'''Season 3, Episode 12''':
!Concentrate And Ask Again


* ActorAllusion: William Bell had a copy of [[NamesTheSame Dr. Spock's]] Baby and Child Care Book, suggesting Creator/LeonardNimoy's most [[TheSpock famous role]].
* ArtisticLicenseBiology: Walter says that jellyfish are one of the few creatures that don't have bones, but in actuality most creatures don't have bones. Only animals in the subphylum vertebrata (about 3% of species) actually have bones.
* BlessedWithSuck: Simon's ability.
* CallBack: The code for Bell's safe is 05-20-10, which is the same code to the school in [[Recap/FringeS02E15 Jacksonville]] and the day that [[Recap/FringeS02E23 Over There, part 2]] aired where Bell dies.
* CallingCard: Happy Birthday card on the dolls.
* ContinuityNod:
** Walter eats red licorice in the hospital.
** Simon picks up the thought Z₂ = Z₁squared + C from Walter, which is the formula used to define a Mandelbrot set creating fractals. This recalls how Walter used to recite the Fibonacci series in [[Recap/FringeS01E10 Safe]], which also is one of the sequences seen in a Mandelbrot set and can be used to help describe it. Both also represent some of the most easily recognized [[http://artstheanswer.blogspot.com/2011/04/fractalsmath-and-art-in-harmony.html visualizations of mathematics]] which are popular as art.
** Many of Walter's other thoughts picked up by Simon remind of us previous episodes:
*** Bacon reminds us that Walter would be surprised by bacon flavored pudding in [[Recap/FringeS03E02 The Box]].
*** Unicorn reminds us how Walter was said to be distracted by the unicorn running through the lab in [[Recap/FringeS01E06 The Cure]], and then how Walter sees a green unicorn in the lab when downloading other people's dreams in [[Recap/FringeS02E05 Dream Logic]].
*** Reiden Lake is where Walter first crossed over to the other universe as we learn in [[Recap/FringeS01E20 There's More Than One of Everything]].
* CreepyDoll: Which sprays blue powder.
* HazmatSuit
* HistoricalHilarity: Evidently, Pat Nixon kept coming on to Walter.
* ImMelting: bone-melting
* KickingAssInAllHerFinery: Olivia at the fund raiser.
* Magic8Ball
* ProductPlacement: Both Apple and Dell computers.
* SignificantAnagram: Seamus Wiles; M. Weiselauss; Samuel Weiss
* ToiletHumor: Yet another fart joke from Walter.