'''Airdate: May 13, 2007'''

This episode Lois after she runs for Mayor of Quahog against incumbent Mayor Adam West, once she notices how polluted the local lake has become. Lois is elected as mayor and successfully cleans the lake, but quickly succumbs when the toxic-dump owner pressures her to let him resume dumping toxins into the lake.

!!Tropes used in this episode:
* EmbarrassingTattoo: After all of Brian's fur falls off, Stewie notices that he has a Ziggy tattoo on his butt, and Brian admits that he used to be a fan of Ziggy, but then points out that they and the rest of the family should probably go to the hospital.
* InterruptedIntimacy: Quagmire lets the Griffin stay at his cabin for the weekend, but at the beginning of the episode, the Griffins hear something from upstairs and walk in on Quagmire and a Japanese woman about to have sex, and Quagmire admits that he forget that ''this'' was the weekend that the Griffin family was coming.
* ShoutOut: To ''Film/{{Amadeus}}''.