Stewie gets into tanning after Peter accidentally leaves him in the sun without sunscreen, but the excessive UV exposure leaves him with peeled skin and a mole that may be cancerous. Meanwhile, Chris is being bullied by a kid who is taking over as the neighborhood paper boy) and things get worse when Peter beats up Chris' bully and makes everyone else his target.

!!This episode contains examples of:
* {{Bowdlerization}}: The following scene cuts/alterations were made between the FOX/free-TV syndicated version and the AdultSwim/cable syndication/DVD version:
** Quagmire cursing on the golf course: The words "Goddamn" and "shit" were bleeped out on all of the TV versions (and the censored audio of the DVD), but not on DVD (uncensored audio).
** The scene of Stewie checking himself out in the mirror after Lois points out that he's tanned was longer on the AdultSwim and DVD version. Brian comes in and compliments Stewie on his tan. Stewie then adds that he's hotter than the Wisconsin nymphomaniac who lived in the attic, followed by a cutaway of Stewie in bed awake while the Wisconsin nymphomaniac has an ImmodestOrgasm offscreen.
** Brian squirting Stewie with lotion: Surprisingly, the scene was allowed to stay on the FOX cut, but Brian's line "[[NotWhatItLooksLike It's not what it looks like]]" was cut when Mr. Furley catches Brian (according to the DVD commentary, that line made the male ejaculation joke too obvious, and, therefore, too much for the TV-14 rating, which is why it was cut).
** A scene cut for time in which one of Stewie's final requests before he allegedly dies is to star in a body pain commercial.
** The cutaway of Dick Cheney greeting people at WalMart with "Go fuck yourself" has "fuck" bleeped out on the free-TV version and the censored DVD audio.
** An extra scene before Peter confronts his former bully has Peter re-enacting a defecating butt using a hoodie closed up around his face and a candy bar sliding through the hole of the hoodie. This scene is only on the DVD version.
* JerkAss: Kyle and Peter.