Quagmire was holding a yard sale where Peter purchases a ham radio. Peter eventually manages to contact the ghost of Ronald Reagan and they bond, until it turns out that it was actually the ghost of Rich Little all along doing an impression of Reagan. While Peter returns the radio to Quagmire, they discover a baby girl on Quagmire's doorstep. Quagmire denies that it was his at first, but then she does his trademark Giggity head-bob.

Now that Quagmire is stuck raising his infant daughter Anna Lee, life for him gets harder. He doesn't even get to have sex with a virgin named Candy. Fed up, Quagmire puts Anna Lee up for adoption, but he will soon regret it.

Meanwhile, Stewie creates a clone of himself and dubs him "Bitch Stewie", who is dumber than the original. Brian asks him to make a clone of himself, which results in "Bitch Brian", who is even dumber.