empathy"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E17YourHitParade "Your Hit Parade"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E18WhatsUpDoc "What's Up, Doc?"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E19MailCallThree "Mail Call Three"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E20TemporaryDuty "Temporary Duty"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E21ColonelPottersRetirement "Colonel Potter's Retirement"]]: Potter fears he's going to be sent to a state-side desk job because of his age.
# [[Recap/MashS6E22DrWinchesterAndMrHyde "Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde"]]
# [[Recap/MashS6E23MajorTopper "Major Topper"]]: Klinger meets a man who's legitimately insane, while the doctors learn to use placebos.

[[folder:Season 7]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E1CommanderPierce "Commander Pierce"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E2PeaceOnUs "Peace On Us"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E3Lil "Lil"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E4OurFinestHour "Our Finest Hour"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E5TheBillfoldSyndrome "The Billfold Syndrome"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E8NoneLikeItHot "None Like it Hot"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E9TheyCallTheWindKorea "They Call the Wind Korea"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E10MajorEgo "Major Ego"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E11BabyItsColdOutside "Baby, It's Cold Outside"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E12PointOfView "Point of View"]]: A first-person view of a patient who comes through the M*A*S*H.
# [[Recap/MashS7E13DearComrade "Dear Comrade"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E14OutOfGas "Out of Gas"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E15AnEyeForATooth "An Eye For a Tooth"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E16DearSis "Dear Sis"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E17BJPapaSan "BJ Papa San"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E18Inga "Inga"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E19ThePrice "The Price"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E20TheYoungAndTheRestless "The Young and the Restless"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E21HotLipsIsBackInTown "Hot Lips is Back in Town"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E22Cave "C*A*V*E"]]: The 4077 is forced to relocate to a cave, where Hawkeye reveals he has claustrophobia.
# [[Recap/MashS7E23RallyRoundTheFlaggBoys "Rally Round the Flagg, Boys"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E24PreventativeMedicine "Preventative Medicine"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E25ANightAtRosies "A Night at Rosie's"]]: Hawkeye spends too much time at Rosie's bar, and everyone comes to find him, only to join him.
# [[Recap/MashS7E26AintLoveGrand "Ain't Love Grand?"]]
# [[Recap/MashS7E27TheParty "The Party"]]

[[folder:Season 8]]

# [[Recap/MashS8E1TooManyCooks "Too Many Cooks"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E2AreYouNowMargaret "Are You Now, Margaret?"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E3GuerillaMyDreams "Guerilla My Dreams"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E4GoodByeRadarPt1 "Good-Bye Radar Pt. 1"]]: Radar returns from leave to find his uncle has died, and files a hardship discharge to help out back home.
# [[Recap/MashS8E5GoodByeRadarPt2 "Good-Bye Radar Pt. 2"]]: Radar wants to stay with the 4077 after seeing the unit fall apart without him.
# [[Recap/MashS8E6PeriodOfAdjustment "Period of Adjustment"]]: Klinger has trouble filling Radar's shoes as company clerk.
# [[Recap/MashS8E7NurseDoctor "Nurse Doctor"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E8PrivateFinance "Private Finance"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E9MrAndMrsWho "Mr. And Mrs. Who?"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E10TheYaluBrickRoad "The Yalu Brick Road"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E11LifeTime "Life Time"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E12DearUncleAbdul "Dear Uncle Abdul"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E13CaptainsOutrageous "Captains Outrageous"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E14StarsAndStripes "Stars and Stripes"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E15YessirThatsOurBaby "Yessir, That's Our Baby"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E16BottleFatigue "Bottle Fatigue"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E17HealThyself "Heal Thyself"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E18OldSoldiers "Old Soldiers"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E19MoraleVictory "Morale Victory"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E20LendAHand "Lend a Hand"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E21GoodbyeCruelWorld "Goodbye, Cruel World"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E22Dreams "Dreams"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E23WarCoRespondent "War Co-Respondent"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E24BackPay "Back Pay"]]
# [[Recap/MashS8E25AprilFools "April Fools"]]

[[folder:Season 9]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E1TheBestOfEnemies "The Best of Enemies"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E2Letters "Letters"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E3CementingRelationships "Cementing Relationships"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E4FathersDay "Father's Day"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E5DeathTakesAHoliday "Death Takes a Holiday"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E6AWarForAllSeasons "A War For All Seasons"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E7YourRetentionPlease "Your Retention, Please"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E8TellItToTheMarines "Tell it to the Marines"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E9TakingTheFifth "Taking the Fifth"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E10OperationFriendship "Operation Friendship"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E11NoSweat "No Sweat"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E12DepressingNews "Depressing News"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E13NoLaughingMatter "No Laughing Matter"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E14OhHowWeDanced "Oh, How We Danced"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E15BottomsUp "Bottoms Up"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E16TheRedWhiteBlues "The Red/White Blues"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E17BlessYouHawkeye "Bless You, Hawkeye"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E18BloodBrothers "Blood Brothers"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E19TheForesightSaga "The Foresight Saga"]]
# [[Recap/MashS9E20TheLifeYouSave "The Life You Save"]]

[[folder:Season 10]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E1ThatsShowbiz "That's Showbiz"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E2IdentityCrisis "Identity Crisis"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E3RumorAtTheTop "Rumor at the Top"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E4GiveEmHellHawkeye "Give 'Em Hell, Hawkeye"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E5WheelersAndDealers "Wheelers and Dealers"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E6CommunicationBreakdown "Communication Breakdown"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E7SnapJudgment "Snap Judgment"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E8SnappierJudgment "Snappier Judgment"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E9TwasTheDayAfterChristmas "Twas the Day After Christmas"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E10FolliesOfTheLivingConcernsOfTheDead "Follies of the Living-Concerns of the Dead"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E11TheBirthdayGirls "The Birthday Girls"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E12BloodAndGuts "Blood and Guts"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E13AHolyMess "A Holy Mess"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E14TheToothShallSetYouFree "The Tooth Shall Set You Free"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E15PressurePoints "Pressure Points"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E16WhereTheresAWillTheresAWar "Where There's a Will, There's a War"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E17PromotionCommontion "Promotion Commotion"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E18Heroes "Heroes"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E19SonsAndBowlers "Sons and Bowlers"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E20PictureThis "Picture This"]]
# [[Recap/MashS10E21ThatDarnKid "That Darn Kid"]]

[[folder:Season 11]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E1HeyLookMeOver "Hey, Look Me Over"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E2TrickOrTreatment "Trick or Treatment"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E3ForeignAffairs "Foreign Affairs"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E4TheJokerIsWild "The Joker is Wild"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E5WhoKnew "Who Knew?"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E6Bombshells "Bombshells"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E7SettlingDebts "Settling Debts"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E8TheMoonIsNotBlue "The Moon is Not Blue"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E9RunForTheMoney "Run for the Money"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E10UNTheNightAndTheMusic "U.N., the Night and the Music"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E11StrangeBedfellows "Strange Bedfellows"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E12SayNoMore "Say No More"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E13SayNoMore "Friends and Enemies"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E14GiveAndTake "Give and Take"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E15AsTimeGoesBy "As Time Goes By"]]
# [[Recap/MashS11E16GoodbyeFarewellAndAmen "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen"]]