During the election for class president, Kim gets a call from King Wallace of Rodigan, who wants her to protect his son Prince Wally against the Knights of Rodeghan, who are carrying on a long-standing grudge against his royal line and now see a good opportunity to act against [[InadequateInheritor "Weak Link Wally"]].

!!This episode provides examples of:
* InadequateInheritor: King Wallace doesn't have much faith in Wally's ability to deal with the current crisis or (if he manages to make it that far) run the kingdom when the time comes.
* MicroMonarchy: Rodigan. According to Wade, "the Middleton Mall is more crowded".
* ProphecyTwist: The prophecy "The monarchy ends with Wallace the Third" will come true -- because Wally has decided that he will convert Rodigan into a democracy.
* RoyalBrat: Prince Wally.