This is a list of episodes from the series ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyBravo'', which ran from July 14, 1997 and ended on August 27, 2004. It had a total of 4 seasons, and 67 episodes. In 2009, it received a one hour [[GrandFinale comeback series finale]] titled "Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood".


[[folder:Season One 1997]]
# Johnny Bravo / Jungle Boy in Mr. Monkeyman / Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women: Johnny tries to impress a female zookeeper by locating and capturing an escaped gorilla; The evil King Raymond tries to frame Jungle Boy for crimes so the animals will abandon him and go back to worshiping Raymond; Johnny falls off a ship and winds up on an island inhabited by warrior women.
# Super Duped / Bungled in the Jungle / Bearly Enough Time: Johnny pretends to be a superhero in an attempt to impress Little Suzy's teacher, but must then back up his boasts when they encounter a criminal; Johnny is stranded in the jungle and meets Jungle Boy and friends, while King Raymond plots to do away with them both; Johnny thinks his mama is lost in the woods and tries to rescue her, only to encounter Chronos the Bear.
# The Sensitive Male / Bravo Dooby Doo: Johnny learns how to be sensitive in this parody of ''WesternAnimation/SchoolhouseRock''; Johnny meets the Franchise/ScoobyDoo gang and explores a haunted house with them.
# Date With an Antelope / Did You See a Bull Run by Here? / Cookie Crisis: Johnny finds that the woman he met over the Internet is actually an antelope; To impress a lady, Johnny volunteers to fight a bull in Spain; In this parody of ''Literature/GreenEggsAndHam'', Johnny refuses to buy cookies from Little Suzy.
# I Used to be Funny / My Fair Dork / 'Twas the Night: Two quarreling clowns decide to settle it by seeing who can pull the biggest prank on Johnny; Johnny attempts to help the school geek ask Little Suzy to the dance; Johnny mistakes SantaClaus for a burglar and breaks his arm, forcing him to go SubbingForSanta.
# Blarney Buddies / Over the Hump! / Johnny Meets Farrah Fawcett: In Ireland, Johnny tries to kiss a leprechaun (named Barney Stone), thinking he's the legendary Blarney Stone; Johnny signs up for the French Foreign Legion and ends up stranded in the desert with a talking camel; After learning Farrah Fawcett is attending Little Suzy's birthday party, Johnny tries to meet her, but the guard won't let him in because he's NotOnTheList.
# Blanky Hanky Panky / Talk to Me, Baby / Hip-Hop Flop!: A cat-themed supervillain attempts to steal all the yarn in the city, and Johnny's blankie is the last of it; Johnny is the guest of a talk show hosted by the supermodel Vendela Kirsebom; Johnny asks a hip-hop group called the Round Pound to teach him their ways so he can impress a female hip-hop fan.
# Beach Blanket Bravo / The Day The Earth Didn't Move Around Very Much / The Aisle Of Mixed-Up Toys: At the beach, a girl latches onto Johnny to make her boyfriend jealous, so he angrily challenges Johnny to a surfing contest; Johnny is on trial for several petty crimes he committed during a period he believed time had been frozen; Johnny tries to impress a little girl's older sister by buying her new toys.
# Substitute Teacher / A Wolf In Chick's Clothing / Intensive Care: Johnny mistakes a criminal for his substitute martial arts teacher, so the criminal decides to use him as a patsy; Johnny's date turns out to be a werewolf; Johnny tries to woo an attractive nurse, but an overprotective coworker keeps getting in his way.
# Jumbo Johnny / The Perfect Gift / Bravo, James Bravo: Johnny orders a shake that is supposed to make one buff, but fails to follow the instructions and becomes morbidly obese; Johnny struggles to earn enough money to buy his mama a Mother's Day present; Johnny tries to woo a woman who turns out to be a secret agent, and ends up dragged into her mission.
# Going Batty / Berry The Butler / Red Faced In The White House: Johnny meets Lois, who's a vampire dating him to get back at her nerdy ex-boyfriend; Johnny's mama wins a contest to get a pop star to be her butler for the day, and Johnny takes it literally; Johnny goes to Washington D.C. and winds up dating the President's daughter.
# The Man Who Cried "Clown!" / Johnny, Real Good / Little Talky Tabitha: In this trio of ''Series/TheTwilightZone1959'' spoofs, Johnny comes across a clown on the wing of a plane, a boy with strange powers, and a doll that wants to do away with him, respectively.
# Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West! / Under The Big Flop / Johnny Meets Donny Osmond: Johnny's mama goes missing, so he enlists Creator/AdamWest to help; Johnny and Little Suzy discover the circus ringmaster has brainwashed her performers, including Jungle Boy; In this spoof of ''Film/MaryPoppins'', Donny Osmond becomes Johnny's new nanny.

[[folder: Season Two 1999-2000]]
# Bikini Space Planet / Moby Jerk / A Gel For Johnny: Johnny is abducted by beautiful space aliens who treat him like a god; Johnny gets shanghaied into helping a Captain Ahab-esque sailor capture his arch-enemy, a rude merman; Johnny runs out of his favorite hair gel and tries everything he can to find some.
# Johnny, Get Your Tutu / Johnny's Inferno / Forest Chump: Johnny's aptitude test is accidentally switched with Suzy's drawing, and the results tell him he ought to become a dancer; Johnny meets a demon who tries to get him to do evil things - like bring 11 items to the 10-items-or-less line; After being swept over a waterfall, Johnny and Carl come across hot native chicks.
# Karma Krisis / A Star Is Bruised / The Prince And The Pinhead: A skeptical Johnny rips up a chain letter and suffers a streak of bad luck; Johnny is asked to be a stunt double for his favorite action star; In this take on Creator/MarkTwain's story, Johnny and a foreign prince switch places when the prince is bored of his royal life.
# Claws! / Cover Boy / To Helga And Back: Johnny tries to cook a lobster who keeps fighting back at him; Johnny gets a job as a fashion model in an attempt to meet the female models; Johnny orders a MailOrderBride and is annoyed when the woman who comes is a heavyset woman named Helga.
# Endless Bummer / Jailbird Johnny / Bravo 13: Johnny becomes the lifeguard at the beach and hinders more than he helps; Johnny is arrested and mistakenly put in a woman's prison - and he doesn't want to leave; Johnny is mistaken for an astronaut and launched into space.
# Doommates / Johnny's Telethon / Johnny's Guardian Angel: Johnny decides to move out and gets Carl to move in with him - to their detriment; Johnny holds a telethon to try and save the $1.03 store; A guardian angel tries to show Johnny how awful the world would be if he was never born, but keeps failing at it.
# I, Fly / Schnook Of The North / Charm School Johnny: In this parody of [[Film/TheFly1958 a classic horror film]], Johnny gets stuck in Carl's transporter and winds up with his head on a fly's body; Johnny gets lost at the mall and winds up with a foster family in the Arctic; Pops bets Carl that he could change Johnny into a gentleman.
# Johnny And The Beanstalk / A Boy And His Bird / Ape Is Enough: In this take on ''Literature/JackAndTheBeanstalk'', Johnny climbs a beanstalk to find a dumb giant who wants to play with him; When Johnny finds that pets can attract women, he decides to get one - and it's an emu; Johnny explores the South Seas and runs into a female gorilla who falls in love with him.
# Panic In Jerky Town! / Alien Confidential / Mama's New Boyfriend: Johnny wins a contest and goes to Jerky Jake's jerky factory in this cross between ''Literature/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'' and ''Film/SoylentGreen''; Johnny meets and hampers a visiting alien who wants to share the secret to everlasting peace; Johnny gets upset when Mama comes home with a new boyfriend and tries to get rid of him.
# The Man With The Golden Gut / Welcome Back, Bravo / Aunt Katie's Farm: Johnny's new exercise equipment somehow winds up leaving an image of Mount Rushmore on his stomach; Johnny has to repeat elementary school and is put into Little Suzy's class; Johnny is forced to go to Little Suzy's favorite TV show with her and winds up playing a part in it.
# Johnny Goes To Camp / A League Of His Own / Buffoon Lagoon: Johnny goes on the wrong bus and winds up stuck in Computer Camp; Johnny pretends to be a girl to help out Little Suzy's softball team; Johnny and a lady get stranded on an island together, and he drives her crazy by endlessly trying to woo her while she desperately tries to survive and signal for help.
# Brave New Johnny / Witless / Carl Be Not Proud: Johnny is frozen in hair gel and arrives in a BadFuture; Johnny winds up in an Amish village and has a tough time fitting in; Johnny thinks Carl is dying (in reality, it's his plant), and promises to do anything Carl wants.
# El Bravo Magnifico / Johnny-O And Juliet / Clan Of The Cave Boob: The cowardly inhabitants of a Mexican village ask Johnny - who they think is a karate master - to help defend them; Johnny falls in love with the new neighbor's daughter, and when Mama starts a feud with her, he tries to end it; An archeological discovery leads Carl to tell the story of a caveman who acts - and looks - like Johnny.
# Galaxy Boy / Damien's Day Out / Noir Johnny: Johnny accidentally takes the place of a [[Franchise/StarTrek Starfleet captain]]; A demonic baby is left on Johnny's doorstep; Johnny tries to find Little Suzy's missing toy à la FilmNoir.
# Hail To The Chump / A Fool For Sister Sara / Days Of Blunder: When the city council all gets sick from Pops' tuna, the town charter orders that the village idiot become mayor in their stead - that is, Johnny; Johnny meets a woman who's dedicated to helping nice people, and tries to help nice people as well; Johnny becomes a race car driver, but cheats by having Carl operate the car via remote.
# Pop Art Johnny / Dude Ranch Doofus / A Cake Too Far: When Johnny accidentally leaves an image of his butt on an art gallery's wall, he becomes a pop art sensation; Johnny tries to impress a woman at a ranch by taming a horse; When Mama Bravo breaks her arm, Johnny has to help her make her entry for the bakeoff.
# Look Who's Drooling / Law And Disorder / Tooth Or Consequences: Carl's new formula turns Johnny into a baby; Johnny gets a job as a mall security guard; When Johnny destroys Little Suzy's faith in the Tooth Fairy, he has to restore it by dressing up as the Tooth Fairy.
# The Unsinkable Johnny Bravo / Rashomoron / Free Pookey: Aboard a cruise ship, Johnny falls in love with a rich woman in this parody of ''Film/{{Titanic 1997}}''; Johnny, Carl and Little Suzy all have very different stories about what happened at the park; To get an animal rights activist to go on a date with him, Johnny liberates Little Suzy's birthday party piñata.
# Good Knight Johnny / Balloon Platoon / The Clueless Kid: Johnny stumbles upon a Renaissance carnival and mistakenly believes he's actually gone back in time; Johnny tries to help Little Suzy get back at a boy who throws water balloons at her, and takes it too far; Johnny is trained by Master Hama to compete against Hama's archenemy, the Pantene Claw, and his dojo.
# Yukon Yutz / Prep School Johnny / Send In The Clones: Johnny and Mama visit Canada, where he tries to score with a Canadian girl and tangles with a criminal; Johnny goes to a prep school, and three students named Nigel, Todd and Piggy attempt to get him in trouble; Johnny is cloned by a mad scientist and must prove to his friends his identity.
# Loch Ness Johnny / Den Mother Johnny / Quo Doofus: Johnny has to evade the Loch Ness Monster to get the chance to eat his haggis; When Mama is laid up in bed with an allergy, Johnny must take over her scout troop; Carl shoves Johnny through a time portal and he arrives in Ancient Rome.
# As I Lay Hiccupping / Marine Maroon / Thunder God Johnny: Johnny has the hiccups and tries everything to get rid of them; Johnny is caught in a fishing net and dumped into Sea World, but he thinks he's in the lost city of Atlantis; Johnny manages to pull Mjölnir out of the ice and gain the power of Thor, and regrets it when he is expected to battle the Frost Giants.
# Luke Perry's Guide To Love / In The Line Of Johnny / Fugitive Johnny: After Johnny saves Luke Perry's life, Luke decides to repay him by coaching him through getting girls; Johnny becomes a bodyguard for the Soy's Harvest Parade when Master Hama (the intended bodyguard) is injured; Johnny goes on the run when he steals from a police bake sale.
# Virtual Johnny / Hold That Schmoe / Hunted: Johnny tries out a virtual reality machine and soon has trouble differentiating fantasy from reality; Johnny finds ghosts in his attic and tries to defeat them to reach a valuable comic book he wants to sell; In a parody of ''Literature/TheMostDangerousGame'', a hunter decides to use Johnny as his prey, but gives up when he proves to be terrible at it.
# Candidate Johnny / Johnny B. Badd / Air Bravo: Johnny and Carl both run for Litter Commissioner - in Johnny's case, to pick up girls; When Little Suzy decides to form a band, Johnny wants to sing, but is so bad at it that Pops has to cut his mike every time they perform; Johnny becomes the assistant to a basketball team.
# Scoop Bravo / The Incredible Shrinking Johnny / Backdaft: Johnny tries to impress a female newspaper editor by getting a big story; Someone casts a spell on Johnny and he starts to shrink; Johnny tries to be a firefighter to impress girls.
# The Johnny Bravo Affair / Biosphere Johnny / Spa Spaz: Johnny is kidnapped by a ClassyCatburglar after he accidentally swallows the item she wanted to steal; Johnny goes into a secluded biosphere and ruins the ecosystem; Johnny goes to the spa, and the manager sees detoxifying his body as her chance at fame.

[[folder:Season Three 2000-2003]]
# Fool For A Day / In Your Dreams / Some Like It Stupid: Johnny is tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes on April Fool's Day and decides to get even; Johnny is stuck in a dream that Carl is trying to get him out of; In this parody of a [[Film/SomeLikeItHot certain film]], Johnny and Carl dress up as beauty pageant contestants to hide from a gangster.
# Dental Hijinks / Little Red Riding Johnny / Pouch Potato: Johnny, who's deathly afraid of the dentist, is taken there under the belief it's the amusement park; In an attempt to win a prize, Johnny tries to steal Little Suzy's food that she's taking to her grandma; Johnny gets lost in an Australian wildlife sanctuary and forms a bond with a mother kangaroo.
# Jurassic Dork / Mascot Academy / Full Metal Johnny: Johnny gets a dinosaur egg that hatches; Johnny becomes a football team mascot hoping to score with cheerleaders; Johnny tries to apply for dodgeball camp but signs up for the army instead.
# Johnny On Ice! / Robo-Mama! / 20,000 Leagues Over My Head: Johnny is frozen during a hiking trip and is thawed out by a scientist who mistakes him for a caveman; Mama must go on a trip, so she has a robot look after Johnny; Johnny tries to impress an environmentalist by helping her save aquatic life from fishing boats and other threats.
# I Dream Of Johnny / One Angry Bravo / Carnival Of The Darned: At an Arab bazaar, Johnny finds a genie; Johnny gets jury duty and stalls the trial because the defendant is an attractive female; Johnny runs away from home after accidentally blowing up the microwave oven and joins a freak show carnival.
# A Walk On The Stupid Side / Lone Star Bravo / Toy Boy Johnny: Johnny enters a walk for charity, and gets misled down a route that might cost his friends millions of dollars; Mama tells Johnny the tale of his ancestor, who became a sheriff in the Wild West to impress women; Johnny becomes the new CEO of a toy company and creates action figures of himself.
# The Great Bunny Book Ban / Enter The Chipmunk / Frankenbravo: In this ADayInTheLimelight episode, Little Suzy fights to get her favorite book unbanned; The Pantene Claw returns and forces Johnny to teach him the fighting style he developed (when a chipmunk fell into his pants); Johnny meets Dr. Frankenstein and falls in love with the woman he built.
# Lord of the Links / Bootman / Freudian Dip: Johnny becomes a golfer and plays in a tournament; Johnny steals the boots of a superhero called the Green Swoosh and gains his powers; Little Suzy tries to get to the root of Johnny's recurring nightmares.
# Lodge Brother Johnny / Chain Gang Johnny / Lumberjack Johnny: Johnny finds out about the Brotherhood of the Gnu and is put through the tests to become a member; Johnny and Carl are arrested and attempt to escape from prison while chained together; Johnny becomes a lumberjack and competes to win the hand of the Lumberjack Queen.
# Auteur, Auteur / Runaway Train / A Reject Runs Through It: Johnny mistakenly receives a grant to direct a film; At the train station, Johnny accidentally boards an experimental bullet train; Carl and Pops dare Johnny to travel to Alaska and catch a rare fish, the "sassy-mouth salmon".
# A Johnny Bravo Christmas: When Johnny forgets to mail a letter to Santa Claus, he decides to journey to the North Pole to tell him what he wants in person.
# The Island Of Mrs. Morceau / The Colour Of Mustard / Third Dork From the Sun: Johnny is taken to an island where humans are turned into animals; Johnny is challenged to a game of badminton by a girl who promises to go out with him if he wins; Johnny is made to compete on an alien game show where the losers get their planets blown up.
# The Hansel and Gretel Witch Project / I.Q. Johnny / Get Stinky: This homage to a [[Film/TheBlairWitchProject certain horror film]] features Johnny, Carl and Suzy searching for the witch from Hansel and Gretel; Johnny is fed a potion that turns him smart; In the SeriesFauxnale, Johnny finally meets a woman who's interested in him - but he ''despises'' her.
# It's Valentine's Day, Johnny Bravo: Valentine's Day is also Johnny's birthday, and he's depressed because no girl will go out with him.

[[folder:Season Four 2004]]
# Johnny Bravo Goes To Hollywood: Johnny is offered a part in a movie, but when his part is cut, he desperately tries to get it back.
# Traffic Troubles / My Funny Looking Friend: Johnny has to attend "Musical Comedy Traffic School", but he can't sing; Johnny sees a macho man with a funny looking friend who helps him get girls by making the man look good in comparison, so Johnny decides to copy him and get a funny looking friend of his own.
# Win An El Toro Guapo / Witch-ay Woman: Johnny enters a bull-riding contest in hopes of winning a truck; Johnny angers a Gypsy woman who turns him into a girl (Jenny Bravo).
# Home Alone: Johnny convinces Mama she can leave him home alone for a week while she goes on vacation, but things go horribly wrong.
# Mini JB / Back From The Future: Johnny cares for a baby and is pleasantly surprised when girls find this attractive; After Johnny is knocked out by a woman he was flirting with, a band of sci-fi geeks find a dazed Johnny and become convinced he is a time traveler from 1963.
# Non, Oui, Oui Pour Johnny / That's Entertainment!: Johnny takes up French class with Mama for their upcoming trip to Paris, France, but Johnny is a slow learner; When the Bravos' TV breaks on movie night, Donny Osmond shows up and suggests that he, Mama Bravo, Johnny, and Little Suzy take turns telling stories to keep themselves entertained.
# Get Shovelized / T Is For Trouble: Johnny orders an exercise machine but gets a rusty, old shovel; Creator/MrT gives Johnny self-defense lessons so he can face down his bully - Richard Simmons.
# Gray Matters / Double Vision: Johnny freaks out when he gets a gray hair; Johnny meets a lookalike of his mother and goes home with her.
# It's A Magical Life / The Hunk At The End of This Cartoon: Johnny believes a magician makes him invisible; Johnny fears the new hunk in town who's going to appear at the end of the cartoon.
# The Time of My Life / Run Johnny Run: Johnny tells Suzy a story about his first crush; Johnny uses a remote to reset the day each time he fails to make it to his blind date.
# Wilderness Protection Program / A Page Right Out of History: A moose and Johnny pretend to be a married couple to elude mobsters; Johnny's caveman ancestor is in debt to [[WesternAnimation/TheFlintstones Fred Flintstone]] and starts doing his chores.
# Some Walk By Night / Adam West's Date-O-Rama: Johnny ends up on a reality TV show as a detective; Johnny goes on a dating show hosted by Adam West - and his date is [[WesternAnimation/SpaceGhost Black Widow]].
# Johnny Makeover / Back On Shaq: Johnny joins a reality TV show, but is displeased at how they want him to revamp his image for the younger generation; Shaquille O'Neal thinks Johnny is his new good luck charm and makes him attend all his games.