After learning that his Bar Mitzvah certificate wasn't signed, Ron begins to doubt if he's a real man. Meanwhile, Drakken uses muscle enhancing technology in an attempt to seize a Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer from his rival Professor Dementor.

!! Tropes:

* ArmsDealer: Jack Hench is a kid-friendly version of the concept.
* DoomItYourself[=/=]YouGetWhatYouPayFor: After Drakken rants about his [[SurroundedByIdiots inept henchmen]], Shego suggests that he ought to try hiring better ones from Jack Hench. Drakken insists that he prefers to do it himself; Shego scoffs that he's just too cheap.
* EmbarrassingRescue: Mr. Barkin brings up the fact Ron gets "rescued by a girl".
* GermanicEfficiency: [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter Professor Dementor's]] well-drilled henchmen make Drakken's henchmen look totally pathetic (well, more so than usual).
* TheyCallMeMisterTibbs: Kim makes her opinion of Jack Hench perfectly clear:
-->'''Hench:''' Miss Possible... Kim....\\
'''Kim:''' ''(coldly)'' "Miss Possible"