This is the episode Recap/{{Recap}} page for the ScienceFiction AnimatedSeries ''Generator Rex''.

Synopsis: After Earth is infected with [[{{Nanotechnology}} nanites]], an organization called Providence is formed to deal with the resultant mutations called [=EVOs=]. Rex is an EVO who fights for them, against the EVO team called The Pack.

See the main ''WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex'' page for more information. Caution, spoilers ahead.
[[folder:Season 1]]
!!Episode 1: The Day Everything Changed
Rex's existence is revealed to the world; he meets The Pack for the first time, as well as his friend Noah.

!!Episode 2: String Theory
When an EVO causes a zombie-like plague in New York, Rex must find a way to stop him before the city is "bleached" (nuked).

!!Episode 3: Beyond The Sea
While out at the beach, Rex meets a girl called Circe and falls for her, but she turns out to be a wannabe-member of The Pack.

!!Episode 4: Lockdown
While accidentally locked in Providence's zoo along an escaped EVO, Rex discovers that Noah was hired by White Knight to befriend him.

!!Episode 5: The Architect
Rex finds a secret scientific enclave where it seems he can live a normal life, but their leader turns out to be ZAG-RS, an [[AIIsACrapshoot artificial intelligence]] that plans to destroy all nanites -- and all life along with them -- to protect itself.

!!Episode 6: Frostbite
After overloading his nanite-absorbing abilities, Rex is taken to an arctic facility to recuperate -- but The Pack is there, too.

!!Episode 7: Leader Of The Pack
Van Kleiss comes to New York claiming diplomatic immunity, but Rex discovers that he actually intends to take the entire United Nations council hostage.

!!Episode 8: Breach
Pack member Breach sends Rex to AnotherDimension where she [[TheCollector stores the things she likes]] .
* Notes: Breach [[spoiler: seemingly dies this episode]].

!!Episode 9: Dark Passage
In the jungles of Brazil, Rex finds a scientist with connections to his forgotten past.
* Notes: Van Kleiss is [[spoiler: seemingly killed this episode.]]
** Rex gets [[spoiler: injected with a mysterious nanite by the scientist]].

!!Episode 10: The Forgotten
Rex, Six, Bobo and a Providence team are trapped in the city of Kiev, which has been overrun with [=EVOs=] and sealed away from the rest of the world.

!!Episode 11: Operation Wingman
Rex goes on a prom date with an [[TheJinx accident-prone girl]] while also being chased by a giant KillerRabbit.
* Notes: BizarroEpisode with [[RuleOfFunny more humor and less logic]] than the rest.

!!Episode 12: Rabble
Rex finds out that he once belonged to an EVO street gang in Hong Kong.

!!Episode 13: The Hunter
An EVO-hunting vigilante stirs public opinion against Rex.

!!Episode 14: Gravity
ZAG-RS is up to its old tricks, trapping Dr. Holiday and her team on a space station.

!!Episode 15: What Lies Beneath
The Pack seeks Rex's help in restoring the land of Abysus, which is dying without Van Kleiss to maintain it, but their actual plan is to bring Van Kleiss back to life.

!!Episode 16: The Swarm
A swarm of metal-eating giant bugs is moving through China.

!!Episode 17: Basic
Rex and Noah join Providence boot camp to see who will wash out first.

!!Episode 18: Plague
An EVO plague puts every human in the world to sleep, but leaves the [=EVOs=] awake. Rex and White Knight are the only ones left to solve the problem.

!!Episode 19: Promises, Promises
Agent Six flashes back to when Rex joined the team.

!!Episode 20: Badlands
Rex and Noah get lost in the desert while escorting a convoy guarding a shipment of unstable nanites. The convoy is ambushed by a gang of Rag-tag bandits, lead by a HollywoodCyborg.

!!Episode 21: Payback
Rex has to fight against all odds when Van Kleiss returns and manages to take Rex's nanites...and powers!

[[folder:Season 2]]
!!Episode 22: Rampage
After Van Kleiss turns Noah into a rampaging EVO, Rex must catch him in one hour or he'll stay in that form forever.

!!Episode 23: Waste Land
Rex and Six run across an underwater civilization while on a mission to find and disarm a sunken ship's nuclear reactor.

!!Episode 24: Lost Weekend
Rex, Bobo and Agent Jones (from the episode "Basic") infiltrate a teenage party with EVO performers, and discover a plot to kill the [=EVO=]s.

!!Episode 25: Alliance
Rex and Bobo have to deal with the arrival of Van Kleiss and the Pack while trying to keep the ForceField containing the 'Bug Jar' (the city of Kiev, from 'The Forgotten') from failing.

!!Episode 26: Robobobo
Rex has his hands full when Bobo takes a break, leaving the boy to deal with a robot duplicate of the monkey. Meanwhile, Dr. Holiday is having trouble with another KillerRabbit EVO, completely losing control of the situation when it gives birth!

!!Episode 27: Divide by Six
Rex and Six team up with [[NumericalThemeNaming Dos, Tre, IV, and Five]] - the most dangerous mercenaries in the world, and Six's former teammates- in an attempt to save their teacher, One, who has [[spoiler: turned into a mindless Evo]].

!!Episode 28: Mixed Signals
Cesar, a mysterious young man, breaks into Providence, claiming to be Rex's brother. He tells Rex the story of his forgotten origins.

!!Episode 29: Outpost
Rex and Bobo are sent to South America to deal with an EVO-focused AnimalWrongsGroup.
* Note: One of the monsters turns out to be [[spoiler: the {{Chupacabra}}]].

!!Episode 30: Haunted
Rex and Noah take Claire and Annie to a haunted hotel to try to scare them into their arms, but Cesar's gadgets aren't what's leaving massive claw marks everywhere.

!!Episode 31: Moonlighting
Rex joins a pair of Providence wash-outs that set their own EVO-hunting business to make sure they are not getting in trouble they can't handle.

!!Episode 32: Without A Paddle
Rex enrolls in Noah's high school for a week so he can help win the [[SeriousBusiness State Table Tennis Championships]] and ([[OnceAnEpisode of course]]) encounters an [=EVO=] player.

!!Episode 33: Written in Sand
A Nanite-free Zone in the desert attracts the attention of both Providence and The Pack, and Rex is able to learn a little more about his past when he and Van Kleiss end up working together after being seperated from their respective teams.

!!Episode 34: Night Falls
A visit to Cesare and Rex's hometown turns into a working vacation when they discover their "Abuela" is harboring a unique strain of [=EVOs=] who transform every night. Cesar must race against time to find a cure for their mutation as Hunter Cain has bribed his way out of Providence custody, assembled another lynch mob, and is salivating at the thought of several dozen [=EVOs=] under house arrest and unable to fight back.

!!Episode 35: Hard Target
Rex follows Breach to Hong-Kong and ends up meeting his old gang, joined by Circe. There, he must sort through the awkward group dynamics newly risen in his absence while tracking down an escaped prisoner, for whom Van Kleiss has plans.

!!Episode 36: A Family Holiday
Rumors of Dr. Moses' cure for [=EVOs=] bring hope to Dr. Holiday, whose sister mutated into an EVO long ago. Rex and Six investigate the scientists involved, making sure Holiday isn't hurt again. Though Dr. Moses ends up being a mercenary bioterrorist, the basis for his cure is genuine, and Dr. Holiday's sister has her condition reversed. Meanwhile, Six and Holiday's relationship finally shows hints of blossoming.

!!Episode 37: Exposed
When the crew from acclaimed news show ''Ultimate Exposure'' gains an all-access pass to Providence, but problems arise when Rex and Bobo let loose some dangerous [=EVOs=] in their attempts at more airtime.

!!Episode 38: Grounded
After his latest attempt to capture an Evo results in a spectacular mess, Rex is left alone at Providence HQ while most of the personnel go on a training mission. Rex decides to invite some friends for a party, not realizing that the Evo he captured isn't as contained as he believes. The Evo turns out to be [[ChekhovsGunman Jungle Cat]], who is eventually convinced to join Providence to further his quest for revenge against Van Kleiss.

!!Episode 39: Six Minus Six
A technological mishap gives Six amnesia, completely forgetting everything that he witnessed after the nanite explosion six years prior. In the end, Six is unable to regain his memory, but vows to try to become the man he once was.

!!Episode 40: Lions and Lambs
Van Kleiss enhances Breach's powers, giving her the ability to open portals through time as well as space. With no way to counter her power, White Knight reluctantly allows Rex to try to reach out to her, so they can bring her to Providence. Rex cultivates a friendship with Breach while evading Van Kleiss, but White Knight's superiors decide to act early and ambush Breach, indirectly leading to her losing control. Rex, Van Kleiss, and Breach are caught in a massive time traveling portal, and Rex is transported 6 months into the future, where Providence has come under new management.

[[folder:Season 3]]
!!Episode 41: Back in Black
Rex has to adjust to all the changes that Black Knight has made to Providence in his six-month absence, including the missing Six and Holiday. On the surface, Black has turned Providence into a much more publicly-friendly organization, but there are always HiddenDepths: Cesar has been put to work brainwashing captured EVO specimens, and when he turns on his own brother, Rex finds himself on the run.

!!Episode 42: Crash and Burn
When Rex gets friendly with a gang of combat-racers, he finds himself up against their nanite-battery supplier in a fight for their lives.

!!Episode 43 & 44: WesternAnimation/Ben10GeneratorRexHeroesUnited

!!Episode 45: Phantom of the Soap Opera
Noah's job at a tv studio is put on the line when Rex borrows his suit and hunts down an EVO on the set of his favorite serial.

!!Episode 46: Riddle of the Sphinx
Millenia-old [=EVOs=] are found in an Egyptian tomb, and Rex has to stop a reanimated pharoah from conquering the world.

!!Episode 47: Double Vision
Rex loses his goggles in the middle of a fight, leading to all kinds of trouble between getting them back and fighting an AsteroidsMonster plant EVO.

!!Episode 48: Guy vs. Guy
Rex and Noah are in a (very one-sided) prank war, and in his efforts at retaliation, Rex inevitably recruits Bobo to his side, but the troublemaking chimp takes things too far.

!!Episode 49: Black and White
An infiltration mission of Black Knight's Providence HQ leads to new revelations for Rex, and a changed game for all involved.

!!Episode 50: Deadzone
Rex and Noah intercept a Providence caravan transporting a PowerNullifier EVO, and have to fight off the agents, without Rex's powers, to keep the annoying young man out of Black Knight's clutches.

!!Episode 51: Assault on Abysus
When Providence captures Rex's pals in Hong Kong, Circe shows up on Rex's doorstep looking for help, while White Knight finds the second Master Control Nanite...in Abysus!

!!Episode 52: Remote Control
Quarry returns and hacks the Providence collars all around Hong Kong, turning the local EVO population into living video game puppets.

!!Episode 53: A Brief History of Time
Rex and Bobo race against Providence to find clues leading to the whereabouts of Van Kleiss after the events of "Lions and Lambs". Van Kleiss himself, meanwhile, recounts his adventures through time to keep himself sane during his [[AndIMustScream fully-conscious suspended animation.]]

!!Episode 54: Mind Games
Rex rescues Crice from Providence, but she seems to be acting strange.

!!Episode 55: Hermanos
Rex inherits a farm in a town controlled by a bull Evo.

!!Episode 56: Target: Consortium
Jungle Cat returns to help Rex and Six investigate the Consortium.

!!Episode 57: Enemies Mine
No-Face, Gatlocke, Hunter Cain, and Valve team up to kill Rex.

!!Episode 58: End Game, Part 1
Black Knight moves to seize the remaining Meta-Nanites held at the dam.