One of Reed's probes brings back a strange alien--one who can do things that should be undoable. The good news is, the alien is non-aggressive and wants to play. The bad news? "Impossible Man" is annoying, possibly damaging, and--with his power level--nigh unstoppable.

!!This episode contains examples of the following tropes:

* TheCameo: Impossible Man.
* CommonalityConnection: A very downplayed example, but when Impossible Man starts bugging the Thing about his appearance, Johnny says, "Okay, I officially like him."
* ConstantlyCurious: Impossible Man.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: [[{{Galactus}} "I hope your planet gets eaten!"]]
* FreakOut: Poor HERBIE has one when Impossible Man plays tricks like changing into light while he's being scanned.
* GreatGazoo: Impossible Man again.
* HardLight: Averted. The floating meteoroids in the beginning are not solid enough for Ben to throw at Johnny.
-->'''Reed''': It's light, Ben. None of it is real -- or throwable, for that matter.
* [[JustIgnoreIt Just Ignore Him]]: the only way the Four can get rid of Impossible Man.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Impossible Man popping up all over the place, tying Reed's face into knots and frying food over Johnny's head at the end. Justified in that the Four have worked out that the only way they can defeat Impossible Man is to make him bored enough to go away on his own.