After saving a baby eagle, Kim is happy to learn she missed out on game night with her cousin Larry, a geek she does not get along with. Later, she is recruited to help archaeologist Monty Fiske retrieve an ancient monkey idol from an ancient site protected with an [[RaidersOfTheLostParody Indiana-]][[ShoutOut Jonesesque]] series of {{death trap}}s. While Ron suspects Fiske is "500 miles of bad road," Kim chalks up his suspicion to his dislike of monkeys, and completes the task. Unfortunately, the idol is then stolen by a mysterious ninja.

Unknown to Kim, the ninja was Fiske himself, a master of "Tai Shing Pek War" (Monkey Kung-Fu) who wanted the statue, as it was one of four that would grant him "mystic monkey power." Meanwhile, after game night is rescheduled, Kim laments over having to spend time with Larry, until Wade unveils his new invention the "holo-Kim" which would allow her to skip the game night. After learning more about the statue, Kim decides to pay a visit to Fiske in hopes that he'll help them, while the holo-Kim is dispatched to entertain Larry.

When Kim & Ron arrive, however, Fiske suspects them of knowing of his involvement in the theft and, now calling himself Monkey Fist, decides to destroy them. Ron then learns the Kim with him is the hologram while the real one is with Larry and makes a break for it. Back at Larry's Kim learns of Fiske's obsession with monkey kung-fu from Larry and realizes Ron is in danger; using the Kimmunicator, Larry reminds Ron of a clue from the game ''Fortress'' ("to defeat the Cloud Guardian, you must drink from his enchanted pool"). Realizing what that means, Ron exposes himself to mystic monkey power and defeats the sinister simian. Later, Kim tells both guys how proud she is of them, before leaving them alone to their geeky activities.

!!This episode provides examples of:

* AllUpToYou: Ron deals with Monkey Fist without Kim's help, aided only by a bit of useful advice from Larry.
* BaitAndSwitch: The episode leads the viewer into thinking Kim decided to use the holo-Kim to entertain Larry while she went with Ron to visit Fiske, only to reveal it was, in fact, the opposite.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Bates, Fiske's loyal servant, is never seen with him again after this episode.
* FaceYourFears: As Ron said:
-->"I must become that which I fear most!"
* HeKnowsTooMuch: Monkey Fist says a variation of this:
--> '''Monkey Fist:''' So, now you know my secret, which you will take to your graves.
--> '''Ron:''' How do you know? A lot can happen in 70 or 80 years. (Fist growls at him) Oh yeah, okay.
* {{Hologram}}: Wade's latest gadget creates a convincing image. Unfortunately, it's just an audiovisual image, unable to [[HardLight actually do anything]].
* HowDidYouKnowIDidnt: Ron was unaware of Monkey Fist's secret until he jumped to conclusions and spilled everything. Unfortunately, this meant that Ron was targeted for something he didn't previously know.
* NoodleIncident: Kim apparently once helped the military with something by tipping them off to an attack.
* ProperlyParanoid: Ron was right when he said he felt that Fiske was "500 miles of bad road."
* ShoutOut: Kim sports a ponytail for one of the few times in the series as she's...well, [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything raiding the tomb]]. The sequence is a nod to the adventures of [[Franchise/TombRaider Lara Croft]].
* SignificantAnagram: Montgomery "Monty" Fisk's name is easily altered to make "Monkey Fist", handily fitting his supervillain persona.
* SoProudOfYou: Kim tells Larry & Ron this at the end.
* SpitTake: Kim makes one after her dad announces that they've rescheduled game night with Larry.
* SpoilerOpening: Monkey Fist appears in the opening credits sequence from the very first episode, tipping off the viewer that Monty Fiske is actually one of the major villains.
* TemptingFate:
--> ''(Kim enters a temple chamber filled with spikes and other hazards)''
--> '''Kim:''' ''(sarcastically)'' Gee, where are the snakes? ''([[JokeAndReceive snakes immediately emerge from wall]])'' [[IWasJustJoking I was just being sarcastic!]]
* ThatManIsDead: After showing his true colors, Monty Fiske abandons his name and his life as a cultured English gentleman and dubs himself "Monkey Fist", fully embracing his new life as a supervillain.
* ThisIsReality: Subverted. When Kim realizes that Ron is in a dangerous situation without her to back him up, she loses her cool and blows up at Larry when he says he has an idea:
--> '''Kim:''' I don't know what to do. If I was there I could help him....\\
'''Larry:''' Give it [the Kimmunicator] to me; I have an idea.\\
'''Kim:''' This isn't one of your stupid science fiction games, Larry! Ron's facing [[FantasyKitchenSink a kung-fu mutant with bioengineered hands and mystical monkey power and...]]\\
''(she pauses a moment thinking about what she just said, then hands Larry the Kimmunicator)''
* TwoTimerDate: Wade's hologram projector solves Kim's scheduling conflict. [[spoiler:At first, it seems that she sent the hologram to keep Larry company, but it turns out that Wade actually sent the hologram along with Ron while Kim kept her commitment to Larry. Worse, [[LockedOutOfTheLoop he did this on his own initiative without telling Kim]]. [[ItSeemedLikeAGoodIdeaAtTheTime It seemed like a good idea when they thought the mission was just talking to a friendly archaeologist....]]]]
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: This is what Ron thought of seeing a ninja in camp, as opposed to a monkey. Kim, on seeing the ninja with the monkey statue, begged to differ.
* VerbThis: "Monkey this, you hairy freak!"