Listed here are the recaps for every episode of ''WesternAnimation/JimmyTwoShoes'', in production order.

[[folder: Season One]]

These episodes are animated in UsefulNotes/ToonBoom.

'''1a. Spew-Tube''': When Heloise makes one of Lucius' embarrassing home movies public, Jimmy and his pals are put at his wrath.

'''1b. Monster Mutt''': Heloise gets revenge on Beezy for ruining her picnic by switching his brain with Cerbee's.

'''2a. Heat Blanket Jimmy''': When a heat wave hits Miseryville, Jimmy and his pals head to the beach while Lucius uses the weather to spread ice-cold misery.

'''2b. Cellphone-it-is''': Jimmy tries to help Beezy cure his cellphone addiction when it begins to anger Lucius.

'''3a. Carnival Lucius''': Heloise convinces Lucius to build a carnival, which Jimmy promptly visits. This proves to be a problem when it turns out that Lucius was tricked by Heloise into building it for Jimmy.

'''3b. Baby Boom''': Jimmy and Beezy offer to babysit Molotov's kids, but his son is a malicious brat while his daughter won't stop spewing.

'''4a. Way Below Par''': Jimmy participates in Lucius' rigged golf tournament; however with Heloise on his side, things get intense.

'''4b. Jimmy Matchmaker''': Jimmy hooks Beezy up with a girl named Saffi.

'''5a. The Masked Jackhammer''': Jimmy becomes the wrestling partner of the mysterious Masked Jackhammer.

'''5b. The Big Drip''': Jimmy has a major PottyEmergency, so Lucius decides to destroy every washroom in Miseryville...[[DidntThinkThisThrough including his own]] ''(A MissingEpisode on Disney XD in America due to ToiletHumor)''.

'''6a. I Totally Shredded My Cheese''': Jimmy becomes famous after adopting a new CatchPhrase while Lucius tries to promote his new drink, Diet Chunk.

'''6b. Heloise's Wish List''': After Heloise gets fired, Jimmy helps her find a way to spend her time. Meanwhile, Lucius finds that he can't manage things without Heloise.

'''7a. Pop-Sicles''': In an attempt to curb Lucius and Beezy's fighting, Jimmy unfreezes Lucius Heinous VI.

'''7b. Chez Beezy''': Beezy ends up running a restaurant, which Lucius is bringing Jez to.

'''8a. A Cold Day In Miseryville''': After Jimmy tells her about snow, Heloise builds a machine to give Miseryville a snow day, which Lucius and Samy proceed to ruin.

'''8b. Mount Misery''': Jimmy helps the weavils stop Lucius from developing on Mount Misery.

'''9a. Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy''': After running afoul with the Rodeo Clowns, Jimmy gets an invention from Heloise that turns him into a superhero with Beezy as his sidekick.

'''9b. The Big Date''': After a crisis arises at work, Lucius pays Jimmy and Beezy to keep Jez distracted for him, a task that becomes more complicated when Heloise sees them together and gets the wrong idea.

'''10a. The Competition''': Tired of Beezy and Heloise's constant fighting, Jimmy offers his spare concert ticket to whoever can be nicer to the other.

'''10b. Jimmy, Don't Be A Hero''': After Jimmy saves Lucius' life with a casual YouOweMe, Lucius becomes obsessed with returning the favor to get out of debt.

'''11a. A Hair-Brained Idea''': Wanting hair, Lucius tricks Jimmy into switching hair and horns, which proves to have an interesting side effect.

'''11b. Ghost Smackers''': Beezy's home is haunted by a mysterious ghost that Lucius wants to capture for his own purposes.

'''12a. Jimmy Gets a 'Stache''': Jimmy becomes jealous when he's the only one in Miseryville who can't grow a mustache. When he finds a sentient one named Tiny, a nasty surprise follows.

'''12b. The Butley Did It''': Beezy hires a butler and soon starts using him for literally everything, to Jimmy's increasing concern.

'''13a. The Product Tester''': Jimmy and Beezy become product testers for Misery Inc., much to Lucius' delight, as he's convinced that any product that can make Jimmy miserable is Misery Inc. material.

'''13b. Invasion of the Weavils''': Jimmy agrees to care for the Weavil Chief, whom he believes he has injured, but quickly finds that his houseguest is using him.

'''14a. Catalogue of Misery''': After racking up a huge debt ordering from the Misery Inc. catalogue, Jimmy agrees to WorkOffTheDebt by making deliveries for Lucius.

'''14b. Bend It Like Wreckem''': Jimmy and Beezy frantically try to fix things after they injure their favorite professional soccer player, Wreckem.

'''15a. Wish You Weren't Here''': Lucius decides to go on vacation, but makes the mistake of letting Jimmy and Beezy schedule it. Meanwhile, Heloise and Samy fight over who gets to run Misery Inc. in their boss' abscence.

'''15b. Cerbee In Love''': Cerbee falls in love with Jez's dog, Jazmeen, so Jimmy tries to set them up; however Jez isn't receptive to the idea.

'''16a. The Racing Bugs''': When Jimmy and Beezy get infected with racing fleas, which cause them to run at high speeds, they have a competition to see who's the fastest in Miseryville.

'''16b. Too Many Jimmys''': Jimmy uses one of Heloise's inventions to copy himself, but the results cause chaos throughout Miseryville.

'''17a. Rear Pickle''': Jimmy suspects his new neighbor, Ms. Gherkin, might be the most terrifying thing of all: [[FauxHorrific a pickle]].

'''17b. Clowns Gone Wild''': Jimmy and Beezy want to get into the Rodeo Clowns, but they have to pass initiation test: Stealing Lucius' underpants.

'''18a. Best Prank Ever''': It's Lucius Fools Day, when Lucius gets to pull miserable pranks on everyone. But Jimmy thinks it's time someone pranked him, something the people of Miseryville are happy to assist with.

'''18b. Bad Horn Day''': Thanks to Jimmy's antics, Lucius' prize winning horns are destroyed before the "Best Horns Awards". Now Jimmy has to solve the problem for him.

'''19a. A Night in the Heinous Museum''': When several exhibits in Lucius' museum are mysteriously vandalized, Jimmy and Heloise volunteer to stand watch.

'''19b. I Married a Weavil''': As part of a peace treaty with the weavils, Lucius offers Beezy as the unwilling husband to the Weavil Princess.

'''20a. Meet the Gnomans''': Beezy becomes the leader of a group of incredibly tiny, incredibly strong people called Gnomans, who he relies on to beat Jimmy at their games.

'''20b. There's Always a Hiccup!''': Jimmy and Beezy search for a way to cure Heloise of her really nasty case of the hiccups.

'''21a. Fused Together''': Angry that Jimmy always blows her off for Beezy, Heloise fuses them together in hopes that they will get sick of each other.

'''21b. Bus Driving B.F.F.''': Jimmy finds a friend in Chuck the bus driver, who has NoSenseOfPersonalSpace.

'''22a. I Am Jimmy''': Jimmy and Cerbee are the only people in Miseryville not in hibernation, which they use to their advantage. But eventually, this starts to drive Jimmy [[GoMadFromTheIsolation mad from loneliness]].

'''22b. Happy Birthday Lucius''': Lucius' birthday takes an unpleasant turn when he loses his voice and has to rely on Jimmy.

'''23a. Pet Rockey''': Jealous of Cerbee, Beezy gets his own pet, a rock which hatches into a creature that likes Jimmy better.

'''23b. Rocket Jimmy''': Jimmy poses as Molotov in order to fulfill his dream of going to the moon, where Lucius is going to find a moon beast and defeat it.

'''24a. No Rulez Rules Jimmy''': As Jimmy and Beezy are fed up with Lucius' rules, they flee to the wilderness.

'''24b. Best Bud Battle''': After Cerbee [[ItMakesSenseInContext runs off with Jimmy's house]], Beezy and Heloise battle over who gets to have him as their houseguest.

'''25a. Heloise's Big Secret''': When Heloise begins acting suspicious, Jimmy and Beezy follow her to a secret lab, where they find out something shocking.

'''25b. Jimmy in the Big House''': Jimmy and Beezy's attempt to break Cerbee out of animal prison, but it only results in them being locked away themselves.

'''26a. Scent of a Henious''': Heloise makes Lucius a formula to make him taller so that he can promote a [[TotallyRadical "hip"]] new cologne. However, Jimmy mixes it with beans, producing some disgusting side effects.

'''26b. There Will be Chocolate''': Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise tap into Lucius' secret chocolate well and begin to squabble over usage of it. Meanwhile, Lucius tries to figure out where all his chocolate is going.


[[folder: Season Two]]

These episodes are animated in UsefulNotes/AdobeFlash.

'''27a Dance Jimmy Dance''': After finding out that Beezy and Heloise have been ditching him to enter a dance competition, Jimmy bitterly enters the contest hoping to win first prize.

'''27b. Jimmy and Beezy on the Run''': After breaking Lucius' vase, an overreacting Jimmy and Beezy go on the lam, where they run into a real convict. Meanwhile, Lucius regrets his decision to buy some exploding butterflies from Heloise.

'''28a. Beezy J. Genius''': Thanks to one of Heloise's inventions, Beezy becomes the most intelligent mind in Miseryville, leading to him dumping Jimmy, overthrowing his dad, and generally irritating Heloise.

'''28b. My Best Friend is a Weavil''': When he finally gets fed up with Lucius' constant demands to stop being friends with Jimmy, Beezy pretends to befriend a weavil to horrify his father.

'''29a. Air Force None''': Lucius has Heloise build him a plane, but its first flight becomes disastrous when Jimmy and Beezy sneak on board.

'''29b. Panda-Monium''': After Heloise "helps" a panda, Jimmy and Beezy mistakenly think she loves pandas, and hype her up as a sweet panda protector, to her horror.

'''30a. You Can't Keep a Heinous Down''': Thanks to Beezy, Lucius loses his entire fortune, and is forced to live with Jimmy and get a job.

'''30b. The Terrific Trio''': A mysterious green monster begins showing up to beat Lucius to a pulp. He needs a superhero...but he'll have to settle for Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise.

'''31a. Spring Broke''': It's Spring Break in Miseryville, and the entire town heads up to an all expenses paid resort. But Jimmy and Beezy end up on the wrong side of the island, which is anything but pleasant.

'''31b. Zombie Pickle''': It's Jimmy's worse nightmare when Ms. Gherkin comes back and turns everyone in Miseryville into pickle zombies.

'''32a. Misery Hearts''': Heloise is wrapped up in her new romance novel, mainly because she can fantasize her and Jimmy in the lead roles. However, to her horror, she discovers that the author never finished the book, leading her on a quest to track him down.

'''32b. Bad Luck Jimmy''': Heloise invents a device that causes bad luck, which Jimmy accidently swallows. Now he can't even walk down the street without causing misery.

'''33a. High School Mule-sical''': The annual Heinous Gala is coming up, and Beezy is determined to find an act that impresses his dad. He deems Jimmy and Heloise not talented enough, instead chosing a singing mule as his act. However, said act turns out to have a major string attached.

'''33b. Heloise Schmeloise''': After Dorkus fails her once too often, Heloise decides to create a robot duplicate of herself to be her lab assistant. Schmeloise becomes a success, but at a heavy price: Jimmy falls in love with her!

'''34a. Jimmy New-Shoes''': Jimmy decides to trade in his old pair of shoes for a new one, one with a lot of special features. However, said shoes turn out to be more painful than helpful, leading him to wanting his old pair back. But those have been bought by the worst possible person: Lucius!

'''34b. What's Up With Heloise?''': Heloise barricades herself in her house and refuses to let even Jimmy or Beezy see her. After some prying, they find out why: her Auntie Pomegranate has come for a visit, and won't leave until Heloise's life is happy and pink.

'''35a. Everyone Can Whistle''': Jimmy becomes a laughingstock when he's the only one in Miseryville that can't whistle. Things look up when a pickpocket named Peep offers to teach him.

'''35b. Heads Will Roll''': Heloise is finally set to beat Dr. Scientist in the Annual MadScientist Awards. To prevent this, he tampers with Jimmy's victory cake, causing a PepperSneeze that seperates her head from her body.

'''36a. She Loves Me''': Jimmy and Beezy discover Arianna, a [[GirlInTheTower girl being held in a tower]] by Lucius. They instantly fall in love with her, and compete to see who can break her out first.

'''36b. Heinous vs. Clown''': It's Lucius Fools Day once again, and this year Lucius is determined to prank the Rodeo Clowns by training Jimmy and Beezy to be elite pranksters. But the competition takes a turn for the worse when the Clowns kidnap Heloise.

'''37a. The Mysterious Mr. Ten''': Jimmy can cheer up anyone in Miseryville, which drives Lucius crazy. So he challanges him to make Mr. Ten, a man who has never laughed before, laugh.

'''37b. Bird Brained''': Jimmy accidently frees Lucius' pet bird Lovey, which he relies on to make all of his decisions, so a search begins.

'''38a. Heloise's Secret Admirer''': Heloise recieves a love letter and a gift from a secret admirer named [=J2S=]. Convinced that it's from Jimmy, she agrees to a meeting, only to find it's Peep, whose real name is Jamie Two Squirrels. She's not interested...until she realizes that [[OperationJealousy Jimmy's insanely jealous...]]

'''38b. Miseryville Marathon''': The Weavil Chief challenges Lucius to run the Miseryville Father/Son Marathon. Since Beezy won't run it, Lucius decides to turn to Jimmy. But Beezy finds himself jealous of being left out.

'''39a. Lucius Lost''': Lucius steals all the water in Miseryville in order to make an ocean sized pool, complete with its own security system to keep other swimmers out. But it doesn't stop Jimmy, and thanks to the security system, Lucius ends up trapped on an island with him.

'''39b. Something About Herman''': Heloise finds out that Jimmy and Beezy have a list of "Super Cool Guy Stuff" they keep her out of the loop about. In order to learn more about it, she diguises herself as a boy named Herman.

'''40a. Funny Face-Off''': The Rodeo Clowns hold their annual Funny Face-Off, a contest to see whoever can make the most ridiculous face. Jimmy enters, but loses, causing his face to become frozen in a perpetual frown. It eventually wears off, but Lucius notices that misery is way up when Jimmy can't smile, and becomes determined to freeze his face forever.

'''40b. A Present for Jez''': It's Jez's birthday, and Lucius gets her a doll that compliments everybody as a gift. Unfortunately, Jimmy decides to take it apart to see how it works. The end result is a doll that insults everyone around him. But that's just the start: it wants to rule Miseryville.

'''41a. Samy's New Gig''': Samy gets fired from his job as Lucius' YesMan thanks to Jimmy's antics, and decides to take the oppurtunity to become a star. Lucius quickly regrets firing Samy, but he finds a new job: telling Lucius' embarrassing secrets to the Weavils.

'''41b. The Clean Sneak''': A mysterious criminal is cleaning Miseryville. This angers Lucius, who wants his city to be miserably filthy, and Beezy, who loves living like a pig.

'''42a. Six Over Seven''': Beezy unfreezes Lucius VI in order to help him with a chore, and finds himself enjoying his grandfather's attention. This makes Lucius extremely jealous, so he enlists Jimmy to teach him how to be fun.

'''42b. The Outsiders''': A strange meteorite crashes into Jimmy's house, containing an egg that Jimmy names Eggy. Unfortunately Lucius is determined to get his hands on whatever power Eggy might have, Beezy wants to eat it, and Heloise wants to experiment on it.

'''43a. The Great Horn Fairy''': Beezy tells Jimmy about the Great Horn Fairy, who exchanges broken horns for mounds of gold, and convinces Jimmy to fake his way into a boulder of gold. However, Jimmy's unwilling to go through it and confesses the ruse, landing him in hot water when he's arrested and charged with "First Degree Horn Fakery".

'''43b. The Collectors''': While cleaning Beezy's house, Jimmy throws out a huge wad of gum that turns out to be Beezy's prize collection. Now, he has to get it back or lose Beezy's friendship. Unfortunately, the wad falls into the lawn of the Weavil Chief, leading to a rather long ChainOfDeals.

'''44a. The Hooded Chicken''': After laughing at Lucius' attempts to scare them with tales of the mysterious Hooded Chicken, Jimmy and Beezy realize they've never seen Heloise's feet, and decide to go on a quest to try and find out what she's hiding under her dress. But what they find is truly terrifying.

'''44b. Make No Allowances''': After Beezy's spending reaches a new high, Lucius decides to put Beezy on an allowance, requiring him to live off a mere wheelbarrow of gold. After wasting most of it, Beezy makes Jimmy promise not to let him spend more, which is put to the test when a hot new video game is released.

'''45a. Generation Text''': Lucius gets tired of the new generation's dependency on Misery Phones, so he forces Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise to spead misery "old school" in a marching band. Unfortunately, his parade route lets him right into the Schwartzentiger's cave, who refuses to ever let his guests leave.

'''45b. Snowrilla''': Jimmy and Beezy meet the Snowrilla, a two headed yeti who swears them to secrecy about their existance. Unfortunatety, Jimmy quickly spills the beans to Lucius, who decides he wants the Snowrilla's fur for a new coat. He quickly gets it, but gets caught in it with Jimmy, which is bad since Molotov still has orders to bring it in, and Heloise wants a Snowrilla in her collection.

'''46a. Going Green''': Jimmy and Beezy meet Thorn, a monster from out of town who wants to perserve the enviorment, which is a problem since Lucius loves it destroyed. However, Thorn realizes he looks a lot like Beezy, someone the people of Miseryville are obligated to listen to...

'''46b. My So Called Loaf''': Jimmy creates the greatest sandwich in the world, and loves it so much he refuses to allow it to be eaten. This backfires when Cowboy Stackhouse, a giant talking sandwich, falls in love with it, and if the date goes wrong he's going to take it out on Jimmy.

'''47a. Better Sweater''': Heloise thinks she has Jimmy with two new inventions: a green sweater that will make Beezy afraid of her, and a blue sweater that will make Jimmy fall in love with her. She delivers them with no problem, but there's a catch: before putting them on, they both decide they like the other's color better...

'''47b. Jimmy on the Spot''': Jimmy agrees to stay on a certain spot until its owner gets back, unaware that he's actually on a reality show to win Lucius' fortune. And since Jimmy might actually be able to pull it off, Lucius will do anything to get him off.

'''48a. Jimmy's Life Goal''': Jimmy wants to play soccer with Wreckem, but his skills aren't up to par. His solution is to use Heloise's new invention to make him a pro soccer player. Things go well at first, until Heloise gets tired of Jimmy ignoring her.

'''48b. Heinous on Ice''': As per tradition, Lucius VI is defrosted for his birthday, and given Jimmy to keep him entertained. The only problem is the sixth generation Heinous isn't about to be sent back.

'''49a. Toast Busters''': Jimmy finds ghosts haunting his house. They explain they need to get back their toaster in order to cross over into their realm. Unfortunately, it was "borrowed" by Lucius, who has no intention in returning it.

'''49b. Beezy 2.0''': Lucius is tired of Beezy's embarrassing behavior. He decides that Jimmy is a bad influence, and as such sends him away while Beezy gets lessons in proper behavior from Butley the butler.

'''50a. Weavil Day''': The weavils are celebrating their holiday, and Jimmy and Beezy sneak into their fair disguised as weavils. Unfortunately they injure the Weavil Chief, and as per the Heinous-Weavil treaty, he and Lucius must face each other in the ring.

'''50b. Heloise's Rival''': Mean Jean moves to Miseryville, and she's out to be the number one mean girl in town. She and Heloise go at it, with Jean acing her in every round. And then, as the cherry on top, she steals Jimmy away.

'''51a. Bubble Poodle''': Jimmy oversleeps and misses the Runny and the Nosebleeds concert. As a result, he's the only one in town not blind after the band's light show. Jimmy decides to take advantage of everyone's temporary blindness to do everything no one wants him to do.

'''51b. Cerbee Come Home''': After saving Lucius' life, Cerbee finds himself treated like royalty, and begins to drift toward the Heinous family while ignoring Jimmy.

'''52a. Good Old Jimmy''': Jimmy's tired of being too young to do anything fun, so he uses one of Heloise's inventions to switch ages with Lucius. Both of them revel in their ages, until they realize the drawbacks.

'''52b. Slime, Slimer, and Slimest''': Lucius hates it when Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise wreck things in celebration of the newest Super Slugmeister episode, so he allows them to audition for the show to keep them busy.

[[folder: Miseryville Moments]]

These are short, 1-2 minute shorts that air seperate of the episodes. The first 20 are animated in UsefulNotes/ToonBoom while the rest are in UsefulNotes/AdobeFlash.

'''Beezy's Dance Moves''': Jimmy shows us what happens when Beezy hears music while asleep.

'''Tour Guide''': Jimmy takes us on a rather destructive tour of the Misery Inc. factory.

'''Beezy In Slumberland''': Beezy sleepwalks out of bed and into the most productive night of his life.

'''Grow-A-Monster''': Jimmy's grows impatient waiting for his new Misery Inc. product to work.

'''Sweet Dreams''': A monster under the bed makes the mistake of preying on Heloise.

'''Picture Day''': Jimmy can't sit still for a picture.

'''Weavil Season''': Beezy goes weavil hunting. HilarityEnsues.

'''Feeding Time''': Jimmy makes the mistake of sharing some popcorn with the wildlife.

'''Say "Awe"''': Heloise helps the [[CherubicChoir Awe Guy]] with a sore throat.

'''Couch Tripping''': Beezy gets a mobile couch.

'''Gone Corporate''': Lucius gives Beezy some responsibility over Misery Inc..

'''Boat On a Rope''': Jimmy and Beezy are stranded on a boat.

'''When In Gnome''': Colonel Gnoman is harrassed by the unknowing Jimmy.

'''My Jimmy''': Jimmy orders an action figure of himself.

'''Nothing About Nothing''': Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise are bored.

'''Shadow of a Doubt''': Lucius needs his shadow to be taller.

'''Pet Project''': Dr. Scientist bites off more than he can chew when he tries to experiment on Cerbee.

'''Bath Time''': Lucius loses his rubber duck in the bathtub.

'''Random Acts of Jimmy''': Jimmy's dancing in the park gets others to join in.

'''Heinous for a Day''': Jimmy and Beezy dress up as Lucius to fool around with everyone.

'''All Dressed''': The Schwartzentiger give Jimmy a makeover.

'''You Finish My Sandwiches''': Beezy makes the perfect sandwich.

'''Who Wants to Buy a Jimmy?''': Beezy attempts to sell Jimmy's stuff.

'''Blooper Reel''': Jimmy and Lucius host a blooper reel, with most of the laughs being at Lucius' expense.

'''Help Me, Heloise''': Heloise runs a call-in program, but finds that her own advice doesn't work for her.

'''Miseryville Cribs''': Beezy gives us a tour of his home.

'''Team X-Treme Team''': Jimmy and Beezy show off their moves in a series of extreme stunts.

'''Jimmy Runs the City''': Jimmy gives advice on jogging, which inadvertantly causes havoc around Miseryville.

''' Gladiator Jimmy''': Jimmy misses the release of a new video game and winds up in Lucius' gladiator ring.

''' Do It Yourself Theme Song''': Jimmy tries out different versions of his theme song.