Kim and Ron hurry back to school after a mission, hoping to sign up for their preferred elective classes. However, their only remaining option is Home Economics. At first, the class looks hopeless, with the two of them as the only students in a dusty deserted classroom. However, Ron turns out to have a knack for it, and helps Kim through her difficulties.

Meanwhile, Seņor Senior Senior decides that Junior needs some lessons in proper villainy. He hires Shego to tutor him. After getting off to a slow start, he improves to the point where Shego decides that he's ready to test his skills in the field by pulling off a caper -- stealing the secret recipe for Granny Crocket's chocolate-chip cookies.

!!This episode provides examples of:
* BoringReturnJourney: Subverted. The episode begins with Kim and Ron parachuting out of a plane. The audience assumes that they're headed for a mission, but in fact they're headed back to school.
* ByTheLightsOfTheirEyes: Seņor Senior Senior, annoyed at being shut out as Shego works with Junior, sends a video warning to the target of their upcoming heist. He records the message in a dark room with only his eyes showing... until Junior barges in and turns on the lights.
* DumbassHasAPoint: When Shego can't think of a suitable field test for Junior's training, Junior suggests doing a web search for "really valuable" and "heavily guarded", which leads them to select Granny Crocket's recipe as their target.
** StrangeMindsThinkAlike: Later, when the heroes try to guess the villains' next move:
---> '''Kim:''' The Seniors are all about the challenge, they only go for stuff that's really valuable and heavily-guarded.\\
'''Ron:''' You know, we could just run a web search on the words "really valuable" and "heavily-guarded".\\
'''Kim:''' Ron, we're talking a devious criminal mind here. It's not as simple as...\\
'''Wade:''' Got it! Great idea, Ron.
* HeadphonesEqualIsolation: Shego catches Junior listening to music instead of listening to her. She solved the problem by grabbing and crushing his music player.
* TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers: A double version. While investigating the rash of robberies in Paris, Kim and Ron learn from each store that the thieves took a set of two burglary items...until the last store turned out to be Fracois', the hair stylist, and they learned that ''all'' of his hair gel was stolen.
* NotMeThisTime: An indirect example. When Francois (from [[Recap/KimPossibleS1E3TheNewRon "The New Ron"]]) describes the duo who robbed his salon, he mentions a large but not terribly bright boy, who Kim correctly guesses to be SSJ. However, his partner was ''not'' SSS, but "a young lady" with "glowing green hands".
* PrivateTutor: Seņor Senior Senior hires Shego to teach Junior how to be a proper villain.
* SupremeChef: Ron's cooking is so good that the students desert the cafeteria in favor of "Chez Ron" and clamor to get into home economics class.
* ThirdWheel: Seņor Senior Senior is made to feel like an outsider as every attempt to check in on Junior's progress or offer advice gets brushed off. He does not take this well.
* TrojanPrisoner: After Junior and Shego are defeated, a police helicopter arrives to pick them up. It turns out to be a fake piloted by Seņor Senior Senior, who dismisses Shego and takes Junior home to "polish our {{evil laugh}}s together".
* VillainTeamUp: Shego and Junior work with each other rather than their usual partners in crime.