Kim receives a call for help from... {{archenemy}} Doctor Drakken! Actually, it's Private Dobbs, a soldier kidnapped by Dr. Drakken and subjected to a brain swap so that Drakken can sneak into a military base in the Dobbs's body and steal a secret "Neutronaliser" device. Team Possible rescues Dobbs-in-Drakken's-body, but in the process Kim and Ron get themselves brain-swapped.

!!This episode provides examples of:
* AccidentalPervert: Kim (in Ron's body) gets tossed into girls' bathroom by a couple of bullies, much to Bonnie's indignation.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: When Drakken (in Dobbs' body) finds out that Dobbs (in Drakken's body) escaped, he vents his rage at Shego... who is intimidated and actually resorts to flirting with him to deflect his wrath. This can't be chalked up to the fact that he now has a soldier's body -- Dobbs' physical appearance is, if anything, even less intimidating than Drakken's.
* FreakyFridayFlip: Kim and Ron; Drakken and Dobbs.
* IdTellYouButThenIdHaveToKillYou: While Dobbs (in Drakken's body) accidentally mentions the Neutronaliser, Kim's dad jokingly asks if this trope applies. Dobbs [[{{Beat}} pauses awkwardly for a moment]], and tells everybody to [[YouDidntSeeThat forget that he'd said anything]].
** In any case, all Dobbs knows about the Neutronaliser is its name and the fact that he's supposed to keep everybody but authorized personnel away from it.
* TheMeddlingKidsAreUseless: When you think about it, Kim and Ron didn't do anything to foil Drakken's plan. Not only did they get captured due to being in each other's bodies, but Drakken's plot was foiled on its own due to the power being drained out of the timeshare lair. Basically, the only reason they went there was to switch back to normal.
* VoicesAreMental