Ron tries out for the role of Middleton "Mad Dog" mascot. Kim and the other cheerleaders are not impressed. Meanwhile, Dr. Drakken has created a trio of "Bebe" robots which he has sent after the former friends who laughed at him in college... including Mr. Dr. Possible.

!!This episode provides examples of:
* AbsenteeActor: This is the one and only Drakken-centered episode where Shego does not appear.
* KillerRobot
* LatexPerfection: Ron uses his Movie Makeup Magic Kit to impersonate Kim's dad, causing the Bebes to kidnap him instead.
* ReunionRevenge: Dr. Drakken plans to avenge himself on the classmates who laughed at him in college.
* StartOfDarkness: Tasked with recruiting dance dates for his friends, Drew Lipsky instead built primitive {{fembot}}s. His friends laugh at him (Kim's dad admits that they kept it up for days), embittering him into dropping out of college and eventually becoming the evil {{mad scientist}} Dr. Drakken.
* SuperSpeed: The Bebes can move too quickly for the eye to see. Fortunately, they can apparently only manage [[FlashStep short bursts]] before stopping.