[[folder:Season 1]]
!!Iron Forged in Fire, Part 1
As the sole survivor of his father's private jet's destruction, teen genius Tony Stark embarks on a quest to use his skills as an inventor to better the world, with the help of his new Mark 1 Armor System.

!!Iron Forged in Fire, Part 2
A young man named Gene Khan decides the time is right to take his rightful place as The Mandarin. Meanwhile, Tony Stark, dubbed Iron Man in his armor by the media, takes down a trio of Earth Movers, one of his father's last inventions that have been weaponized by the new Stark International CEO Obadiah Stane.

!!Secrets and Lies
Gene enrolls in the Tomorrow Academy to get closer to Tony in an attempt to learn more about the mysterious Makluan Rings that grant the Mandarin his power. Meanwhile, the Maggia criminal syndicate hires a pair of mercenaries to kidnap Tony and Pepper, leaving Rhodey to help save the day.

!!Cold War
Iron Man teams up with [[AnIcePerson Blizzard]] to get revenge on Obadiah Stane, but has a change of heart when it turns out Blizzard is willing to go much farther than originally thought.

When Pepper's father is injured by the notorious Whiplash, Tony takes it upon himself to get back at the criminal, calling for an upgrade when the armor takes a beating.

!!Iron Man VS The Crimson Dynamo
When lost astronaut Ivan Vanko returns from space seeking revenge, Tony has a hard time taking up the guard for Project Pegasus.

Arthur Parks of the Maggia becomes the Living Laser, and Iron Man has to stop him while trying not to flunk out of school and risk losing his inheritence of Stark International.

!!Field Trip
When the new Stealth Armor shorts out on a break-in to Stark Tower, Tony finds he needs the help of Stane's daughter Whitney to get it back.

!!Ancient History 101
Tony and his friends, including Gene, search the ancient temple in New Jersey where Howard found his Makluan Ring in an attempt to learn more about them. To escape with their lives, however, they must pass the Test of Wisdom.

!!Ready, AIM, Fire
Tony is approached by Advanced Idea Mechanics at the school's job fair, leading to him to upgrading their Controller Discs.

!!Seeing Red
When Stane bails out Project Pegasus in exchange for upgraded Crimson Dynamo specs, Tony brings to light his Dynamo Buster armor and the virus Technovore to bring down the combined threat.

When new villainess Madame Masque begins framing Iron Man for various crimes, Tony discovers that the Stane family has more problems than he thought.

!!Hide and Seek
Tony and Gene pluck the third Makluan Ring from its temple, but when the guardian Ultimo starts seeking it out, Tony has to find a way to pass the Test of Courage.

!!Man and Iron Man
When Mr. Fix upgrades Whiplash, Tony follows suit with the Armor, accidentally giving it [[AIIsACrapshoot deadly sentience]].

!!Panther's Prey
International thief Moses Magnum has teamed up with AIM, and Tony follows suit with the prince of Wakanda, Black Panther, to bring them down.

!!Fun with Lasers
The Living Laser returns and takes control of a SHIELD sattelite, and director Nick Fury gives Tony twenty minutes to settle the situation before the whole place goes kablooey.

!!Chasing Ghosts
The mercenary Ghost has been hired to hit Tony, and Madam Masque volunteers her services to keep the young genius out of harm's way.

!!Pepper, Interrupted
In an attempt to befriend Gene, Pepper inadvertantly winds up smack in the middle of a Tong-Maggia turf war.

When the virus laying dormant in Project Pegasus' systems reawakens, it begins assimilating their hardware and taking over the compound. Tony and Rhodey must find a way to stop it, before it escapes and consumes the world.

!!World on Fire
As Tony, Rhodey, and Pepper head to the fourth Makluan Temple, Gene gets left behind and reflects on how he came to be the Mandarin.

!!Designed Only for Chaos
When AIM hires the Ghost to bring them the dying Living Laser, the latter pulls a HeelFaceTurn to save Iron Man from their completed grand project: MODOC.

!!Don't Worry, Be Happy
When Happy Hogan finds the empty Iron Man armor, [[CrowningMomentOfFunny all hell breaks loose.]]

The Controller, having been fired by AIM, takes advantage of a recent Hulk rampage and slaps a Controller Disc on Iron Man!

!!Best Served Cold
Obadiah discovers not only that his daughter is the saboteur Madame Masque, but also that the materials used for the mask are killing her. When Tony at first refuses to help, Stane unfreezes Blizzard to head up north to retrieve the materials needed to synthesize an antidote.

!!Tales of Suspense
In the two-part season finale, Gene's step-father Zhang escapes and reclaims the Mandarin title, kidnapping Gene, Tony, and Pepper to accompany him to the fifth Makluan Temple and claim the last Ring. When Rhodey finds out, he suits up in the War Machine armor just before the Armory is destroyed. Upon arriving in Machu Pichu with the Mark 1 in tow, he teams up with Tony to fight the Ring's guardian, Fin Fang Foom, but it's Gene's passing the test of Sacrifice that ultimately does the beast in. Upon his triumphant return, however, Gene reveals himself as the true Mandarin ''and'' the one behind the explosion that ''didn't'' kill Howard Stark, facing Tony in a final showdown for the right to claim the five Rings.

[[folder:Season 2]]
!!The Invincible Iron Man, Part 1: Disassembled
Mr. Fix and Whiplash 3.0 are hired to kidnap Justin Hammer, CEO of Stark International's top competitor, leading Tony to put the armor back on immediately after returning from China. Meanwhile, Gene leads Howard Stark to the previously-unknown 6th Makluan Temple. When Fix's mysterious employer, furious at the failed attempt on Justin Hammer, orders the next target to be Obadiah Stane, Whiplash destroys the Mark 1 and lands Tony in the hospital in critical condition.

!!The Invincible Iron Man, Part 2: Reborn!
With Stark International on the line, Tony dons the all-new Mark 2 armor, and with Rhodey as War Machine by his side, storms Fix's hideout, yet again beating Whiplash and Blizzard in the process. As Gene claims the 6th Makluan Ring from its guardian Melter, Mr Fix's new boss reveals himself as none other than Justin Hammer.

!!Look into the Light
When Mr Fix revives the Living Laser, Arthur Parks is split in two! Now he must convince Iron Man to help him stop his Dark half before the two reach critical mass and destroy Manhatten!

!!Ghost in the Machine
Obadiah Stane hires the Ghost to steal the Iron Man armor specs, landing the mercenary a sneak-peek under the helmet in the process.

!!Armor Wars
Iron Man is constantly upstaged by two men who call themselves the Guardsmen who have armor made by Obidiah Stane off Tony's armor designs. Despite bad publicity, Tony tries to prove they are not what they seem.

!!Line of Fire
Black Panther returns to New York, intending to reclaim the Stark and Hammer corporations' ill-gotten vibranium, but he finds he needs Tony's help when Justin Hammer counters his efforts with the Maggia's Black Knight.

!!Titanium Vs. Iron
Justin Hammer's new Titanium Man armor is finished, and when he takes it out for a test run, it seems Iron Man and War Machine may have finally met their match!

!!The Might of Doom
Stane invites Doctor Doom to Stark Tower to trade Iron Man armor-specs for an upgrade to Project Monger, and Tony decides to find out what makes Doom's tech tick.

!!The Hawk and the Spider
Tony's attempts to steal a user interface chip based on his armor designs are complicated by the mercenaries Hawkeye and Black Widow, who in turn lose the chip to Justin Hammer.

!!Enter: Iron Monger
Stane's Iron Monger project is complete, but when Professor Abraham Zimmer puts his life on the line to keep it from destroying his home, Team Iron Man will have to do the impossible: stop the mechanical behemoth.

!!Fugitive of SHIELD
Black Widow returns with a bang, stealing plans for Project Hybrid[[note]]mix of vibranium and adamantium[[/note]] from the Helicarrier, with plans of her own to sell them to Justin Hammer!

!!All the Best People Are Mad
Rhona Erwin goes off the deep end, leading her and her brother Andy to turn the Tomorrow Academy into a series of death traps for Tony and his friends.

!!Heavy Mettle
Tony gets Stane fired as CEO of Stark International, Stane loses it when he discovers Iron Man's identity, and Titanium Man gets in on the brawl, leading to an all-out armor war on the roof of Stark Tower.

!!Mandarin's Quest
Gene returns to confront Tony, brainwashing him into helping to gain control of the eighth Makluan Ring.

!!Hostile Takeover
When Justin Hammer buys out Stark International, including Tony's eighteenth-birthday inheritance, Tony plans to enlighten the world to Hammer's darker side. However, he finds himself on the ropes against Killer Shrike, Unicorn, Whiplash, ''and'' Titanium Man. In the end, Tony is unable to expose Hammer, but this only inspires him to start a new company: Stark Solutions.

Former SHIELD Agent Mallen, bitter at Nick Fury's decision to fire him, injects himself with the Extremis formula, a derivitive of the SuperSerum that turned Steve Rogers into ComicBook/CaptainAmerica back in the '40s. After facing Mallen in battle, Tony's heart is severely damaged, and he's warned aboard the Helicarrier that he'll die if he ever dons the Iron Man armor again. But as usual, Tony isn't one to give up so easily; with some inspiration gained by seeing Steve Rogers himself frozen aboard the Hellicarrier, Tony injects himself with a single drop of Extremis, fixing his heart and linking him telepathically not only with his armor, but with ''all'' electronics! With his new technopathic powers, Iron Man finally puts an end to Agent Mallen and moves on to the next steps of his life.

!!The X-Factor
Tony and Rhodey befriend a new girl at school, but when she turns out to be a powerful telepathic and telekinetic [[Franchise/XMen mutant]], the boys have to fight off Magneto to reluctantly save Senator Robert Kelly.

Tony finds himself trapped in a virtual world by AIM agent The Controller, who plants to learn the secrets of Tony's Extremis power and use it to link everyone into his simulated world.

!!Iron Man 2099
Andros Stark, Tony's grandson from 2099, travels back in time to eliminate Tony and prevent the creation of a computer virus which will devastate the planet.

Gene Khan and Howard Stark trespass into Latveria to retrieve the ninth ring, but Dr. Doom has beaten them to it. Gene barely escapes with his life, while Howard is held hostage. Gene has to turn to Tony for help, while Dr. Doom uses the ring's power to wreck havoc on a worldwide scale.

!!The Hammer Falls
Hammer begins systematically eliminating his hired muscle in an attempt to discover a traitor in his ranks, while Tony and Howard try to retake Stark International.

!!Rage of the Hulk
Bruce Banner seeks Howard Stark's aid in neutralizing his dangerous alter-ego, but General Thunderbolt Ross is only interested in turning the Hulk into a weapon.

!!Iron Monger Lives
Stane seemingly awakes from his coma and tries to destroy everything Tony holds dear, but there's more to his rampage than meets the eye.

!!The Dragonseed
Pepper finally gets her own armor, Rescue, just as the Mandarin locates the tenth ring.

!!The Makluan Invasion, Part 1: Assemble
With all ten rings at his command, Gene attempts to take over the world. However, his actions call forth the Makluan armada. Their leader, the original owner of the rings, takes them from Gene and begins his assault on Earth.

!!The Makluan Invasion, Part 2: Unite
Earth's heroes assemble to combat the Makluan invasion.