->''"I just wanted you to see that I would never put any of you at risk if I wasn't willing to take the same chances myself."''
-->--'''Nathan Ford'''


Three years ago, Ashley Moore's sister dies when they were gone out shopping together. At present time, she met Dr. Roberts about the situation and he apologizes of her sister's death. He tells her that her sister was under drug trial and was about to explain further when Ashley receives a call but no one answers. She turns around only to see the doctor missing and notice a list of name from Arcadia. Suddenly she notice two suspicious guys in black and tries to call Dr. Roberts but instead sees one of the guys pick it us. The two guys notice her and she makes a run for it until she bumps into Hardison and Eliot. The guys proclaim their FBI agents but Hardison snickers as they make two mistakes. One is that he knows they’re not real FBI agents and second that they make Eliot spill his coffee as he points at him having his coffee onto his T-shirt. Furious, he goes after them and beats them up while Hardison covers Ashley’s eyes, not letting her see the carnage.

At the [=McRory=] Pub, Ashley explains that she was in a drug trial for [=HT1=] but later dies from acute liver failure. The drug company who sponsor the trial, J.R.P. Pharmaceuticals, proclaims that this is just a freak accident and write them a check. They tried to sue the company but fails. She spend the last three years finding evidence about it but she only receive the list of names before he mysteriously vanish and thanks Hardison for saving her. Hardison quick search the names from Arcadia but oddly been erased. The only thing he found is Dr. Roberts address. Ashley's amaze of his talent as Hardison gets her a drink. Jealous, Parker (who happens to see them ) says to do a cross-check that she might be a terrorist or spy but Hardison assures that he's keeping an eye on her. Nate mentions that Dr.Roberts works at J.R.P. Pharmaceuticals, which was bought by Pallagen Laboratories. So Nate tells Hardison to ask Eliot to check on Dr.Robert's address while Parker and Sophie checks the names in Arcadia. However, Eliot finds the flash drives and found out that he was suppose to meet with Darren Hoffman for a bribe. He realize he didn't take the money as he sees Dr.Roberts dead body in the next room, making it look like he have a heart attack. Worse, Parker and Sophie tells them that they found the people in Arcadia...in a cemetery.

They realize that Ashley's sister was not the only victim but also the people in Arcadia and after Hoffman's company buys J.R.P. Pharmaceuticals he erase any records regarding the Arcadia case to make a clean start. Nate and Sophie plans for the double-blind scam on him. Parker infiltrate Pallagen Laboratories as a trainee under a false alias, Laurie Sprang while Sophie replace Jennifer Pearson, F.D.A Rep while the real one's been distracted by Eliot by giving her a tour around the place. Sophie enters Hoffman's office and was greeted by him and want to do some consulting (which Nate mention that 'consulting' is 'bribe' in doctor's language). Hoffman gladly shows her facility while Parker sneaks out of the training and goes into Hoffman's office. She plugs in the hard drive and copies the files to Hardison's laptop. They then make a shocking discovery that Vioplex, the drug that the company is selling is the same drug as [=HT1=], assuring a lot of people are going to die if this is release.

After looking at the list of names that taken a bribe, they realize one it release to the public, Hoffman would be long gone so he ask Parker to check where he keeps the [=HT1=] vials. Nate then tells Eliot to stall Jennifer before she leaves her flight in two hours time so they can give the [=HT1=] vials to her. Eliot manage to flirt with Jennifer and she decides to stay in Boston for a while Parker finds the storage records. Suddenly it sets off the alarms and guards are coming to Hoffman's office but Nate insists that she has enough time to finish copying the records and make her escape and she does. At night, Sophie was upset about risking Parker's life and question his 'out-of-control' behavior even threaten to leave if he does it again. At Nate's room, Eliot is tired from taking Jennifer the tour while Nate enters as Hardison tells him it's hard to find the vials since Hoffman has 10 storage facilities. Nate suggest that Sophie tries to use her 'friendship' of Hoffman and make him locate where the vials while he enters the game. Hardison warns that the last person might end up dead but Nate insist on doing it. Hardison questions Eliot if prison has changed him.

The next day, while Sophie and Hoffman talks about the profits in his facility, Sophie pretends to be cold as she was given Hoffman's jacket. Just then, Hoffman receives a call but no one answers but surprise to see Nate at Sophie's seat. He tells him that he's a friend of Dr.Roberts and he knows [=HT1=] is Vioplex asking for $5 million dollars. Hoffman thinks he has no proof but Nate tells him he should check the vials as he purposely say he know where the vials are. Sophie comes back as Hoffman decides to meet her during the launch of Vioplex while she gives his jacket back. What he doesn't know is that she place a button cam onto his jacket. Once they see the exact location and the combination codes, Nate give Parker a case for her to steal it. As everyone's in place, Hoffman calls Nate and consider his deal but prefer if he does it in his office. Once he hangs up, Hardison and Sophie warns him that it is a trap, worries he might end up like Dr.Roberts. But all Nate could tell is that they have to get the job done before he gets killed.

As Nate arrives at the facility, Eliot meets with Jennifer but reveals she dumps her and consider Eliot as friends. Eliot tells her she can sign the papers after the launch. She agrees. Parker manages to enter the room safely but she triggers the motion sensors and barely escape, telling them that the [=HT1=] vials are still inside. Nate plans to use a syringe at Hoffman but was stopped by the guards and dragged to Hoffman's office. He was greeted by him saying the deal has changed. His men brought the case with the vials and was happy about it, making a new deal to him. However, once the guards leave the room they were taken care by Eliot. Hoffman admire Nate's negotiation about it but Hoffman mentions that one it release he'll be doing oil business. As Eliot gives the signal, Nate tells him that the vials are gone. Disbelieve, he ask where he hid it. Nate tells him that it is inside the champagne that he and everyone in the room is drinking. Stunned, he checks the case to see an empty case with a note 'Cheers' inside. What happen was is that Parker did manage to enter the storage and replace the case. She then purposely lock back the lock and gets herself caught red-handed.

While Nate tells him the symptoms of the drug, Hoffman disbelieve he couldn't have drugged it alone. Nate says he's right as he isn't working alone. Just then Jennifer enters his office saying his assistant (which happens to be Sophie) tells her he's ready. Hoffman was shocked, saying that he met the F.D.A rep but Nate reveals Sophie to be his helper as she waves at the camera. Hoffman rushes out of his office as Jennifer is confuse. Nate tells him to follow him and take the empty case with her. At the launch, he tells everyone to go to the nearest hospital as he says someone has insert [=HT1=] into the drinks. Just then the monitor screen shows both [=HT1=] and Vioplex diagram which to much everyone's shock it's the same. Jennifer question him about Vioplex identical to [=HT1=] that he's about to sell to millions. Hoffman denies it as he says the vials are missing but Jennifer opens it to see the vials are still inside. What he doesn't know is that Nate gives Parker a magic trick case which makes the vials disappeared without even leaving the case. Hoffman looks at Nate giving a toast with one of the champagne while all Hoffman can do is sternly looks at him knowing he's been duped; hoarded by reporters. Sophie accompany Nate telling him that there's 50 high-profile doctors, two dozen medical journalists, and an F.D.A. rep which is enough but mentions that his actions are defines 'out-of-control' behavior. Nate tells her that he wants to prove he would never risk anyone's life if he wasn't willing to take the same chance himself.

Back at the [=McRory=] Pub, Hardison show's Ashley the good news that Hoffman's been arrested and ask her to help out the people of Arcadia as there are still people who needs help who've been affected by [=HT1=]. He also hands her a check courtesy from the F.D.A rep as Ashley hugs him. Parker was seen crushing a glass bottle while Sophie reveals that she's jealous. Sophie suggest that she just talks to Hardison. She does after Ashley leaves with a couple of pretzels.


* CannotSpitItOut: Parker, at the end, regarding Hardison.
-->'''Parker:''' I might be having... feelings. Weird, weird feelings. For... pretzels.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Darren Hoffman covers up evidence that Vioplex/[=HT1=] causes lethal liver damage, knowing that in the time it takes for thousands of patients to die, the company will make billions of dollars selling the drug - and after the court case, the FDA will fine them less than a sixth of the money they'll make selling it. RippedFromTheHeadlines, [[http://kfmonkey.blogspot.com/2010/08/leverage-306-double-blind-job-post-game.html too]].
-->'''Sophie''': These are not small fines. Last year, my department handled a case where the company had to pay out $2.5 billion.\\
'''Hoffman''': Oh, yeah. Everybody heard about that. But what the news didn't tell you is that that company made $16 billion on the same drug. That fine was 14% of the profit. 14%. That's like tipping your waiter. "Thank you very much for taking our drugs. Here's a little something for your family." I wasn't hired by Pallagen to cure cancer. I was brought in to take this company to the next level. And Vioplex is gonna do just that.
* FalseReassurance: Vioplex, a painkiller which causes death by liver failure, is being marketed with the advertising tagline "You don't have to live in pain any more."