Global Justice scientists have a theory about the secret to Kim Possible's success: [[{{Sidekick}} "The Ron Factor"]]. As Dr. Director explains the agency's conclusions to a skeptical Kim, a tiny spy bug overhears the discussion and transmits it to the headquarters of the Worldwide Empire of Evil, which is led by the villain Gemini... who turns out to have a surprising connection to the head of Global Justice.

!!This episode provides examples of:
* EmbarrassingFirstName: When Dr. Director and Gemini address each other as "Sheldon" and "Betty", it's clear that they're trying to take each other down a peg.
* EvilTwin: A non-identical example; Gemini is Dr. Director's evil ''fraternal'' twin, and doesn't particularly resemble her (even allowing for the fact that he's male) except insofar as they both wear [[EyepatchOfPower an eyepatch]].
* MisterMuffykins: Gemini's chihuahua Pepe, who barks his head off at [[BerserkButton any mention of Global Justice]].
* SpecialEditionTitle: The opening credits montage is briefly interrupted by Kim incredulously asking, "No, seriously, you want ''Ron''?"
* SupervillainLair: While this is common in the Possible 'Verse, Gemini's is very [[Film/JamesBond Bond-ish in appearance]].
* WeCanRuleTogether: Gemini tries to gain the power of "The Ron Factor" by making Ron his right-hand man. He [[AnOfferYouCantRefuse doesn't take "no" for an answer]].
* YouHaveFailedMe: Gemini drops unsuccessful agents down trap doors.
** His minions quickly develop a keen sense of GenreSavvy trying to avoid sitting in certain chairs whenever Gemini calls on this trope.